Sunday, June 28, 2020

More Indian Corn

A Summer Sunday.
Today I am off to work
our gift shop again for the weekend.
Our candle order finally came in Friday.
Spent another evening pricing those
and most evenings with our
orders all being shipped now. 

Today I wanted to show you
the other two colors I made for 
my indian corn.
Lovely reds.

Shades of brown.

I love how these all turned out too!

In case you forgot,
here are all of the colors I hooked
which will be for sale in our store
come the end of August.
Great bowl filler.

Well off we go.
Before heading to the stores,
Bob and I are headed to McDonald's drive thru.

What are your plans 
for this last weekend in June?

Summer Beginning Blessings To All!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Patriotic Corner

Thursday Thoughts.

Bob and I have been mulling around lately.
I do not want to continue climbing 
into our attic space where I have
to pull down the ladder and climb steep stairs
to get to all of my seasonal displays.
Frankly getting hard to do 
plus am tired of doing it.

So do we sell our home,
or add on?

Bob wants to sell.
I on the other hand want to either add on.
or add a second story. 
His cousin the General Contractor says
it's cheaper to add a second story.

Then Bob suggested we remodel our attic
at Back Porch and live above that store.
(dont want the ghosts)
{we know there are ghosts up there}
Or add above the gift shop store.
(less space than our current home)

So we continue to mull...
while we do that, here is my first
July 4th display.

A simple corner space.

I so love these Christmas bells 
in red. silver and blue.
Wish I could find more.
It's like Christmas in July. :-) 

Added my prim flag banner.

A wool applique I created
many moons ago.

So sitting at my desk working
during the day,
I now can view this little display.
(notice my prim Santa)
Yep Christmas in July....
 rather June right now.

Patriotic Corner Blessings To All!

Monday, June 22, 2020

Hooking For Autumn

I cannot believe it is Monday already.
Time sure does fly when you are having fun.
Saturday morning Bob and I went to
our first garage sale of the year.
We found a few goodies for both stores.

The protest was peaceful.
The state police were in town,
along with the police where we live, 
while the local police followed the protestors
along the route.

The only problem was folks were making
derogatory remarks and threats 
on the town's Facebook page,
so they had to take it down.
Folks can be idiots in my opinion.

We decided to keep both stores open.
Glad we did as the whole thing was
over in about 5 minutes by us.
We guessed there were about 50 protestors.

So back to my Indian corn.
I hooked these at the store in between
customers for a few weekends.
I made a few yellow ones last year 
for one of my untraditional Christmas trees.

I made more yellow and orange this time. 
Added real corn husks to the end.
I liked how they turned out.
I forgot to take a pic of the backside,
however it is either yellow or orange wool.

Last night after closing we changed
out our Father's Day window,
and created a tea party themed one.
With the sun setting later in the day,
I cannot get good pictures.
Folks do love our window displays though.
It makes my heart sing!

Hope everyone has a great start
to the week!

Summer Hooking Blessings To All! 

Friday, June 19, 2020

June CupboardScape

Good evening friends!
I forgot to post this morning.

I took the day off to take Bob
to the tire store.
He needs tires on our cargo van badly.
Afterwards, I think I am working the gift store.
(I did)
so Bob can redo the kitties catio.
It needs a remodel. :-)
(he did not) LOL
It was too hot, so he joined me at the store.

For June's CupboardScape I thought
long and hard.
What can I put together.

I finally decided.


Big and small.

Baby one and junior ones.

Of course ladies ones.

Another black ladies one.


Bob says I have enough shoes.

I may have to think about that.....

In other news,
we heard that a protest will be taking place
in our small town on Saturday.
I am worried.
If this does take place, they will
be going past our stores.
The road will be blocked off....
which means no customers.
I am all for protesting.
Everyone has the right,
however we need customers to survive.
That is my right too.

Summer Blessings To All!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

It's Just A Bunch

of Hocus Pocus.

Well my friends I got up early this morning,
went to the grocery store.
Put said groceries away an hour later...
started working on Halloween goodies,
and forgot to send my post.
I am off today, so kinda out of my routine. LOL

Bob and I priced more goodies for our gift shop 
last night.
We finally received a shipment in.
So many orders still out.
Especially our candle order.
Almost out. UGH

Well today wanted to show you my
latest Halloween items I am working on.

