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Saturday, June 15, 2019

June CupboardScape

Happy Saturday my friends!
Well it will be a wet weekend for us.

For those new tomy blog, 
I spent my Summer months on both
set of grandparents dairy farms.
Both were quite unique.
Paternal grandparents had 350 acres.
Maternal grandparents had 80 acres.
I loved them both 
even though it was hard work at times.
Today's CupboardScape brings in 
items  that reminded me of each.

Daisies were abundant in the fields.
The milk skimmer was used to 
separate the curds/ whey from the milk.
Gramma B used sad irons right off the
wood stove. [pictured to the right]
Kerosene lanterns were everywhere....
until electricity came,

I remember drinking from the buckets with
our enamel ladles.
Feed sacks were in all of the barns.

Grampa B loved his Jack Daniels,
while Grampa H used his shaving mirror each day.

Gramma H loved her Blue Ribbon spices,
while Gramma B loved her yellowware.

Gramma H changed out the Winter quilts,
and placed the white Summer linens throughout.
She always wore a bonnet.
While both Gramma's had these small brooms
for quick cleanups.

Putting this CupboardScape together
reminded me of the simple life we had on
those farms.
TV was hardly ever on.
We listened to the radio more.

We had no weatherman to tell us
 what the day would bring.
The trees and animals predicted the weather.
The cloud patterns in the sky 
told us when rain was moving in.
I still know rain is coming in with that one
pattern of clouds.
Bob thinks I am crazy...but am always right.

I love the rural life.
Even though we do not live on a farm,
here along the river it is nice.
Because the State land is nearby,
the deer, turkeys, and fox come visit.
Birds are abundant.
The turtles lay their eggs in our grass...
and the occasional snake makes an appearance.
Then of course we have the freighters.
Which I keep a log of.
Yep, I love it here now....
but still have fond memories of the farm.

Well off to take FIL grocery shopping with me.
Then will be working on my own 
Summer curtains for our bedroom.

What will your weekend find you doing?

Spring Farm Life Blessings To All!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

In Honor Of Old Glory

Our Grand Old Flag.
With Flag Day being June 14th,
I wanted to share some flags around the house.

My flag pillow made of strips of fabric on muslin.
Me thinks it looks good with some of my red quilts.

This flag in the lavender.
The eagle shade lamp is a great patriotic one too!

Flag banner underneath the fireplace mantle.
I will change this up for July 4th a bit.
Stay tuned on this one.

Although this pic is a bit dark. It is a paper bag 
with white hydrangeas and two flags on each side. 

Another flag pillow I made.

Finally at the front door is
this proud flag with tiny blue
faux hyacinths.

In other news,
the fish flies and mayflies have arrived in town.
Fish flies look similar to moths.
Mayflies look like gray butterflies 
with somewhat of a caterpillar body.
They come out of the lakes and river to mate,
lay eggs and die.

They are a bit of a nuisance though
as they come out in packs.
The mayflies go towards the light,
and because of this they end up in the road
and cars start to run over them.
So much that the roads can become slick.
Like driving on ice.

The fish flies swarm like gnats.
Also a headache if you are near them.

Even though they are a big nuisance,
having them in swarms means the river and lake
is we will welcome them...
maybe not with open arms, but they only stay
for a few weeks...
so we will tolerate them as we want clean water.

Today my mom arrives and I will
be taking her to her annual eye appt. tomorrow.
She has this degenerative eye disease,
and may need an eye transplant.
They like to check it yearly...
and so far so good....knock on wood.

Well my friends, its off to work I go.
Have a great Wednesday!

Pre Flag Day Blessings To All!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Its Alive

The garden that is.

These bellflowers usually bloom in May.
Me thinks because of all of the rain,
our Spring flowers bloomed late this year.

The kiwi vine is turning into its glorious
colors of green pink and white.

Honeysuckle is bursting out now,
and I saw my first hummingbird visit yesterday.
They love this vine!

I finally planted some flowers for Summer.
The orange lantana will bloom in shades
 of orange, pink and yellow.
Blue salvia in the middle.
While I added these osteospermum in the back.
These are white daisies with blue centers.
Planted 2 flats of these three flowers.

My birds nest spruce is turning its lovely
shade of green.

Our little corner of paradise.

The wrens make their nest 
in this small birdhouse each year.  
They trill all day long....
and I never get tired of it.

Our wagon decked out for Summer.

We ate dinner last night on our front porch.
This tree frog joined us.
After dinner I moved him to our tree
so he would be safer.
He is afterall a tree frog.

