Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Whippy Wednesday

Hello friends!
Today I want to share my progress
with a few of my WIP's.
Starting with
Smell My Feet.

I went with a variegated orange and purple
floss for the witch socks.
I love how the variegation looks;
especially the purple where is goes 
from dark to light and medium.
Same with the orange.
I also used a variegated black and orange
for the lettering.
Now remember this is a free pattern from
La D Da,
so you can choose to use any colors you would like.
I have seen the socks in green, plain orange
and black and orange.

Next up is Catherine Dickenson.
This will be my first sampler 
with my relatives names on it.
Doing this one for my maternal grandparents
and great grandparents.

I finished the last motif and am working
on my great grandparents names.
This should be completed by month end.
Then off to the framer it goes.

Winter Saltbox is my stitch at work
piece while at lunch.
This one may get put aside now...
as I want to start one of the Spring Saltboxes. 

Finally Block four is complete
on Halloween at Hawk Run Hallow.
I finished this block the evening of February 23rd.
I call it the bats in the belfry block.
This one took me 10 evenings,
 and two Saturdays to complete.

Here were the first two in case you missed them.

Blocks three and four now.

I will iron once all completed.
Block five will go under block one,
and then across I go again.
As Spring and Summer approach,
am not sure if I will be able to keep
my goal of one block a month.
We will see.
Block five is also not one of my favorites,
so again I will have to push myself.

In other news,
Sunday night we went to dinner with
my daughter and Mikalya,
"the world traveler" as I call her now.
Gosh she had so many stories to tell us.
She will start sending me pics so I can 
try and do posts of each country.
We talked so much we hardly ate. LOL

We live in a fairly small city.
If you believe the border is closed
you are highly mistaken.
Last week our police pulled over a stolen car.
In it were 2 illegals.
One they were able to arrest, the other one
is still on the loose.
Makes me cringe that this administration
is letting in all of these folks.
Border Patrol here now are finding more
now than ever.
Our city paper reports all of the police stops.
Crime is on the rise here as well.
It is so sad.

Well looks like I will be driving 
in a thunderstorm this morning.
One already rolled in after 1:00 this morning.
Tundra barks constantly as he hates the thunder.

Hump Day Blessings To All!

Saturday, February 24, 2024

A Little Late To The Party

Boy  am I late.
Sorry I should have posted this
before Valentine's Day.
Oh well.
Better late than never I guess.

These pics are from our newly
added gift shop space inside 
our antique mall.

Set up for Valentine's Day.

Good news is that folks are finding us
over here now.

In other news,
Mikayla comes home this afternoon.
She is in the air as I write this.
She had a fun filled trip to 4 countries.
Germany, The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.
The best food she loved over there was the chocolate.
I have heard from many friends, 
that chocolate over in Europe is so much better
than over here.
She is supposed to bring some home
so we can try it...hopefully she wont eat it all. LOL
I will try to gather up some pics she took for
an upcoming post.

Yesterday was the foggiest drive through the marsh
since going back to the office for work.
So bad I could hardly see the lines 
for this two lane road.
However that did not stop an idiot from passing
three cars.
So glad another car did not come from the
opposite direction.
Some folks just dont think.

Today I received my St Patty's Day order
for the gift shop, so I need to check in and price.
Other than that cleaning and maybe some stitching
on tap for today.

What will you be doing this weekend?

Post Valentine Blessings To All!



Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Pops Of Red

Hello friends.
A little late showing you
my Valentine's decor.
Hope you enjoy.
All of the handmades are mine
created through the years.
The pop up paper Valentine's are antique ones.


Oops forgot these were made by
a blogger who no longer blogs.

This is an antique heart cookie cutter.

In other news,
Mikayla my granddaughter
had a great time in Germany.
She did not like the sauerkraut though.
She said it was too sour.
She sent us pictures of a castle tour she went on.
It was massive.

She loves to collect rubber ducks.
While in Prague, she visited a store  called the
Duck Boutique which was completely
full of ducks in all sizes.
She was in heaven.
Cannot wait to see what she brings home. 

Am loving my stitchy progress 
of my current projects.
I have 7 in rotation.
Nashville market is around the corner,
and there are a few new cross stitch releases
I would like to purchase.
Will see.

I had yesterday off so it was a longer weekend
for me.
Had to go to the dentist and now have to see
an oral surgeon to remove my wisdom teeth.

Well have to get my butt to fixin dinner.
BBQ pork sandwiches with French Fries.

Pops Of Red Blessings To All!

