Saturday, November 27, 2021

Snow Buddies

Today is the last Saturday of the month.

We are supposed to get some snow this weekend.

Since the snow will be arriving soon,
thought it might be nice to show
my snow buddies. 

This was the yarn I used to crochet
my Great nieces afghan.
I had enough left to crochet the hats and scarfs. 

Adding a rusty snowflake and some greenery.

Unlike the real snow coming,
I do like him. LOL

Next up his buddy.

He is getting ready for Christmas
and picked out his tree.

He even topped it with his star.

Since it will be chilly as well,
pants were a must.

Plus a green wool scarf to keep him
warm and cozy.

In other news,
our Thanksgiving was not the best.
The surgeon decided to perform another surgery
on my daughter Thanksgiving morning.

Being a worried mother,
feasting was not really on my mind.
The hospital placed me on text notifications,
as they really did not want anyone
 at the hospital that day.
Once I heard she was out of surgery
I was so relieved.
Later in the evening,
I took her a plate of food
and some homemade rolls & cinnamon rolls
my mom and I made.

She told me the hospitals
Thanksgiving meal consisted of
deli turkey, instant potatoes, 
corn and jellied cranberry sauce. 

I know it was thoughts and prayers
that helped her through this last procedure.
Just hoping now that she recovers soon.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend!
Today is small business Saturday.
If you can,
please visit your favorite small businesses.
They sure could use the patronage.

Well have to get ready to open our
small business (gift shop)

Snow Buddy Blessings To All!

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

November CpboardScape

Can it be Tuesday?
So glad this week is going by fast.
Cannot wait for some turkey dinner soon.

Before I start this post,
I need to clarify that my daughter
was in the car accident.
She also had back surgery.
She is still in the hospital with complications.
Cat scan and MRI inconclusive.
Neurosurgeon brought in now.
Please say a wee prayer or two for her.
Much appreciated.

We purchased this metal turkey along
with other animals to sell.
I decided to keep the turkey.
Still love it after years of having it.

Decided to pair it with my recent
hooked rug purchase.

Painted bowls are a rarity, and
I am privileged to own four of them.
This one a bittersweet color.
The bowl on top is a red one.

This bowl is from the 1700's and filled
with dried orange peels.

Sold these hearty greetings metal signs
at our gift shop.
I liked how primitive it looked.

We also are selling this garland.

Each leaf is cut from birch bark,
and no two alike.

The quilt is a child's vintage one.
Perfect for this time of year.

This will be my last post before Thanksgiving,
so I hope all of my American friends
have a fantastic one!
My mom is here and we will be making
homemade rolls later on.
We will be also making cinnamon ones too 
for breakfast.

Gobble Gobble Blessings To All!

Friday, November 19, 2021

PJ Santa

 Hello my friends.

I am itching to start showing off Christmas.

Back in May I drew out a Santa wearing pj's.
In my stash of crafting supplies,
I then found these sweet wire glasses.
I imagined Santa in his favorite plaid longjohns
enjoying his milk and cookie.

We always left Santa cookies and milk
for him to enjoy on Christmas Eve,
so here is Santa's cookie.

He saved his favorite sugar cookie for when
he was back at home from delivering
presents to those good girls and boys. 

Afterwards I am sure he settled in for a 
long Winter's nap.

I had so much fun hand stitching him,
that I even decided to keep one for myself.
I do not often keep my own creations.
If I did, they would overrun this house. LOL
You will see him again in my Christmas decor.

Are you itching to start decorating for Christmas?

Tuesday while she was driving around getting
 her lab work and covid test for 
back surgery on Wednesday, 
she was in a car accident. UGH.
She was fine thank goodness, 
but her new car was not.
Surgery went well, but now she is in
excruciating pain and her right leg is numb.
They did a cat scan and found nothing.
The surgeon is puzzled. 
They might be doing a MRI next,
and if they find something, another surgery.
In limbo right now.
Please say a wee prayer so she gets better. 

PJ Santa Blessings To All!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Coverlet Pillows

                                               Happy Monday friends!


Well since we had our first snow yesterday,

it has put me in more of a Christmas mood.

A few years back I had purchased a piece

of an antique coverlet piece and made this stocking. 


I had a bit left of it, so decided

to make a few pillows a few months back.

I once again used the letters from one 
of my antique samplers.

The holly leaf was made from wool
with rusty bells for holly berries.

The back.
you can see where some of the coverlet
 had wear in it.

I was able to create two.
One saying Comfort and Joy
while the other read Sleigh Bells Ring.
Both are already sold.

I was left with a tiny piece,
so I created one for myself
which I finished at the store  yesterday.

This time I used a rusty holly leaf
with more rusty bells.
You can see my stitches around 
the cross stitch material.
Also decided to make this one more prim like.

The stores were dead yesterday.
I don't blame anyone for not wanting
to come out.
Heck I would have stayed home myself.
We had rain, snow and a mix all day.
Bob and I di close the stores early.

Do you find yourself creating more
during inclement weather like I did?

After I finished this wee pillow,
I worked on a few hearts.
Right after Christmas at the store,
we change out to our Winter/Valentine theme.
Already have my theme of red and black for this.

Coverlet Pillow Blessings To All!



