Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post Christmas Festivities

Here are some pics of the grands,
kids and mom opening their gifts.
Look Peepers! Santa came!
Literally after Mikayla opened all of her presents,
she gave her mommy a present in the bathroom.
We could not believe that much could come out of such a little tummy.
Christmas Eve 8:00pm
Grands, daughter Michele and mom. 
My mom was already sick.
She was such a trooper and she even went with me to Midnight Mass.
My turn to get sick was when we returned home.
Son Matt.
Post Christmas Blessings to All!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Mysterious Disappearance

No I was not stuck in a magician's box.
Nor was I taken by aliens.
Santa did not even invite me to the North Pole,
although I must have made his nice list after all,
as he did not leave any of that black stuff (coal) in my stocking.
My disappearance was caused by that diabolic, vile
no good Dr. FLU BUG and his
no good counterpart LOOSE BOWELS MD.
It seems these heinous, foul evil doctors
decided to inflict their malady on everyone in my family
and like the great blizzard of 1913 here in Michigan
Right on Christmas Eve of all days.
Both the flu and snow.
Did Dr. Flu and Loose Bowels MD cohort  with each other?
Did they decide amongst themselves to bring this on
knowing that Santa put me back on the nice list?
Did they know I wanted snow for Christmas,
so they devised this plan to ruin it?
I believe they did.
Instead of frolicking in the snow.
I was plodding back and forth from my sleigh (couch)
for my many visits to the snow hill (toilet)
Alas I prevailed through
two days and nights
of this undesirable disposition,
and I have now proclaimed
that these treacherous doctors are no longer
welcome into my home.
Also, I hope my insurance plan does not cover their
malpractice acts because they should be banned for life.
Bunch of quacks that they are.
They sure won't get any referrals from me.
Snowy Blessings to All!
(ps..we have 8 inches on the ground and it is currently snowing)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Miracle

For awhile now (almost 20 years) Christmas has been more of a somber occasion
rather than a cheerful one.
You see, my father passed away just before Christmas and my family buried him on Christmas Eve morning.
It was very hard on me because I was daddy's little girl
and this was my dad's favorite time of year.
Plus I felt guilty because I had postponed our annual Christmas tree hunt
 with my parents by one week. 
My dad ended up in the hospital and passed the following week.
 He never enjoyed that last Christmas tree and I blamed myself.
After that year, I only went through the motions of decorating,
not really caring or cheerful.
It took me almost 20 years to realize that I should be cheerful...
not somber.
My dad left me with so many wonderful memories and traditions.
One being that he loved poinsettias.
Red Poinsettias.

 So even though I dare not purchase live ones because of my kitties,
I have filled our home with red poinsettias this year.   

This year with the grands living with us now,
I really changed my attitude about decorating.
I am glad I I felt my dad's presense this year.

The whole house was done up in Christmas cheer.

I enjoyed getting in on the merriement...
even though I did not finish.
Sorry life got in the way.

In all this merriment, last night something wonderful happened.
I was in bed when I was awoke by a tiny little bell.
Somewhere an angel got his/her wings!

Merry Christmas each and everyone one.
Remember Christ and his wonderful angels.

Christmas Blessings to All!



Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merriment Day 22

Again I must thank our hostess's
Robyn from Primlish
Misi from 1890 Gable House Musings
Today I am featuring our prim red cabinet.

Am loving all of the merriment going on!
The next two days I will be absent..sorry.
Christmas party tomorrow night
and then on Thursday Bob and I will be visiting
The Henry Ford Museum
for their Holiday Nights.
It was featured in the last issue of Simple Time Magazine.
The entire village from the 1800's is decorated
for that time period.
Mitten Blessings to All!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Merriement #19 #20 and #21

Sorry everyone,
much merriment with my own family this weekend.
Playing catch up here now.
Prim Santa

Snowman was made by my dad many moons age.
Something I treasure dearly now that he is passed.
Does anyone treasure something from one of their parents?

1800 Brown Plaid Blouse 

Prim stocking made my yours truly.
I heard on the radio that we are to finally get some snow this week.
Snowy Blessings to All!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The 18th Day of Merriement

A little bit more of my kitchen merry.
Prim candy canes in a ditty bag.
My little Ace hiding in the tree.
He sleeps here all of the time.
Guess he likes my antique quilts too!
Unfortunately you cannot see the quilt I had placed around this tree.
Yule Tide Blessings to All!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merrie Merrie Day 17

This is the one part of the new wall we did in our kitchen.
Our blue cabinet hides most of the blue wall on this side.
..and no these are not my longjohns.
But I did tell the grands Santa left them last year.
Now they are asking me if he will take them back this year.
Hmmm...gramma needs to think of something quick now.
Any suggestions?
This is a flocked tree from the 1940's.
I actually have the box it originally came in too!

