Saturday, March 12, 2011

Debuts * Beginnings * Poczatki

With my first post, I thought it would be appropriate to start at the beginning. Since I am of French and Polish decent, I thought it would be fitting to have the word "Beginnings" in these languages too...thanks to my nifty translator.

My first encounter with primitives, were on my grandparents' farms. Each located in the Thumb area of Michigan. For those who are unaware of how we Michiganders locate cities with our hand, just put up your left hand and look at your thumb. Otherwise, you can find Sanilac county on the internet.

My grandparents did not live close by, and I was always happy when it was either Summer vacation or the Holidays, or any other weekend my parents decided to take the trip up. Note: the drive only took 1 1/2 hours, but to a kid it was FOREVER.

Before I go any further, I need to address my grandparents as Gramma/ Grampa H (paternal) and Gramma/ Grampa B (maternal). I hate formailty.

Now the main room of daily activity at Gramma B's farmhouse was the kitchen. In her kitchen sat a drysink in cream milk paint with an old pump on top. Here she drew water for drinking and cooking, and also cleaned up the dishes afterwards. Gramma B did not have running water until the new addition was put on the old farmhouse...which did not happen until I was a teenager. She was so excited about her new sink and  kitchen cabinets...but unfortunately all of her old cabinets, including the drysink were taken to the townships dump, before anyone in the family could say that they wanted them. I sure hope someone was able to rescue them. If she only knew that one day her granddaughter would want a dry sink in her own kitchen. she might think I was touched in the head.

The dry sink in the above picture was a great find that Bob and I found on one of our buying trips for the store. As you can see, this piece did not quite make it to the store. Don't you just love that chippy old paint!! I think it looks awesome, what do you think?

Well, on another note, I am so wanting Spring, that I have been adding touches of Spring to the store.

Until next time, you can hop on over to visit our store if you are in the area.

 Back Porch Antiques
550 Broadway St
Marine City, MI  48039


  1. Hi Janice, The rabbits are adorable in your Antique Shop. Thanks for visiting my blog!-Renee

  2. Welcome to blogland, Janice! Great first post. Loved hearing about your grandparents. I hate to think of all the thrown out stuff we might have loved. See you soon!

  3. Again, welcome to blogland! I'm going to have to take a trip to Marine City to visit your shop one of these days - maybe when the weather gets a little warmer!!! Yup, I'm ready for spring and our open house on March 26th. Have a great weekend, Dawn

  4. hi, Janice
    Beautiful items!
    THanks for stopping by~ I look forward to more of your blog~ I just became a follower!


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