Friday, October 28, 2022

Halloween CupboardScape

 With Halloween fast approaching
today is my only Halloween display.
I hope you enjoy as much as I have
reading other Halloween blog posts.

The crow on the left were ones I sold at the store.

This witch noisemaker is a vintage one.

Black and orange of course,
but also added two crocks.

This paper mache pumpkin is the real McCoy.

This cat not so much.
I actually sold these in the store last year.

This candy box pumpkin is a repo I also sold.

Bob created this sign before his stroke. 
He made them in black and orange.
Sold a few too.

The sock kitties were ones I sold this year.
The Cheshire cat was one from years ago I sold.

This Beware kitty was a fun item I sold this year too.

The black floral throw are ones I am also selling.
I also have the pillows to match.
One more item I sold were the faux orange hops.
{Orange flowers}

Bob and I will be passing out candy
 at our store for Halloween.
Afterwards we always went to our 
favorite restaurant in town.
This year we wont be as they close on Mondays now.
Due to lack of help all of the restaurants
locally here close on Mondays now.
It's a shame.
Cannot wait though to see all of the kiddos costumes.
We dont have kids in our neighborhood now.
Do you pass out candy?

Boo To You Blessings To All!

Monday, October 24, 2022

Respect The Turkey

Cannot believe my vacation is over.
Cannot believe the weekend is over too.
It was a very slow weekend at the store.
I think it being such a nice weekend,
folks had other plans other than shopping.
Glad I brought something to do.
Crocheted more acorns.

So today I wanted to show you the one table
of turkey and Thanksgiving related items
that I have in the store.
Last week several items already sold.

These blocks I thought would be perfect for
a small display inside a cabinet or on a table.
The set of three polka dot plates are so cute!

These turkey pumpkins are just adorable.
In my opinion anyway. Te He

Always be blessed, thankful and grateful.

Only have one of these huge turkeys left already.

Just two of these too.

Same with the turkey pitchers.
It seems folks do want to purchase
Thanksgiving related items.
I forgot to take a picture of the grateful runner.
Only have one of these left too.

In other news I walked in the bedroom to find this.
Quickly went out to grab my phone to take a pic.
Tundra has been with us for two years now.
This is the closest Shadow has let him get up to him.
It did not last long.
Shadow jumped off the bed, and Tundra raced after him.
Glad I have the pic for proof.

So with my free time on Sunday 
waiting for customers, I decided to jot down
some Christmas displays I would like to do at home.
When I got home while dinner was in the oven,
I put a Christmas display together in the spare bedroom.
No one other than me knows its in there now. 
Well you all do now. LOL
I have the itch now since the store is a
Winter Wonderland.
I actually had one customer come in yesterday
and said the store looked like a mini Bronner's.
For those who do not know what Bronner's is;
it is 27 acres of Christmas everything.
Located in Frankenmuth Michigan,
they promote themselves as the largest
Christmas store in the world.
The store opened in 1945.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Respecting the Turkey Blessings To All!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

A Bit More Halloween

As Halloween approaches,
Her is a bit more of the witches that were in front
this year at the store. 

I created another set of Salem blocks and again
they sold. 
More folks are looking for handmade items.
Looks like I will be busy again for next year.

This year this fine lady greeted customers
at the front door.
Folks tried her out so much,
her batteries died.

I also sold ghoulish Halloween scarves
this year and they were a hit.
They came in either a white or black background.

Well thats a wrap for the store displays for 
Halloween this year.

I am off to price more Christmas and work the store
today. I ran out of price tags and had to have
more overnighted. UGH.
Yesterday was the first day of Christmas 
at the store and things are selling.
This is a good thing as I have way more
Christmas merchandise this year than last.

Wish me luck.
At least it is not raining right now.
Been doing that for the past 3 days now.
However Tundra is loving the cold weather now.

Almost Halloween Blessings To All!

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Seems Like Yesterday

Hello my friends!
I hope today finds you healthy, wealthy and wise.
Do you remember that saying.
It as part of Early To Bed, Early To Rise.
Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy And Wise.

The other day working the store
our doggie sitter came in to look
at my Halloween room one last time.
He was so amazed at my talent for putting
together this room for all of the holidays.
He made me feel really good,
saying it takes great talent to do this.
He knows I was an art major,
who changed my degree into a business one. 

It got me thinking at the past three years
of my Halloween mantel displays,
and how each year turned out.
Behind the scenes mistakes will be told here now too.
Yes there were mistakes. LOL

Year 2020
We had opened our gift shop in March.
Two weeks later we ended up closing
for a few months due to the pandemic.
We were wondering then, what were we thinking
starting another business.