 Longjohn Blessings to All!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merriment Day 16

I'm a little ginger man
In the oven I am found.

Raisins for eyes
nose so round.

Good enough to eat,
so toasty and brown.

Just pick me up and munch me down.

Ginger Blessings to All!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merriement #15

For the love of shoes.
I opened the closet and walked on in
my foot hit something that had fallen from its bin.
An old pair of shoes~ wrinkled and worn,
lay out on the floor reminding me of a long lost friend.
Quite a story old shoes can tell
where we've gone ~ a life that's been lived well.
Oh, I know that some folks
don't care about the past,
only the present ~ 'cause times are just too fast.

But old shoes go slow
with memories from so long ago
of times good and bad
smiles and tears
of things happy and sad.

At times we struggle in life to find
a place of happiness, peace and a companion to be kind.
Old shoes are with us every step of the way
through good times and bad
bright days and sad.

Old shoes are like friends, they stay around
in good times and bad,
they are really quite sound.
Old shoes are like good friends
you don't throw away
just tuck them back
and bring them out another day.

Old Shoe Blessings to All!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 14 Of Merrie

Cannot believe I have made it this far.
Its very hard for me to post daily
as life gets in the way and more so this time of Merrie year.
I love to bake,
especially in the Winter months.
Christmas cookies and brownies and cakes.
Do you like to bake?
Bakery Blessings to All

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merriment Day 13

Ode to Merrie Day Thirteen
I decided to add some smell to my Merrie!
Wreaths I made from my very own boxwood's.
Let there be light.
Plus the warm glow of candles.
Scented Blessings to All

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Merriment #12

And My Stocking Was Hung...

Santa I have been good...

If you do not count I cheated on my diet.
Then there's the time I bought way more fabric than I went in to get.
Er, then I speed whilst driving.

Ok, so I've been sorta good. LOL

Christmas Stocking Blessings to All
Here's hoping Santa fills yours full.
I on the  other hand might be getting some lumps of coal.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Merriment #11

Day 11 of Misi and Robyn's Merriment.
Am loving all of the merrie going around!

Here Comes
Santa Claus 

Fill your hearts with
Christmas cheer
Cause Santa Claus comes tonight!

This was a piece of vintage santa fabric made into a pillow.

Heart felt Blessings to All

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merriment #9 and #10

You better watch out.
You better not cry.
You better not pout.
I'm telling you why.
Santa Claus is coming to town.
Just a few ornaments from our skinny tree.
Christmas Blessings to All

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Merriment #7 and #8

Let's all do the Santa Dance!
Twist to the right and pose like So.
Now Raise your leg for this Stance.
This is how this jolly Elf
Does his Santa Dance!
Our tall skinny tree
decked out in Red White and Blue!
Dancing Blessings to All

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merriment #6 &Birthday Giveaway Winner

He comes in the night! He comes in the night!
He softly, silently comes,

While the little brown heads on the pillows so white
Are dreaming of bugles and drums.
He cuts thro' the snow like a ship thro' the foam,
While the white flakes 'round him whirl.
Who tells him I know not, but he findeth the home
Of each good little boy and girl

His sleigh it is long, and deep, and wide;
It will carry a host of things,
While dozens of drums hang over the side,
With the sticks sticking under the strings.
And yet not the sound of a drum is heard,
Not a bugle blast is blown,
As he mounts to the chimney-top like a bird,
And drops to the hearth like stone.
The little red stockings he silently fills,
Till the stockings will hold no more;
The bright little sleds for the great snow hills
Are quickly set down on the floor.
Then Santa Claus mounts to the roof like a bird,
And glides to his seat in the sleigh;
Not the sound of a bugle or drum is heard
As he noiselessly gallops away.
Anonymous 1880
I know I am behind on the merriment and giveaway winner...
was sick and had computer problems.
The lucky winner of my Birthday giveaway is
Farmhouse Prims
Lecia please email me your address
and I can get your package mailed out.
St. Nicolas Blessings to All

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merriment #1 thru #5

I know I am late, but I wanted to join in on
Robyn (Primlish)
Misi (1890 Gable House Musings)
Merriment Photos
What an awesome idea ladies!
I had computer problems this week.
My Picasa photo album was full and I had to
delete, delete, delete.
Then I just decided to add more memory
Here are my merriment pics #1 thru #5.
Hope you like...
Love red poinsettias.
Homemade Prim Candy cane made by me.
(these already sold out in the store)

One of my many Santa's.

