Friday, September 30, 2022



Hello friends.
Before I begin my Spooky story,
I want to give a shout out to Jessica.
As soon as I saw that little sheep icon
pop up in the comment section,
I was so happy to see Jessica blogging again.
So many of my blogging friends
over the years have just rode off into the sunset.
So if you can, please follow Jessica over at
Old Crow Homestead and make her
feel welcome again to blog!

Pictured above.

Ok, so this is for Yaya, Carla
and anyone else who wants to hear a ghost story.
Tis the season!
For those who have followed me for
awhile on my blog journey know I also
have an antique store besides our gift shop.
Between September 1st and November 1st
is when the paranormal happenings in our store
start becoming more active.

This year is no exception.

In the back of our store one of our vendors
has a very large portrait hanging on the wall.
This particular wall is cement block.
Over the years, Bob has placed different anchors
in the wall so our vendors can hang items from it.

Well Bob gets a call from this vendor 
who owns said picture and asks
" Did you take down my picture for some reason?"
She asked Bob because our worker said she did
not take it down, and the only way it could come
down is if someone gets the ladder out to take it
off the wall. 
Well of course Bob tells her no I did not take it down.
When Bob gets off the phone and tells me,
I immediately say...well we need to look at the camera.
We had to go to the gift shop anyway,
so after dinner we went.
Our parking lot is between both buildings.

Looking at the camera,
we were stunned.
No mortal being took it down.
We could see it first being moved forward a bit...
by someone....
 then gently it floated down to the floor.
We both got the shivers, but knew then
a ghost had taken that picture down.

After watching the footage a few more times, 
Bob called the vendor to tell her what 
had happened.
She herself is one to believe in ghosts,
so when Bob said...
"I think we should leave it on the floor where
it is for now just in case"
and told her what had happened she agreed.

If you love antiques as much as we do,
you are bound to bring one home with you.
Being in the antique business for 14 years,
we know that sometimes a spirit
will attach itself to an antique.
We even have one in our home.

I truly believe our ghost is attached to this picture.
This man resembles my brother if he had a moustache.
Tundra verified this for us.
He was laying in our bedroom and
all of a sudden he flew out of there.
He ran so fast into the living room
and slid under the chair I was sitting in.
He NEVER came out until we all went to bed.
So something scared him.
Our ghost scared him.

Hopefully I did good on my ghost stories for you.
I sort of did a "twofer"
 as my son would say when he was young.

Spooky Blessings To All!


Monday, September 26, 2022

Its Fall Y'All

Hello friends!
Fall is on the calendar now,
and here in Michigan is surely has turned.
We went from 85 to 65 in a day.
Night temps down in the 50's.
Bob even turned on the heat.
Today a cold cold rain all day.
Rain we could have used in the Summer.

Today I wanted to show a bit of Fall 
at the store.

More inventory came in today,
so after dinner we headed back to the store
to check it in.
I will post more pics of that later on.

Actually this is just a part of the Fall displays.
Also I was quite surprised to see another
Christmas box come in as well. 

I have to pre-order all of my Christmas
in January, so when it all comes in
it is like opening up Christmas presents to me!

Yesterday I had a customer tell me she loves
to shop quaint little shops because of their

I also had a rude realtor wanting a gift
to present to her buyer.
It had to be something hunting related,
and they dont have a house.
I politely told her we are a river town,
and I only purchase water themed products.
"Well I have an hour to get something
and they are handing me a $12,000 check."
Again I politely said I am sorry, I dont
have what you are looking for.
She bought three candles and a large
witch sign.
When she left, I did say to myself,
well the witch sign fits her perfectly.
 I also said maybe she should have bought something 
days ago if she knew she had a closing.

I also had a customer tell our worker,
whomever purchases the merchandise
for this store does an amazing job.
That made me feel good.

I have been in the service industry for 46 years.
I have always told myself the customer 
is always right. even though sometimes
I know they are not.
Even at work, I once had a customer
continue to swear at me.
I finally said,
Sir, if you swear at me one more time,
I m going to hang up on you.
He swore. I hung up.
He called me back and apologized.
We worked out his problem.

My dad always told me you can get more
flies with honey than vinegar.
Just be nice to others.

Working the store I know there will be days
where someone will come in and 
not purchase anything.
There will be days when all they 
want is to use the restroom.
I have come to expect it.
Its the rude ones that I dont understand.
Am always polite though.
I love my store and a few bad apples
are not going to spoil my fun.
I love talking to folks.
I even had a customer come in asking
if I had any more ghost stories.
We do have ghosts in our antique store,
and this is the time of year they tend to get
more active.

