Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wide Open Prairie

Rosemary and John Husson(my paternal great- grandparents)came from France and secretly married in Canada before moving over to America. The reason they secretly wed was because they were first cousins...yes I did say that...I also failed on my Family Tree in High School, because my teacher thought I lied to get out of doing the assignment. It was not until my mom went to Parent- Teacher conference that he changed my grade back to an "A"

The reason for the secrecy was that Rosemary's side of the tree were well to do and John's side were the black sheep. Rosemary's parents felt the only way to get John out of their daughter's life was to whisk her away on a ship to Canada in 1873. However Rosemary somehow got a message to John and he sailed the next ship to Canada and they were married in 1874 and moved to Michigan. They had 9 healthy children and acquired enough land in their lifetime to give each of their children 350 acres. 

Grampa H (Charles) was one of those children and on his dairy farm he grew acres of alfalfa each year...enough to feed the livestock for the winter months. It was also in these fields where I would run far enough into so that no one could see me; then lay on my stomach with a piece of alfalfa in my mouth and read a book...daydreaming that I was Laura Ingalls on my own prairie...

Creating my Sunday project a few days ago, reminded me of my version of the prairie, so this is what I did with my bouquet of violets and how I displayed my creation in my home.

I placed my prairie doll next to my salt glazed crock that I filled with faux prairie grass. I had these vintage blocks stashed away, and was able to find the correct letters to spell out Violets...even though the letter "L" is very faint in this picture. What do you think? Looking at this doll, makes me wonder if my great grandmother Rosemary ever picked wild violets on her own farm.     

Vicky from Green Creek Primitives is starting to see her violets popping their little heads up everywhere, so hopefully this is a sure sign that Spring is coming....

Oh yeah, one more thing before I post this tonight. 

Now doesn't she look cute in the store just ready for someone to take her home! 

Take care everyone,


  1. Hello Janice,
    I am so happy I came across your blog this morning...your wonderful story drew me in and the little doll convinced me to linger.
    You have a lovely start...I can't wait to read more! I'm your newest follower. :)


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