Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Store Selfies

Good evening sweet blogging buddies!
Do you ever hear voices?
Thumps in the night?
Well I was in our store the other day....
I have to admit I have not been working much there lately.
Anyway...our store told me it wanted me to take some selfies. LOL
So here goes.

I am just going to let the pics tell their story.

I seem to have lost my blog roll this evening...
so not able to visit with you all.
Hope it comes back soon.

Selfie Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Witch Sighting

Happy Saturday to all of my blogging buddies.
My mom is spending the weekend with us and tonight
we are taking her to a new restaurant on the river.
Then the grands will be spending the rest of the weekend
into Monday morning.
I figured I better get this post out before the house wakes up.

As promised I wanted to share with you what Bob 
made for me to go with this with pattern from
Hill Kountry Kreations.

He cut the wood so that I could make this corn broom.

He stained it and roughed it up for me.
He did a great job!
Don't you just love her funky fingers.

I used wool roving pieces for her hair.
Only two available.

This small wire egg basket will be heading to Holly.
We have many prim antiques that we stashed away
just for this show.
Hope you can make it.

Enjoy your weekend my friends
Coven Blessings To All!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Antique Trail Finds

Good evening sweet blogging buddies!
Before I hit publish...
seems like I always finish my post and I hit publish 
before asking you all this question.

I need to ask you all why do some who comment
come in as a no reply comment blogger.
Many of you have commented before,
and I cannot email you back.
I hope you do not think I am rude...
I just cannot email you back.

Ok, now for this post.
A few weekends ago I went on my annual quest for antiques.
We have a mini antique trail that goes around the Thumb of Michigan.
To be honest...I think it is going downhill.
When it first started there were antiques everywhere.
Now it is mostly garage sales with a few pockets of antiques
here and there.
Next year I think that Bob and I are going to do the US127 one
that starts here in Michigan and ends up in Alabama.

OK..now that I am done ranting...lol
I was able to find a few things for the store
and a few goodies for our house.

First up this gorgeous trencher.

I placed it on top of my pumpkin pine cabinet.

Although the color seems green..it is actually more of a teal color.

From the inside...this beauty was definitely used.
Makes me wonder what it was used for.
Did one of our foremothers place her dough in this to rise?
Did she use it for fruit?
I sometimes wish these pieces could talk.

My next find is one I have been on the hunt for many years.

Can anyone guess what this is?
I was so lucky when I found this.
It actually is the same blue as our jam cabinet.
Did you guess yet?
I will hang it on the wall eventually.
If you guessed a towel holder...
well you are wrong. LOL
It is a bowl rack.
WOOHOO for me...another item off my bucket list.

Do you have a bucket list of antiques you want to purchase?
Or do you just buy something because you like it?
I actually do both. 
I have my list and then I do purchase things I see and fit in later.

Bucket List Blessings To All!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mischievous Kitties

Good evening sweet dear blogging buddies.
I took a few days off from blogging to work on goodies.
Goodies for the upcoming 
Harvest At The Mill
show coming up on Sept 6th in Holly, MI.

This adorable kitty was my own creation...
and my kitty Ace was the model for this one.
You see Ace is my mishievous kitty.
Always into something and getting into trouble.

Since it is almost Halloween...
I added this pumpkin.
Only 6 available for the show.

Then that led to these wool pudgy kittys.
I have 15 in all for the show.

I have white, gray, brown and back woolie kittys.

They all have a coordinating woolie nose
with an orange scarf and rusty bell and pin attached.

Of course I had to show you the real kitty who inspired
it all...I caught him checking out my side table that I moved
from our living room into our bedroom.
Ace had to make sure it was kitty approved.

Do you have kittys that are mischievous?

Mischievous Blessings To All!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Filling Up On Prims

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
The antique trail was a success.
Found goodies for our store,
our home,
and our new booth.
Yes, Bob and I have expanded into another store
which is about an hour from ours.
In this booth we are going to stage non prim items.
We have been there a month now and have been
quite successful.
Will post pics when I can.

Would like to welcome my new followers.
I also appreciate everyone who read and comment
on my posts.
A big
Thank You
to you all.

Today I took my mom for her second opinion
with the eye surgeon.
Good news is right now he feels the cornea transplant can wait.
Bad news is she needs cataract surgery right away
on both eyes.
Sept 16th is the first surgery and then the following week
for the other eye.
We are having an 80th surprise birthday party
on August 23rd, so at least that is still on.

The cupboard in our bedroom
is the perfect fill for my pitchers.
I love the brown and blue combo.

What do you think?

An applied blue painted blue jug
with an ochre glaze top.

Placed an early windsor chair in front,
Added a coverlet pillow and a gray hat.

I loved the patina of this piece
and was not sure what to put in it....
light bulb went off and added my hogscraper candle.

Close up view with spiced candle.

My grouping of pantry boxes.

With a dry measure on top.

Happy Hump Day.
Hope everyone's week is going good for you.

Filling Up On Prim Blessings To All!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Out With The Old

I cannot believe it is Thursday already.
Where does the time go?
First off, I want to thank those
for best wishes to both Bob and his brother.
All went well with his test today...
except he has a small hole in his colon...
and now needs more fiber in his diet.
He now has to take Metamucel every day.

