Friday, September 30, 2011

Clue #3 and #4 Scavenger Halloween Giveaway

I do not know who is having more fun with or you ladies.
 I have been laughing and giggling at all of your comments today.
So far its a tie between four of you.
Patti, Rachel, Angie and Robin.
Robin and Angie have this contest between them on who can get their pic up faster.
What a hoot you two are...even Bob was laughing.

Today is my mom's birthday but we will be celebrating tomorrow night.
So because of that, today I am posting clues #3 and #4.

One more frickin was snowing here in Michigan a little while ago in our neck of the woods...Yuck

Going down Anyone?
If so, please bring Ice

I can be white, Orange
Green and even Black
Some folks call me a Gourd
But I like to be called Jack

Remember this it what you could win

Okay Robin and Angie...
Let the race begin. LOL

Take care everyone

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clue #2 Scavenger Halloween Giveaway

Ok ladies, for those of you who have not started the scavenger hunt yet, we have two ladies already in the lead. Lil Raggedy Angie and The Cranky Crow. These two ladies already posted their picture of clue #1 and both were correct.

You still have time to get into the hunt. As long as you post pictures of all 10 clues, you will still be entered into the drawing. Just make sure you comment back to me that you have posted your pics and you must do so by October 10th.

Remember, this is what you could win....

So as The Cranky Crow says: Get your Halloween on Ladies! that I got that out of the way...time for clue #2.

This ole Gent
Sometimes gets Blue
But I sure do Love
His harvest Hue!

Good Luck again everyone!
Take care,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Giveaway

Halloween is my favorite holiday next to Christmas.
It was the one night out of the year that I was glad my parents moved to the suburbs.
 Trick or Treating for me consisted of no time limits like there is now.
We would walk a half mile or more on one side of our dirt road
 then walk the other side.
It was a time when our neighbors gave us candy apples, popcorn balls, cookies and other homemade treats and our parents did not worry about us eating any of it.

Since I love this holiday so much,
I thought...what can I do to make this an interesting and fun giveaway
and get all of my followers and new followers into the fun.

As promised in my Monday Montage
Hint of Halloween:
I am hosting
A Halloween Scavenger Hunt Giveaway.
Every day or so, I will provide you with one or two clues.
1. Your job is to find the answer to my clue each day and take a picture of that item.
2. Post my giveaway, along with your picture on your blog.
3. Leave me a comment once you have posted your picture.

In total there will be 10 clues.

So you are probably wondering
what the heck do I win for all of this.
Here it is....

The winner will receive all of the following.
A Pack of 3 Candycorns
Halloween Pillow
Wool Black Cat
(all handmade by me)

I will randomly draw one name from those who find all 10 items.
Drawing to be held October 10th.
(this gives you a little bit of time to enjoy the items before Halloween)

Clue #1
These fine ladies whether good or bad
know how to sweep
So don't make them mad.

Good Luck Everyone
Happy Hunting!
Take care

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Montage

Last night on Cash and Cari, Bob had 4 cameo shots in the show
 along with four other friends of ours.

Today's montage is
Hints of Halloween

I wanted to show you this Pumpkin colored Pie Safe that we found on our last buying trip.
We were going to wait until October to put it in the store.
Bob decided to bring it out last Saturday outside our front door.
It sold 3 hours later along with a bucket bench we found for one of our customers.

Well that's it for now.
Did anyone watch Pan Am last night?
I spotted a few items that our buyer purchased from us for the show.
Snowglobe, suitcases, Life Magazine, Pan Am boarding passes.

Stay tuned for my next giveaway....
Hint: Halloween

Take care everyone
Going out for dinner tonight. too tired to cook and it has been raining all day.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bob Alert

Sunday night's episode of Cash and Cari on HGTV may feature my hubby Bob.
This is a show on Estate sales which is filmed in Michigan.
 They filmed Bob standing in line, so we may see him on the show...
let you know afterwards whether or not he made the cut...

Also two of our antique friends Jackie and Dee did interviews for the same episode at the same estate sale that day, so they might also be featured we hope.

