Sunday, February 26, 2023

Lady On Horseback

Hello friends.
Hope everyone is doing good.
When Saundra first asked her blogging friends
if they wanted to join in on a challenge,
I had looked at those who took the challenge
 hooking Lady on Horseback and I knew
I wanted to hook this rug.

Now I only have time to hook on weekends,
so this may take me a while to complete.
This was one day of hooking.
(in between customers at store)

Like Saundra, I wanted my rug to be more
of an Autumn theme.

I chose my kitty color to be this yellowish tan color.
Reminds me of my kitty Tanner.
He was the first pet I had here when
 I moved to this river community.
My neighbors cat had the litter.
He was born on Halloween.

This was the wool color.
If you would like to follow along
with Saundra's blog, here is the link. 

Day 2 had me hooking the first dog
Gray to remind me of my daughter's husky.

Finished the kitty.

Tree almost done.

After I hooked the dog, I knew an outline
was needed, otherwise the sky would
have washed it out.

Close up of kitty.

Since I had no time to draw this pattern,
I reached out to Saundra to do the hard part for me.
Thank you Saundra!
Saundra has many patterns which you can
Her pattern website is below.

In other news,
the ice storm came.
First as snow, then ice.
Fortunately we did not lose power,
but we were prepared.
Wood was stocked for the fireplace,
food stocked and we could put outside in a cooler
if need be. Plus we had candles.
We also had 2 more inches of snow yesterday.

Valentine's decor is slowly being 
put away for next year.
Spring is coming out.
BUNNY SEASON favorite time of year!

At night I have been crocheting.
The only thing I can see to do by lamplight.
I should buy a new Ott light.

Our bellys are full!
I made a big breakfast this morning.
Bacon, fried potatoes, eggs and toast.
I dont often do this, but had a hankering.
Now we are off to work the stores.

Hope everyone enjoys their last week
of February.

Lady On Horseback Blessings To All!

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

More Love To Go Around

Hello friends!
Not sure if Spring is around the corner,
or Winter is coming back?
These up and down temps,
sun, rain, freezing rain and snow
have given both Bob and I a cold.

As February 2023 comes to a close soon,
my final Valentine pics are from the store.

These pink flowers were such a hit last year.
I was able to purchase more this season...
which usually I am unable to do.
The one wholesaler offered them again,
which normally they do not do.
I also bought more white ones too.

I loved these teddies with love balloons.

I kept up the Christmas tree and added
ice cream cones and my pink hearts for sale.
Bob's wood love sign sold.

The packaged hearts were a hit.

Also sold another Hare of Hearts.
These signs are all sold out as well.

Well we found out another store will be closing
in our quaint river town.
This time the doggie store. 
Plus the toy store that had just opened,
recently shut its doors too.
I know I have said this time and time again.
Please support your local home town stores.
Owning 2 businesses, Bob and I are not
able to visit the other stores in town,
however I do talk to my customers.
I tell them all we have 
great shops and restaurants in town. 
We do however eat at our restaurants
and show support that way.
Enough of my soapbox again....

In other news, at the grocery store the other day,
I had two baggers. One was complaining to the other
that working for this store was the worst.
I looked at the young man and said,
"the grass is not always greener on the other side,
and every job sucks at some point in time."
"Trust me, I know".
The one complaining stopped talking,
but he did thank me when finished
 packing up my groceries. 
I also thanked him back.

Monday was a bank holiday,
so I was excited to work on a July 4th doll.
Well that did not happen.
For the life of me I could not find my onasburg fabric.
Ended up working on my version 
of a vintage reindeer ornament I drew out.

Created from a spring green and cream wool
I recently purchased for this project.
The mistletoe is also green wool.
At least I remembered where my wool was
for this project. Thank God.
I chose a variegated Christmas embroidery floss
for the hanger.
Crocheted a simple chain using a Christmas color
Sugar & Cream yarn for his scarf.
He sports a pink pom pom nose.
He will be part of my vintage
handmade vintage Christmas tree this year
for the gift shop.
What do you think?

Well our house is once again stocked with wood
in preparation for the impeding storm today.
Hopefully we won't lose power.
I also hope all my friends in the path of this storm
stay safe.

More Love Blessings To All!


Saturday, February 18, 2023

More Love To Share

Happy Weekend my friends!
For Valentine's Day
I only decorate our living room,
plus my cabinet in the kitchen
where I do my CupboardScape display.

This display is on my drysink by the front door.
A faux red amaryllis.

This cookie cutter with red stone fruit.

More fruit.

The last display I wanted to share.
One of my horses decked out for V-Day.
Notice I kept up the red velvet ribbons
on my hanging candle light.
Added another to my horse.

This red bowl has seen better days.

I created these pillows a few years ago.
Made from wool and chenille I sold them
in the gift shop.
I kept one for myself.

This is an early leather suitcase.
Unfortunately the straps have broken off now.
(my fault entirely)
I forgot how delicate they were.

Underneath the suitcase is a small section
of a tapestry rug.
Love the muted colors.

Then finally one of my many quilts
tucked inside an antique splint basket.
This basket is full of my prim magazines.

Soon Tundra and I will be off to 
Tim Hortons. It will be a treat for him as
lately he has been staying home with Bob
on Saturdays while I go by myself.
Today Bob is working the antique store,
so we will all be going to work today.

