Saturday, October 30, 2021

October CupboardScape

Happy Halloween Weekend my friends!!!


Black Cat


White Pumpkin.
Can you guess which one is the antique?

Witches will make an appearance this weekend.
Maybe from Florida. LOL
Inside joke from Winnie who is a blog follower.
She has purchased many witches from me...
and her witches seem to disappear and fly 
to Michigan this time of year.
Or so they tell her. :-)

My black and off white quilt block.
Perfect for Halloween!
Bear claw pattern.

Oh yeah...if you guessed the orange pumpkin
as being the antique one, you were correct.
The cat and white pumpkin I sold in my store.
These antiques have gone through the roof in price now.

Worked at the store each night this week 2 more hours
after working from home.
Last night I finally finished
 the back room for Christmas.
Will work on decorating the Santa tree
 in the front window and price more
goodies for the front as well.
Hopefully I can get it done before opening.
Wishful thinking on my part.
Now I just hope the rest of my Christmas orders
come in before Christmas is over.
Had a Halloween order come in last week.
Paid for it in June. UGH

Hope you all have a spooktacular Halloween!

Anyone dressing up or having a party or both?
Bob and I will just pass out candy at the store.
Afterwards go to dinner in town.

End Of October Blessings To All!

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Finale


So sorry friends.
No time to chat.
Working at home and then working at the store
getting Christmas ready.
Here are the rest of the Halloween pics.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Fortune Telling

Well is almost Halloween my friends!
We will be passing out candy at our gift shop,
then heading to one of our fav restaurants in town.
I usually get lobster ravioli, 
while Bob usually gets shrimp or perch.
We only go once a year because it is so busy.
Usually a 1-2 hour wait.
Not on Halloween night though, which is why we go.
This restaurant opened the same year
Bob and I opened our antique store.
We have known the owners ever since.

Today I wanted to show you my fortune telling
Area in our side window.

 You can peruse the pics,
while I tell you another ghost happening

First I need to explain we own 2 stores.
One an antique store, the other a gift store.
All of the ghostly stories when I talk about the store,
happen at our antique store,
not the gift just to clarify the ghosts
do not visit the Halloween nor the witches
 I have for sale at the gift shop.

This is an ongoing ghost story.
We even had the Detroit Paranormal Team
(local ghost hunters)
do a Facebook live episode on our antique store
about 5 years ago now.
They spent 3 hours taping and we told them
 nothing ahead of time.
They verified everything we knew
 that was going on in there at the time.
However one of those occurring happenings
still continues.

This is one reason why I do NOT go up 
in our attic any longer.
We have a lady with a child up there.
We are pretty sure they came with the building.
I dont think the lady likes me.
Or she knows I can feel her.
Now the child on the other hand likes
to let Bob know they are around.
We do not know if it is a boy or girl,
however most times Bob goes up there,
his shirt gets tugged from the back as
if a child was tugging on it.
The paranormal team also got their shirts tugged.
Only the men.
Bob even took a friend up there once and he had
 his shirt tugged...and Bob did not tell him
it might happen before going up. 

Although one of the guys from the ghost team
 also had his face scratched up there.
Now remember they were doing this live so there
was no way he scratched himself. 
I was watching it on their cameras live as well.
On the main floor though...not up there.
He yelled ouch and then turned his face,
and we saw the marks.
I think it was the lady.
She must have not liked him either.
They did verify it was a lady and child up there.
Could not tell us either if it was a boy or girl.

I have been up there only 3 times,
since owning the store for 12 years.
 I do refuse to go back up there now.
I never had my shirt tugged though either.

Would you be willing to go up into our attic?

Fortune Telling Blessings To All!



Monday, October 18, 2021

Hocus POcus

Howdy friends!

Or should I say Happy Hocus Pocus. LOL

Love that movie and Bob and I watched it the other day. 

For witch craft, I sold these Lavender sage smudges.
All sold.
Pie pumpkins I made to the left.
In the back on the shelf all of these black cat buckets
are spoken for.

The witch boots are gone.

This tapping witch on the window sold first day.
Sold 2 others afterwards.

Brooms almost sold.

Beistle is back in business,
so I just had to purchase these centerpieces.
So retro looking.
Back in the 1700's it was thought
that witches turned into crickets.
Folks believed crickets were good luck,
and they would leave them alone.
Thus the reason witches turned into them.
This is all just folklore, but fit with my witch theme.

This was an actual witch craft book.
It did not sell, but maybe because I forgot to put
a price tag on it. DUH
I just realized it this weekend.

I placed 3 different potpourri in these 
vintage candy dishes.
Each with witchcraft properties.
When the dish became empty, I would re-fill.
The black beads with the hexagon star,
I created. 
They are called witch ladders.
Used to cast spells.
40 beads are on the on the longer ones.
The shorter one I also made had a feather and key.

Now for a few more ghost stories.
These are recent ones that happened 
in our antique store.

It is said that between the months of
September thru October is when ghostly
activity is most prevalent.
Am told because the Earth's crust is at its
thinnest this time of year.
Well we do get more activity at this time.
I don't even like going into our store
by myself during this time.
I always feel like someone is watching me.

