Monday, March 28, 2011

Going the Distance

Last Friday Bob got a call from our sales clerk over at the store asking if we would hold a few pieces of furniture as someone saw our Facebook page and was inquiring about them. This customer had been into our store last year and wanted to know if two particular items were still available that Bob had posted to our Facebook page. Our clerk wanted to know if we could hold them until Saturday and the customer would purchase them and take them home. They indeed were still available and Bob agreed to hold them for 24 hours...we do not normally hold items, however in this case...this particular customer was driving from Kentucky!!! Can you believe this??? When Bob called me, I could not believe someone would drive that far for some furniture...the things our customers will do...

Shirlee and her sweet hubby drove 7 1/2 hours one way from Perryville Kentucky, which is over 400 miles. Unfortunately only one of the pieces of furniture she wanted would fit into their van...the pot belly Hoosier cabinet...and then Shirlee told me that she would be back in two weeks!!!??? I kind of thought she was nuts when she said that..but she then told me afterwards that she would be stayin with a friend of hers that lived close by for a week...whew...I felt a lot better hearing that. I can't say I have ever driven that far for an antique...but when I see something that I really want...well, I'm with just gotta have it! Thank you sure made our day..and in case your ears were were the talk of the shop for the rest of the weekend.

Sundays as you know is my crafting day...well I ended up making more carrots for the store, plus was working on something for the house...I'm not done..cause I cleaned and did laundry in the morning and spent most of the afternoon watching movies...something I don't get to do very often...finished up tonight though and air drying overnight, so I should have a picture tomorrow to share.

Well its past 10pm and 5:00 comes awful early, so good night everyone.

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  1. From the picture, Looks like you made your customers very happy. Nice of you to do that for them. They must have wanted the pieces pretty bad. Bet you will become good friends. Such a nice story. Thanks for sharing.


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