Monday, September 30, 2013

The Good Witch Giveaway

Hello sweet dear friends.
There is a story some tell.
Amongst the shadows of the night.
There appears a ghostlike figure.
Ethereal and pure.
Who moves wistfully in the mist.

She searches for ever so long
To finally meet the one who will bring home.
Dote and fawn over her.
Relish in the mystic powers that she holds tight to.
Gifts that were passed down to her from past enchantresses.
Enchanters who were endowed with the capacity
of doing good rather than evil.

Sisters and brothers of the blog.
May I introduce you to my sister of the white coven.
Miss Rosina Mulberry Blackwood.

This sister of good will go to the lucky hovel (home)
to whomever can conjure up the answer
to the phrase she has provided below.
Each letter when revealed will correspond to its own number.
Some letters have already been revealed to give each of you a hint to the phrase.
 _     H               B   _    _   T   H   E    _    _        M I   _   E,
 17   10            15   8    17  3   10  14    8    5         4  1  6  14
T  _   K   E       _   _  R  E!      T  _  K   E       _   _ R  E!
3  9  12  14      18  9  8  14       3  9  11  14     13  9  8 14

      T  H  E        _  R  E  _  T        _  H  I  T  E         _  I   T  _   H
     3  10  14       2  8  14  9  3       7  10  1  3  14        7  1  3  18  10

R   I   _  E  _
8  1  16  14  5

T  _  _  I  _  H  T!
3  17  6  1  2  10  3  

Mistress Janice commands that anyone who is able to proclaim what this phrase entails, 
must email her with said answer to

Each of you who is willing to take on this challenge
will be given until October 11th
when the moon reaches its first quarter. 
Just remember, do not comment on this post with the answer
to the phrase or you will be turned into a warty toad.

You may however comment on how bewitching my beauty is
as I would love to hear tell your thoughts on how alluring I am perceived.

Those kinsfolk lucky enough to conjure up the correct phrase,
and email the answer,
their names will be put into the cauldron.
A spell will be beseeched by me
 and my mistress will then draw one charmed name out.

Remember, you only have until October 11th
to conjure up the correct phrase.
No extra chances with this one.
You must be a current follower.
New followers accepted. 

Good luck and may all souls be bright.

Bewitching Tales To ALL!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Good Witch Bad Witch

Good evening dear friends.
Here is a sneak pic of my giveaway.
She is not completely done, but she wanted to be a show off. LOL
Soon I will give the details of this witchy giveaway.
On another note.
Bob and I left last week Thursday on another buying trip.
We stopped at the Toledo Zoo first.
Spent four hours there.
Had fun!
Then we headed for our buying trip.
Bought lots of goodies for our upcoming shows and for the store.
One item is this Civil War field desk.
Circa 1861 to 1865.
Pic of the inside.
Wonderful patina!
Gotta go.
Witchy Blessings To All!

Monday, September 16, 2013

All In A Days Work

Good afternoon dear sweet friends.
Well this week I did not work much at my real job.
My computer crashed, and my boss paid me to stay home.
It pays to be the in the top 14 of my field for the country.
I love my job!

I also love my second job...tending and buying for the store.
Well Bob and I decided to take a day last week to go on a buying trip.
We packed our van with goodies...
literally it was a puzzle to put it all in our van.
We scored big time!

Most of the items are packed away in our garage,
except for the few items we kept for ourselves.
This drop leaf desk was one of those items.
Red dry paint on the bottom half.
Gorgeous patina.
Just enough cubbies to place these school books wrapped in a leather belt.
Then I added this herb rack next to the desk.
Only now it will be a coverlet rack.
Bought both the other day.
Added my three legged milk stool in front.

Added a few crocks and a feather basket to complete the setting.
 Now I have to figure out how to hide the cable wire. LOL

Prim Furniture Blessings To All!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Harvest At The Mill Pics

Good afternoon sweet friends.
I hope you did not forget about me.
Life at our homestead has changed up a bit.
My daughter has rented a house in the next county over and moved out.
Now my son has moved in. He lost his job and just cannot live with father.
Just call our homestead the one with the revolving door. LOL
Bob and I had so much fun at the show.
Met many blogger friends.
Karen from My Colonial Home
Earlene from Primitive Passion Decorating
Janet from Olde Crow Primitives
Lori from Homespun Prims
A great big shout out to all of these ladies!
Also a great big shout out and thank you to our hostess Dawn
who put on the best prim show!
Dawn is the proud owner of Holly Hills Primitives in Holly, Michigan.
I just love her new shop...and I brought some goodies home.
(will have to show you later)
So glad Bob took pics of our booth before the show started,
or I would not have anything to show you all.
Never did get the chance to show off my prim goodies I was making just for this show.
Oh well...
Here are those pics.


I am working on a Halloween giveaway.
Already drawn out...sewn and stuffed.
Just giving it some personality!
Stay tuned.
Pre Harvest Blessings To All!