Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday Montage

Growing up on my grandparents farm meant wearing jeans in the Winter and shorts in the Summer...and always a pretty dress for Easter mass and a new Easter Bonnet! I always enjoyed looking at all of the pretty hats the ladies would wear at church..and the men would have on their hats too...just not inside the church.

I always felt that I was born too late in I enjoy watching the old black & white movies or going through old sepia photographs paying special attention to what folks back in the day were wearing...nothing like today...our ancestors would probably have a heart attack if they saw the fashion of today.

I recently purchased a gentleman's spring hat from the 1920's and an early 1900's bodice that I decided to hang over my early dresser in our bedroom. Looking at this hat the other day reminded me of the fancy Easter Bonnets and gentleman hats of my childhood. so I decided that would be the first Monday Montage. Below is a montage of my bedroom and another one of some fancy ladies hats!

Now it is your turn to take pictures of your Easter Bonnets!

Please comment with this post to lead us to your EASTER BONNET display, and remember to mention my blog. 

Cannot wait to see everyone's favorite Easter Bonnet Montage..any hat that you have whether vintage, antique or new that you would consider to be an Easter Bonnet...and remember to comment so that you are entered in my giveaway once I reach 50 followers...

See March 25th post for rules on the giveaway. Good Luck everyone!


  1. Hi Janice, I just became your newest follower. Love the hats. I have several old vintage ones, but sorry to say no Easter bonnets or hats for me. Looking forward to visiting you on your blog. Please come and follow me back at Thru Nanas Window. I too am new to blogging (since Jan.) and would love to have new followers. Thanks and have a great day.

  2. Hi Angela, vintage hats are fine too!! If you want to take pictures of them and post to your blog mentioning my free surprise giveaway, I will add your name into the giveaway. Just send me another comment stating that you have added a montage of your vintage hats. Every Monday I will post a new theme. Thank you for becoming a follower. Janice

  3. I remember wearing an Easter bonnet when I was young but not sure I have any pics. I haven't worn a bonnet on Easter on any other time in a long time!


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