Monday, August 29, 2022

Late To The Party

 Well late to the garden party.
Most folks have been showing their gardens
this year and I am late doing mine.
Well I dont have much of a garden,
but here goes.

These Bluebeard shrubs were the ones 
we planted this Spring.
They bloom from late Spring until frost.
I love them!

My butterfly bush did not grow as big this year.
We did not have much rain this year and
it was hard for me to find time to water everything.
THe weeds managed to still grow though.

I planted these sky blue morning glory seeds
in the Spring as well.
They have grown like a weed, but no flowers yet.
Hmmm...hoping there will be flowers before frost.

Those who know me know I love bunnies!

The zinnias were so vibrant this year.
Loved them!

Well speaking of being late to the garden party,
it reminded me of the actual garden parties
I use to go with my mom and aunt in her
small town.
The garden club ladies hosted this yearly.
We enjoyed herbal teas, and petit sandwiches.
Some of the ladies even dressed like those
from the 1800's.

They also had ice cream socials 
when the strawberries were in season.

Wish I could have really went to a garden party
or an ice cream social back then.

I have been in a funk for a bit.
It is so hard running a small business.
You put your heart and soul into it,
and even then that is not good enough.

I had a lady come in and accuse me of
practicing witchcraft.
She was mad that I had for sale some 
Ouija boards.
When trying to explain these were not real,
just a Halloween decoration,
she huffed and puffed out of the store.
I myself am afraid of the real ones.
Bob brought one home one time and I made
him keep it in the van. 

Had another lady come yesterday
that was upset I did not have the jigsaw puzzle
she wanted anymore
We carry US made White Mountain puzzles.
When I tried to explain that the company
only sells so many puzzles and then
they retire them for new ones...
her response was well why did you not purchase more?
My response was, I purchase what I can,
and I just dont know what everyone wants.
[wanted to say that I am not a mind reader]
[wanted to say well you should have bought it before]

I came home telling Bob I dont want the gift shop anymore.
I know that was just me being in a funk,
yet it is so hard to plan 12 months in advance
for Christmas and 6 month for Halloween
as to what folks will want to purchase.
It is not an easy task.
Orders have to be in that early, 
otherwise no merchandise at all.
I came home and did not even want to work
on my crafts last night...which is so not me.

Well have to get back to my real job now.
Still working from home which is a good thing!
Hope you have a great week my friends!
Sorry for unloading on you.

Late To The Party Blessings To All!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Its Show & Tell Time

Well its time to show off what I scored on
from this years antique trail around
 the Thumb of Michigan.
One day I would like to do the 127 trail
from Michigan to Alabama.
For now I will continue to do our own local one. 

I know both Robin and Yaya will be fighting over this one.
A vintage witch noisemaker.

The owner of this particular picture
wanted to know why I wanted it before purchasing it.
I told him when I first looked at it,
it reminded me of young love.
The price was $15, but because of my answer
he gave it to me for free.
I offered to still pay him, however he would not take
any money from me.
I will treasure forever the kindness if him.

Loved this heart cookie tin.

When I spotted this milk stool,
 I knew it also had to come home with me.

I made a stop at one of my favorite
 antique friends shop.
Wish I had her shop & home.
She lives along Lake Huron.
Her shop is next to her old restored farmhouse.
If you think my house should be in a magazine,
hers definitely should be.
Primitive lovers would love it!
Any hoot, this millenary hat holder
came from an actual millenary store from the 
early 1900's.
Oh how I wish I could have lived back in those times.  

Instead of adding a hat,
I purchased another bonnet for my collection.

It is an early blue check one
even though this pic does not show 
the color very well.

My favorite purchase was this antique
pine sugar chest.
It was a steal.
The top opens up for storage....
which already holds all of my buttons.

This is the room I am cleaning back up.
Need to have it back in order before
my mom comes here in a few weeks.

Have a marvelous week!

Show & Tell Blessings To All!

