Friday, January 13, 2017

***News Bulletin***

We interrupt this post to give you
13 facts about Friday the 13th,
woven in between hearts.

1. This day may have biblical origins,
as Judas was the 13th apostle to sit at the 
Last Supper.

2. Friday 10/13/1989 became known as
Black Friday on Wall Street as the stock
exchange took a major crash that day.

3. The US economy loses approx. $800 million
in revenue on each Friday 13th 
due to fear of flying or going out. 
( I have a friend who will not leave her house on these days)

4. Alfred Hitchcock was born on Friday 8/13/1899.

5. The wedding chapel in Vegas hosts zombie, horror themed and vampire weddings on Friday 13th.

6. For a month to have a Friday 13th,
 that month must start on a Sunday.

7.  Most hotels delete Floor 13.

8. President Franklin Roosevelt had a fear of Friday 13th. 
He would never leave on a trip that day, 
or host a dinner party with 13 people.

9. President Theodore Roosevelt was the opposite of his cousin. He belonged to the Thirteen Club in New York which was formed in 1882 where members lit 13 candles, went under 13 ladders, spilled salt, but were NEVER allowed to throw it over their shoulder.

10. Friday the 13th will occur twice this year.
 January and October.

11. In early Egyptian civilization, 
 the number 13 represented death.

12. Legend has it that if 13 people sit down for dinner at the same time, one will die within the year.

13 Legend also says that if you change your bed sheets
on Friday the 13th, it will bring you bad dreams.

I hope you all enjoyed these Friday the 13th facts.
Are you superstitious?

Have a great weekend my friends!

Friday 13th Blessings To All!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Daunting January

This morning we started off with snow,
then a wintery mix, then heavy rain,
now drizzle and high winds.
Today reminded me of the January nights
at gramma B's farmhouse.

For those that may not know,
her farmhouse did not have running water
or even a furnace until I was 14 years old.

Before that, she had a wood stove/ cook stove
in the living room, which kept most of the lower
level of the farmhouse warm in the Winter.

We always wore socks and slippers at night
with our pajamas (I still wear socks to bed)
Sometimes my sister and I even wore our hats .
The bedroom we slept in was on the second floor.
In the mornings, we raced down the stairs
to get dressed in the room our parents slept in.
(mom did not want our clothes to become icicles upstairs)
and yes we could see our breath up there.
There was no insulation in the walls and all of the beds
were placed on the interior walls.

Before we trotted upstairs, my mom would
heat up a soapstone on that old wood stove.
She then took it upstairs and placed it between 
the goose down feather tick and flannel sheets.
Once the bed was warm, she removed the soapstone
and off to bed we went....ran.

We only spent a few weekends in January
at gramma's farmhouse...but it was enough.
I can only imagine my mom and her siblings 
going to bed each cold night on a daily basis.
I get the chills just thinking about it.

I like having primitive furniture and displays
in our home...but to live it like I did...even just
part time....makes me truly appreciate what I have.

On another note: Bob and I trekked out in this bad
weather today to take Michele to the doctor.
Unfortunately her leg is not healing as it should,
so the doctor put her back into a cast.
This time it is in a 90 degree cast with a shoe.
He wants her to start walking a bit each day
and only put half of her body weight on that leg.
Next week they will take the cast off...
look at again and put another cast on.
Hopefully in 2 weeks he will leave the cast off and she
can start therapy. Let's hope.

I also hope everyone is home safe and toasty tonight.
There were many accidents out there today.
Wind gusts tonight could reach 60 mph. YUCK.

A Daunting January Blessings To All!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

What Did You Do

Happy Saturday everyone!
Its a cold one here in Michigan.
I went to the grocery store early and the temp
was only a whopping 8 degrees.
Thankfully Bob stoked a fire in the fireplace
and I am toasty inside.

Awhile back I came home one day to find this.

My primitive chair that a good friend of mine had made...
was...well how do I put it in a nice way.


Clawed up big time.

So there was a line up of the suspects.
I will let you decide by their responses.

Notice both sides were clawed up.
Ace did you do this?
Don't know what you are talking about mom.
I was just checking in out myself.

Peepers you look guilty with your head down.
I swear mom I did not do it either.

Which leaves Shadow.
What did you do Shadow?
Mom I'm too cute to do something like that.

Well guess what guys...daddy Bob caught you in the act.
Two of you are guilty of this crime.
So I suggest you fess up.
Nobody would rat on each other,
so I finally spent this morning fixing my prim chair.

Shadow tried to help me by grabbing the thread.
Guess he must have felt guilty. 
Hint Hint

 I went into my fabric stash and sewed in a couple
of is of course a prim chair.

Finished finally and placed my little quilt back on.

A sweet pinwheel design.

Now off to finish laundry and work on some hearts.
Hope the weekend finds you doing something you enjoy!
Oh yeah, if you picked Ace and Shadow...
they were the guilty parties.
They were sentenced to a life term 
right here in our humble home.
Do you think I would be able to really punish
these cuties!

What Did You Do Blessings To All!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Day Five

And time to

So C'mon in...
and see more 
of our antique store.

