Friday, July 28, 2023

I Found Some

Hello friends.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
We have had some wicked weather come
in lately and I am not fond of it.

Remember when I first posted about my
circa 1700's courting candle.

For those new to my blog,
these candle holders were placed in the 
parlor or drawing room.
Folklore states that a father would set
the candle for when he wanted his daughters
suitor to leave.
Just remember candles were highly expensive
 in this time period, so we are not
exactly sure this was the exact purpose of these candles.
Tales over the years have made mention
this was their intended use, but no factual
truth to this have I been able to find.  
In the antique world we all call these courting candles.
Now when I purchased this one, the candle
that was included was not one that would move
up and down.
It was too thick.

For a long time I searched daily on both Ebay and Etsy
trying to find the correct candles.
I knew these would need to be replicas.

Voila...success finally on Etsy.
Set of seven including shipping cost me $22.50
for this set of 7.
$3.21 per candle.
I knew it was a bit pricey,
but what the heck...just cannot go to the 
dollar store to get these. LOL

Was not sure if I could find them any cheaper
if I scoured the internet anymore
so I purchased them.
I placed one further down the shaft.
Now I can lower and raise this candle.
The others I tucked away in my desk.
Too bad my daughter is grown...
I may have used this when she was dating. LOL

In other news.

Thank you for your wonderful comments
 on our guest room.
My mom will be surprised today
when she comes in for the weekend.

Bob and I celebrated our wedding anniversary
this week and we went out for a steak dinner.

Am getting the urge to start decorating for Autumn.
The days are now getting shorter and Fall 
is my favorite time of year.
My Halloween orders have been coming in
steady at the gift shop now.
Am getting excited to redo the store
into a fall and Halloween place to be.
14 days for the opening.
I have one more week of work and then
 the following week I transform the store.
Mom and I also go on our yearly antique jaunt
later in that week.
She no longer gets out of the car on my stops,
but at least she still goes with me.
We talk and eat out and it is a fun 2 days.

Have been furiously finishing up my
crocheted pumpkins for this year.
Each one had two color combinations.
Will show later in an upcoming post.

Well my friends,
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Friday Blessings To All!

Monday, July 24, 2023

Bedroom Blessings


I will try to write as little as I can.
This cabinet was moved from our back room.
The smaller white one went back into the back room.

I know many of you liked the tan color from before.
The blue and the placement of the bed now,
make this room even bigber.

The lady on the left was my paternal grandmother's
father's sister Teresa.
The wedding portrait on the right was my
mom's parents.
I found this picture when cleaning out,
so I thought what a nice gesture to hang in here
where my mom sleeps when she comes over.
The rug in the middle was my first hooked rug.

This cabinet was moved here now.
Originally in the corner under the windows.

My friends I created.

Bob created the candle holder from an antique
tin piece. He sold many, but I kept one.

The hat was my mom's dads.

The new coverlet I purchased in Ohio.
Will need to remove it when mom visits,
as she is allergic to wool.
You can see it does not fit our 3/4 bed at the end.
It does have a center seam, but I believe this
would have been for either a rope bed or a twin.
The white you see is the quilt underneath.

The pine dresser is now here 
where the white cabinet was.

We purchased this antique oriental rug
eons ago it seems. We have had it in our
antique store for many years.
Then moved it to the gift shop for a few years.
Now it will remain back at home.

In other  news,
we had a wallop of a storm blow through
Thursday night. 
We were without power for 5 hours.
I had candles lit everywhere.
We truly were in the 1800's that night.
Our stores did not get power back until Saturday.
Funnel clouds were spotted in the lake
just to the Northwest of us and that was where the
storm came from.
A bit unusual for us, as bad storms usually 
come from the Southwest. 
The town where our stores are, they got it worse.
Trees on cars and houses.
Trees split in half.
It looked like a war zone where I drove through
on Saturday before opening.

Grandpa Ed is doing good.
We saw him yesterday.
He looks tired, but out of the hospital now.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Tundra was happy to see his grampa Ed.

Bedroom Blessings To All!

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Before The Chaos

So for months now
our house has been a chaotic mess.
Kitchen and back room still are.
So is part of our living room.
My friend told me just do a little bit each day,
so it wont overwhelm you.
Well it is overwhelming.

Today's pics are random ones of
our guest room.

The walls were painted a mushroom color
for years and years.

Well since Bob purchased more blue paint
then was needed for our bedroom,
we decided to re-paint this room
and then move more furniture.
It's like the Dierks Bentley song,
"What was I thinking?" 

Most of what you see here,
stayed here with a few exceptions.
My next post will show the new
bedroom redo.

In other news,
I heard CMT cancelled Jason Aldean's
song that came out in May.
I love this song. I love country music.
I also love rock, jazz and some rap.
Just wonder why someone can be cancelled for 
a song or even a word like Morgan Wallen,
while most of these rap singers can sing about 
killing cops, or be on award shows showing of their
 pornographic moves and slurs.
This world is all messed up.
God help us all.
Guess I wont be watching CMT anymore.
Everyone is going woke. UGH

The skeeters (mosquitoes) are getting worse.
Chasing us into the house even before it gets
dark now. What gives?

Working for a major bank our economist
told us the Fed will be raising interest rates
two more times before the end of the year.
Bidenomics sucks.
Also if he is going to give back student loan debt,
I want reparations for everyone who has
mortgages, auto loans and credit cards.
Might as well give us all some relief.
Give me a hell yeah if you agree.

Also please say a wee prayer for our friend
Grandpa Ed as Tundra calls him.
He is our doggie sitter,
The other day he fell while on his boat,
suffered a concussion as he hit his head
and remains in the hospital with blood in his brain.
Tundra misses him awful.

