Wednesday, August 28, 2019

More Redware Rugs

Happy Hump Day all!
Today I am only working a half day.
Afterwards am taking my grands
on our yearly trek for lunch on the island.
We have been doing this for over 10 years now.
Looking forward to it!

I managed to finish a few more redware
hooked pieces.
All I drew myself.
This one is a bunny.
Love bunnies!

Not sure if I showed the heart one before?

This tree is new....but needs to be steamed.

This one I recently did too.
Since these will be part 
of my 2019 Christmas decor,
 I had to do the word JOY

Previous one hooked.

Same as this one.
These last two are the actual colors.

All with be added to my Christmas tree
as ornaments.
I am doing a rather unusual
 color combination this time.
Stay tuned!

It won't be green and red that's for sure.

More Redware Blessings To All!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Can Fall Be Near

The temps have been cooler here in Michigan.
The windows were open all weekend,
with the kitties enjoying their catio too!
I enjoyed hooking away
 whilst watching my old timey movies.
Lady Gambler (Barbara Stanwyck & Joel McCrea)
Easter Parade ( Fred Astaire & Judy Garland)
Stars In My Crown (Joel McCrea)
to name a few.

Just something about old movies to me
makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Bob and I switched out our tv cabinet with a table.
Thank you sweetie.
Now to decorate said cabinet. 
Maybe next weekend.

I did however decorate my brown cabinet.

In between hooking that is.

I purchased these herb boxes
on the trail weekend.
These I was told came from a drug store 
which went out of business awhile back.

Colombo which is another word
 for Curry Powder.

Ash Bark Prickley was used for joint pain, toothache,
menstrual cramps, and also used to break
a fever by sweating.

Life Root Plant 
was traditionally used to hasten childbirth
while reducing labor pain, used for a cough.
It is not recommended any longer 
because of its toxic nature. 

Each are still full and never been opened.

I also purchased this fun nut garland.
Perfect for Autumn and only $5.00 for 2.
The other one is on my other kitchen cabinet.

Such a sweet simple Autumn vignette.
Even better with a bunny!

Off to work I go.
Cannot believe this is the last week of August.

Looking outside this morning the sky is red.
As the sailors say~
Red Sky In Morning - Sailors Take Warning.

Can Fall Be Near Blessings To All!

Friday, August 23, 2019

August CupboardScape

Hello all my friends!
I cannot believe that Summer is almost over.
Can you?

I am getting in Autumn mode.
Are you too?

Will venture up into the attic and bring some
things down.
Already have decided to move furniture
around over here....
with Bob's help of course.
Thank you honey for always helping me out.

For my August CupboardScape
I decided to mix in some vintage.
Hope you enjoy the pics.

Sometimes I plan ahead 
on what I will do each month...
this one was just a spur of the moment. 

For those following me for a long time,
know I love blue, red and bunnies.

I purchased this feedsack runner
at a quaint prim shop on our trip last month. 

This spongeware pitcher was purchased at
at one of the antique stores we visited.

Still love my stockings.

Both blue and white striped and cream ones.

I have had this Longaberger basket
since the 1980's.

Still enjoy my old faux flowers.
I prefer faux to protect my kitties.
One never knows what they will try to eat
when mom and dad are away.

This little faux bunny was also purchased
at that prim shop.

I dragged out this suitcase as part of my display.

For a spur of the moment one.... 
I thought it came together quite nicely.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

You might be pleasantly 
surprised at the outcome!

So this weekend,
you will find me watching some 
old movies I taped....
while finishing up my hooked project 
from last weekend...
and I will try to hook a few smaller pieces.

Our prim show in Holly, MI 
is September 7th.

It seems I am always rushing to get things done.

What will the weekend find you doing?

Random Blessings To All!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Beautiful Room With A View

Good morning friends.
Well Sunday some storms moved in
the early afternoon.
We lost our power for a bit.
That did come back on,
however our tv and internet
 was out until Monday.
Gave me a great time to hook with no distractions.
I actually drew out a mini Halloween
project and hooked it all.
Wait til you see this one.
It is wicked good!

When we were on our mini trip
back in July
there was this fountain 
right outside our suite.

The Brooks Memorial Fountain
was erected in 1930
We were told it has 96 color combinations,
and runs from May thru September.
I took photos of a few of the colors....
but forgot to take pics 
of the yellow and orange ones.
Below are the col0rs I did captured
from our room.

This is the fountain in the daytime.
It is a Greek Doric design
similar to the one Marie Antoinette
had in the garden of Versailles, France.

I so enjoyed sitting in our suite and watching
all of the different colors.
I did not count them,
 but the colors were very pretty.

I also did a rub on the top of the pantry box.
I still don't know who was the maker,
so if any of you can figure it out,
please let me know.

 Beautiful Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Inn Part Two

Happy Saturday my friends!
A big huge thank you for all of your sweet
comments on my new found goodies.
I will see if I can find out more about
that pantry box by doing the rub
as suggested by Saudra and Julie.
Thanks gals as I never thought of that.

Today I wanted to show you more pics
of the historic inn we stayed at.
This was the fireplace in the lobby.

Our dining room.

This huge pine cabinet 
was also in the dining room.

The sitting room in the lobby.
Bob reading the local paper
while I took many pictures.

Other side of the lobby.

These beams were amazing!

The front stairway to the second floor.

Was told at one time this was the secret entrance
to the basement which was part of the
underground railroad.
Currently it was made into a little
telephone room with glass as the door...
so no one can venture in to find the 
way into the basement.

Another room on the first floor.

With its own suite.

Another room.
There were a total of 25 rooms.
I took pics of all those that were open.

Another seating area.

Very quaint.

This area was on the back side 
of the dining room.

Well off to price the goodies
 I found for the store.
No prims but items that should sell.

After that I need to finish up my
creations for the upcoming
Holly prim show.
It will be a busy weekend for me once again.

What will the weekend find you doing?

Twice The Inn Blessings To All!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Can You Say Score!!!

Well at least that's how I feel.
Hello friends.
I am so excited to show you what
I found for myself on the trail.

This original red painted painted pantry box.
Complete with a bale handle.

It is hand stamped NH
which means it came from New Hampshire.
I cannot make out the rest of the stamps.

Then another pantry box.
This one in grayish tan...more like a greige color.

My stack is growing.
The new red and greige one are in the middle.

All on top of my cabinet in the kitchen.

Am loving my growing collection.

Next is this Dollie Washer.
Made in the Victorian era, these were to
help wash clothes.
You would place your clothes in a wash tub.
Place your dollie washer 
in and turn using the handle.
It was the first agitating washer...
all by hand.

Hand pegged.

With all of the legs notched in to the base.

Finally my wood Noggin.
This is an early 18th century wood mug.
Any wood cup or mug from 
this era was called a noggin.

Can you imagine drinking your rum from this?
Well back in the day they did.
I cannot even imagine how they would 
have carved this,
however such a cool piece!

Hope you enjoyed peeking at my new finds.
Like I said...I know I scored big time with these!

Not sure yet where I will place my
dollie washer and noggin... but will
figure it out soon.

Do you have any of these pieces at your own home?
Do you have anything from the 18th century?

Scored Me Some Blessings To All!