Well off to get ready.

Any plans for your weekend?

More Love Blessings To All!


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

February CupboardScape

 Happy Valentine's Day
my friends!

I hope you enjoy my pics for this 
day of love.

This prim doll was actually a pattern
from Black Cat Primitives back in the 80's.
Before I decided to just start drawing my own.

I so love the antique Valentine's
I purchased.
Found these at an antique store one year.
Bought all of them.
So glad I did because I have never seen any afterwards.

So those who know me know I am not a fan
of green nor pink.
I usually keep this pink flower basket in the bathroom.
I only kept it because my mom and I went to this
flower party and it has memories.
Like a Tupperware party, this party was all about
flower arrangements.
I purchased this the 80's.
My mom purchased one in blue and pink.
In our defense, those were the colors in style at that time.
It does fit with my Valentine display though.

A faux geranium plant.
I only purchase faux flowers because of my pets.

The back side if one of my smaller quilts.

This vintage sign was from Gramer's Chocolates
located in Jackson, MI.
It is from the 1950's I believe.
The Knapp family first started 
making chocolate in 1919.
After 97 years in the family,
the last family member passed away in 2016.
The doors were closed.
Not sure if they ever re-opened.

The backdrop for this month's CupbpardScape
is an antique linsey woolsey blanket.
Now we just call them wool blankets.

In other news,
pretty scary hearing about these balloons lately.
Pretty scary hearing we had one in our own state too.
The one in Michigan was east of my
stepdaughters small town.
Just wondering if it flew over before they
shot it down in Lake Huron.

We need to wake with respect to China.
Why do they need their state police hear in the states?
Why are they buying up land near our bases?
Why are more Chinese coming across the Southern border?

Happy Valentine's Day Blessings To All!

Friday, February 10, 2023

Seeing Red


Good morning all!
Red is one of my favorite colors,
so Valentine's will always show up
in February even though I do not
have much decor. 

Pops of red will appear with my prim items.
A sock kitty in red.
A cookie heart.
A prim doll I made years ago.

She is holding a Hershey kiss,
however I did notice the kiss is now missing the label
at the top.

Ate a Kiss and stuck the tag back in.

A sweet Raggedy Anne I received in a swap many years ago.

A red hear I also made.

This small display.

My antique doll holding an antique Valentine.

Close up.

Another antique one.
These do open and stand,
but unfortunately they are so fragile,
I leave them closed now.

A red sugar firkin on top of a red & white mat.

The entire display on my living room cabinet.
(which is also red)

Cabinet on the right.
More red.

I purchased this doll at one of my fav prim shops.
She closed her store just before covid hit,
but I met her through blogging.
We became blogging friends,
and even vended at most of her
prim antique shows.
Its where I met lots of blogging buddies,
including Lauren from Rugs and Pugs.
Many no longer blog and I miss them dearly.

In other news,
we had some Spring like weather here and now
all of the ice is gone from the river.
So are the Winter ducks.
I call them Winter ducks because we only see
 these varieties this time of year.
In warmer weather they hang out around
all of the islands South of us...
so do the eagles as it is there number one
food source.

Well hope everyone enjoys their weekend?
Any plans?
Any plans for Super Bowl Sunday.
I am making wings and appetizers.
A bean dip and crab dip.
We do not have a favorite team,
so hopefully your team wins!
I only watch for the commercials.
Use to love the Budweiser Clydesdale ones.

Seeing Red Blessings To All!

Monday, February 6, 2023

Favorite Time Of Winter

Hello friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Living along the mighty St. Clair River,
this is the only time I like Winter.
For those new to my blog, 
our river starts in Port Huron Michigan
and ends 40 miles later in Algonac, Michigan.
We live approximately a mile North of Algonac.
I love when the ice comes in because
it means the Winter ducks will arrive.
The Redheads, Canvasbacks and Buffleheads.
Most of all why I like this time of Winter is
when the Winter ducks come in,
the Bald Eagles follow.

The ice came in Saturday morning.

Driving along the river you just cannot stop
at the side of the road.
You have to pull into the few parks we have.
If you notice the tall smokestack just right
of this the background;
This use to be a coal fired Edison plant.
It is almost 20 miles from where I was.
With the current administration, many folks lost
their jobs here. Even those who work the freighters
which also use to deliver coal to the plant.
I know of another plant in the Thumb,
where that plant closed now...
Unfortunately now this small town has died.
The only small businesses left are the two restaurants
and the small grocery store.
I use to love going into the antique stores,
the fabric shop and gift shops.
Empty storefronts now.
The green energy folks do not know how devastating
this is for small town America.
Enough of my soapbox.

Do you see what is coming?

I happened to catch a down bound freighter
going through the ice.
When the ice really gets thick,
the Coast Guard does assist the freighters.
This one was the Whitefish By from the 
Canadian Steamship Line.
Canada is across our river the entire 40 miles too.

Hello my Canadian friends!

These duck images were taken from Google.
These are the ducks I mentioned earlier.


(little diver ones)

With the ice coming down now, 
the residents of Harsens island 
are now on notice that the car ferry could 
shut down at any time.

Winter Ice Blessings To All!