Monday, February 8, 2016

Seeing Both Red And White

Good evening sweet friends!
Thank you all who commented on my
February CupboardScape post.
I really do enjoying hearing from you!!!
I love to decorate both for our store
and at home.
I started college as an Art Major.
Was not sure if I wanted to be an artist,
designer or Art teacher.
Well I chose none of the above
and got a drgree in Business Management
and became a commercial loan office.
Not what you expected to hear...right?

Around my house now,
there are bits of red.

Unfortunately this cross stitch project will not
be completed in time for Valentine's...
maybe next year.

Along with the red,
we have the white snow falling.

Our old wagon out front.

A wooden goose I forgot to take inside.
Suppose to get 6 inches.
Will be stayng in the rest of the evening.

Are you enjoying your bits of red
and maybe the white stuff if you get in your parts?

Both Red And White Blessings To All!

Friday, February 5, 2016

February CupboardScape

Good evening sweet friends
and happy weekend!

With Valentine's just around the corner
and love in the air,
my February CupboardScape
would naturally feature this holiday.

I chose various love themed items,
with some red, white and pink mixed in.

Like this vintage piece of redwork embroidery.
Gramma B taught me how to embroider, 
and she started me with redwork.
I bought this piece as it remined me of that.

I use faux flowers to decorate with 
so my kitties won't eat them.
Candles remind me of love and warmth,
so I placed my make do candle in here as well.

Tucked in this 
pillow in one of my fav old boxes.

Again this heart was stitched in red,
which reminded me of redwork.

Added this vintage floral picture in back.

Placed a piece of linsey woolsey inside.

To complete this suitcase display.

With Valentine's Day just around the coerner,
do you have any plans to celebrate?

Bob and I will be taking the grands to Frankenmuth
for a good ole fashion chicken dinner.

Pre Valentine Blessings To All!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Seeing Bits Of Red

Good evening sweet friends.
I cannot beleive it is already February.
Well since Valentines Day is around the corner...

Bits of red are appearing before your eyes. :-)

I still love my raggedy girls
from Fran at The Bagg Lady blog.
Also love my lil pinkeep from Rhonda over at
Dirt Road Primitives.
Thank you both again ladies!

My woolie penny heart found its way on the chair
near our front door.

Are you seeing red in your home as well?

I do believe more red will be coming out in mine,
so stay tuned.

Bits Of Red Blessings To All!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Blues

Good evening sweet frineds.
Saying a prayer for those affected by the snow
and flooding.
Hoping they will be able to get to a place
of normalcy soon.

Hey, is anyone having the
Winter Blues?

I am enjoying my Winter Blues...

Winter Blue Blessings To All!

Friday, January 22, 2016

White Sale

Good evening sweet friends.
We all have probably shopped a certain store January white sale...
I know I have.

But do you know the history of the "White Sale"?

While showing you pics of my own favorite whites
I will tell you how how it all began.

It all started in 1878
with a very progressive shopkeeper from Philadelphia
named John Wanamaker.

In the 19th century,
bed linens were only made in white.

To boost sales

since January tended to be a slow month, 

Mr. Wanamaker needed to do something.

To do this he decreed that every January

 he would have a white sale on all bedding.

White Sales are more than just linens.

Most stores now also include household goods
with their White Sales.

Did you happen to take advantage of any white sales?

Wishing all of my blogging friends who are affected
by this strong winter storm and tornadoes
well wishes.
Bob and I were just there two weeks ago in the very same area.

January White Sale Blessings To All!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Goodes That I Adopted

Good evening sweet frineds.
While on our vacation,
there were a few things that called to me
that I just had to adopt (buy).

Loved the patina on this early rye basket.

The coils were tight and the basket had a nice shape.

For those that know me
I love bunnies.
In fact so much, that there is at least one in each room of our home.
This one is cast iron.

I fell in love with this tri colored coverlet
which I found in an antique store in Clinton, TN.

I do shop antique stores 
and this piece is from 1841.
The fringe on one end is missing a bit,
but all in all it was worth the price.

This very used pie peel was adopted from Ohio.

Along with brown bench
that is now being used as our footstool.

Bob spotted this one.
I am thinking of covering this in some type
of wool pattern so that whilst
sitting in my sewing chair,
my feet will be compfy...
will see about that.

Do you think my adoptions were worth it?

Adoption Blessings To All!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Heart Warming

Good morning friends.
A cold one here in Michigan this morning.
Would be much colder if not for our Great Lakes.
They protect us quite a bit.

The last part of our trip was the wedding in NC.
My nephew married his true love.
Alas, all of my wedding pics were too blurry to post.
The reception was nice!
The dinner was good!
The cake was awesome!
Even the temps were mild. In the mid 50's.
Went some antiquing whilst there too.
More of my finds later.

For now, I was looking at my stash of buttons,
I have another jar full of them along with this one.

I remembered Lori over at
Notforgotten Farm did a similar thing with buttons.

I had this blue wool and decided to make a pillow.

Using various antique buttons.

Stitched to the blue wool.

Which at least warmed my heart up inside.
This pillow is for sale. Currently in our store.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Heart Warming Blessings To All!