We are off again to have dinner with Michele & the kids.
Its my grandson Mikey's birthday today.
Dinner tonight and his party will be next month
with his friends from school.

Many of you ask how I can part with some of the things we find.
I have to admit,
it is hard not to keep everything...
but owning a business,
I would never make any money if I kept it all.
There are times I like to bring in a piece
and then take it out.
Its like having a designer come in and change things...
except I am the designer.

This is what happened last week.
If you remember we found this awesome
blue pie safe.

Even though I liked the color...
I was not happy with this piece.
I always tell our customers,
Do not purchase something unless you love it.
I mean really love it.
In essence a piece has to call me
to stay in the house.

I call it out with the old and in with the new.
Now I am not saying this was not an awesome find.
It was and is a good piece...just not my forever one.

So in with the new.
I originally had this piece in my bedroom.
I have a plan for our new master bedroom...
well this piece did not fit with my plan.
Out with the old again.

Now my favorite colors are red, brown and blue.
Perfect prim colors.
You probably are now thinking I am a crazy woman to get rid of
this blue jam cabinet after just pulling the pie safe out.
Sometimes there is a method to my madness.

I took the blue jam cabinet out of our bedroom
and moved it to the hall where the pie safe was.
Now here comes the crazy lady's reasoning. LOL

This cabinet will work better in my new design for our bedroom.
I love the blue paint on the inside of this beauty!
Now this is the funny part.
Last year this brown/ blue cabinet was in our house for a day.
Usually if I let Bob bring in a large piece...
it usually stays..for longer than a day at least.
Once Bob had it in the store, I kept telling myself,
I should have kept that piece.
Well a few weeks ago Bob brought home this next piece.
Once I saw it...my brain started working overtime.
I made Bob take it to the store and place it on the cabinet
 I should have kept.
I knew then that out with the old does not always work out. LOL

Although it is too high to place directly on this cabinet,
it will fit perfectly in my plan.
God must have known this beauty was meant to be ours.

This all happened with Bob bringing in something new.
I am so glad we are antique dealers..as I would not be able to do this.
Now I am on the hunt for one more perfect piece to complete
my plan...
There may be a few in and outs before this happens.
Time will tell.

So which of these beauties do you like?

Tomorrow I am off on my annual antique trail trip with my mom.
Hopefully I will find more goodies for both our store
and myself as well.

In And Out Blessings To All!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August CupboardScape

Happy Happy Tuesday morning
sweet blogging buddies!
Today I am at the store working for hubby Bob
whilst he takes his dad to our U of M hospital
for a check up on his prosthetic leg.
He took our car and I was to take the van to the store.
When I got the van packed with stuff I wanted to take,
I realized my eyeglasses were in my car in Ann Arbor, MI.

I knew I was suppose to put them in my purse last night..
but forgot.

I had to call on one of my dear sweet neighbors to bring me here.
I am thankful for good friends...

On another note my dear Bob celebrated another birthday yesterday.
He wanted steak, so we went to one of the local restaurants in town.

Thursday he has to go in for a colonoscopy.
Please say a prayer that all is well.
His younger brother just found out he has colon cancer,
thus the reason for Bob's going in for this check up.

Oh my...so much time has gone by since my last post.
Been busy working on goodies for our upcoming 
Harvest At The Mill
Holly, MI show
September 6th

Cannot wait to meet fellow bloggers and vendors and both!

Now back to today's post.
For this month's CupboardScape
I chose
Wash Day.

Wash day at Gramma H's
was a weekly outside routine.
 In the Spring and Summer months,
she would haul out her hand roller washer on the back porch.
Wash the clothes in the machine...
and crank through the wringer.

Even though she did not use a bucket and mangle,
this was still somewhat done by hand.
I remember once getting my hand almost caught in that ringer.
That would have been a tragic mistake if it was an electric one.
Whew I was lucky.

Bricks of both lye and Lava soap was her preferred soaps.

She would use her plunger to help in removing the
dirty water from the drain which was connected to a hose underneath
the washer that drained to the side yard. 

There was something special being outside watching her doing
this chore as she made it so simple.
She loved flowers and the sweet smell 
of them perfumed the air around us.

All of the clothes that went through the washer,
were then hung on the clothesline to dry
in the perfumed air.
Our clothes smelled so nice afterwards!

Socks, towels, underwear and clothes were done.
Sheets washed monthly.
Those took longer...but sleeping on a sheets that hung outside....
hmmm...well I hope you all have the chance to experience this at least once.

In the Winter months gramma H had a clothesline
in her stone basement. 
She did not purchase a dryer until she moved 
from the homestead in 1973. 

My mom  carried on this tradition a bit
and she would hang sheets and towels on the line just in the Summer.
I did the same until I moved here to the river.
I do miss the heavenly smell though.

Does anyone hang their clothes out to dry?
Did anyone experience sleeping in natural perfumed sheets
 that were hung outside?

Outdoor Perfumed Blessings To All!