Any hoot,
sorry for my long rant.
Am loving all of the Halloween shows
on Food Network now.
So many talented folks out there.

Well off to find a snack 
and watch some tv.
Have a wonderful week friends!

Monday Evening Blessings To All!

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Bones Buzz and a Candy Corn

Cannot believe it is Thursday already.
Where has the week gone?
My mom stayed two nights.
We went out to dinner each night.

The first thing she said to me after going
to the guest room was,
"I see you cleaned the room up."

Now for those who loved the room,
my mom does not like primitives.
Her parents moved her and her siblings
from the city to start a dairy farm.
She lived in a log cabin for years
until they built the farmhouse.
However even with a new farmhouse,
they still had no heat or running water.
I was a teen when gramma B finally added
onto the farmhouse and added a bathroom
and running water in her kitchen.
She still used the cook stove for heat in the Winter.
So you see my mom lived with primitives
until she married my dad.
She cannot understand why I would want 
to decorate my house with them.

When I spent my Summer days at grammas,
I did have to use the outhouse and bring in water.
I did learn to live with it though.
Plus I still love the pieces I have.
I do understand where my mom is coming from too.
She had a hard life on the farm.
I did not do half the things she did daily.

For those curious to know,
Bob told me the room is 10 x 10 ft.
The bed is an antique 3/4 one.
A bit bigger than a twin.

Ok onto today's post.
I created more cookies.
Named this one 

Packaged up for sale.

Also made candy corn ones.

Finally created this buzzard.
Naturally I called him "Buzz".

Well have to take Bob to the ophthalmologist
this afternoon.
Hopefully he can help him with his vision issue.
(maybe he can wear glasses)
Will see.
He still is tired in the afternoon.

Will be working the gift shop this weekend.
More Christmas inventory has arrived,
so you know what I will ne doing.
Finally worked out my Christmas mantel display.
I told Bob that I had no idea what I was going to do.
He says..."I know you will figure it out"
Well I did with the help of Pinterest.
You can always follow me on there 
to see what I am up too at
Prims By The Water.

Well gotta go to work for a bit.

What will you be doing this first Autumn weekend?

Happy Autumn Blessings To All!


Sunday, September 18, 2022

As The Story Goes

Hello friends.
Hope all is well with each and every one of you.
I mentioned before that my guest room
was a chaotic mess.
Well I finally cleaned it up just in time
for my mom's visit on Monday.

As the story goes....
my design teacher drilled it in us students
that to make a statement you must add
either the color green or black.
You all know I am not a fan of green.
Green is an important color however.
So before the green in nature goes away,
I decided to add green and white
throughout this bedroom for now.

Without further ado
here are the pics

See if you can pick out the green and white in each.

I warned you there were many pics.

This is mainly my sewing themed room.
The room is packed full of antiques and vintage items.
The cabinets are full with my craft items.
The new pine sugar chest now holds
all of my buttons, glue gun/ sticks
and precious Halloween items stored inside.

Hoping my mom enjoys her stay now....
the last time she was here, the room was still
a disheveled mess.
Just enough room for her to be on the 
one side of the bed.
I am sure she was grumbling inside,
but did not say anything to me.
I did warn her it was a chaotic mess.
It will stay like this now until I decorate 
for Christmas.

At least this is clean now....
table still a mess.
We will be eating out when she comes. LOL

Well off to the store.
Will be crocheting more baubles
in between customers.
I now have pink, gray & red, gray/white/green
dark gray/red & white and am working on blue ones now.
Am also crocheting Christmas trees.
Glad my gramma B was able to teach me how
to crochet with me being a leftie and she a righty.

What did you do this weekend?

As The Story Goes Blessings To All!



Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Lady In Waiting


Hello Friends!
More of my Halloween in the store.
Just a bit more.
This is a close up of the lady in the corner.
She is animated.

I created the ghostly man picture.
Dont you love this spooky record player.

This skull head has real eyes.
But I could not capture them in a pic.

A handmade wood EEK sign.

Halloween portraits and my spiderweb candle mats.

This light is a vintage one.

These signs will also change to No Vacancy.

Well Bob had another MRI done yesterday.
Hopefully all is well.
We wont know for a few weeks.

Nothing else going on,
except for the squirrels being more active.
The Blackbirds coming in masses now.
The Bluejays squawking more.
Sure signs that Fall is near.

How is Fall arriving by you?

Lady In Waiting Blessings To All!