Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Changing Up For Spring

Usually I am in full swing
re-vamping our humble abode
for Spring.

Not this year.

I decided Sunday afternoon,
it was time to start.
Working so many hours...
I have little time for anything else.
I do manage to stitch a bit on my lunch
each day.
It keeps me sane.

I began my Spring with our spare bedroom.
I am hoping the restrictions for our state
will be lifted soon.

When that happens, 
my mom will come for a visit. 

What better way for her to come spend
a few days in a re-freshed room.

Just a start.
More to come.

Once again thank you all for
the sweet comments.
It makes me plod on.
Working 55+ hours each week is daunting.

 Spring Up  Blessings To All!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Three Lil Witches

Found their britches!
Here are the triplets.

First I want to thank all who provided me
with some amazing names for these gals.
I did pick one name and then used a
rhyming name for the others.

Yaya suggested Corina.

I tweaked the name a bit.

Meet Corina.
She is the eldest and leader of the coven.

Meet Ravenna.

She is the well adjusted
middle triplet.

Meet Willomena.

The last of the triplets,
she is the happy ~ go ~ lucky
one of the brood.

Each of them holding their
wool pumpkin bag filled
with dried yarrow.

Well off to work again.
Hopefully this week
will be the end and a much needed
rest for me.

Some good news.
Our governor here in Michigan
relaxed a few of our stay at home rules.
Non essential retailers were allowed
to open providing curbside delivery only.
This meant that Saturday we could open
our gift shop....which Bob did.

It is a start and hopefully by May 15th,
we can re-open our antique store.
{cannot do curbside with this business}

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.
Have a great Monday!

Witch Britches Blessings To All!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mother's Day Is Around

The Corner
May 10th.
We are hoping and praying
that we can open beforehand.

Our store is ready!
We are ready!
Hopefully our customers are ready!

Gifts for mom is our
window display right now.

I like how it turned out.
It was hard to take pics though.
The sun was shining that day...
and it reflects in the window.

The travel cups ae a floral design
and come with a plastic straw
Very eco friendly.

I placed this pink faux fur underneath
the entire display.
Pretty handbags.

Inside looking out.

Have not finished this display,
but so love the metal sign.
"Nothing is really lost
until your Mom can't find it"

A metal flower picture, little feathers
to hang on a wall.
Bob's planter and summer fun coasters.

Our side window,
Again hard to sorry.
Could not go back to re-take these pics.
Quarrantied now.
Top shelf has a bunny, stone that reads dream.
To the left is a chalkboard sign that reads.
"WOW MOM May 10th"

Middle shelf has a mom coffee mug,
sign that reads:
Don't look back. You are not going that way"
My candle mat and one candle.
We have many yummy scents of candles in stock.
The rose is a greeting card.
We have them for all occasions and sell for
$1.00 each.

Bottom shelf a round pillow, another coffee mug,
potpourri and a flower arrangement.

Well looks like I am working the weekend again.

Thank you again for all of your wonderful
Working lots of hours again this week.
It is getting to me now,

Pre Mothers Day Blessings To All!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Going Back In Time

Good Monday Morning all!

Well we have the end of the story
with the mouse.
Shadow kitty caught him about
a half hour after I posted my last post.
Yeah Shadow!!!

A big thank you to everyone
who commented.
Once again I worked the entire weekend.
I was so exhausted each night
that I went to bed at 9:00 pm every night.
Got up early in the morning
to start all over again.

Do you remember plastic canvas.
It was all the rage in the 80's.

I liked to step out of the box
to create different items.
This particular piece was of our kitties
at the time and my brothers kitty.

Smoky (Hear no evil)

Patches (See no evil)

My brother's kitty Sneakers.
(Speak no evil)

I had intended on framing this into a picture.
That never happened.
I found it up in the attic when we started
to clean it weeks ago.
Have not done anything else since 
that first attempt in our attic.
Way to busy with work.

This is another one I did frame.
It resides outside our bathroom on the wall.
A tight spot, and hard to take a picture.

I created these with yarn using
 10 hole per inch plastic canvas.
It was a smaller version of the 7 hole one.
I actually took the 4 ply yarn and unwound
to make it into a 2 ply one before stitching.

Do you remember plastic canvas?
Did you do this craft in the day?

Back In Time Blessings To All!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Spring Whites

Or is it Winter Whites again!
We had snow for the last two days.
No accumulation...but snow none the less.

I want to thank everyone for your sweet comments
to my last post of Bob's goodies.
Unfortunately I was unable to comment back.
Just too exhausted to do much of anything
after work.
Working 10 hour days.
Trying desperately to get these loan
applications completed for our small business
clients...however we heard yesterday 
the money is no longer available.
Hopefully Congress can get their act together
and add more money to the fund.
No matter a Democrat or Republican...
they are still getting a paycheck, while
others are struggling to make ends meet..
Enough of my soapbox.

So today here are a few of my whites
I took around my home.
Hope you enjoy.

Ace wanted to get in the act. LOL

Although he is way to cute...
he missed the mouse who tried
to get a peanut butter cookie.
 I was sitting at my computer for work 
AKA our dining table at night,
and lo and behold a mouse 
was on the counter and grabbed
a cookie. He failed to get it down
though because he saw me and ran away.
So where was Ace or Shadow for that matter?
They were both sleeping on the job.

{I threw the remaining 6 cookies away} 

Winter Or Spring White Blessings To All!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Summer Fun

Good morning friends.
Working all weekend,
I was exhausted last night
and went to bed at 9pm.

Back at it today after my post.
Much work still to do.

Today I just wanted to show you 
what Bob has been up to.
Making wood goodies for the store
for some Summer fun.  

A white flip flops shelf with hooks.

In blue.

Another in turquoise.

Then he made this tugboat.
If you look closely. I swear there 
is captain in the middle window.
(not done on purpose)

Three buoys in Patriotic colors.

Another tugboat made into a key holder.

Three angel fish.

A Mother's Day sign.


We will soon be back to normal.

Back to work.

Summer Fun Blessings To All!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

April CupboardScape

Today is Saturday 
Easter Eve.
I would normally have told you my
plans of taking FIL to the grocery store,
doing laundry or even what I was creating.

This weekend I volunteered to work.
Both Saturday and Sunday.
Now you might think I am crazy
working on Easter weekend.

Well since I will not have family over,
it will be a quiet one with just Bob and I.

I am not even baking a ham.
We will have a beef roast with all of the fixins.

I chose to work for a very good cause.

Some of you know that I am a banker.
Some even know the major bank I work for.
However I cannot tell you here.

I work in our loan department,
and all last week and this week
I have been taken from my normal job,
to train on how to review the 
many loan applications
for the government's paycheck protection program. 

This is the program where small businesses
with less than 500 employees can apply for loans.
Each Bank and Credit Union is tasked
to review these applications and documents
before sending to the SBA (Small Business Association) 

Owning a small business myself,
I know the importance of getting these 
loans reviewed in a timely manner,
so that these businesses can get
 their funds to stay open.
We ourselves have also applied at our local bank.
{not the one I work for}
[conflict of interest]

So you will find me not working on anything,
but will be at my computer,
going over paperwork for those who
need it most to keep our economy going
once we finally can re-open
across the country.

I hope you all enjoy your Easter Weekend!