So if you see a guy with salt and pepper hair and a beard and 6ft 2 inches tall..
that would be Bob.
I believe he was wearing tan shorts and a striped shirt on that day...
only because he always wears tan shorts in the Summer
 and some kind of a striped short sleeve shirt. LOL

Take care everyone, and I will let you know if there was a Bob sighting!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Railroad Man

Even though much of my time was spent on my grandparents farms, my actual home was in the suburbs. My parents had built their own home on an acre of land on a dirt road which was a quarter of a mile from the railroad tracks.

Many times my friends and I would put a penny on the tracks, and wait for a train to go by to see what happened to the penny afterwards. Sometimes we would wave to the engineer, or guess how many cars there were before the train passed and even put our ears up to the tracks to see if we could hear one coming.

I even had a friend who was an engineer and cringed when he saw someone on the tracks knowing full well that he could not stop in took its toll on him and he had nightmares about those folks. 

Well last night we were honored to have a railroad collector speak at our antique club meeting. His name is TJ Gaffney. If anyone saw the Tom Hanks movie The Polar Express, the train in that movie was from Owosso, Michigan and TJ was the real engineer of that train. He has since moved back to his home town of Port Huron Michigan where he is a  professor at the local college there.

TJ was an avid Railroadiana as they call themselves from a very young age...with his dad taking him to estate sales, garage sales and even auctions. Although TJ only likes to collect railroad items from the Pere Marquette RR, he showed us other railroad pieces that he also had. 

TJ in the back wearing green

Here are some of the items TJ had brought.  

Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad mascot.
Chessie the cat.
They created this advertising in the 1930's
Her mate was named Peake
They also had two kittens named Nip and Tuck.
There are avid Chessie Collectors who collect everything they can find.

Railroad lanterns.
The one in the front is called a bell bottom lantern.

This silver oil can was used to oil the wheels.
The red one is also an oil can used for smaller jobs.

The larger lock was used to lock up the coal car..coal was a necessity back then.
It was as important as gold is today.
The lock in the middle was a switch lock to protect someone from changing the tracks.

This tool was used to repair the track.
The china is railroad memorabilia that TJ also collects.

This can was used for water.

That's it for now.
Take care everyone

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

On Pins and Needles

Well is everyone on pins and needles waiting to see who the lucky winner of my
 100 follower giveaway is?

Before I let the cat out of the bag.
Last night's episode of American Pickers.
The guys were in Michigan
However not in our county.
They were in Macomb County just west of us on this episode.
They are getting closer.
Not sure if they will air the episode in our county though.
We will watch again next week and let you know,
as we know where they ventured off to in our neck of the woods.
They were minutes away from our house.

Ok, back to our winner.
First a BIG BIG thank you to everyone who is a follower and
all the wonderful creative comments you made.

Here is what the lucky person said in their comment.

Sorry Janice-I didn't read about the special words before I made my comment post. I must start over! :) Love the SANTA! He is adorable. I too am ready for this JULY heat to be gone and cooler days here at the HOMESTEAD in GA. What a great give away. Thanks!

The lucky person of my 100 follower
Homestead Santa in July Giveaway is

from Newman Georgia

Congrats to Holly!!!
Please send me your address Holly

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Montage

Well all, what a surprise to find out that I have reached
I will do the drawing later tonight and post
 tomorrow night the winner.
Thank you everyone!

Now for Monday Montage, here are a few pics of some of the items we were able to find on our lion hunt. LOL

Let's put it this way...we could not have fit another item in our van even if we wanted to...which is a good thing!

Now I only have a few pics as we have not unloaded much of the van as of here is a few.

Circa 1870 one board top and sides pie safe with original tins.
Now available at our store.

Cute child's dress that I am keeping.

I finally bought myself a blanket crane.

Pomegranate potpourri, Halloween candles and a salesman's sample of an ice cream maker.

A prim kite winder...I am definitely keeping this one too!

Another pie safe that we are selling in the store.
Colors go well for primitive lovers, or romantic country.

I have always wanted one of these wired candle holders...finally found one!

