Thursday, December 21, 2023

Our New Keeping Room

Good morning friends.
Hope this post finds you well and ready
for Christmas.
Today I am showing off our new keeping room.
Back in the day keeping rooms were a room
that was near a kitchen which had a fireplace in it.
Since we now have a faux (electric) fireplace,
I thought it would be fitting to change the name
from our back room to our keeping room now.

I shopped our store and found this fruit tree.
One of our dealers had it in there booth and I purchased it.

This wall use to be our cabinet that had our tv in it.
By placing the couch on this wall now,
gives me more wall space... which as you can see
I have a blank slate for now.
As I figure out what to do, will show you.

Our cabinet to the right of the couch where
I tucked in more wool blankets to use
for those upcoming cold Winter nights.

More fruit and pantry boxes.

We kept the wall cabinet in it same spot.
I just forgot to add some Christmas to it.

This is my4ft antique feather tree.
Right now it just has candy canes on it.
Some day I would like to have it 
full of antique ornaments.

A recent Belsnickle Santa purchase. 
Not old, but still love him.

My horse on top with some orange
to go with the orange in our tree.

An old burlap rug to go with the yellows.

Some brown thrown in too.

Also kept the bucket bench in its same spot.

The fireplace.
(sorry for the dark pic)
Bob's beams on the ceiling.

He did 5 on the ceiling,
but was unable to complete this project.
Once the warm weather comes back,
he will add more wood all around the walls at the top.

Another blank wall.
Another small antique feather tree with a vintage Santa
and my leather deer.
More on what I plan for this wall in the new year.
As you can see though there are no bulbs in this light.
I turned on the ceiling light and three bulbs burned out.
Good thing I had these ones. LOL

A new look for this corner.

This is the corner by our side door.

I just moved this corner cabinet 
from one corner to here now.
More wall space for future ideas next year.

A lil Christmas display on top.

Tried to take a pic of Bob's wonderful beams.
The wood used is over 200 years old.
Once a floor in an old store in town, now a perfect
 addition to our home.

Well thats it for Christmas this year.
I did not go all out this year in the kitchen or bath.
Hope you enjoyed my Christmas home pics.

In other news,
A few months ago we were approached
by a buyer to sell the gift shop.
We took the offer and we close on the deal
sometime in January.
Since this person only wanted 
to purchase the building,
we will be moving the gift shop over to a portion
of our antique shop where it will become
a smaller version.
Bob has already started moving some inventory
to the attic in our antique store.
It will be a change...
but will also free up my weekends
to have more "Me Days".
I will just go in to change up displays
when needed to.
I will also still do the holiday themes.
More to come on the revamped looked.

This will be my last post
until sometime in January when I come back.
I want to wish everyone a very
Merry Christmas
and a 
Happy New Year!

I will be hooking, stitching, and sewing...
and looking forward to it!

Thank you all for your support with my blog.
Without you, I would not have met as many friends
as I have throughout these years.
I hope to meet many more.

Happy Holidays Blessings To All.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

December CupboardScape

 Hello friends.
Well we finally got some snow yesterday,
however it did not stay.

For my final CupboardScape of the year,
the teddies are taking a ride.

Santa is watching them in the background.

Underneath the antique child's sleigh,
is a linsey woolsey blanket that appears
to look like snow.

Hope you are enjoying the season.
Only 6 more days until Christmas.

Sleigh Ride Blessings To All!

Sunday, December 17, 2023

The Big One

 Hello friends.
Today's post is our big homespun
Christmas tree..

I hooked all of mats. 

I had to have a bunny somewhere. LOL

Gingerbread ornaments and the
crocheted stockings I made.

Paper quails, corn cobs and
another blue house I hooked.

Silver and gold ornaments.

Lit up during the day.

Now for a couple of night pics.

Unfortunately I did not quite 
finish my cross stitch project.
I wanted to make this into an ornament,
to add to this tree.
Shooting for next year now.

In other news,
Carla asked me if I could take a pic 
of the waves along the lake.
All along the lake and marsh there is no parking.
I wish I could stop and take pics of both at times,
But alas I cannot. 

Saundra asked if those were pheasant feathers 
on the mantle and she is correct.

Debbie asked who the folks were in my paintings
from my last post.
I purchased these from Etsy.
I actually purchased the colonial gentlemen one.
Received the soldier.
The Etsy owner shipped the correct one 
while telling me to keep the wrong one shipped. 
I decided then to add them to the wall
along with my cross stitch.

Sandy left me the sweetest comment.
It is comments such as hers, that keeps me going.
At times I am so overwhelmed with
everything I have going on that I wonder
what day it is.
In fact I told Bob last night to set his phone
for me to get up for work this morning.
He reminded me it was only Saturday and that
I work the store tomorrow (today),
not my real job.  

Dinner with my family was nice even
though we missed having my sis and BIL there.
I had shrimp scampi which 
came with angel hair alfredo and fresh green beans.
Bob had lasagna.

Well going to make breakfast now.
Then leave to work the gift shop.
Bob will work our antique store. 

A Big Blessings To All!

Friday, December 15, 2023

Christmas Mantles


TGIF Friends!
Today I have not one, but two
fireplace mantles to show you 
decorated for Christmas.

Our living room one.

Now for our new one.

This one a more Colonial look.

In other news,
my mom came yesterday.
Tonight is our family Christmas gathering.
Unfortunately my sister will not be joining us.
She came down with covid.
Her son is the one who is coming in from
N Carolina next week... and if my BIL
comes down with it, they may not come in.

I have 4 days of work and then on vacation
until the first of the year.
Looking forward to some more me time.

A BIG thank you to everyone who comments.
I so appreciate each and every one!

Lauren I will get you a pic of that rug when I have time.

Only 10 days until Christmas.
Hope everyone is ready for it....

Mantle Blessings To All!