Sunday, August 21, 2022

The Squirrels Be a Hoarding

Happy Sunday my friends!
I hope this post finds you safe and well.
We live in an area with lots of oak trees.
With that being said I have been noticing
all of the squirrels scurrying about
hiding their black walnuts and acorns
for their wintertime food.
Tree squirrels are the one animal that do not
hibernate in Winter. 

While Bob was in the hospital,
I took my crochet hook and Sugar & Cream yarn
with me daily and crocheted acorns.
At night I crocheted pumpkins.

I loved how they turned out.
Multi colored fall ones.

Brown ones.

Cream ones.

I bagged these up in the three colors.
All but one bag have already sold.
If they had a green color that was close
to an acorn color, I would have made those too.
However the greens were too light or dark.
I know that I could have used a different yarn,
but I do like the heaviness of this particular brand.

In other news,
Bob and I drove 4 1/2 hours North to 
Alpena, MI for his daughters wedding Saturday.
Since Bob cannot drive long distances yet,
I drove there yesterday and back today.
It rained both ways.
Alpena is a small community located
along the shore of Lake Huron.
The wedding was supposed to take place outdoors,
which did not happen.
We waited about a half hour hoping the rain
would subside...which did not.
We did leave the reception right after dinner
as Bob was tired. 
He still tires in the afternoon.
His daughter understood and was just
 glad we made the trip.

On the way home we did see flocks of turkeys.
Even saw a hen with 2 baby poults (turkeys)
Also saw many deer.
Although we were in bear country, did not see one.
Rain and fog was my first hour driving home.
Just so glad nothing happened since I was
unfamiliar with this route.

Well off to clean my spare bedroom.
It is a chaotic mess with stuff everywhere
from my Halloween creations.
Need to put everything back on order now. LOL

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Acorn Blessings To All!


Thursday, August 18, 2022

August CupboardScape

As Summer winds down,
am adding in more Autumn in my home.
Hello friends!

Today's Cupboardscape was an inspiration
from nature herself.
We have been travelling through the marsh
lately to go to and from Bob's doctor appts.

The swans are still here.
Some even still have babies,
which is odd for this time of year.

Each week I can see the colors changing.

From green to red.

Mixed in with some golds.
The Timothy grass is in full bloom.

Some of the Mute Swans leave and
head South for the Winter.
Those that stay now are fed by folks
along the river, which is not a good practice. 
Our Trumpeter Swans do leave.  

However because we have so many Mute Swans
now, our Trumpeters have moved North.
It is a rare treat when I do see them in the river
in the Springtime.
These swans are native, the mutes are not.

In other news,
we had a scare with Bob again.
Apparently his blood pressure dosage
he was prescribed after his stroke 
was increased way too much.
He was once again having headaches,
getting dizzy and just lethargic.
Come to find out after contacting the doctor,
someone prescribed too much. 
He now has the correct dosage and is doing
good again.
He still has peripheral vision issues in his left eye.
Also still has some short term memory loss.
The doctor said it could take 3 to 6 months
for his brain to heal.

Am putting away the Patriotic decor,
and adding in some Autumn.

Working on Christmas items for the store now.
My Christmas theme this year is a
"Nordic Christmas"
All of the wholesale companies are leaning
toward this design style, so I decided to incorporate
it into the store.
Just hoping all of my inventory comes in.
We open for Christmas the second weekend
of October.
I already crocheted some fun Nordic hats.
I also crocheted peppermint candle mats.
Currently working on some Nordic elves.

Well off to work.

August Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Getting The Urge

Hello friends!

 While on vacation this past week,
I have been noticing subtle signs 
of Autumn peeking in.
Since Autumn is one of my favorite
decorating seasons, I have
gotten the urge to start some
home Autumn decor.

First what does one do when you purchase
these wood vases for your store,
and three of them came broke at the top?
Well, you give 2 to friends and the other you keep.

