Friday, October 30, 2020

An Autumn Mantle

 Good morning friends.

With the end of October soon to end,

I thought I would show you my simple mantle display.

I purchased this awesome pitcher from 
a pick Bob and I went on many years ago.
The previous owner would not sell it to me,
until I told her who was going to purchase it.
Being an antique dealer, I really have no clue
who will purchase items from our store,
so I told her I would purchase it for myself.
Only then would she sell it to me.
I have kept it ever since and still love it!

This beauty is a beehive form.

This one is white inside.
Not old, but still love it.

This one is definitely not old,
but again I did so love the swirls in it.

Just a simple mantle with colors I so love.
My favorite time of year for hues.

Tomorrow our daughter gets married.
No one is dressing up.
A simple black and white one
with touches of red. Very elegant.

Sunday I start the transformation of our store
from Halloween to Christmas.
Thank you everyone for your 
kind and warm comments thus far.
It so means a lot to me!  

Do you have favorite colors you like to
decorate with in your home?

Simple Hue Blessings to All!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Mad Mad Mad


Hello my sweet friends.

Hope your week is going good for you all.

This was our mad scientist area of the store.
I had fun large light bulbs,
medicine bottles and bunson burner vases.

Eyeballs in jars.
Creepy crawlies,
and more medicine bottles.

Bob's EEK sign,
and medicine pics I made in frames.

This is the last week for Halloween.
Next week will be transforming for Christmas.
Cannot believe it is around the corner.

Mad Scientist Blessings To All!

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Witches Be Flying

 Out the store.

Happy Saturday friends.

All those witches.
The one was an animated one 
stirring her cauldron.

The books reminded me of Hocus Pocus.
The eye lights up.

The galvanized flying ones.

Purple brooms when on
are scary good!
They say BOO and move.

A fun sign!

Witches Boots.

This tree was one of two.
It stays lit for 6 hours on,
then turns off.
Looks wonderful in our front window.

Speaking of window,
am planning a festive one for Christmas.
Will be re-doing our store for
Christmas starting after we close 
November 1st.

Hopefully we wont be in another lockdown.
We cannot afford it again.

Witches Be Flying Blessings To All!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

October CupboardScape


The Witches Be A Flying.

Hello my friends.
Well today brings my October CupboardScape,
and my only Halloween display for the season
in our home.
The paper mache cat is a new one 
we sold at our store.
(I kept one, so don't tell Bob)

I also kept one of these dried henbanes.
Also from our store.
Also don't tell Bob. LOL

Yaya this one is for you.
Also from our store. LOL

Plus this toad....

and flying witch.
of course all from our store.
I will return some of this back.

Cordelia rounds out the witches.

My wicked pillow tuck.

Finally this awesome stitchery
given to me by my wonderful blog friend,
Winnie from Florida.
If I see more witches fly into 
my display, I will know where they came from,
as Winnie told me hers are threatening to 
come up here for a visit.

My little group.

That does it for my Halloween.
I had so many plans for
decorating at the house.
Not enough time with the gift shop now.
Alas same probably true for Christmas.

Coven Blessings To All!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Dead Zone


Welcome to the dead zone!

This section of our store was dedicated
to the dead.

The funeral signs I created.

Coffins and crosses.

A local artist made these metal trees on rocks.
They reminded me of a cemetary,
so I placed a few here.

The few crosses I left will be
re-purposed for Christmas
in our Nativity area.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Ours has been a chilly one outside,
but warm inside with lots of visitors
purchasing more Halloween goodies.
Am so grateful to those who support small business.
We do not have the buying power like 
Hobby Lobby,
however I was able to find items
most unusual for our store...
and our customers love it!

Dead Zone Blessings To All!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Cupboard Of Halloween

 Happy Thursday my friends.

Today a lot more pics of our Halloween 
in our gift shop.
Pumpkins with arms.

Paper mache pumpkins.

Skeleton pumpkins.

Skeleton hand tea lights.

The crows on skulls.

Paper mache cats.

Jeweled skeleton hands.

Glass skeleton block.
Bob's boo sign.

My skeleton pictures
with a bunch of iron flowers.
Solove these!

Bob purchased this huge cabinet 
from a historian friend we know.
It was an ugly green,
but now white.
Now I took all of our store pics
before the public saw them...
so many items have sold out.

This old cupboard was perfect
 for our back room displays.
In fact I already know what our
Christmas items will be in here.
Gosh 2 weeks away and I will be changing
up for this next Holiday.

Finishing up my prim Santas
and prim snow angels.
Will show in a later post.

Cupboard Full Of Blessings To All!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Halloween Kitchen Area

Happy Monday all!

Cannot believe the weekend is gone already.

Today I wanted to show off our 
kitchen area of our store.
Just a bit.
Starting with these fun skull tumblers.
Both in purple and orange.
With lids and a black/ white straw. 

Also these fun appetizer platters.
Bats and candy corns.

Zany witch mugs.

Halloween cookie cutters.
When my kids were little,
we use to make Halloween cookies.
Ah the good old days when I had more time.

Finally these fun gnomes.
Although not in our kitchen area,
I wanted to show off these cuties.
Made by a local artist in town...
if I had more time, I could make these.
Anyway, all have sold already.
She brought in a second batch
which are all different from the first.
Most of them are sold too.

Off to do some shopping.
I have today off,
so Bob is taking Tundra to the store,
and I am doing my own thing. :-)

Have a wonderful start to the week
my friends!

Kitchen Blessings To All!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Do You Want

Your fortune read?

Hello folks!
Today I feature our Palm Reading area
of our store.
This witchy lady is animated and will
tell your fortune.

The Ouija boards are also animated
and a big hit.

Tarot and Gypsy playing cards.
Palm reading hands and crystal balls.
All more hits.

These fortune telling signs light up.
(forgot to take a pic lit)

Do you remember the Magic 8 Ball?

Our Neon Pam Reader sign lights the way.

I worked the store yesterday.
Our worker called in sick,
so Tundra and I went in.
I am still not over my cold...
but when you have a store...
well you have to do what you have to do.
Saw customers we normally dont see
on the weekend, and they were
pleasantly surprised to see me.

I did get a chance to work on some 
snow mittens in between customers though.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
Hope my Canadian friends enjoy their Thanksgiving.

Palm Reading Blessings To All!