Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Love Song

Hello all!
Two more Valentine posts to share.

This Cupid doll and true love pillow
I made ions ago.
The music book behind is flipped to the song
"I Only Know I Love You"
It was perfect for Valentine's.

I purchased this violin last year. 

This quilt block is one in which I will be selling
at our upcoming Holly prim show.
We found about a 100 of them at a recent pick.
I have sold all but the ones I kept for the show.
I believe there are 20 left...cannot remember.

My little corner of love.

Although the Valentine's decor is still up 
in this corner, the garland around the door frames
has been put away until next Christmas.

To the right is our tv.

This red cabinet holds my wool.
My current small wool projects are in a basket
right in front of this cabinet.
I normally do not show off this cabinet....
because of the tv, but decided to today.
My style may look primitive, 
but we live in this century.

Hope everyone is surviving whatever
Mother Nature is throwing at you.

Love Song Blessings To All!

Saturday, February 23, 2019

February CupboardScape

V is for Valentine.
I should have published this post 
back on Valentine's day.
Better late than never.

This transfer ware pitcher has a Cupid on it.
The dried hydrangeas are from my garden.
The white berries are called tallow berries.

The teapot from last post.

Pops of pink

and red.

A thunder pot (chamber pot)
holds red twig dogwood branches from my garden,
chenille hearts and valentines. 
A fabric heart tucked in the handle. 

I added this red fabric box with my bunny.

Side view.

Front view.

A wider shot with my pitchers on the shelf above.

Side view looking into our living room.

Another V is the formation geese use to fly.
Fly North they are!
I saw many V formations yesterday.
A sure sign Spring is around the corner.
Counting down.
Working the store today.
Will hook a new mat tomorrow.
What are your plans for the weekend?
Hope everyone has a wonderful one!
Did I say 25 days til Spring? :-)

V Blessings To All!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Talking Tea

Rather a teapot.

This is a special teapot.
Notice the tin handle.

It is a hand painted beauty.

At one time the handle broke off.
The owner must have cherished her teapot.

How I know this is because
a handle was re-created out of tin.
The tin bands wrap around both the top
and bottom of the teapot,
which holds the handle in place.

Now I know this is not a primitive piece,
but I wanted to show you this.
China was not cheap in the 1800's,
so adding a tin handle was a way of 
extending the life of one.

The only other tin handled item I have seen
in person was at 
the Greenfield Village museum.
It was a salt glazed stoneware pitcher. 

Have you ever seen a tin pitcher or teapot?

I will feature this teapot once again
for my February CupboardScape.

Off to work I go.
Snowing now, changing to freezing rain.

So tired of Winter...
but so did enjoy the snow moon yesterday morn.
As the moon was setting, the sky was purplish blue.
The tips of all the trees were frost white.
It was a spectacular picture which I did not take.

Happy Hump Day my friends!

Talking Tea Blessings To All!

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ride Sharing

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday for me.
I just laid around and played hooky
from working on anything.
The only constructive thing I did was
rearrange the kitchen a bit
and took a few Valentine's items down.
Oh and made chicken enchiladas for dinner.

These I left for now.

They reside at the end of our hall.

They decided to hitch a ride.

However this white steed
has no plans of travelling.

Therefore the ride share plan
is not very advantageous
for these friends.

Maybe they should ask the other horse
if he will give them a ride. :-)

Guess I need to be more productive today. 

Maybe I will start another hook project.

Any plans for your Sunday?

I do have FIL coming over
 for my homemade chili tonight.
He lives close to us,
so he usually comes for dinner
one day of the weekend.
I don't mind.
Love to hear his stories.

Ride Share Blessings To All!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Oh Valentine

There is no remedy for love
but to love no more

Better to have loved and lost,
then to have never loved at all
                               ~~~ST AUGUSTINE


I so love the vintage pop up Valentines.

I have been able to collect 
a few of these beauties.

They are so sweet.

Displayed a few in these cloches.

Not only do they look pretty under glass,
but it keeps my kitties from being tempted
to chew on them.
One never knows what happens
when mama cat (me) is at work. LOL

Kept my white apothecary
 here from last month.
Figured the white would look nice 
with the pops of red.

This table is directly to the left of our front door.
I keep it here in the Winter months.

Our front door.

Night time view of this area.
It's a bit dark, so hopefully you can see.

What will be your plans today?
Bob and I will have a quiet dinner at home.
Tomorrow we will have a nice lunch together.
Something we don't often do.

Oh Valentine Blessings To ALL!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Girl Power

I cannot believe it is Monday already.
Another weekend behind me.
Another ice storm ahead.
This one to hit tonight.

I decided to gather up my dollies
and put them all together
for Valentines.

I fell in love with this suitcase
A military one manufactured in
Cincinnati, OH.

Added this transfer ware plate.

Don't they look cute!

Her too!

A linsey woolsey piece.

A small vignette by the door.

A wide shot of this side 
of our living room.
Our front door is to the left.

I had fun hooking over the weekend.
I hooked a flower that will
be made for a candle mat.
Have to steam and finish,
then will show it off.

I wanted to finish this so bad,
that I did not work on my bunnies.
So I will work on them at work
during my lunches this week.
Wish I was retired so I had more time
to be creative.
I have a few more years.

Girl Power Blessings To All!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Loving Our Store

Good morning friends.
Hope all is well where you live.
This week we have had snow, 
sleet, rain and freezing rain.

Not sure if anyone knows what Blogger is doing now?
They made everyone go to Google+ 
to add comments...now they are doing away with it.
So how will everyone be able to comment now?
Then I read they will no longer support
the number of followers you have.
Is this true also?

If anyone  knows about this,
please share.

Today I wanted to show you
how Bob and I decorated our store window
for Valentine's this year.

We did a vintage bedroom theme.

Vintage clothing.

I so love these kitties! 

Do you remember these phones?
These quilt blocks are fun too!

Vanity with all of the necessities one would need.

Dresser at an angle.

Close up of vanity.

I took hot pink post it notes
to create this heart in our window.
I was not sure if they would stay up...
but it's been two weeks now and they are
all still up.
{knock on wood}

What are your plans for the weekend?
Tomorrow we have a local online
magazine for our region doing an interview
with Bob about our antique store.
They came to us...so we are excited to this,
and so honored.

On another note,
we went to a meeting last week
for the businesses in town.
We did not know that our towns officials
had worked with Michigan State University
to do a study on our town to see how we could
do better to become a tourist town.
Last year they had 5 secret shoppers 
come into town.
They each came on different days and
had to spend 10 hours in town.
Visit all of the shoppes and restaurants.
We were also honored that they voted
our store to be the most welcoming
and friendliest of all!
Even though I don't work the store that often,
the one day I did last October was one of the days
one of the secret shoppers came in.
I do not know who talks to our customers more?
Bob or I...but we both talk a lot to our customers.
We always treat then as our Back Porch family! 

Well enough of my babbling.
Have to get to work or I will be late.

Weekend plans will be working
 on bunnies and hooking
some new mats I drew for our show.
Stay tuned for these.

Loving Our Store Blessings To All!