Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elusive Clover

One Summer day gramma B...bless her heart, told my sister and I about the story of the four leaf clover. "Just like finding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow", she said. "Whomever was able to find a four leaf clover would have good luck and fortune...she really just wanted to get us out of the house as we were driving her nuts that day.

Being kids though, we were so excited that we could not get out of the farmhouse fast enough and ran to the nearest patch of clover...frightening the poor bunny that was trying to eat his/ her lunch. Sitting on the ground, we must have spent hours looking for a four leaf clover....more like 15 minutes...because I remember going back into the farmhouse telling my gramma that we could not find one and she swooshed me back outside telling me that I did not try hard enough.

For all of you that are reading this and have a younger know that at least once you have made them do something that you did not want to I right??? Well, I had several of those times...and this was one of them. In my feeble attempt to prove to my gramma that I had found that elusive clover, I gently ripped one of the leafs of a three leaf clover in half...making it become four....Yipee...I exclaimed, and told my sister to hurry and show my gramma what we had found. I laugh about it now, because my sister truly thought I had found one... only to come back out of the house telling me gramma told her to try again....alas we stopped looking and went and played with something else...outside of course.

Now with our antique store, Bob and I sell a few books. They have to catch my eye for me to even want them. Well this particular book I liked because we have customers who purchase black memorabilia, and thus the reason I have this one for sale. A few weeks ago, a customer came in on a Sunday and was flipping through this particular book. He came up to the counter with book in hand and wanted to show Bob what he found in it.
Lo and behold....

Our customer finally found my elusive FOUR LEAF CLOVER....
This picture does not do it justice, but at the top, the two leaves are almost pressed together. I did not want to split them apart for fear they would break.  

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, and I hope you all are able to find your elusive four leaf clover!

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