Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Autumn In The Hall

Good evening all!
Well tomorrow marks the last quarter of the year.
September 1st.

I must admit though,
I do love Autumn...
almost as much as Christmas.

So much so that I started to decorate
for this festive season in our hall first.

I so love the colors this time of year.

Something about the yellows, reds, oranges
and even browns....that delight me.
Its the time of the year where I start getting out the candles
and enjoy the scents of the evening.
Where I start to curl up with my favorite throw
and read a bit...or finish a cross stitch project
that I start months maybe even longer.

This is one of those projects that I did back in the 80's.
Do you remember when plastic canvas was all the rage?
I use to get every Leisure Art book on this.
Even started drawing up my own designs.
I would make tissue box holders for friends and family.
Magnets and Christmas ornaments,
Halloween Trick or Treat bags for my grands...
and yes even pillows like this one.
If you did not know better it almost looks like needlepoint,
but this pillow was indeed made from plastic canvas.
I found it in an old stash and decided to display it
in my hall for Fall.

Did you know if you click on my pictures,
it will enlarge them?
Give it a try if you did not know.

Autumn In The Hall Blessings To All!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Shades Of Autumn

Good evening sweet friends.
This is my most special time of the year
to play with my favorite shades of Autumn. 

I purchased this black wool kitty
at an estate sale...
to be used in my own special way.

I sooooo love the autumn colors in
orange, mustard gray and black.
It gives me an excuse to buy more fabric and wool.
Do you see the wool in mustard and grays?
Do you love fabric and wool as much as I do?
Are you out of space for all of that fabric & wool?
I actually have one prim cabinet dedicated to Christmas hues,
and another larger one for my autumn colors.
With wool in another one.....
so why do I need more????
For those of you with the same addiction...
well you know how it is  :-)

Purchasing fabric is so much easier
than choosing a paint chip though.
I must have 30 or more gray and beige paint swatches
for changing the color in our back room.
Decisions ~ Decisions ~ Decisions
It was easier to sketch out my latest witch
than pick a paint color.

But then again its seems I change my mind even
on my own design....LOL
(you will notice I changed the nose and eyes)
Also made her mouth a bit bigger....
I do love how wonky her nose looks though.
She now is waiting for her spa treatment
(spice bath)...
and then off to her dress maker for her stylish
outfit and accessories.

Stay tuned friends and folk as she makes her debut.

Shades Of Autumn Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Textiles That I Love

Howdy folks and happy Weekend to you all!
For those who have been following me for awhile
know that I love quilts.
Whenever I come across any, I try to buy them.
Early textiles such as quilts and pillows were made out 
of necessity... while I buy them primarily for their looks,
I still do use them for throws and place them on the bed.
My kitties do enjoy sleeping on them as well.

This time I found both this blue tick pillowcase
and a precious quilt pillow.

What I especially loved about this pillow;
it is reversible with the same pattern...
so I get two looks for one.

This blue and white quilt
 just had to come home with me too!

I even love the reverse of this beauty.

Bob says I am getting to be a hoarder of quilts.
I say one can NEVER have enough. LOL

What do you think my friends?

Textile Blessings To All!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Antique Millinery

Happy Hump Day everyone!
Hope you week is going good for you.
Below are a few more items I found
on my antique trail excursion.

My guest bedroom has sewing,
millinery themed items in it.
Ever since I stepped into the 
Cohen Millinery
over at Greenfield Village,
I have been fascinated with items related to this.

Does anyone know what this item would
have been used for?  

Ladies would definitely have used this contraption.

It looks a bit dangerous, right?
Ladies would heat this up in a wood stove 
or warm over a lit kerosene lamp.

This is an early hair iron or crimper as they were called.
It would make your hair wavy.
It was all the rage in the late 1800 to early 1900's.

The next item that caught my eye
was this sprig of violets.
These flowers would have been used to make
ladies hats.

They were all made by hand using nylon and velvet.

Then I spotted these hat pins.

A few more to add to my collection.
I am still on the hunt for a Suffragette hat pin.
For those not familiar with the Suffragette movement,
these ladies marched to gain the right for woman to vote.
They used the colors of gold, green and purple to
distinguish themselves for their cause.
Please exercise your right to vote, so that their
efforts were not done in vain.  

Finally I could not pass up on this Ochre salt glaze pitcher.
The color is amazing and will go with my new color scheme
that I have planned for our back room.
The detail on this is just incredible!
The elderly lady I purchased this from
knew I was an antique dealer.
She asked me what I was going to sell it for in my store.
When I told her I was keeping this beauty,
the look on her face was priceless....
she was so happy it was going to a nice home
where it would be appreciated.

I hope when our children sell our antiques,
that they will be passed down to those who
cherish them as much as we do....

Do you have cherished antiques in your home?

Cherished Antique Blessings To All!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

August CupboardScape

Good afternoon sweet friends.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.
Last night driving home was a bit nervous
as we were travelling in the dark in a very
bad down pouring thunderstorm.
It took us a bit longer to get home,
but we arrived safe and sound.

This month's CupboardScape features
a bit of treen and Autumn.

I love to collect breadboards and pie peels.
Just love the marks on them made by homemakers past.

The corn in the fields will soon be harvested
and the hydrangeas are in full bloom.

This eclectic mix is a pre fall sampler pack.

When customers ask me what I collect;
most often I tell them I am an eclectic prim collector.
I love all styles
 primitive ~ colonial ~ farmhouse
and each room has a bit of each in them.
Do you have a particular style that beckons
your decor?