Today I will be finishing my laundry....
and either hooking or stitching.
Have not decided what to do yet.

What are your plans?

Garden Blessings To All!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Tis The Season

My favorite time of Spring.
Strawberry season is here.

When I was a child I would pick them off the vine.
Either at my parents or grandparents homes.
Gramma H, gramma B and my mom
all made strawberry jam.
We would eat them fresh,
with hand churned ice cream,
or jam on toast or even a pie.

When my kids were little we would visit
the strawberry farm.
We would get a hay ride out to the field,
and we always had fun picking our own.
I would freeze them and make pies.
We would also just eat them.

Wish I could have taken my grandkids there.
The farmer sold out and now it was turned
into a subdivision called
Strawberry Knolls.

I do not have time for any kind of garden...
and so wish I could have me some fresh 
strawberries again.

The ones in the grocery store 
just don't have that home grown juiciness.

However I have to purchase them  
if I want them.
I add sugar and a bit of water.

Love my enamel colander.
It has seen its days...
but still holds my berries.

Do you like strawberries?

Do you hand pick strawberries?

How do you prepare them?

Strawberry Blessings To All!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Intricate Trunk

Well we had a doozy of a thunderstorm
on Saturday.

This wall cloud came in first.
Very eerie as the clouds above it
were going in an opposite direction.
My son Matt was outside and said it looked
like a tornado forming right above us. 
Major rain and the river near our store
crested just to the South of us.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
Mine was spent working on the final
details of my witch.
Did not like the first dress I made,
so it was back to square one yesterday.
This new one is a keeper.
Now have to stain and dress her.
I did this one the old fashion way too.
All my hand...which takes longer.
Will show once complete.

Today I wanted to show you my
intricate trunk.

The entire front is metal,
with these punched diamonds.

The sides and top are wood.

It is big enough and sturdy enough
to have my crocks sit on top.
It is an early one on wooden wheels,
however I cannot date this one.
It has stumped if any of you have any
ideas, would love to hear  them.

Of course I had to add a bunny.
The portrait for those new  to my blog
are my paternal gramma H's parents.
Effie and Robert Wagner.  

The entire display is on a small table
by our front door.

It will be a perfect addition 
for another patriotic display.

Intricate Trunk Blessings To All!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Friends Forever

It's Friday friends.

Today's post is about two friends.
One who travelled to Florida,
while one stayed in Michigan.

She moved to Florida to be with her other BFF. 

She will be missed by her friend here.

However her new mama will take good care of her.

Thank you again Winnie for asking me to create her.
I thoroughly enjoyed sewing this dollie 
entirely by hand the old fashion way.
There are stitches made to look raggedy.
A rusty pin attached where her dress was not sewn.
Antique buttons for eyes.

Her necklace is wooly strips 
that came from my antique rug shown above.
The vendor gave them to me.
I tried to hook back into the rug,
however it was so old and fragile
I gave up.
So repurpose I did.

I enjoyed making the first one so much,
had to make one for myself.

This is my gal. [dollie]
She will remain in Michigan.
Maybe someday 
she might visit her friend in Florida?

She is from the same pattern I drew for
Winnie's dollie... just sewn a bit different
Once again by hand.
Her frock is ripped at the top,
and I added a few buttons.
Rusty safety pin also attached to her frock
where it was not sewn on the left.
She is now residing as one of my
July 4th displays....which I will show soon.

This weekend will find me finishing up a witch.
Yes you heard me right.
I have to be a step ahead.  

What will your weekend be?
Will you find yourself relaxing or partying?
Stitching or hooking?
BBQ or eating out?

Whatever you do...have fun!

Friends Forever Blessings To All!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Natural Repellant

Good morning everyone.

Hope at some point you took the time
to remember why we have this holiday.
Freedom should not be taken for granted.  

I did decorate some patriotic displays....
and of course had some bbq's.
Although it rained each day, 
it stopped long enough for me to grill outside.

Did you know that eucalyptus 
is a natural spider repellant?
[green plant]

They hate the smell of it.

Although mine in this display
are faux and not real....
when Autumn comes, 
I lay sprigs of the real stuff near my windows.
I don't want them back inside.

Today just a sneak peek of
my blue and white bedroom.
Being of French descent on my father's side,
I fell in love with this French Enamel Pitcher.

This display is on the side
 where our closets are.

Well looking outside it looks like
I will have a rainy commute today.
I am fortunate though...
no devastating tornadoes like
in the midsection of our country.
I heard there were 231 tornadoes
in just ten days.

Crazy weather.

What did you do over the weekend?

Natural Repellant Blessings To All!