Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Fall In The Hall

 Well am finally feeling better.

Just in time for getting our new windows installed this week.


Looking forward to having lower heat bills this Winter.

Today some Fall pics of our hall.

I had an interesting conversation
with a customer on Sunday.
He was in his late 20's or early 30's.
We talked about voodoo, ouija boards, ghosts
and auras.
I believe in it all.
After about 20 minutes, he told me that
I had a good aura and he was thankful he found my store.
I knew he had been in trouble and just wanted
someone to talk to.
I guess I have the gift for gab, LOL
Anyway, I was glad I was able to talk to him.

Closer to Halloween, I will share some ghost stories.

For now I share pics of our hall.
My favorite time of year!

Well back to work.

Still working from home.

Fall In The Hall Blessings To All!


Friday, September 24, 2021

Spell Candles

For those following long,

you know that our Halloween room this year

is all about the witch.


Now these are actual spell candles.
Although these candles come in every color,
with each color having a different meaning,
I chose just to sell the orange and black ones
for all Halloween purpose.

I added a tag to provide the color meaning.

Since these candles are smaller than your 
normal candle,
I asked Bob to make the holders....
which he did from tobacco sticks.

Perfect for your Halloween spells!

I plan to use a few in my Halloween decor this year.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend.

With the chill and rain, it has been hard getting better.

Spell Candle Blessings To All!


Monday, September 20, 2021

September CupboardScape

 Red has to be my favorite Autumn color.

September gets me in the mood to start baking.

However being under the weather for a few days now,
not in the mood for much of anything.

Am going to let these pics speak for themselves. 

Thank you for all of the wonderful comments

to my previous posts. It sure does mean alot!

Am going to try and make it through the work day.

Take care my friends!

Does September start you thinking of baking?

September Blessings To All!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Getting Ready

For Fall.

                                  Started my Autumn decor. 

What I can not near windows,

since I will have to remove curtains soon

for our new window install.

Hope you enjoyed these pics.
Just a lil Fall in our living room.

Pre Fall Blessings To All!


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Chat Noir

 The weekend is almost already over.

Where did the time go?

Are you wondering what Chat Noir means?
Well it is French for Black Cat.
This is the name I chose for my latest kitty.
I always start my creations with a drawing.
Some make it to fruition,
while others go back to the drawing board. LOL  

So if you look at my drawing,

I wanted a polka dot fabric in the middle.

 Now I did change up his nose quite a bit.
Added button for eyes instead of stitching them.
Plus no mouth.

Another change was this pumpkin.
I originally was going to have a hang tag
read the word cat in the rune stone alphabet.
I was not keen on that after awhile as it 
dawned on me others probably 
would not know what it meant.

Therefore instead of a jack o lantern
hanging from his right arm,
I just made a simple pumpkin out of wool
where the hang tag was going to be.

Then I realized he was naked. LOL
Missing his whiskers.
Plus my original drawing had an orange
fabric scarf around his neck.
I opted for this blue wool herringbone.
Orange and blue compliment one another.

Meet Chat Noir.
He was such a hit, I only have one left.

I received bad news yesterday
 from one of my suppliers.
This is the email.
Due to higher shipping costs 
and the uncertainty of the economy,
we have made the difficult decision to shut our doors.
We will fulfill any orders outstanding.
A big thank you to our customers for 20 years
serving you.

How sad it it for mom and pop suppliers
to shut down.
I am sure the big box stores will survive 
the higher costs of shipping,
but its those intermediary suppliers
who will not I am afraid.
I know I have not purchased as much
inventory this coming holidays
as I did last year.
Shipping has almost doubled,
so I have to purchase wisely.
It all sucks.

For some humorous news,
there was a squirrel who was scampering 
down the sidewalk.
He past our antique store,
but stopped dead in his tracks before
heading past our store because their were
folks outside at the next store.
Turning around to go back the other way,
he met Bob going around the corner from
our parking lot to our antique store.
Well this squirrel was in a pickle.
Not knowing where to go to now,
 he ran into our antique store.
We leave the door open on nice days.
Bob had to get inside and chase him out
before he broke something.
He did run out thankfully without
breaking anything.

Chat Noir Blessings To All!

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Remembering 9/11

 Hello friends.
Today I wanted to reflect on 
that fateful day that took so many lives.

I was at work and was told by my boss
to sign onto CNN because a plane had
hit the twin tower.
At the time we thought it was just
 a terrible accident.
Then the unthinkable happened.
Another plane flew into the other tower.

What would happen next?
Living here in Michigan,
we were worried the Sears Tower (Willis Tower)
would be next.

Then another plane flies into the Pentagon.
More lives lost.

Last but not least, those brave
passengers who thwarted the final plane
into a field in PA.
They knew this plane was intended
to fly into another building.
Heroes for saving others from being killed.

The weeks after this dark day in our history,
we banded together as a Nation.
I remember Firefighters and Police Officers
at certain intersections with cans for donations.

I remember cars honking at them in respect.
I remember most everyone putting money in.
I remember everyone feeling more Patriotic.
I remember everyone saying our 
Firefighters and Police Officer were all heroes.
I remember Lee Greenwood's song 
Proud to be an American
being played on all radio stations.
I remember our Canadian friends who
allowed one of our planes to land in
their small town and provided food and
accommodations to complete strangers.

Now 20 years later,
it seems we are less Patriotic.
We hate our Police.
There are those who riot in the name of BLM.
What has happened to us?

Do we need another tragic event to
bring us all back together?
I sure hope not.

I ask you all who are reading this,
to take a moment and reflect on all
who lost their lives 20 years ago.
May their lives not be lost in vain.

Remembering 9/11 Blessings To All!

Wednesday, September 8, 2021


 And Satisfaction.

Hello friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!
Even my Canadian friends who also
 celebrated Labour Day. 

After my SIL passed away,
my brother gave me a bunch of plastic canvas.
I decided to start using it and stitched up these.

I was creating Halloween ornaments this year
for our store tree.

I thought how fun what it be to have some
ribbon candy on it.

Created these back in May and even packaged
them up in packs of 6 tied with raffia.
What a big disappointment when I took
them out of my bin of Halloween items
to find them all cracked at edges where
I folded these.
I did not take a pic of them, because I was
so mad I threw them all away.
I still have some packed away that I did
for Christmas back in the 1980's that are still intact.
Not sure what the heck happened,
but will not make anything more 
with this old plastic canvas. 
Not worth it.

Now for some satisfaction.
Using yummy wool and fabric.

I created these lil pie pumpkins.

Rounded up some sticks from our parking lot.

Top in fabric and bottom in wool.
I love how these turned out,
so some satisfaction in creating these.
I also packaged these upon cello bags
tied with raffia.
They make great bowl fillers.

Have you ever created anything that 
was a flop and you ended up throwing it away?

Well in other news.
I am so perplexed with the PT
(physical therapy) summary
they gave my daughter the other day.
They told her the following were overdo.

Annual depression exam was due in 1993.
She has never been diagnosed with depression.
HIV Screening was due in 1996.
Social Detriments of Food due in 1981
(food disorder)
Hepatitus C was due also in 1981.
My daughter was born in 1981.

Obviously someone screwed up and gave
 her the wrong survey it seems.

What's even worse...
Covid 19 shot was due in 1993
Hmmm, covid-19 started in 2019.
Why would this be overdo?

She also had covid.
Was tested for antibodies.
Her doctor said she didn't need the shot.
I told her to find a different PT.
She sees her pain doctor tomorrow.
Hopefully he will get things right.

Mid Week Blessings To All!