Hope this tickles your fancy.
I wanted to de-clutter somewhat
with a clean look for our
January window display.

We kept the garland and snowflakes up.

Placed a few of my homemade snowman 
here and there.

Placed the blue cabinet in the corner.

With the glider horse on top.

White cabinet...
I so wish I had more room in our house,
as this one would be in there.
Alas cannot keep it all.

Oil lamps and a Freedom sign Bob made.

Snow fellas.

More snow fellas.

Up close and personal.

Blue stoneware and glass.

Not sure if I showed this before.
Bob took a child's size bed spring,
turned it upside down.
Hung the lights and snowflakes.

Well did I tickle your fancy?

On another note.
The furniture company called today,
and our sectional will be delivered next week.

Day Five Blessings To All!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Sneak Peek

Good morning dear friends.

H A P P Y  2 0 1 7

Let's hope this year will be a good one for all!

As I sat and reflected on what I had accomplished
last year, I realized I had purchased many patterns
that well...never came to fruition.

This year I resolve to try and do some of these projects.

At least one major last minute project
 was finished last year.

The back room.
We are just waiting for the sectional to arrive now.
I am so excited to show off this new/old room,
but for now just a few sneak peeks.

I am feverishly working on some new new Valentine projects
for this new look to go with some old ones.

Tobacco cloth curtains on the windows.
These were originally hanging in my front room,
however they kept curling up and I did not like the look.
They look so much better here with the one end up.

A sweet child's quilt. Brown ring.
Not sure of this pattern, so please help if you know it.

Well worn old quilts.

A few crocks. Love my crocks!

If I was on that tv show Love it or List It...
it would be LOVE IT!!!
Bob says he NEVER wants to sell.

More on our wonderful new/old space once we have the
final piece in. Hopefully in a few weeks.

Today I am off to purchase some embroidery floss
 colors that I don't have.
You ask why?

I purchased this "Sepia Sampler"
pattern from Lori at Notforgotten Farm.

I wanted to create this for our new space,
so I have to get my butt moving now.
Off to the craft store and then having lunch with Michele.
Next week she has a dr. appt. for a check up on her leg.
Hopefully they can start therapy soon.

No laying around for me today,
unlike my fur babies.

What are your plans today?

Sneak Peek Blessings To All!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Good evening friends.
As the year ends, 
I realized this is the last Thursday of 2016.
What a better send off for a
Throwback Thursday.
Hope you enjoy my Christmas past.

My son Matt on the left.
Grandson Michael in the middle.
Daughter Michele on the left.

 Mikayla and Michael opening their presents.
This was the year they lived with us.
It was actually nice having kids in the house again...
I sure missed them when they left,
but my daughter wanted her own place again.
This was after her divorce.

Snowing here at the moment as I write this post.
Earlier I went grocery shopping.
Bob and I are playing it low key this New Year's Eve.
Staying home and doing appetizers for dinner.
We also do our annual crab leg dinner.
Its our way of splurging instead of going out.

What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
Will you be attending a Party?
Hosting your own party?
Playing it low key yourself?

To be honest...I might be in bed before the ball drops.
One never knows if I can stay up that late anymore. LOL

See you in the New Year!

Last Throwback Thursday Blessings To All!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Saying Goodbye to 2016

Saying hello to 2017.

2016 was a year of turmoil, stress, anxiety,
nervousness and even joy.

It was the year Bob found out he had prostate cancer...
and is now cancer free.

It was the year I received a call saying my daughter was
involved in a motorcycle accident...
thankfully she only broke her leg.

It was a year where I thought I might lose my job...
but ended up winning an award for being one of the best in the country in my position,
and given a paid vacation to Kansas City.

It was one where we lost many friends and family members...
now we will have the memories to share until we meet again.

Now as I look at 2016, I realize it was still a wonderful year.

One where our business grew.

One where we celebrated my nephews wedding
in North Carolina.

One where we visited many friends and family,
making new memories along the way.

One in which we were able to add a new outdoor living space,
remodeled our bedroom and now in the midst of changing
up our back room.

The pictures above where what our back room looked liked.
Below is the new color scheme.

Benjamin Moore
Moonshine for the walls.
Lampblack for the trim.
The ceiling same color as our bedroom..but forgot the color.
It was an off white.

Our Christmas present to each other.
A new sectional to be delivered in the New Year.
Mid January to be exact.

New wood floor to be installed right over the old one.
(we are hoping the extra layer will make it warmer)

Tonight we are off to look at an area rug.

Then once everything is done...
the fun begins again in 2017.
Most of the cupboards will stay.
Just placed in a different way.
Mixed in with a few surprises.

I already love the new lighter look.
The colors are the latest Greiges that are out there.
A mixture of gray and tans. 
It is more of a farmhouse look, but not the whites
that most folks are using for that look.
I always have been a bit out of the box type of person.

I look forward to sharing what I have in store
for this room for Valentines.
I promise it will not be the normal Valentine look,
but my own primitive style.

Will you miss 2016 or are you looking forward to 2017?

Saying goodbye to 2016 Blessings To All!