Monday, March 21, 2011

Well Spring is officially here…

Saturday morning, the Spring ice thaw was flowing fast down the river and jamming up just South of us where the river splits into two channels before meeting Lake St. Clair.  March 25th is the opening day of the 2011 shipping season, and the Coast Guard cutters are busy cutting the ice so that the mighty freighters can get through.  Bob took pictures of the ice flows and I will try to post some tonight if I can.

Growing up on the farm I learned a few things from my grampa H.  Every March is when I think about him. Even though I was young when he passed, he instilled a few things in my brain that I will never forget. One being that the first bird to look for as a sure sign of Spring was not the favored Robin that everyone looks for here in Michigan…the bird grampa H would look for and/or listen; was the Red Winged Blackbird. You see, he would tell me…. Robins usually come back in February, and some even stay all year round…but when that Red Wing comes back, you know Spring is just around the corner.  Last Friday, I heard my first Red Wing, and Bob saw one driving through the marsh on Saturday morning,  so Spring has truly come back to our little area we call home!     
                                                                  Red-winged blackbird male - Agelaius phoeniceus

Grampa, the Redwing is back, and Spring is finally HERE!!!

I tried taking a picture of that Super moon on Saturday night, but it came out all fuzzy…to be honest with you,  I could not tell the difference. Then again, it was probably just me. Did anyone else look at it and notice a difference?

Yesterday I was a busy little beaver…working on many different projects at the same time….not getting any of them completed…I blame TCM for that…they were showing Going My Way with Bing Crosby….now I am aging myself. LOL…I simply love the old black and white Classic movies. They don’t make them like they use to.

So I was trying to make more carrots and bunnies for the store, and a new design..involving a bunny of course. Unfortunately, we are re- designing  one of our store windows tonight, so no updates tomorrow either on the new design. The reason being is that I also work a full time job during the week, and that only leaves me the evenings to work on my crafting.  I will try to post pictures of the ice later this evening.

Happy Spring everyone! 


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  1. I grew up by a marsh and LOVE to hear the red wing blackbird. I recently learned that crows are a sign of spring too! ( those crows!). My husband used to sail on the freighters...when the St. Mary's opened up he was gone! So glad you have signs of spring-they are calling for up to 6" at this end of the Mitt mid-week. Take Care ~*~Lisa


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