Friday, February 16, 2024

February CupboardScape

Hello friends.
Hope everyone had a wonderful 
St Valentine's Day.
Bob and I stayed home and had some
homemade chicken noodle soup.
Not so romantic,
but it filled us up.


Today's CupboardScape is all about
red and white textiles.
This is my latest find.
A quilt basket piece that was framed.

Hope you enjoyed my red and white display.

In other news,
the store closing went fine,
but afterwards I almost got into an accident.
The roads were getting pretty icy
with a snow clipper that came on in.
Even though I was going way under the speed limit,
I still almost rear ended a Fed Ex truck.
He was braking and did not have 
any brake lights.
By the time I realized it,
I could not brake in time.
I tried but knew I would hit him,
so I opted to swerve to the right,
which then I almost went into a ditch.
I swerved back to the left and went between 
the truck and mailbox.
It all happened so quick
and I was within inches of both the truck
and mailbox.
Bob could not believe I did not hit anything.
I immediately said God...or my angel...
or both were with me 
for sure this morning.

My granddaughter's flight was delayed
by 50 minutes because of the snow too.
She and some of her classmates and teachers
are headed to Frankfurt Germany.
She probably landed sometime
in the wee hours of this morning.
I need to call my daughter to find out. 
For 10 days she will be in three countries.
Germany, Prague and Hungary.
It took her a year to pay for the trip,
and she paid with her own money.
It was something she wanted to do.
m so proud of her for wanting to do this on her own.
A a trip of a lifetime for her.
I told her to take lots of pics for us.

Well thats all for now.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
What will be your weekend plans?
My plans will be to work on something...
not sure what yet. LOL

February Blessings To All!

Monday, February 12, 2024

Winter On The River

Good morning friends.
Today's post is what 
our St Clair River
should look like in the Winter.

By now we would have ice in our mighty river.
These pics were taken last year.

The freighters passing would have ice on them.

The Winter ducks would have moved in
with ice covering the nearby lake.
No ice in Lake St Clair either.

There had been years where the freighters 
would get stuck in the ice.
We would have a traffic jam in the river.
Nope not this year.
No ice.
No ducks.
Not even many freighters.
Without the ducks, no bald eagles.
They follow their food source.
Am I sad...yes a bit.
I enjoy seeing the colorful ducks.
I also enjoy seeing the bald eagles.
This has been a weird Winter.
No snow on the ground.
However there have been years like this before.
There is always next year.

In other news,
Saundra from Woodland Junction
asked me if it was flax in my rye basket.
Yes it was.
When I did prim shows I used it for my dolls hair.
Now it is getting harder for me to find,
so I now use raw wool.

 Carla's from the
River Flowing Blog 
Commented the other day that her cousin was
under a tornado warning.
I saw the devastation on tv 
of what that tornado did, so hoping her
cousin is alright. 

Friday the temp got up t0 64.
It did nor last long, but it was nice.

Closing at the title company is Thursday.
Bob and I went over to the building
on Friday to decide what to do with
the remaining items left.

Well have to drive to work now.
Hopefully your week starts out good for you.

Winterless River Blessings To All!

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Winter Has Arrived

 Just in my house, not outside.
No snow anywhere currently in our area.

Right after Christmas, I bring out my
Winter greens to brighten me up
for the cold January month. 

This year we only had one week of a real cold spell.

One significant storm that produced 4 inches of snow.
(knocking on wood now)

More foggier mornings and nights though.

No ice in the river.

Which means no ducks or bald eagles.

Can I really be saying I am missing Winter?

I still have my Winter displays inside.

Added blue flowers to my greens with red berries.
It is supposed to be in the mid 50's.
Flowers may start to pop up outside.

The towns fire, ice and spice festival 
will have no ice this year.
The ice rink is water.

No dashing through the snow.
Am I disappointed?
To all my Wisconsin friends, you dont
need to send me any. LOL
I really dont care after Christmas.

Time to bring out the red.
Am late getting mine out.
Do you decorate for February?

In other news,
taking tomorrow off.
Both Bob and I have appts.
with the same doctor.
Then he wanted to go to Home Depot,
I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby.
We are planning on lunch at Culver's
and then try and finish up cleaning out
our building.
We think closing is next week.
At least that was was the title company said...
but no formal date was given to us yet.

Folks are finding the gift shop now
over at our antique store, 
so things are good there.
Its all decked out for Valentine's and Spring.

Well I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
Stay safe my California friends.

Winter's Past Blessings To All!