Well have to et back to work,
so I can pay my car loan and credit cards.
No one paid for my student debt when I went to college. 

Before The Chaos Blessings To All!


Sunday, July 16, 2023

It's Shadow's Turn

Shadow was a bit mad at me
for doing a post about Tundra.
Am sure you could hear the meows all
over the country. :-)

So I promised Shadow I would do a post about him
this month when he turned 10.
We do not know the actual day he was born,
as he was a wild kitten that my c0-worker found.
Our vet did confirm he would have been born
in July, so we celebrate his birthday this month.

Our granddaughter named him
as he was always following our other
kitty at the time.
She said since he is Pepper's Shadow
can we call him that?
Why yes that was a perfect name.

He he is posing with a kitty I created.

On our guest bed.
This is the quilt Bob sold on me...
which was supposed to be just a display at the time
at our antique store.
He sold it for $50.
To this day I give him grief about this,
and  I wont give him anything from home to
use in displays ever again.

He is a scaredy cat.
Anyone who comes over except my mom,
will never see him.

He is a beautiful gray kitty!
Peepers his former sidekick on the right.

Happy Birthday Shadow!
Now we are even ok?

In other news, Friday night my mom's
tornado siren in town went off.
A tornado touched down 15 miles
to the South of her on the road my paternal
gramma moved to after selling her farm. 
It rained pretty hard here, but no storms.

Yesterday Bob ad I went to his cousin's
wife's surprise 60th birthday party.
His one cousin flew in from Utah to be there
and it was nice to see him and his wife.
He is a very successful eye surgeon out there. 
The last time we saw him was when he 
came in by himself for a funeral,
so this was a happy time now.
I tried to add his URL to this post, but it 
wont let me.
If you would like to read about him,
you can look him up.
He is out of St. George, Utah.
He has to drive through a mountain pass
to get to and from his offices.
If there is an accident, there is no other 
way around it...but he did say the state is

Well have to get ready to work the gift shop.
Bob will be working the antique store.

Shadow Blessings To All!


Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Our Haul

As promised here are the pics
from our quick jaunt down to Ohio.
I was so over the moon 
at what I was able to bring home.
It helps when you have a hubby 
that likes what you like.

I wanted another rye basket and this one
was 25% off.
Could not pass it up.

These were my third favorite items.
Stone cherries to go with my
other stone fruit.
Still on the hunt for the elusive watermelon slice
and half fruits. 
Lauren dont invite me over to your house. LOL

This early stoneware transferware eagle jug.
I scored with this one only being $15.
I was going to pass on it, but Bob said  "get it".

Also found three more leather books
to add to my collection.

I have been trying my best to locate
a red/blue coverlet and finally found one
I could afford.
Most are $300.
This one does have a few holes in it, but I don't mind.
It cost $100.

Was looking for an onion bottle,
but came home with this green bottle instead.
I know...I am not a fan of green,
but for a colonial look, one must have a green bottle.

One more piece of stone fruit to add to my collection.
This one is a plum.

A leather shot pouch with lead shot inside.
Pretty cool.

Now when I decided to go antiquing in Ohio,
I told Bob the two items I really, really wanted
was another Windsor chair for extra seating 
when company came over.
Even though this one is a vintage one,
at $125 I could not pass it up.
At least it is sturdy enough for anyone to sit one.
Antique ones at Seville were $495.
Am not going to pay that much and hope 
no one breaks it when they sit in it.
That's why my real one is in the bedroom.
However I only paid $125 for my antique one
 many years ago.
My how prices have increased.

The second item I was really hoping
to find was a side table.
We were originally going to take our cargo van
but Bob did not have time to clean it out.
Yes, I do drive this van.
We took turns many times driving down South
and into North Carolina with it.
I actually like driving it because it is higher up.
Well I was worried that I would not be able to
fit chairs and a table in my Equinox,
 but Bob said no problem.
Well the chair and table did fit.
Thank goodness.
I hurriedly put this display together,
but it is not going to stay,
nor is it going to remain by our fireplace.
For those interested in what I paid for this beauty,
being an antique dealer sometimes has its perks.
I actually traded two other prim items
we had in our store and traded for this.
The cost of the table was $245, but the 2 items,
I had traded for cost me $150.
We both were happy and thats all that matters.
I was in talks with the vendor before heading down,
so she knew what we were trading for.

Am loving my new items,
even though all have not been placed yet.

We are still working on our living room
and back room redo.
Just moving things around to stay in place.
Am tired of moving furniture around.

In other news,
yesterday a whopper of a storm hit the town
where our stores are in Marine City.
We knew the storms were coming in so Bob
told our worker she could go home before they hit.
We were on the road coming back home
and I was driving through some pretty heavy rains.
Once we got into town, trees were down in the streets,
one on a home and branches down everywhere.  
We were glad we let her go home.
Thankfully when we passed our stores, no damage there.
When we got home our power was out for a bit.
We live 10 minutes to the south of our stores.
More rain today with the possibility of storms.
I feel so bad for those affected by the floods
in the Northeast.
How devastating it is for those folks.

Bob had both a neurology and cardiology appt
He was given the all clear by his neurologist.
His brain is healed and no appt now for another year.
He has to go back in 6 months to
the cardiologist as he wants to see him one more
time once he gets fitted for his sleep apnea mask.
It was a year on July 1st that he had his stroke.
We are not sure if his peripheral eyesight
in his left eye will ever be back to 100%.
Only God knows.

Well thats it for now.

A Haul Blessings To All!