Saturday, July 30, 2011

Like two ships passing in the night

Errrr...I mean in the daylight...
   (I believe if you click on the pics, they will enlarge)

 From this pic,
they almost look like they are going to hit each other.

Passing each other.

Saying Good Bye

My daughter was able to take these pics while at our beach.
We see freighters passing all of the time.
But to see them pass dead on in front of our dock
is very rare...and she was able to take these
using her I-phone, as of course
I did not have my phone with me as usual.
Thank you Michele for being up to date on technology
unlike your mother. LOL

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Montage Montage II

OK, so here it is...a little late, but as promised...

Since the real Monday Montage was on our anniversary

What better way to showcase items

and re-visit these wedding items that every bride needs

Only in my case now...prims- prims- prims

Something old...

With something added new...
This old basket is completely made from wood.
Including the base. I love the old patina on it.

Something New
Cornbread cake with skillet.
From Old Mother Hubbard

Something Borrowed
From the store.

Original screen with handles on the side.
We picked this beauty up on Wednesday.
Put it in the store Thursday.
Sold on Friday.

Something blue
The pitcher on the left on the second shelf is new
Bob and I went on a mini buying spree last Wednesday.
Bought items for the store, and a few for home.
It was fun!

Take care everyone

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Montage

I am so sorry, but there will not be a Monday Montage this week. I know how everyone looks forward to this, but we had to go to a client's house to purchase some antiques and also today was our wedding anniversary. Bob and I had a lovely dinner at one of the restaurants along the river and just got back...

It was also a hectic weekend with the grandkids over and my grandson went fishing for the first time with Bob on the dock and caught five perch! We won't say how many Bob caught...LOL

Anyway, I promise to do Monday Montage either tomorrow or Wednesday.

Take care everyone


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

100 Follower Christmas in July Giveaway

I was thinking this past weekend about having another giveaway...and now with the record heat wave that is upon us...I definitely am trying to think COLD and BRRR...I know what you are all thinking...Please No Snow...LOL

So this is the deal. I want to at least think about Christmas and take my mind off this 93+ temperatures we are having here...its even hot by the river now...sweatin' just typing.

Since I am close to 100 followers, I am offering a 100 Follower Christmas in July Giveaway.

Featuring a Santa and a Homestead Pillow both made by me.
This prim santa is made from wool with a faux pine sprig.
The little pillow is made the old fashion way using cloth for stuffing.

How do you win these goodies you ask?

1. To be entered into the giveaway One Time, just make a comment on this post.

2. If you get creative and use these three words- Santa, July and Homestead in your comment, your name will be entered into the giveaway Three times, instead of once.

3. Finally, if you post this giveaway on your own blog,
your name will be entered into the giveaway Five times.
(Just let me know in your comment)

4. Once I reach 100 followers, one lucky name will be drawn.

Good Luck everyone, and I hope with this hot July, one of you will find yourself
 opening up a package delivered to your Homestead with this cool Santa and pillow in it!

Take care,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Montage

Hello everyone,
Its been a busy week for me with my daughter and granddad's spending the past week with us...a week filled with going to Harsen's Island, taking in Mr. Popper's Penguins with some popcorn and pop (try saying that 3 times) LOL...beach, dock, bonfire and waterpark...whew, I sure am one tired gramma not to mention I had to work the store both Saturday and Sunday...but it was all fun!

So for this week's montage I have chosen wood advertising.

This little sign came from an egg crate

This wood box hides my pancake mix and popcorn

A wood crate which holds my faux ivy and light

A sign Bob made me

A wood hanger

Beck Cleaners and Dyers Hanger

Another of Bob's signs

Well that does it for this Monday.
I hear thunder rolling in, so time to go.

Take care everyone

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old Found Treasures

Sometimes Bob and I find things for our store in the most unusual places...
this is one of those instances.

Usually Bob sells at our local flea market on Sundays,
but this past Sunday I decided to go with him.
Don't ask me why I chose to get up at 4 in the morning tho. LOL

I did find some nice things to add to our store tho,
and being a vendor you get first choice before the customers.

However the best finds for the day were when my fellow antique dealer
who happens to be one my best friends since I was 17
 picked me up to go to some garage sales in her hometown.

Carmel and I went to a few places with no luck.
Then we went to this sale in her parent's former house.
The new owner was very gracious,
and if I had my camera with me,
I would have asked her permission to have taken pics of her home.
She was in the process of remodeling this very old Victorian lady,
and even Carmel was impressed with what she was doing.