Autumn CupboardScape Blessings To All!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Urge Came On

Good evening sweet friends!
Well the urge came on this past Sunday.
I started to decorate our spare bedroom
for Autumn....
for those of you that still want Summer,
I apologize ahead of time for this post.
For those who are ready for a bit cooler temps...
then this post is for you.

The humidity was so bad...
I had visions of Fall.

Cool crisp apples picked from the orchard.

My happy flowers blooming in the fields.

Taking off my shoes.

Putting them in a pile by the door...
not neatly in my pantry box here.

Taking some time to read a good book.

I hope you all were not too mad at me for this post.

Urging Lower Temps Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Antique Trail Finds

Good afternoon sweet friends.
Oh my, it was an eventful day yesterday.
My mom and I started at 8:00 am on our quest for goodies.
It was the annual Antique Yard Sale Trail.
This trail starts at our house and goes all around
the Thumb of Michigan.
Although my mom is not fond of antiques....
she likes to go with me.
Its our mom and daughter time.
I must say it was the hottest one in the 14 years
we have been doing this.

This is an early Maryland crock.
A 4 gallon blue slip beauty.

So soon after I found this crock,
I started feeling really weird.
It was 1:00 pm and I had heat exhaustion.
Temps were almost 90 at that time.
Most of the time, I made my mom stay 
in the air conditioned car and I went scouring
for goodies.
Going in and out of the air for hours got to me.
I had to stop and get
We were close to my mom's house by this time,
 so we stopped at one of the local restaurants.
We drank a pitcher and a half of cold cool water,
and each had a sandwich.
It was what I needed.
After lunch, we were at it again.

Found a bunch of stone fruit grapes and a fig.

Two nice pieces to add to my collection.

Grapes set on top.

This piggin caught my eye.
For those not familiar with what a piggin is;
farmers used these small handled pails 
to slop pigs or feed their chickens. 
It was easy to hold the handle and scoop the feed.

Then I could not pass up this handled pie peel
or breadboard as some folks call it.

It was really worn down at the bottom,
and two old metal staples were placed
to keep the board from cracking any more.
I just love it!

Finally, I could not resist this oyster colored firkin
or sugar bucket as some call it.

We ended back at my moms around 5:00 pm
and we went to dinner at a different restaurant in town.
Then the rain started...all evening and this morning.

All in all, I was able to find goodies 
for our upcoming show in Holly,
for the store..and of course myself!

Since it was still raining,
 after my mom and I 
had breakfast at the local diner
 I  decided to just drive home and not shop anymore.
The trail is Friday ~ Saturday ~and Sunday.

Bob said we had 2.5 inches of rain here yesterday.
Much needed...but not all at once, so there was some
ponding and trees down around here.

I also bought a few more things.
Will show those in another post.

Well I must get back to finishing up the last of my
stitching projects.

Stay cool my friends!
Antique Trail Blessings To All!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Teenager In The Family

Good evening sweet friends.
Hope you are all doing well!

Last Saturday we celebrated my grandson's
13th birthday at a Mexican restaurant .

Say hello to everyone Michael.
Now you are a teenager.
Let the fun begin....

Had to take a picture of my granddaughter. 
Say hello Mikayla.

My daughter Michele on the right is an amazing mom.
Being a recent single mom,
she went back to college taking online classes
while working two part time jobs.
Earlier this year she finished her degree in Accounting
and has an amazing job now.
I am so proud of you Michele
and love you very much.

We co-signed for her to get a brand new 3 bedroom
modular home,
and she moves in next week.

The grands already put in a work order for Bob
to build each of them wood bunk beds,
in which a small love seat or chair can fit underneath
their beds.
Michael wants a sports themed room,
while Mikayla wants to be a princess.

Furniture. Sumptuous Awesome Kids Bedroom Bed Style, Wall Mounted L Shape Wooden White Pink Girls Bedroom Frame Storage Bunk Beds Plus Pink Patterned Bedding Sets. Awesome And Gorgeous Kids beds Designs:

Something similar to this but the chairs would fit 
underneath the bed.

Family Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Happy Flower

They say its a heat wave.
A tropical heat wave.
Right now the heat wave is killing me here.
Even my outside plants are dying.

Good afternoon sweet friends.
Hope you all are enjoying this first
August weekend.
I love the month of August,
because that is when my 
"Happy Flowers"

Growing up on both of my grandparents farms
sunflowers were everywhere.

I have always called them my happy flower.
They grow tall and strong and just bring 
a smile to my face.
How about you?

I always manage to bring them out for my 
Autumn decor.
With my kitties, I do not bring in real plants,
so I use artificial sunflowers and other flowers.
they still make me 

Even my feathered friends must have known
I love this flower.
They not only brought me one volunteer...

But a second one too!
I am so thrilled and cannot wait until these
happy flowers bloom outside.
See my scorched honeysuckle leaves.

Do you have a flower that makes you smile?

Happy Flower Blessings To All!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Another Throwback Thursday

Good morning sweet friends.
I had so much fun going through old pics
last week, that I decided to do it again.
Hope you enjoy.

This is a blue slip crock with cherries all around.
It is one crock I wish I had kept.
We sold it in our store...and I have regretted it ever since.

Night time view of our living room.

Little Autumn display from last year.

Our sweet kitty Ace when he was a kitten.
He is 5 years old now. 
How the time flies.

Our back room.
I am leaning on painting this room a pewter grey color.
Still looking at various color swatches...
but first the bedroom will be getting a face lift.
Cannot wait to show you what we have in store for that.

Another Throwback Thursday Blessings To All!