Well that does it for the goodies we were able to take out of the van.
More to come.

Thank you again for my 100 followers...woohoo!!!
Results tomorrow

PS. for those of you who watch the American Pickers,
Bob and I think tonight's episode is were they filmed in our neck of the woods.
I will let you all know tomorrow if in fact it was.

Take care everyone
and I will try to catch up on everyone's blogs this week.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going On A Lion Hunt

Every Summer my parents would take a vacation which always included my sister, brother and I. Our vacations were real life History lessons and I really enjoyed them. One time though, I was really afraid of crossing a certain bridge.

Anyone driving up I75 North towards Mackinac City knows what bridge I am talking about.
Many miles and miles away from this bridge on a clear day you can see the mighty twin spires rising above the road. We locals call it the Mighty Mac, others know it as the Mackinac Bridge which brings our lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan together.

My first experience going over this bridge was when I was 7 years old. My parents told me to look up ahead to see the spires. I saw the spires rising with clouds around it and it frightened me. I was so afraid of what I saw ahead of me looming in the sky, that I started whining that I wanted to turn around and go home, but my father started singing this tune...

I'm going on a lion hunt, and I'm not afraid... I'm going on a lion hunt and I'm not afraid....Janice is going on a lion hunt and she's not afraid...

Well my dad was not the best singer, but he got me singing that tune and once we got closer to that bridge it was not as frightening...but even today when I go over that bridge I get a little apprehensive, only because it is so long...over 5 miles and high above where Lakes Michigan and Huron I always will remember that I am going on a lion hunt and I'm not afraid.

Well tomorrow Bob and I are going on a hunt of our own. Antique hunting, so I am off to bed so as I can get up early. Will take pics and hopefully find some new treasures for our home and store. Take care everyone..and may all of you be able to go on a lion hunt and not be afraid. LOL Janice

Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Montage

For today's montage I have pictures of our home.
Fall tweaking.

Have a great evening everyone!
Take care

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last but not Least

More pics, but these are not as prim as the others...
We also have customers who are not into prims...
Can you believe it?? could you not love prims!!!

We actually have a lady who comes in at least twice a week.
 She buys movie props for the
 HBO show Boardwalk Empire and now she is buying
props for the new Pan Am show that is coming out this Fall.
Then we also have these ladies who come over from
Toronto Canada and purchase items for the theater  production of OZ.

So we must have more than just prims in our store....
Anyway, I can be long winded at times. LOL

Here are the pics.

On Friday, one of our customers actually sat in the chair and started reading the book we had left on the table. She was tired of walking and her friends wanted to continue shopping. She told Bob this area felt so cozy that she forgot she was in an antique store...
Now that is a compliment!

1880 painting (The Storm)

I really do love this Victorian Era Mirror though.

Do you see the prim item to the right of this picture...

An early farm hand bed...We just brought this in...and it is a prim!!!

I fibbed...we have a few more prims to show you all. LOL

We are not sure if this is a Windsor chair or not.
It is an old one.
Any guesses ladies?

An early wood wheelbarrow.
Wouldn't this look great on your porch filled with pumpkins!

Hiding between our counter and another vendors booth is a brown chippy paint dresser.
We have 19 vendors in our store. Each specializing in different things.

Wagon wheels do not stay in the store long...we just brought in two more.

Well that's it for the Fall tour.

Oh I keep forgetting to tell you this.

I named this doll
Miss Sadie Pumpkin Polly.
Thank you everyone for giving me names.
It was hard to choose, so I let Bob choose from the names...
He picked between Tina at Tina's Primitive Attic and
Vicky from Green Creek Primitives

Now its time to start my fall decor in our house...

Take care everyone,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Round Three

Well today here in our neck of the woods it rained all day long.
This would have been a good day to stay at home.
With a pot of chili cooking on the stove and fresh bread baking in the oven.
Unfortunately, I had to go to work today,
so Bob and I are having chicken quesadillas instead.
(it was a good thought anyway) LOL

Round three is our dry sink area.

Have a great evening everyone!
Take care,