Close up pic of my newest Snow guy made by my dear friend Ruth.
He has just the right snowlishes personality don't you think!

Visitors to our home are greeted to a welcoming pineapple and Santa
 in a hatbox filled with festive lights and candlelight.
( I also added 2 red mitts to the insert)


Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Birthday Giveaway

Well it's that time again.
I will be another year older....

 In honor of my December 2nd birthday.
I am doing my annual birthday giveaway,
where you my blogging friends have the chance to win
something from me.

This year I have decided to put a little twist on my giveaway.
This time it will be a surprise.
Hand made Christmas goodies made by me wrapped as a Christmas package.

To be entered you must be a current or new follower
and answer all five questions below.
Easy peasy questions so we all can get to know you a little better.
Extra chance if you post to your side bar.

Are we ready?

Here we go!

1. What was your favorite toy that you received as a child?

2. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?

4. Do you celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve or another day?

5. What Christmas tradition was passed down to you from your parents or grandparents?
If you did not have a tradition that was passed down,
did you start your own?

Ok, so here are my answers.

1. My favorite toy was a farm set complete with barn, silo, animals, feed and farm equipment. I was a tomboy...hated dolls. Now Santa never came to my parents house.
He always managed to deliver his presents to both my maternal and paternal grandparents homes. The year I had asked Santa for the farm set, I thought he did not listen to me. I woke up at gramma/ grampa H's and opened all of my farm set.
At that time I was like Susan Walker (Miracle on 34th St) All the way over to gramma B's saying to myself...I do believe in Santa Claus...I do believe in Santa Claus.

Well no farm set at gramma B's either. I was really miffed at Santa then.
Did Santa not give me the farm set because I was a girl?

Much to my surprise, there in my own bedroom at home,
was the entire farm set displayed on a card table with a red bow that read:
To: Janice
From: Santa


This was my most favorite toy memory.

2. Favorite Christmas move is of course Miracle on 34th St.
The original black and white version.

3. Favorite song is Silent Night

4. Growing up we always went to Midnight mass and celebrated Christmas
on Christmas Day. 
Now we celebrate with my mom, sister, brother and their families the Sunday before Christmas and then celebrate with the kids and grands on Christmas Eve.

5. The Christmas traditions...yes there are a few...
Gramma B and now my mom's Christmas many varieties.
Gramma H made the yummiest fudge.
My mom also started a tradition of moving a vintage elf around the house,
and we had to find him on a daily basis.
I do this now with the grands. They each have their own elf they have to find.
My dad loved to look at the Christmas tree at night and listen to Christmas Carols....
I now do the same.

So that does it for my Birthday giveaway.
Just answer the questions in a comment and you will be entered.
Open to current or new followers (US and Canada only)

Extra chance if you post to your side bar.
Please let me know if you do.
Drawing will be held December 3rd.

Good luck everyone!

Birthday Blessings to Me
and Christmas Blessings to all

Friday, November 23, 2012

Update On My Cousin

Sorry no picture with this post.
I am still in need of some prayers for my cousin Karen.
She is still in ICU
but did come out of the coma.
Her only words when she came to were


My aunt (her mom) was at her side when she woke up.

The doctors took out all of the tubes and she is breathing on her own now,
and they do not want her to talk yet.

However, we still do not know how much brain damage there was.
Only her husband, children and parents are allowed to visist
and all she does is stare at them.

No one is for certain if she even recognizes them or not.

So please if you can, say another little prayer,
as I am afraid this is going to be a long road for her family.

Thank you all.
You are the best.

PS, tomorrow I will announce my birthday giveaway,
so stay tuned!

Blessings to all

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Montage Remodeling Blues Reveal

We opted for historic colors.

The upper half is a creamy white.
(looks pink here, but it is not really)
Bead board on the bottom half.
Left half of wall.

Right half.
Bob hung our new old cabinet before he finished painting.
We loved the tin that was added to repair this old beauty.

Can you guess what color the bead board will be?

We sure got the blues....

This is the trim around the doorways.
(true color of wall)

Can you guess what color this will be?

Remodeling Blues for sure.

Before picture of left side.

After picture.
Historic Blue....
Added a tobacco rack above.
(cannot wait to finish decorating this up)
Before Picture of the right side.
After picture.
Our bucket bench matches the cupboard.
Few of my crocks.
Cannot wait to add the wood floor.
(I had the flash on taking these pics at night)
The blue is not this light.
Side view of cupboard.
That's our remodeling blues for this year.
Love BLUE!
How about you?
Cannot wait to finish this project,
but will have to wait until after the Holidays now.
Remodeling Blessings to All!