Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Mother Nature

I think my Redwings forgot to tell Mother Nature that it was Spring already as we are getting blasted with snow right now...arghhhhh.

These are the pictures of the ice in the river from Saturday. Across the river is our neighbors from Canada. As of tonight there is still ice in the river and the visibility is practically down to zero. We are sure to hear the foghorns tonight if any freighters pass by. Lisa from the Moonlit Stitch told me that her husband use to sail on the freighters. I would love to know which ones Lisa, cause I am somewhat of a freighter freak. One of my neighbors use to sail on the Boland. I read the vessel passage link on boatnerd.com to find out which freighters are in the river when I am home so I can watch them go by. 

Saturday at the store we had our smallest visitor to date, and she was a welcome guest and can come visit us any time. Here is little Mia with her mommy. Isn't she so cute!

Well I am almost done with one of my Sunday projects...so here is a little tease of one of them.

Brown mottled fabric, plaid fabric, green and cream striped fabric and winter white wool.....
oh yeah...I also have added some felt, floss, buttons and maybe ribbon...stay tuned....have to go back to work and finish it..

Until tomorrow, to all of my Michigan friends, drive safe if you have to go out in this mess.

Take care,


  1. hi Janice, Well you seem to be stuck still in winter, we on the other hand have skipped spring and have gone right into summer. It was in the 80's here today, can't seem to be in the right season can we. Stay warm, Vicky

  2. Great river pics, Janice! I am hoping to get up to visit you on Friday - You've been so busy blogging with some really great posts - I don't know how I've missed them.

    I'm sick of winter and am hoping for dry weather on Friday.... cold I can handle (for a little while longer) but snow/icey rain - NO!!!

  3. OMG...I went and liked your page on Facebook. You weren't kidding about your things. I would go insane in your store. If only I could live closer. Ahhhh...the dreaming begins...

    About the water bottle...that would make alot more sense for it to be used to warm up a bed then to put it on a ache or pain.

    I just loved the look of it and when I found out what it was, I just had to have it!

    Trust me, I'll be checking out your Facebook often ;) Thanks for dropping on over to my blog.

    Have a great Wednesday!


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