Friday, May 31, 2013

For The Love Of An Antique Gown

Good morning sweet friends.
Whilst Bob and I were strolling through
Greenfield Village,
we literally stumbled upon
this awesome private collection
of Civil War Era gowns.
Circa 1861 to 1865.
It was not on our map of things to see.
I was awestruck at these beauties.
So many colors and early fabrics.
From calico's to satins.
A wedding gown...
To party gowns.
Then there are the every day ones.
So much detail in these beauties!
I did not count them all,
but guessing at least a hundred.
What an awesome collection.
What do you think?
Apparel Blessings To All!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Sure Miss You All

Like the great snowstorm of 1913,
Mother's Day
Graduation Party
Spending time with my mom
Flea Market
Garage Sale
And then there is that infamous
game that has taken up my time.
Anyone heard of Candy Crush?
If you have not,
it will take over your life,
you will dream about it,
hate it and wish you never started.
So with that said.
I sure do miss you all.
This is our new tree.
An early wheel propped up.
Our wagon in the front yard.
Neighbors house in the background.
Have not planted flowers yet,
and glad I did not.
We had frost every day this past weekend.
Yesterday Bob and I went to
Greenfield Village
for Memorial Day.
It is a living museum that Henry Ford created.
It was a remembrance to the
150th anniversary of the Civil War.
The flag in the middle of this pic was an original flag
 from one of the Civil War battles.
All tattered and torn and 150 years old.
This sight brought goose bumps and tears to both Bob and I.
Long may our flag wave.
A big thank you to all who have served
and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice
so that we may enjoy the freedoms that we have.
Memorial Day Blessings To All!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Are You Up For A Game

Good morning friends.
How have you all been so far this week?
Happy Hump Day!
Are you up for a game?
If you are, let's play
Where's Ace?
Do you think he is in this cabinet?
He likes to hide in my quilts sometimes.
I found these early coverlet pieces
 on a recent shopping spree.
 Bob hung the red one up for me.
I folded the blue piece and added to my horse.
Do you think he might have sneaked into our dry sink?
Or did he climbed into this one?
Or did he jump into the circa 1700 red dough box.
After I opened it?
I love the mouse hole on this beauty!
Then there is this red wall cabinet.
Could our chillin villain climb up there though?
Did you guess which one Ace decided to take a nap in?
Here is a clue.
Did you guess?
If you said this cabinet...
Then you were correct.
Thanks for playing
Where is Ace.
Cabinet Blessings To All!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spoons Anyone

Good morning sweet friends.
Spring has finally decided to stay around here.
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Bob and I were out shopping
for a flowering Cleveland pear tree last weekend.
Should be delivered in a few weeks.
Really excited as I have always wanted one of these trees.
About a month ago
I spotted this kitchen goodie and knew it would fit.

I took this pic as the sun was coming up.
Giving off this pink hue to the left.
Added a few of my spoons and a wood honey dipper.
I think I did good on this buy. What do you think? 

Was a busy weekend for us.
We had a good Saturday at the store.
Sunday was a rare day again as we both did not work the store.
Instead we went to flea market.
Afterwards took FIL to lunch,
and then went to see Iron Man 3.

Robert Downey Jr and Gweneth Paltrow
did not disappoint.
A must see movie, if you like Iron Man.

Hope you all have a great Monday.

Spoon Filled Blessing To All!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Goodies Galore

Good morning fellow blogging buddies!
So a few weeks ago,
Bob and I,
along with another husband and wife antique team that we know,
woke up before the roosters,
before the birds...
4:00am to be exact,
and drove 4 1/2 hours to do some shopping. 
Half way into our trip it decided to rain.
It was raining when we arrived to our destination.
However avid dealers that we are,
we made the best of it and it did stop raining for the most part.
We did find some goodies for the store,
and of course for us.
First for the store.
I love adding a candle to these round graters.
We have been asked to find a red scale,
and I also loved this little salt glaze jug.
This next item is an early salad dressing crock from England.
What I loved about this crock is that it was an advertising giveaway
from the early 1900's for a Children's shoe and doll store.
They featured Kider's, Rink, Boots and other Shoes.
Not sure what Kider's are, so if any of you know,
please let me know.
Tiny blue crock bowl
1/2 lb Hills Bros Coffee can
White American Family Scale
An Atlas jar on the left and root mason jar on the right.
Milk bottles with carrier and wood water bucket.
Flax Hetchel
A few goodies I kept for us...
really for me!
Bob don't care...he is the greatest!
I started collecting vintage Santa's.
Another coffee can to add to my collection too.
Finally these sweet little
My newest gotta have items when I see them.
I would like to do one of my bedrooms in early millinery finds.
Antique shoes will fit into my theme.
What do you like to collect?
Weekend Blessings To All!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I've Been Wicked

Good evening dear friends.
I have been so very bad.
The weather had me down.
Work had me down.
My son had me down.
He needed a car,
moved out of his apartment into his dad's
and his dad would not help him out.
He quit his job as the company he was working for was being investigated.
Long story, but when he went to get unemployment,
the owner never paid into unemployment benefits, so he was unable to collect
what was taken out of his check for three years.
He made car payments also to the company..
and yes those payments were never made either.
Then on top of it his dad wanted him to pay him back rent
after he finally found another job.
I am so glad that Bob is very understanding.
We went out and bought another car for me,
and gave mine to my son.
Just told him to make a small monthly payment to me.
So the long and short of it.
I have been in a wicked mood.

So wicked that I decided to start working on Halloween.
Bob and I will be doing a primitive show in Holly, Michigan
September 7th, so I started to make some goodies.

I drew up this little wicked design myself.

Added wool and fabric leaves,
with glass beads for berries.
Made it into a pillow and aged it a bit.
I promise to be good soon. LOL
Wicked Blessings to All!