Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Few Sunday Stills

Good morning sweet blogging buddies!
Thank you all for your well wishes for my mom.
You all are the

Today I am off to make some 
black kitties.

Before I get started on that project...
Here are some stills from our bedroom.

I keep my embroidery floss in this old stenciled box.
This wooden bowl called me with its staple patches.

Someone left their reading glasses. :-)

Although this blue slip beauty as lost its appeal...
it still is a pride of mine.

Make do mirror.
See my blue childs dress in the reflection.

Time to go...
Bob wants me to move our blue pie safe out...
to bring in two different cabinets I want for our 
master bedroom redux.
The colors are so not like me...
but will work for my latest design.
One of the perks of owning an antique store.

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.
What are your plans for this day?

First Day Of The Week Blessings To All!

Friday, July 25, 2014


Good evening sweet blogging buddies!
Happy TGIF and all that good stuff.

Yesterday I had to take my mom to an eye surgeon.
Her regular eye doctor thought she had glaucoma and cataracts.
Well she does have cataracts,
but unfortunately found out she also has a genetic disease
in which she will need either a partial or full eye transplant.
The surgeon has now made her an appt to see an eye specialist
that deals with this disease.
Her next appt is Aug 12, so if you are able to
say a small prayer for my mom...
it would be most appreciative.
On another note, her regular doctor
told her that even though she will be 80 this year,
that she has a body of a 60 year old.
She does not take any medication.
She has this in her favor.

So on to my post.
Below are a few goodies that will be going
to the Holley, MI show in September. 

An early Buster Brown wagon.

This is a churn with original stenciling and yellow paint.

The bottom of the churn.

A pie peel stoneware jug.

Last but not least,
an early child's sleigh from the 1800's.

Bob and I find the most unusual goodies sometimes.

Oh yeah, I forgot to say...
today is our wedding anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Bob.
You are my best friend and I love you to oodles!

Friday Night Blessings To All!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Off With Her Head

Good evening sweet blogging buddies!
Happy Hump Day to you all.

As my title says...
off with her head.
This witches ole head.

This is a wonderful pattern from
Hill Kountry Kreations. 

Sorry this pic does not do her wickedness justice.

She has a long body.

Dont you love her crooked fingers.

I have something planned in which she will be holding.
I need Bob to help with that though.
Will show yoou the end result once I am completed.

The next goodie I am working on
is this pumpkin doll.
She needs a paint bath
and some clothes.
I hope the blog police dont take down my post
for nudity. :-)

Creative Blessings To All!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Bluesy Kind Of Day

Good evening sweet friends.
Of course Monday is always a bluesy kind of day...
so let me give you a pick me up.

Now of course my sweet Ace kitty always, always
has to check out anything new we bring into the house.
Does your sweet pets do the same thing?

He got so compfy that he was sleeping...
until I tried to snap a pic.
Then I got the look.

A few weekends ago,
Bob and I came across this blue beauty.
It is a jam/ jelly cabinet.
I immediately fell in love with it
and moved out a different cabinet in our bedroom
to make room for this one.

This one will better fit my new 
master bedroom redux that I am planning.

Do you feel less bluesy now about it being Monday?

A Bluesy Kind of Blessings To All!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Loving My Second Job

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
I have been a bad blogger lately.
Not replying back to your comments,
and not posting.
For this I must apologize.
I have been reading blogs
and commenting when I can.
Just a very busy week.

Some folks may have to take on a second job
to make ends meet.
I too have a second job....
But I 

Working all week at my real job
(as I call it)
and working at my store on weekends...
just love it!

Maybe its because I get to talk to our customers.

Then again it could be because 
my work surroudings
are prim perfect.

Maybe its because I get to re-arrange goodies
all of the time.

Or maybe all of the above.

Does anyone know what this was used for?
This a wallpaper stamp.
You would dip it paint and place on your wall.
Repeat the procees until the wall was covered.

Second Job Blessings To All!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Few More Bed Pics

Good morning dear sweet blogging buddies.
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Our trip to Cedar Point is over.
Bob got sick from the first ride he went on called
Gate Keeper.
I told him not to do it...but he did and felt like do do 
the rest of the day.
I actually felt a bit dizzy doing this boat ride with Mikalyla.
Rides are just not for us...but the grands had fun.
I was also dizzy just looking at some of those rides.
Glad it is over.

Yesterday was spent on the ground doing what we love best.
We went on a pick and bought some more goodies
for the store and shows.
I will show pics later.

But first the last of our bedroom.
This brown cupboard.
Notice I put my grandfathers chair in front of it.

I placed a blue bench at the foor board of the bed.
Added the ironstone chamberpot and a smaller hooked rug.

Finally a shot of the shelves Bob made and our door.
Just a wider view of this side.

Summertime Blessings To All! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Am In Christmas Mode

Good evening sweet blogging friends!
Well today is my Friday.

I am on vacation for the next few days.


We are heading down to Sandusky Ohio
to take the grands to
Cedar Pointe


I hate rides, but am doing this for the grands.
Michael is too big to ride the kiddie rides.
Mikayla is too small for the big rides.
Bob and I will be the chaperones,
while my daughter is actually doing the rides.
Wish us luck...we may need it.

As my post title reads,
I am already thinking about my Christmas show...
also Harvest...
but that is another story.

What do you think about my latest jolly ole elf?

He is sporting a red green tan check scarf.

His pocket reads ~ Santa Claus Sugar Plums
with santa and his sleigh.
(sorry for the bad pic)
artist I am...photographer I aint. 

My next pic is an item we will be selling at 
the Breckenridge show in November.
Dont you just love this early child's sleigh?

Well off to play a bit of Candy Crush...
yes I am still playing this addicting game.
At level 460.

Christmas In July Blessings To All!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mr PR Nibbles

Good evening dear sweet blogging buddies.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
We had a beautiful sunshine filled one...
with thunderstorms early this morning.
Must say it was just perfect in our neck of the woods.

Let me introduce you to

Mr. PR Nibbles

He has a twinkle in his eye
don't you think? ;-)

For my new blogging buddies.
This was my birthday present last year.
I was saving it for the bedroom redux.
Now you might be asking....
how the heck did she hang that rug?
Let me give you my secret.
I asked hubby Bob for a hammer.
He was a bit miffed that I was going to put holes in his new wall.
I assured him it would not be so bad.
All it took was 5 sewing pins along the top.
Easy peasy.

Bob made this make do candle holder
from a piece of a pie safe tin.
I love it!
Can you see the star pattern?

This is where I chose to hang my cherished gifts.
Now you might think that it is a bit off center,
however when we open the door from the hallway
it is the same distance from the moulding on the left.
It fit just perfectly here.

Lastly I placed this early leather stool underneath.
I wanted a little stool near the bed so the grands
could get into bed since it is a bit high.

Loved these rivets on all sides that holds the leather in place.

Do you like my wall scape?

Monday Night Blessings To All!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July CupboardScape

Good evening sweet blogging buddies!
Of course this month's CupboardScape would be
all about the good ole 

Kari from
posted some awesome displays in suitcases
which inspired me for this month's cupboardScape.
Thank you Kari.

Wishing all my fellow Americans a
Happy 4th of July.

Also hope all of my Canadian friends had one awesome
Canada Day!

Heading into town now for our fireworks.
Tomorrow we will see fireworks in the next town up.
Then Saturday evening more fireworks at my moms.

Firework Blessings To all!