There were no great finds at the sale,
however when Carmel told her that I was also a dealer in prims,
she took us to the garage...and this is what Bob and I took to the store
 after the flea market was over.

This possum belly bakers table.

A two board wood top from the 1800's 

I knew this early piece would be going in the van once Bob saw it.
Do I know my Bob!

This dry sink has a metal insert and drain.
Someone also drilled a hole in the back for plumbing,
and added the spickets.
Could you see this in your prim bath redo?
I know I could, so if it does not sell soon,
it may have to come back home to our bathroom.

Take care everyone

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Montage

My oh my, it sure has been hot here lately. Some thunderstorms will be rolling in about an hour from now, so hopefully they will not do any damage, but bring us a little relief.

I have been playing host to my daughter and her family, and all of us have been camping out at the tiny beach we have at our dock and cooling off in the river every day now since Friday. Its been fun having them here!

This week's montage is everything glass, so here we go....  

Glass canning jars filled with spices.

Vintage coffee jars hold my sugar and brown sugar.
Wired canning jars contain beans and rice.

Vintage butter churn and canning jar filled with mini Indian corn.

Barrel jar and a Browns creamery jar.
The blue reflection is from my tv. LOL

An antique school house lamp that Bob found at an estate sale.
We plan on using this in our bedroom redo.
Unfortunately its been put on hold now.

Glass insulators.

Finally, one glass bottle that my daughter Michele brought.
She mixed this with lemonade for an alcoholic Arnold Palmer...
And they sure were good too!!!

Take care everyone.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Wild Dog

Not only do we live by the river, but we are also close by to 1400 acres of state land here in our little neck of the woods in Michigan. Every so often we can hear coyotes in the early morning or late at night. Which reminds me of something that happened to me when I was about 12 years old.

My gramma/ grampa B had an 80 acre dairy farm. This consisted of pastures, woods, a yard, a grove of black and red pine trees and even a section of quicksand. My grandparents were not worried about me roaming any part of their land as long as I took Boots with me. The only time I was not allowed to roam was during hunting season.

Boots was one of my grandparents dogs. He was an Alaskan Eskimo Spitz dog. Boots loved the cold weather and hated thunderstorms...and since I also hated thunderstorms I knew I was safe with him, because he would start howling when he heard thunder in the distance. He could hear it even before I could see a cloud in the even if I was in the far back of the farm, we had enough time to get back to the farmhouse.

    Although I do not have an actual pic of Boots, this is what he looked like. Not sure who to thank for this pic, but thank you for adding your Eskimo to the internet.

Now being a kid, I was not sure why my gramma B always made me take Boots with me when I left the safety of the farmhouse and he was never near me ever when I went traipsing through the pastures and woods...however there was one day that I was glad I listened to my gramma.

As usual, Boots went off on his own until I was close to the edge of the woods, and all of a sudden a a wild dog came out of the woods with teeth barred. Not sure even where Boots came from, but he got between me and that dog with teeth barred and growling too. Then I realized this wild dog was realIy a coyote. I grabbed Boots' collar cause I knew from stories my grandparents told me that one coyote always lures some animals into the woods and the entire pack then attack..especially dogs. So instinctively I grabbed his collar yelling at the coyote and it went back into the woods as fast as it had come out.

I walked back to the homestead right away that day holding onto Boots' collar the entire way, but thankful I had him with me.

After getting back to the farmhouse, I gave Boots a bone and always was happy to have him with me after that...

Take care everyone.
Enjoy your Sunday

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday Montage

Hip Hip Hooray
For Our Red, White and Blue!

Feed Sack and Pie Peel

George Washington Crossing the Delaware

Uncle Sam peeking out of his burlap pouch.

Webster taking center stage between insulators

An old stained quilt
(If anyone has an ideas on how to clean this, please let me know)

Lady Liberty  sittin' in a grain sieve

My July 4th candy collection all hand made
Fabric blue and white candy sticks
Needle pointed flag candy pieces wrapped in cello
Wood balls painted to look like gum balls

Faux blueberries next to my raggedy annie

My kitchen table display

Quilt Block

A child's quilt

One of my wood bowls with an America pillow

Last, but not least, another display
This sure has turned out to be a long montage
I have many more pics...LOL
Will just have to save them until next year

Hope everyone had a great long weekend
filled with fireworks, bbq's, parades
getting together with family or friends.

Bob's uncle and aunt plus another aunt and cousin all made a surprise visit from Las Vegas 
They are staying with one of my neighbor's, so we can walk and visit with them.

Plan on having a bbq later with them and my daughter and the grandkids 
With fireworks later on.

Take care everyone,