I love Hocus Pocus the movie.
We watch it several times
during the bewitching month.

So of course I had to fit it in
somewhere with my Halloween goodes.
I cross stitched the words 

I made three and each is a wee bit different
in the colors I chose for the words.
Added some black cross stitches
 between the two fabrics.

Lightly stained my little pocket.

Added Winifred.

Be careful.
She will put a spell on you.

Fastened a fabric hanger,

attached with rusty pins on each side.

She is ready to fly off for

Over the weekend,
I did manage to pull a few loops
on another Halloween project.
Also started drawing out my idea
for a new rug for the guest bedroom.
The one wall area to fill that gaping void.

It will be a fairly big one, but will try
and do a little bit here and there.
Stay tuned and follow along,
as there will be a story for each image 
that I hook.

Winifred Blessings To All!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

My Oasis

Happy Saturday my friends!
I have been seeing more folks
post pics of their gardens,
so decided to show my own.

For those who dont know,
Bob made this trellis from 2 old doors.
My kiwi vine grows on one side,
honeysuckle on the other.

My birds nest yew.
Getting bigger each year.

Petunias, verbena and red geraniums.

Underneath my red twig dogwood
you will find my chocolate chip ajuga blooming.

More petunias.

I do not remember what this red flower is.
Supposed to attract hummingbirds.

My butterfly bush getting ready to bloom.

One of my hanging baskets.

This weekend will be a mild one.
The storms that rolled through earlier
in the week brought no power to both
my mom and sister.
We were fortunate in that we only had
one small thunderstorm...not severe.

Today I will be working our gift shop.
Again tomorrow.
Hopefully it will be a busy weekend once more.

My Oasis Blessings To All!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Its A Prelude

To A Pumpkin Crow Story.

Happy Hump Day Friends!
Hope this week is going good for you.
Yesterday I took the day off
to go shrub shopping with my daughter.
I came home with a lime light hydrangea.
She purchased a Miss Molly butterfly bush,
which is a magenta colored one. 

Today I wanted to show you 
the prelude to our crow
taking his pumpkin.
This is the first pillow I made.

Our crow friend as he was approaching
his great find.

This is how he found the jackpot
This enormous pumpkin was already 
loaded up in the cart.

With others much smaller around it.

Here he is landing on the pumpkin.
This where he contemplated
what to pumpkin was one
of his favorite foods.
Of course we all know he 
flew to the ground,
put the hitch under his wing...
and off he went with his prize.

This newest pillow needs 
to be rag stuffed and will complete.
Just need more rags. 

BTW friends my sewing machine
seized up during covid,
so I have been hand sewing all of my goodies.

Hope everyone has a crow-tiffic day!

Prelude Blessings To All!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Le Lit

Which in French means
"The Bed"

We have a 3/4 iron bed
 in our spare room.
We did not realize it at the time
as our antique friend told us it was a twin.
She was wrong.
We still added a twin mattress.
If we wanted a 3/4 bed mattress,
we would need to purchase a queen,
and then they would cut it down.
Not something we want to do right now....
but we have had this bed for 8 years now. LOL 

Yeah you can see my horse in this pic.
It is a dapple gray.

This view is looking into the bedroom
from our hall.

I so love my overshot reversible coverlet.

Looking at the shelf and closet.
Bob took apart our bi-fold door closet.
He added the shelves and small cupboard
at the bottom on the left and hung one 
of the antique salvaged doors
from a 100 year old house 
they were going to tear down.
We have 5 doors that were saved.
The frame around the door was pine and
another architectural piece for the top we found.

The bear claw quilt piece over the bed,
is just there temporarily.
I use to hang a picture
of my maternal great grandpa's sister
Theresa there....unfortunately
I broke the original glass. UGH. 
Hopefully soon the small business glass 
place will re-open.

This is where I want to hang the quilt piece.
I have this little pine table
which holds a water pitcher and basin.
Underneath that is a thunderpot.
Or a chamber pot.
For those who do not know what this is.
It was the indoor toilet.

We will re-visit this room as I transform
it a bit for 4th of July.

I worked our gift shop yesterday,
and again sales were awesome!
So glad folks are supporting small business.
Back at it today.

Le Lit Blessings To All!