First ghost story.
This just happened a week ago.
Our worker is under 5ft tall.
Our radio is higher than she can reach.
Bob always turns it on for her in the morning,
and turns it off at closing.
The radio is on for us and customers.
We always set it to a Canadian rock station,
because their weather reports are most like ours.
Canada is across the river from us.
Any way, our worker goes in the back
and when she comes back up front,
the radio station was turned to a Christian station.
She called Bob right away to see if by
chance he might have changed the station.
Nope, he did not.
But he had to come back and re-change it back.
Ghostly weird.

Then a few days later,
same worker is back behind the counter.
Off flies a shelf and lands in the aisleway near her.
She calls Bob back and says to him,
"Looks like a ghost knocked down a shelf"
Bob comes over again.
If a shelf falls by itself, it would land directly 
down on the floor...not fly across.

Unfortunately our cameras are not pointed in either
of these places, so we could not look to see
whom or what did these things.

After 20 years in the business,
we have had many weird happenings.


Hocus Pocus Blessings To All!


Thursday, October 14, 2021

New Windows & Ghost Story

Hello friends!
Before I get to my true ghost story,
I wanted to show off my new windows.

Our living room before.
We had one big window in the middle,
with two smaller ones on each side.

After, we now have 4 identical windows
with grids on the top.

Inside looking out of our living room.

The other side of the front of our ranch home.
Our home may be prim on the inside, 
but just a ranch.
The window on the left is our spare bedroom.
Window in the middle is our bathroom.

After, with all grids.

Spare room before with three windows.

Spare room after with only grids
on the front of the house.
Plus now only two windows.
Bad thing about this is, now I need
a new curtain rod to fit the longer window. 

Our bedroom before.

Again after which I need another longer rod.

Kitchen window before.
Notice most of the windows 
had condensation on them.

Window after and now no condensation.

Especially since we now can open windows.

Did forget to take pics of the bathroom.

Not sure if I have told this ghost story before, however if not it is a true one.

Christmas of 1978 is where we begin.

My boyfriend and I got engaged, although we decided to wait until he graduated from college before even thinking about getting married. We were both 20. I was working and going to college at night. Mike was going to Ferris State to become a dentist and take over his uncles practice.

New Year's Eve we went to a party that his college roommate was having. At the end of my parents road, Mike turns down the radio and nonchalantly says to me- "I'm going to die soon" I was flabbergasted to say the least. All I said was "what are you saying?" He would not reply back and just turned the radio back on. We went on to the party. Nothing was said about him dying again.

Mike went back to school after New Years and was killed in a car accident on January 5th. 1979.

I was devastated to say the least. Why did the love of my life have to leave me, and how did he know? All questions I could not answer.

At Mike's funeral I was approached by a girl my age whom I did not know. She asked me if I was Mike's girlfriend. I said yes. The only thing she tells me is that Mike wants you to marry Bobby. His brother came up to us needing me, and that girl was NEVER seen again. Another odd moment.

After the funeral was over, I told Mike's best friend about the girl and was wondering  if he meant him because his name was Bobby. We went out a few times, but it was like dating my brother. It would not I forgot about this girl and what she said. I married, had children and was divorced.

Fast forward now to January 5th 2007. Exactly 28 years later to the date Mike died. I was driving home with the man I was now dating. It was a cold rainy chilly evening. This girl pulls out in front of me. I had three options. Turn to the left and hit another car head on. Turn to the right and hit folks who were standing on that side of the road and my last option was to just t-bone the truck, which is what I did. I was going 50 mph at the time. Now after the airbags deflated, in between that truck and my car was my dead fiance Mike standing there in the suit he was buried in smiling at me. I swear to God it was him. I knew then what I needed to do. When we finally got back to my house with the help of my neighbors, I told Bob do you believe in ghosts. He said yes. I then told him the same story I am telling you all right now. You see Bob's family never calls him Bob. He is called Bobby. 

After I told him this story, he says lets get married. By this time we had been dating for a year and a half. Well you all know I am married to Bob (Bobby). 

I truly believe Mike wanted me to marry Bob and it took an accident for me to realize this. Thankfully no one was hurt in the accident. Bob and I just had some aches afterwards for a few days. 

I still love Mike. Bob knows he was my first love.

I still wish I knew why Mike had to die.

Still wonder who that girl was a the funeral.

However it seems Mike had a plan for me.

God had a plan for me, as I do believe things happen for a reason.

Well what do you think?

Ghostly Window Blessings to All!



Sunday, October 10, 2021

The Witch Room

Happy Sunday my friends.

Hope your weekend is going good! 

I am burning candles at both ends now,
trying to get all of my Christmas items
ready for Nov. 1st.

Therefore I need to get back to creating
in between customers at the store today.
Here are pics of the main room.
All about witches and witchcraft.
Half the pics I should say.
More to come.
Hope you enjoy.

Before I leave, I want to wish
my Canadian friends a
Happy Thanksgiving!

Witch Room Blessings to All!