Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Juicy Autumn Goodness

Hello ladies, gents and all my blogging folk.
Yes once again I am
Falling back in love with our guest bedroom.
Falling back meaning 
it is filled with Autumn juiciness.
{is that even a word}
Oh well. I am head over heels how it turned out
this year...and what I had in my head worked out.

I have so much to show and tell....
feel like I am back in school. LOL
I am giddy with excitement.

I like to use faux flowers in my decor,
so my kitties will not eat something 
that might be harmful to them.
When I saw these pears at Michaels....
I said to myself... I had to have them.
40% with my coupon. YAY
Three bushes fit perfectly into my white firkin.
Plus blue and yellow compliment each other,
so this little placement goes well with the 
pears and blue tick fabric together.

Then the voices in my head said.
Janice you need more pears for your egg basket.
Of course I only had green ones up in the attic,
so once again I was on the hunt.
This time Pier 1 had these yellowish pears on sale,
so at 30% off, they also came home with me.

Do you see where the juiciness comes in?

I then added my General Store Sad Iron display.
There are actually 3 sad irons to this display.
The third one is in the back.
It is so very heavy that I have to remove each iron
before I can move it anywhere.
Can you even imagine
 if you had to iron your clothes with these?
Gramma H use to put hers on the wood stove to heat,
then iron her clothes.
Heat and repeat.  
We have it so good now.

Juicy Autumn Goodness don't you think?

This room I display my sewing related prims
and other items that make me smile.
Do you notice my latest parasol.
The dress form on the left is an early linen one.

A few goodies placed on the child's chair.

The wall next is where you would wash your hands
and use the bathroom. 
This is an early wash stand.
We have it so good now.

Ironstone pitcher and basin.

An ironstone chamber pot 
or as they are sometimes called;
a thunder pot.
Can you imagine using this as your bathroom?
We have it so good now.

My hanging cabinet above.
Wood hat mold to the left.
Early iron shoe last display on the right.

Hanging from the cabinet
is some tallow berries, a mirror and wood thread holder.
Very prim indeed don't you think?

Love the colors here.

A simple look.

The colors go well for fall don't you think?

View from the bedroom door.

Looking from our closet door.

 Sneak peek of the bed.

I have so much to show in this room,
that I will feature it in the next two posts.
Hope you enjoyed the look so far.

Juicy Autumn Goodness Blessings To All!

Monday, August 28, 2017

I Put A

Spell On YOU!
Oh how I love that movie Hocus Pocus.
What is your favorite Halloween movie?
I had that movie in mind when I created
my latest pillow.

A bit of early cross stitch letters.
{taken from a sampler book from the 1700-1800's}

Stitched with different Autumn colors.

Onto Onasburg fabric.

Miss Maeve as I call her.

Appliqued in both wool and fabric.
With an antique button on her dress.

Stuffed like the olden way with scraps of fabric
that I have saved from previous creations.
I so love the lumpy look this gives.
The background fabric of this floral green
goes well with Autumn decor.
This year I wanted to feature more of the 
purples and green show that you can use
other colors besides the normal orange and black.
I hope you like these colors and it gives you ideas
of your own to maybe add these colors in your own decor.

Please pray for those affected by the floods in Houston.
I have fellow work teammates that are in the brink of this.
So far they are safe..but others may not be.

We also have flash flood warnings in our parts of Michigan
as I type this post. 
So glad I am home and not on the roads right now.

I Put A Spell On You Blessings To All!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Weekend Ramblings

Here is a sneak peek at what I will be doing this weekend.
Decorating for Autumn's arrival.
I already started with the area by our front door.

There are not enough days in the weekend.

The only happy End is the weekEND!

If this weekend goes as planned, 
it will not include any actual plans.'s the WEEKEND

Every day is a weekend when you are retired.
{not for me yet}

The weekend is HERE

Don't blink...the weekend may end.

Enjoy the weekend. Monday will be here soon enough.

TGIF Let the weekend begin!

The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest.

Now that you know my weekend plans...
what are yours?

Weekend Rambling Blessings To All!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Which Witch

Which Witch
Should I keep which I Stitched.
{Say that three times}
I double dare you. LOL

I finished my new witch in a different color.
Remember this one.

This one was completed in a darker background.

Now the lighter version.

I like them both.
So I struggled with myself.





Shadow was like 
"Mom I've had enough"

Which witch do you all like?

Since I could not make a decision...
who better to ask.
"Bob which one do you like?"

The dark one goes better in here.
There you have it my friends.
I am keeping the darker one,
so the lighter one is for sale.

Which Witch Which I Stitched Blessings To All!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I Heart My New Goodies

Good morning sweet friends.
How is everyone doing today.
Did you enjoy the eclipse?
Did not have any glasses, but the animals
outside did not seem to know the difference either.

Now back to our regular schedule program.
I am an eclectic prim person by nature...
which means I collect what speaks to me.
My recent antique trail was not like others in the past,
but I was able to find a few things that had to have
a forever home.

One being this early blue basket.

Like Julie from 
My Primitive Heart Blog
I am somewhat of a basketcase

when it comes to baskets....and this one had to come home.
I so love BLUE!
This beauty will be the feature in my latest
bedroom nook fall bedroom display.

The last time I saw a prim wood umbrella,
I just could not afford it.
This time this one would be mine.

I am amazed that the linen is in such good shape.

Really this is a parasol not an umbrella.
It would have been used to keep a lady shaded from the sun.
I passed up an early dress for this beauty, 
but you just don't see these that often.

Then this velvety blue tomato pin keep caught my eye.

Along with these small wood hoops and tatting thread.

The hoop on the left is an oval one.

Looks perfect in my spare room...
which has my sewing theme to it.

Finally I had to just buy this new teddy.

Do you know which one is new?

If you guessed the one on the are right.
Could not leave this lil one.
I do believe he loves his new extended family.
What do you think?

Have you ever had to pass up on an antique,
and then found one again at a different time?

Heart Love Blessings To All!