Friday, May 29, 2015

All Hail For The Hall

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
First I must start out by sending out a
formal thank to all of you who have left me
such sweet comments.
Having a bit of email issues.
I greatly appreciate all of you who take the time
to leave me a comment.
It really means a lot.

Now onto my post.
Most times I think our hallways
get a bad rap.

Most can be dark and ours was.

I thought by painting a lighter color
and adding a light it would brighten it up.
I believe we accomplished what we set out to do.

Now we have a more inviting hall.

Filled with crocks, cupboard and early hooked rug.

With both wonderful painted and nice patina bowls.

I have stored this early burlap rug in a cupboard for years.

Close up of bowls.

Yellowware bowls on top of cabinet.

Painted brown over mustard.
We believe this was up against a wall
because this one side was not painted brown.

Mustard showing through on the front
from the wrought iron latch.
I hung this rusty candle holder on it.

All Hail For The Hall Blessings To All!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Why We Live By The River

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
I hope all of my American friends enjoyed their
Memorial Day weekend...which is the official start of the Summer
for us here..but most important,
we take the time to remember those who lost their lives
so that we can be free.
Bob had a yard sale this weekend in our yard.
He cleaned out the garage and did very well.
I mulched our gardens and planted a few shrubs
and we had wonderful weather.

This is why we love being by our big blue river.
I tried to take a picture of this heron who was near
our dock, but he flew to the next dock when I got too close.

We decided to get some take out Chinese 
and enjoy our view 
one evening.

Fisherman were out trolling for Walleye.

Plus a few freighters glided by.

The Cason Calloway passing by our dock.
They come even closer when passing another freighter.
Its pretty awesome.

Then the Walter J McCarthy
headed downriver right afterwards.

Getting closer by our dock.

A close up of this mighty 1000 footer.

What she looks like from a rear view.

Then more fisherman came out.
It gets pretty crowded by our dock
cause the walleye congregate near our dock.
Bob has lost 2 poles now from boats that
got too close and grabbed his line.
They are suppose to be 500 ft away from our dock,
but unless the police are nearby, they don't care.

Besides some rude fisherman,
this is why we love living by the river.

Riverside Blessings To All!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Front Door Bliss

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
Things are coming along nicely on our redo project
and I am loving my new space.
Bob still has some moulding to finish around the fireplace
and hang a few more doors.
I have to order more tobacco cloth...
did not realize my window is bigger than it looks.
Sort of that old adage were your eyes are bigger
than your stomach. LOL
Oh how my gramma B would say that almost every day
to me when I was at her farmhouse.
But even though I could never eat all of my supper,
dessert could be eaten.

This is a small area near our front door.
Bob painted the inside of our door
the same color as the walls.
Although the drysink is more a colonial blue,
it has taken on more of a sea green in this pic.

On top of the drysink I placed this wood trough,
which was a piece that was originally from Rick Fuller
who owns a shop in Vermont.

I placed my salt glaze crock with faux lavender on the left,
an early green bottle in the middle,
and a small blue slip salt glaze pitcher on the right.

My gramma H's parents have their place of honor
above it all.
Great gramma Effie and great grandpa Robert.
Why did no one smile back then?
Maybe because it took forever to take a picture.

Sneak peek of our new curtains.
These are from Family Heirloom Weavers.
I actually bought two Odin's Wisdom
 Indigo Blue pattern throws and just clippped them on.
Yes they are throws not actual curtains.
I clipped tobacco cloth on the backside.
Will show you the whole window in another post.
Bob liked them cause they look and feel like coverlets.

More to come.
Hope you enjoy the pics as much as we like our new room.

Front Door Bliss Blessings To All!

Monday, May 18, 2015

May CupboardScape

Good evening sweet dear blogging friends.
I have been so pre-occupied with unpacking and re-arranging
that I forgot to feature my May CupboardScape.
I must admit this month's letters I and J
were a bit difficult,
so I do apologize if it does not seem all that good.

I did include the top shelf into this one just to feature
more of my Jars.

This darling lady is wearing a Jumper and an antique
velvet brown hat with a weird pinkish orangy bow tie.

Some blue Jars.
Canadian Crown on the left,
Ball in the middle and Mason jar on the right.
Plus my little cast Iron white bunny.

An Iron and wood Victorian clothes hanger.
I'm reaching here with the letter I.

Jars filled with beans, corn and rice.

A couple more Jars with faux blueberries and more beans.

Finally an Ironstone white pitcher in the back 
(sorry not a very good pic)
A transferware Ironestone pitcher which I placed
on a trio of Ironstone plates.

That does it for this month's CupboardScape.
I hope I did not disappoint anyone for this month.
It was hard to think of items that started with I and J.

Difficult Letter Blessings To All!

Monday, May 11, 2015


Good evening sweet blogging friends.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day.
I went to lunch with my daughter and grands.
My son came in with a balloon and card and gave me a great
big bear hug.
My sis and I are going to take my mom next week
to Fred Meijer Garden in Grand Rapids, MI.
If it rains, plan B is The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn.

Before I placed my new teddy on our Windsor chair,
I had him sitting on our bench.
It got me thinking...
I started looking around and realized that
I had many things that had a wonderful texture.

So I thought, 
why not snapped a few pics of some of my textures.

The fabric on our blue dry sink.

Rows of different colors in a rag rug.

Wood of a splint basket.

The quilting of a quilt.

A different variations to quilting.

Intricate carving of a wood clock.

Just wanted to show that texture can come in different forms...
and not just in fabric.

Look around your own home and see if you can find
texture that surrounds you.
Let me know what you see.

Texture Filled Blessings To All!

Room almost done. Will take more pics soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

One Wall Reveal

Good evening sweet blogging friends!
I am so so very excited to show you a bit of our new room.
Bob finished the wood floor in just one day.
Then did the trim on this one wall.
He said I could decorate I did just that.

This is the entire wall which is closest to our front door.
This is that awesome red cabinet
 that I showed a bit off the other day.
We did a wide brown molding at the bottom
and a small crown molding painted brown at the top.

For those who have followed me long enough
know that Bob and I believe this gentleman saved our house
from catching on fire one night.
The short story is I left a pan on the stove and went to pick up Bob
one evening and realized once  got to the store
that I had left the stove lit with the pan still on it.
20 minutes later I rushed into the house
to find the pan off the burner but still lit.
I was so shaken up that I went into the room where
this picture was hanging and looked up at him and right then
our clock chimed.
Thing is our clock is a wind up one and we never had it going.
I knew at that moment our gentlemen friend saved our home
and thanked him.
He now holds a place of honor in our home.

Another view of it all.

I draped this well worn red coverlet on our Windsor chair.
This chair is an original 1700 piece painted mustard, blue and then black.
We know the original paint is the mustard.
The blue from the 1800's and then painted black in the 1900's.

My most recent purchase is this early teddy bear.

His foot has much wear and shows his straw filling.

A bail handled whiskey jug next to the chair.

A close up of both the chair and side of our cabinet.

A trio of firkins on top.

A 5 gallon salt glaze churn crock with dasher.

Placed some glaases on this leather school book
which I then placed on my make do table.

Closeup of the book and my new pinkeep I won.

A close up of the frame our gentlemen picture is in.
I just love the chippy white paint on this.

Finally my wall box which is wrapped in an old leather piece.

One wall done....more to come.
Now you know why I am so proud of my Bob.
He did an awesome job on this redo!

Cannot wait to decorate more.

One Wall Reveal Blessings To All!