Thursday, November 11, 2021

Bob's Trees

Hello my friends!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


Today I wanted to show off Bob's talent.
The above picture are trees he made from
a vintage wood door.
One painted green and the other white.
Both on bases.
Can be used inside or out as he used outdoor paint.
I thought adding a Christmas wreath in the middle
would make them even more festive. 

He created more trees.
This time using an antique tin ceiling tin.
The tree stem is a stair spindle with a wood base.
So fun!

I took one and made a display to the right.

Another on the left.

Thanks for allowing me to rant the other day.
Owning 2 small businesses,
this current economy is taking its toll on us.
Last month was slow at both stores.
We are not a necessity, where folks
need to purchase from us.
Quite frankly we are getting worried,
because this is 1/2 of our income.
Utilities are going up.
Inventory is going up for the gift shop.
This is why Bob decided to start making
some wood projects.

We are thankful for the customers
who still come in and purchase items.
Just not sure if they will continue,
as their own costs will rise.
Its a no win for everyone....
especially the working folks and
small mom and pop stores.
Even restaurants are being forced to raise 
their prices. They are calling it meatflation.

Just hope we can weather this crisis.
Here I go ranting again.
So sorry.
Just frustrating because we both work so hard.

I forgot to mention that this is Veterans Day in the US
and Remembrance Day in Canada.
Please thank someone you know who served
for our countries.
Without these great heroes,
where would we be right now?
Just think about that.
They all should be honored!
Not just today...but every day!!!
Without these heroes,
none of us would be doing what we are able to do.
Something to think about.

Hero Blessings To All!

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Respect The Turkey

Hello Friends.
Hope your weekend is going good for you.
We are in full swing for the Christmas Season
at the gift shop,
however we do have a small section devoted
to pumpkins and turkey.

After all we must respect the turkey.

He gets a bad rep lately.

Thanksgiving dinner will be spent with my sister
this year and not alone...thank goodness.
Will you be hosting or getting together for Thanksgiving?

Have you ever wondered why it is on a Thursday?
Well the puritans believed that the weekends
were to be spend in prayer.
Friday was the day of fasting,
so having a big meal or feast as they called it
was quite practical back then.
It was President George Washington
that made it into a holiday.

In other news, it really irks me that 
this infrastruture bill passed with
the Dems and 13 Republicans sneaking in
a provision to once again help folks who make
over $400 thousand dollars.
They keep taxing us working folks,
and reaping their own benefits.
Did you know that in the 1700's when the US Congress
and the Representatives first started,
members were ONLY paid $6.00 a session.
You had to attend to get paid.
This equates to approximately $401.00 today.
Nowadays they get a salary of almost
$200,000.00 and free outpatient care
when visiting a military medical facility
in the Washington DC area.
How many of these folks stay home and do
not attend any sessions.
Us voters need to know.
When are we going to hold they folks who are
supposed to be helping us accountable?
We have the power to vote them OUT.
Vote them out is what we should do.

Here in Michigan Governor Granholm
was not well liked.
She is now Biden's Energy Secretary.
She laughed off why our gas prices are so high.
Blaming OPEC for this and not
the Biden administration.
We were becoming energy efficient under Trump.
OPEC knew it and gas prices were coming down.
Biden's first executive order was to stop
the Keystone pipeline.
Well thank you Brandon for yesterday.
I filled up my tank in the morning at $3.25.
It use to be $2.20.
Going back home after working the store
it rose to $3.49. Another increase in just 1 day.
How are we going to sustain ourselves will
everything going up under this administration?
If you dont see it, you are blind.

Well enough of my rant.  

 Pre Gobble Gobble Blessings to All!


Wednesday, November 3, 2021

An Autumn Table

 November is here.

Leaves are still on the trees, which is very weird.

Hopefully this is not a prelude to a bad Winter.

Bob finally hung our Honey Krust sign.
This was part of a screen door in which
one of our antique friends framed,
 painted and scuffed up.
It use to hang in our side kitchen window.
With the kitchen redo, we removed that window,
The sign was in the window for privacy.
No longer needed there, so I decided to hang it
above our bench.

On my table is a wood trencher filled with
dried and faux fruit along with dried okra and gourds. 

Just a simple table setting.

I changed up the quilt from an off white one now
to a muted brown.

This view you can see my Halloween CupboardScape.
The only Halloween display 
I did this year at home.

Don't get mad at me,
but me having a few days off from work,
I decided to get out a few Christmas items out to decorate.
It takes me  awhile to get my home done,
so decided to get busy while I have the time off.
I will do a small Turkey display for my CupboardScape.
Still have to respect the turkey, 
even if just one display.

Bob purchased a white antique fence 
for a feather tree, and I was antsy to put it up.
Now just need to find my feather tree packed away. 

Dinner the other night after trick or treating 
was awesome!
Bob had beer batter chicken tenders,
I had my lobster ravioli and we had the salmon spread
for an appetizer with fresh baked bread.

My favorite kiddos this year were a skunk,
a dalmatian, and a teen who was dressed
 in black with a head piece made to look like a 
time bomb, including the fuse.
Very  huge and unique in my opinion.    
Then there were a few 
"Let's Go Brandon" cheers across the street
from our store.
All in all it was a great night for the kids,
up until 7 when the wind blew in.
At least they had a few hours of decent weather.

I have one more day of doing house work
and decorating...then I will work the store for
the remainder of my vacation.

Never a dull moment for me.

Autumn Table Blessings To All!