Thursday, April 29, 2021

Tundra Update

Hello all!

It's been awhile since I posted any updates. 

Tundra is 10 months old now.
He has been on me to do a post about him.
His ego is over the top as everyone
who meets him says what a beautiful dog he is.

Soon he won't be able to get under here.

Often he just gets upon the couch.

Getting some loving from daddy.
He also loves belly rubs, walks in the park,
and Pebbles his girlfriend.

Our handsome boy.

Who sometimes thinks he is a cat.

This is Pebbles. She is another Samoyed like our baby.

Pebbles comes and visits each week.
She was a show dog from Australia.
Once this breeder no longer 
shows and breeds their dogs,
they send them to a Samoyed rescue 
here in the U S.
If I had known this before,
I would have rescued one myself.

She is very friendly and because she had
puppies herself, she is gentle with Tundra too.
They have been friends since we brought him home.

Our store dog at his post before opening.
He loves watching all the goings on on the sidewalk.
Once I open the store, he goes in his crate
next to me at the register....
unless of course a regular customer or Pebbles comes in.

Like Grandpa Ed.
He comes to visit Tundra every weekend.
He also babysits for us when we need him to.

Thank you Grandpa Ed for watching Tundra
while mom and dad went out to eat last night.
Then we purchased our stove hood vent and 
kitchen faucet.
Its been over a year since we went out to dinner.
It was nice!
Getting closer to our kitchen redo. 

Tundra Blessings To All!


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Star Gazing

Happy Sunday everyone!

 My next animal in my hooked rug.

A tribute to Star the horse.

There are pictures of me on a different horse 
when I was just three years old.

Star was owned by my uncle,
but she was boarded at my gramma B's farm.
She was so gentle.
So I was able to ride her all of the time.

I would ride her around the front field
bareback with no saddle or bridle.
Since she was a tall horse,
I would wait until she went to the feed trough,
climb on that and get on her back that way.

If grampa B saw me, he would yell out the back
farmhouse door to get off that horse before
I broke my neck.

Being a teenage rebel,
I would comply just until he went back inside,
then I was back on her.

Now her mate Lightning on the other hand
was one horse I stayed away from.
Never even wanted to pet him.
He was a mean stallion...not to be trusted. 

Star was a black beauty with a white star
on her forehead.

However I hooked her in a blue tweed wool.

You may have noticed I drew circles above my horse.
After hooking a few, did not like the look.
Opted for random colors.

Also changed the veins in the leaf from white to brown.

Were you a young rebel like I was riding Star? 

Star Blessings To All!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Lidded Crockery

Howdy friends!

Today I feature my lidded crocks. 

The above 3 gallon crown crock has this 
number three stamped on its crock lid.

My cake crocks all with their own lids.

This bee sting crock with its wood lid.

Two more crocks with wood lids.

Another crown crock. This one a five gallon.

This lid is my favorite with its intricate design.

Do you have any lidded crocks?


On another note, Mother Nature 
decided April Snow showers to be in our area.
The tall tree on the left is our flowering pear,
which was just starting to bud.

Tree in the middle is our Redbud,
also just starting to bud,
with our Honeysuckle vine leaves 
to the left. All full with snow.

Not sure if they will bloom now.
Lidded Snowy Crockery Blessings To All!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

April CupboarbScape

Happy Weekend my friends! 

Today's CupboardScape is a little bit April,

with a tad dose of May.

I so loved this chocolate box the minute I saw it.
Filled with May flowers.
Since Easter was in April this year,
this chocolate box is perfect in this display.

Which come after the April showers.

Bunnies and Easter are always a hit,
even though I keep this one out year round.
Made from wood and purchased eons
ago from The Country House catalog.
They may have an online shop now.

A close up of this child's quilt.
This quilt always reminds me of Spring colors!

This antique umbrella was either used for showers
or as a sun blocker...not sure on this.
It is linen and no longer opens with a wood handle.

Well there you have it.
April Showers bring May flowers!

Are the April showers in your area bringing
the May flowers yet?

For those folks who believe in ghosts,
nothing was found on our camera this time.
I do say this time....

Its off to work I go.

Well first Tundra and I will stop at Timmies.
(Tim Horton)
for our breakfast.

April Blessings To All!

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

On The Move

How is your day going?

                                                               Well it started.

Bob wants me to start clearing out the kitchen.

This little bucket bench will no longer be there.

I decided it would be just perfect in the living room.
No buckets on it, but a nice display nonetheless.

I had this empty corner where it now resides.

Now if this haze was a picture taken from our store,
I would think it was a ghost.
However it is just the sun getting in the way
from the window to the left.

How often do you see an intricate stool like this one?
It sits on top of another stool.
I purchased this beauty from a vendor in our store.
We currently have 27 vendors.
Full of wonderful goodies.

Speaking of ghosts,
Now one of our vendors contacted us Sunday night
to tell us she saw a shadow in our store.
Her and her husband were working on their booth.
They heard noises in the back and when she
walked back to turn on the light,
she saw the shadow by a cabinet.
Bob needs to check the camera 
to see if he can see anything on it.
We do have ghosts in there, so could be.

Do you believe in ghosts?

On The Move Blessings To All!

Friday, April 9, 2021

Brown Beauties

 Happy Happy Friday!

Most of my primitive antiques are colorful.
I do have one small collection of early brown stoneware.

Early brown stoneware is not as collectible,
but I so love it!

Not much Easter decor was put out this year.
Bob was supposed to start on the kitchen,
so I did not want to drag it out 
to have drywall dust on it.
Well now Bob decided to wait until May 
when I have my 5 week vacation.
This way I can work the store,
while he does the kitchen.

If you noticed most of my brown stoneware
has a brown glaze on half the piece with 
just the stoneware on the other half.

I wish I could find more pitchers.
Notice the iridescence. 
If you see this, your piece is from the 1800's.
Without the iridescence, your piece is newer.

Even the inside has this.
So love this look up close.
It shines in the sunshine.

I know you have seen my sampler before.

Another early piece.

Not much of a Spring display...
but it does have bunnies!
These bunnies I keep out all year round
in different parts of the house.
I have a few more that are year round too.
I did had to move my stoneware out of the kitchen, 
so here is where it went.
Soon cabinets will be getting moved.
One will be moving right out of the house,
to be sold at our store.

The window person came last night.
We bit the bullet and ordered new windows.
Will not be installed until July....
this is the maybe part of our kitchen now.
Bob thinks he still can do part of the kitchen until
the windows get installed.
Me I am not so sure.
Always something.
Good thing about the windows was we
have zero percent financing for 5 years.
Since the windows were original to the house,
they were badly needed.
I may have to work another year though now.

Have you ever ended up paying for something that
was unexpected? 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Brown Beauty Blessings To All!