Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Crafting

On Sunday's Bob gives me the day off at the store so that I can catch up on housework and Crafting. If he gets really busy, I'm only seven minutes away to help out...once Spring and Summer get here, my day off will be gone as our Summer customers will be back. 

We live along the St Clair River which is the main river between Lake Huron and Lake St. Clair. It is a major water route for both domestic and foreign freighters from other countries. Most everyone who lives along the river has their favorite freighter. Mine is the Saginaw. 

The state park is minutes away from us, and we have visitors from all over the U.S. who vacation here just to view these freighters. We are so lucky that we have the luxury of being able to go out on our dock anytime we want and the blue of this mighty river on a sunny day is just breath-taking. Yesterday was the first day in almost two months that we were able to even see has been jammed up with ice for miles...even stopping the ferries that go from Michigan to across the river is our Canadian neighbors. 

Well, back to my crafting day. I have had Spring fever so bad, that I decided to make something else.

Here's a clue...some green wool, two shades of purple felt, yellow and purple floss, some rusty wire and floral sticks.... anyone have a guess???

I decided to make myself a bunch of Violets. Now I could not stop there....I got to thinking and thought...hmmm...these two fabric colors might look good together with these violets...

To be continued.... 

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  1. Hi Janice, I love how your violets turned out. I am starting to see violets in the yard now, they just popping their little heads up everywhere. I am so glad spring is almost here. Thanks for sharing your crafts. I would love to live on the water like you do, just so relaxing to looking at it. Vicky


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