Thank you Sandy for giving me the inspiration
to do this display.
You see Sandy was one of the recipients
of one of these vases.
She added my newest faux sunflowers for sale
in our gift shop.
I immediately added in the faux grass for her
to complete her vase and decided to do the same
for my own display.
Thanks Sandy!

I loved these sunflowers because
they are at the stage of just turning yellow.
Paired with my latest green grass bunch
and a purple flower orb. 

Above added more faux purple flowers,
antique socks and a dried hydrangea bunch.

A simple Autumn design
with just a hint of Autumn color.

Makes me smile when entering my room now.

These crock jugs are always underneath my side table. 

In other news,
I picked up my mom on Thursday and drove
her back to my house and we were off
on Friday morning for our annual antique trail.
It started a half hour south of my house,
and goes all the way around the
Thumb of Michigan. 
Wait until you see what I scored on this year.
The route goes past her house, but we went North 
of her town about a half hour and then came back.
I did not drive all around the Thumb.

Once we arrived this adorable little fawn...
still with its spots was laying in her backyard.
I was able to sneak back and get my phone
as he was headed towards my mom neighbors yard.
the doe was not around, but am sure she was close by.
My mom said there is another doe with twins.
Also with spots. Rather late for does to be giving birth.

Are you getting the urge to bring out
your own Autumn decor like I am?

Getting The Urge Blessings To All!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

As Summer Winds Down

Good morning Friends.
Hope everyone is enjoying their remaining
days of Summer.
Before it ends I need to show you how
our back room and more were decorated
for this season.

In other news,
Am on hour 14 1/2 working
on my Haunted Hotel set up.
Heading back to the store now to finish up.
Then onto the front window.
New witch items up front.

Also I am so disgusted with our government.
No charges for Hunter Biden with
all of the pictures and crimes
he committed on his laptop..
He made several trips on Air Force 2
with his dad to Ukraine and China.

Now Pelosi's son just went along on her Asian trip.
Apparently he needs help with all his
business dealings in Singapore and Taiwan.
Of course our American news wont show that.
I read news from other countries to get
more of a better picture.

I believe in democracy, but I truly believe
our democracy is going to pots.

Now they pass their spending package.
I have my degree in Business Management.
Econ 101 you would know that corporations
are in the business to make money.
When you brag how they will be paying more
with this new bill the Dems passed,
this is what will happen now to corporations.
They will need to cut expenses to pay for the 
higher taxes.
Payroll is an expense.
Americans will lose their jobs.

Folks need to wake up or we may be a communist
country sooner than we think.
I use to be a Democrat. No longer.
My mom was a life long one. She is no more.
Her parents came from a communist country.
She is remembering the stories they told her.
The Dems are no longer the party of the people.
If you no longer want to be free,
go live in China, Russia, Iraq....etc.

ok, rant is over.

Summer's End Blessings To All!


Friday, August 5, 2022

Back In March

 Happy Friday my friends!

Way back in March I asked you
if you knew what my first Halloween
item I had created was.

Dicky Bird (aka Jacky)
was the only one who guessed correctly.

Made from wool and glass beads.

I created these poisonous mushrooms.

These will be part of my haunted hotel buffet.

I packaged these with some moss
to mimic the woods mushrooms
would be found in.

Although some mushrooms are edible.
Do not eat toadstools.

Tomorrow after I close the store,
I will start to finally decorate my Haunted Hotel.
Cannot wait!

In other news.

Last night was Bob's birthday.
He wanted Thai food for dinner.
The first restaurant went to carry out only. 
Being 45 minutes away we wanted to eat in.
The second Thai restaurant I drove to.
Temporarily closed.
We ended up having lamb at another 
restaurant up the road.
Cake and ice cream were served
later at home.
Well here's hoping everyone has a
wonderful weekend!

We finally got some much needed rain.
Also there was an small oil spill in our river,
so overnight they stopped the intake valves
of all of the towns along the river
that we get our water from.
Scary, but at least all is well now.
It happened on the Canadian side.

Toadstool Blessings To All!