Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Blues

Good evening sweet frineds.
Saying a prayer for those affected by the snow
and flooding.
Hoping they will be able to get to a place
of normalcy soon.

Hey, is anyone having the
Winter Blues?

I am enjoying my Winter Blues...

Winter Blue Blessings To All!

Friday, January 22, 2016

White Sale

Good evening sweet friends.
We all have probably shopped a certain store January white sale...
I know I have.

But do you know the history of the "White Sale"?

While showing you pics of my own favorite whites
I will tell you how how it all began.

It all started in 1878
with a very progressive shopkeeper from Philadelphia
named John Wanamaker.

In the 19th century,
bed linens were only made in white.

To boost sales

since January tended to be a slow month, 

Mr. Wanamaker needed to do something.

To do this he decreed that every January

 he would have a white sale on all bedding.

White Sales are more than just linens.

Most stores now also include household goods
with their White Sales.

Did you happen to take advantage of any white sales?

Wishing all of my blogging friends who are affected
by this strong winter storm and tornadoes
well wishes.
Bob and I were just there two weeks ago in the very same area.

January White Sale Blessings To All!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Goodes That I Adopted

Good evening sweet frineds.
While on our vacation,
there were a few things that called to me
that I just had to adopt (buy).

Loved the patina on this early rye basket.

The coils were tight and the basket had a nice shape.

For those that know me
I love bunnies.
In fact so much, that there is at least one in each room of our home.
This one is cast iron.

I fell in love with this tri colored coverlet
which I found in an antique store in Clinton, TN.

I do shop antique stores 
and this piece is from 1841.
The fringe on one end is missing a bit,
but all in all it was worth the price.

This very used pie peel was adopted from Ohio.

Along with brown bench
that is now being used as our footstool.

Bob spotted this one.
I am thinking of covering this in some type
of wool pattern so that whilst
sitting in my sewing chair,
my feet will be compfy...
will see about that.

Do you think my adoptions were worth it?

Adoption Blessings To All!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Heart Warming

Good morning friends.
A cold one here in Michigan this morning.
Would be much colder if not for our Great Lakes.
They protect us quite a bit.

The last part of our trip was the wedding in NC.
My nephew married his true love.
Alas, all of my wedding pics were too blurry to post.
The reception was nice!
The dinner was good!
The cake was awesome!
Even the temps were mild. In the mid 50's.
Went some antiquing whilst there too.
More of my finds later.

For now, I was looking at my stash of buttons,
I have another jar full of them along with this one.

I remembered Lori over at
Notforgotten Farm did a similar thing with buttons.

I had this blue wool and decided to make a pillow.

Using various antique buttons.

Stitched to the blue wool.

Which at least warmed my heart up inside.
This pillow is for sale. Currently in our store.
Hope everyone has a great week!

Heart Warming Blessings To All!

Friday, January 15, 2016

First Half Of Our Trip

Good evening sweet friends.
Bob and I went on a most deserved vacation recently.
We left early in the morning...4:45am to be exact
the day after Christmas.
Our first stop was Clinton, TN.
The drive was good since it was a Saturday with no
work traffic through the major cities of
Detroit, MI
Toledo, OH
Dayton, OH

However, once we hit Cincinatti, OH
it was pouring rain all through the state of Kentucky
until we reached Tennessee.
Bob and I had wanted to meet Betty
from Through My Back Door,
but she was not able to visit with us.

Decided to hit the antique stores,
and I was able to find one goodie to bring home.
(will show off at a later post)

We left the next morning early again
and stopped in Albany, GA
to have lunch with one of my cousins.
We had a nice lunch and then were off to Florida.
All was well until we hit Gainesville, FL
We stopped to change drivers and go to the rest room
at the rest area we stopped at.
We only changed drivers as there were lots of signs posted.
Venemous snake area

We decided not to take our chances.
Unfortunately about a mile up the road we got caught
in a major traffic jam which was over an hour
at stop and go before our exit.
We did not get to Bob's sister's place until around 8:30pm.

The view of the restaurant on the outside deck
in Florida.
Wish I was back there now.

One day we went to Daytona Beach.
It was so cool driving on the beach.

Bob's sister on the right.
She moved as I was trying to take this pic.

Bob in the red shirt. Bob's sister's friend in front.

The waves were rolling in so fast
that they toppled Bob in.

Me enjoying the warm sand.

I love the spanish moss on the trees.

The sunset on Lake Weir.

A little gecko waiting for a meal.

Bob and his sister Loretta.
I think they look so much alike...and they act like it too!

We spent 5 days with Loretta.
5 wonderful days with temps in the 80's.
No rain and no mosquitoes.
Great food...great times.
Even met up with friends of ours who are in Florida til March.

More to come....

Post Florida Blessings To All!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January CupboardScape

Good evening friends and Happy New Year!
With 2016 starts another year of CupboardScapes,
With the idea from one of our customers Barb,
I am going to feature a different monthly vignette
in a suitcase.

This month I thought of doing my version
of a stone church in the woods.

Bob and I recently attended my nephew's wedding
in Hickory, NC.
The wedding took place at night in an old stone church.
The church lights were dim with lit candles in each window.
Along with large candles in glass vases on the floor
of every other pew.
It was a beautiful ceremony.

Here I have taken my stone church birdhouse
that my mom gave to me as a birthday present years ago...
never actually left it outside for the birds.

Added new and vintage bottle trees.

Along with a few mini Christmas trees.

Then added this book.

An early leather book from 1861 that I purchased
from Seville Antiques in Ohio.

This book is titled
Sunday School Psalms.
I thought it was just perfect for my vignette this month.
I did not plan this when I bought it...
I just thought it was a sweet little pocket book
to add to my growing leather book collection.
I remembered I had it when I started to take pictures,
and quickly added into the pocket of the suitcase.

What do you think of this month's CupboardScape?
Look forward to your comments.

More to come on our vacation.

New Year Cupboardscape Blessings To All!