For these bats I had cut each one using cardstock.
I purchased this so called double sided tape
from Amazon to hang the bats.
Little did I know when removing them,
it also removed the paint from the walls.
Thankful for Bob for the touch up.
If not for him, we would have polka dot walls. LOL

Last year I decided to do a
witch and witchcraft themed mantel.
I created the fire by adding real logs
like I was building a bonfire.
Then I added gold lights with a white
netting on top.
Skeleton heads were in the kettle.
In person it looked pretty realistic.
I did so well on the fire, that I had no idea
what to place on the mantel,
not to mention on the wall.
Bob had this wood frame at the other store
and brought it over.
He suggested adding the black silhouette 
witch on top. 
However then the galvanized witches
 got lost against the gray walls.
Adding the green lights above added the perfect touch.
The black netting was also an after thought.
Along with the wood star I put together on the fly.

Well this year I went all out.
The man in the middle was very terrifying.
So much so I never turned him on.
Figured it would scare our customers too much.
As part of my Haunted Hotel theme.
I purchased skeleton lace from Joann's
to mimic wallpaper.
The velvet drape was supposed to go above
the man, however dufuss me cut the fabric
in the wrong direction...
I was not going to go out and buy more velvet fabric.
I decided to hand sew the 2 pieces back together,
and re-cut the correct way...
which caused a redo in my plan.
 I had to hide my seam behind the man.
No one other Bob and I knew of my mistake.
Bob also helped me with this scene with his
concierge desk...which he built before his stroke.

There you have it.
My blunders...bloopers revealed.

Which mantel display is your favorite?
Pretty sure Robin will say she liked the Salem blocks.
 I created those and and were sold already.

I have no clue yet what my theme will be for next year.
Unfortunately I need to decide pretty quick
if I want the inventory to come in on time.

In other news,
look what finally bloomed.
Well just one flower.
I planted these sky blue Morning Glory seeds
early this Spring.
They grew like a weeds with no flowers,
even though I did plant in full sun.

Bob's MRI report came back.
He still has blood in his brain
which has not fully dissipated yet.
The neurologist is now saying 3 to 6 more months.
He now has to take a baby aspirin per day.

Also he now has his glasses.
These are suppose to help with his 
peripheral vision loss. He now has to wear them
while watching tv and reading so as not to
strain his eyes. We also hope this helps.

Yesterday was the first day I worked after
setting up the back room for my Nordic Christmas.
I have already had many compliments,
and things are already selling.
Will set up the remaining Christmas starting
after I close today.
Am sure it will take me days and I am on
vacation now so that will help.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of your weekend.

Seems Like Yesterday Blessings To All!



Wednesday, October 12, 2022

All The Pics

 Happy Hump Day All!
Here are the remaining pics of the
halloween haunted hotel.

Plus these I showed before.

Well thats it for another Halloween room.
Spent a total of 15 hours with Bob's help
getting the room transformed into 
a Nordic Christmas now.
I moved the remainder of the Halloween
towards the front of the store for one more week.
Vacation next week will find me
 transforming the rest into Christmas.

It is getting a bit chilly outside now.
Not sure if we are allowed to say Indian Summer
anymore, but we did have some mild weather.

Well back to work from my lunch break.
Hope you are all enjoying your week thus far!
So enjoy reading and seeing everyone's
Autumn news.
Also appreciate everyone's comments on my blog.
Just done seem to find the time to answer everyone.
So sorry.

All The Pic Blessings To All!

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Snippets Of Fall

The weekend is finally here.
In a bit we are off to our family reunion 
on my mom's side.
First time back doing it since covid.
Looking forward to seeing my cousins!

Well this week I had to turn on the furnace
for my baby (Bob)
He was freezing, while I was fine.
It is on, but I refuse to go over 67 right now.
Its not that cold out yet.


Today's post will be my only one of Fall decor.
I usually do the entire house...but not this year.
Above pic is my kitchen shelves.


Cabinet shelves in bath.

One of these days am going to hook these
acorns to sell.

A prim doll I made years ago.

Living room.

My mom sold these fun scarecrows 
at craft shows in the 1980's.
I kept one and still love it. 

Underneath cannot have a scarecrow without a crow.
I actually have two of these crows.
Their beaks are a bit chipped so I did not want
to sell them.
Don't worry, I do get my money back if something 
is damaged.


My large pumpkin man
was purchased by Jane
(Old Mother Hubbard)
many years ago.
For those who subscribed to a Simple Life magazine,
her house was featured in one of the last editions.
It was an all white farmhouse look.

This bunny pillow is actually stitched from
plastic canvas.

One of my horses decked out.

Another one in the kitchen.

Well off to get ready for the reunion.
What will you be doing this weekend?
I have Monday and Tuesday off,
so after I close the store on Sunday,
will be setting up for Christmas.
You may think this is early, but in retail
you have to start early.

Fall Snippet Blessings To All!