Monday, August 31, 2020

August CupboardScape


Good morning friends. Almost forgot to post this.

The month of August has always reminded me

of the colors of gold and blue.

The gold of the goldenrod blooming profusely in the fields
of my gramma B's fields on her farm.

The color blue for the sky as this month,
the sky always seemed the bluest to me.

Therefore it was most fitting to incorporate
the colors that reminded me of August
for this month's CupboardScape.

Now I am itching to get out my Autumn decor.

Blue & Gold Blessings To All!




Friday, August 28, 2020

Antique Trail 2020


A  few  weekends ago, my mom and I

went on our yearly trek to find antiques

along the Lake Huron shoreline.

                 I did not find much for either of the stores,

and only three items for myself.

Mom stayed in the car while I wore my mask and went hunting,

This is a cow swatter. Although I am going to use it as something else.

My grandparents never swatted their cows either.

Next is this wall box.

Original red paint and rose head nails.
(nail seen at top left)
This piece is from the 1700's.
Another one for my collection from this time period.

Finally another pantry box.

I love this blue and the construction is as
solid as when it was made in the 1800's.

Just love this blue!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A Week Already


At home with Tundra.

Day 1

I arrived home after meeting many friendly faces

 at my parents stores. 

Was not welcomed by my feline friends.

One even pawed and hissed at me which made me whimper with fright.

 Why did he not like me?

Day 2
Am getting use to my new home.
I cannot believe my parents give me free rein
of the place. This is so awesome!
However I still do not like being in my crate
at night. I get up several times during the night
and dad takes me outside. I am also an early
riser and just want to play at 4am.

Day 3
I found my inner voice and barked and growled
at my mom. She was a bit amused, but not
happy because I was stubborn and wanted my way.

Day 4

This darn cat Ace still does not want to be
my friend. Neither does Shadow.
Ace really pawed at me this time so much
I hid under the couch. I feel safe with my mom
and sleep under her desk while she is working.
We go outside right away when I get up
so I can do my business outside.
Daddy spoils me at night and lets me on the couch
with him. I love my new daddy!

Day 5

I slept until 4 this morning and daddy was
happy because this is when he wakes up.
I am teething and love to bite anything.
Am hating this word NO as it is constantly
being said to me by both my mom and dad.
Had fun playing with a cricket today,
however a dragonfly flew by and scared me.

Day 6

After mom was finished with work,
we took a trip to the gift shop.
Daddy took me for a walk while mom
tended the store.
Once the store closed, I was given full rein
of the place while my parents started
working on Halloween. Not sure what
Halloween means, but they have boxes
all over the place for me to chew on.
It was a long night and when we finally
got home, I went straight to my crate
and fell asleep.

Day 7

I heard mom talking on the phone
and heard her tells someone that
she calls me the white tornado.
I thought my name was Tundra.
Not sure what a tornado means,
but am sure it does not pertain to me.
I know we are going back to the store again,
because I heard mom on her speaker phone
telling daddy lets get a pizza tonight. 
I am taking a nap now so I will be ready
for tonight. Will try and grab one of those
sweet lollipops again....if they dont catch me
this time.

Week one with my family.
What fun and trouble can I get into
next week.

A Weeks Worth Of Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Dry Sink Revamp

 Is it Saturday already?

Bob and I with Tundra
have been at the gift shop many nights now.
Working on Halloween.
Still not done.
Going back as soon as Bob gets out of the shower.

I moved my dry sink from the front door,
and placed in the corner where my
red cabinet was.

Then I moved my drying rack 
from our bedroom to the corner.

Just using textiles,
I wanted a patriotic theme here.

Now if you notice,
on the right is my small stash of worms.

This was pre Tundra days.
I kept finding them in his mouth.
The joys of owning a puppy now.

Well off to finish the store window.
Have to get this done before we open.

Have a great weekend my friends!

Dry Sink Revamp Blessings To All!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

A Halloween Wreath

 First off, I would like to thank everyone 

for all of your sweet comments 

for our new puppy Tundra. 

Unfortunately I have no time 

to properly comment back to you. 

Now if anyone can tell me how to not have

 double spacing with this new format....

greatly appreciated. Or is it just above the first picture?

Today is the wreath I created 
on Friday and Saturday evening.
I purchased this form in purple.

Tore up fabric strips in purple, yellow
oranges, and blacks.

To create this Halloween wreath.

I was able to create two before Tundra.
Now I find that my spare time....
which I do not have much as it is,
is spent on him.

Am so glad Bob takes over in the evening.
I plan on doing a weekly post
with Tundra's progress.

Rag Wreath Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Our New Addition


I just returned home with

our new bundle  of joy!

Meet Tundra

He is a Samoyed

Our kitties are unsure of him right now.
Shadow hid and Ace gives him a wide berth.
He is sleeping  right now.
He is all tuckered out from his long ride home.
Almost a 3 hour trip.

Will keep you posted on his progress.

Tundra Blessings To All!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Co-Workers And A Tease


Happy Sunday my friends!

Hope your weekend is going good for you! 

Well I started a new rug.
Above are the drawings for this one.
I decided to do an animal one.
It will be fairly large.
Plus all of the animals I chose
have a meaning in my life.

This is the tease part of my post.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Treasure Trove Of Toys

Happy Happy Thursday!
Today I wanted to take you back in time.
A time where we played with toys.

Bob and I found a distributor of vintage toys.
Not made in China, but made in England.
We love how they package  
these toys in vintage boxes.

Peruse through these pics and
let me know if you may have recognized these.

Maybe you might even have a favorite.
I know my granddaughter Mikayla
sure loves these monkey Drums!

Magic Tricks upper left.
Clockwork Teeth upper right.
Whoopie Cushion lower left.
Kazoos lower right.

The Old Maid and Go Fish Cards are a fan favorite.
Also these Kaleidoscopes.
(We have had to order more)

Leap Frog, Chinese Checkers and Chess.

Spiromania, I-Spy and these fun bird heads.

Do you remember chunky little books.
Now they add a hole where the animal
appears on each page.

Pick up Sticks were a fav in our home.
So were Jacks.
My brother also had a wooden plane 
(middle left)

We also sell puzzle books.

When we first put up our toy display 
back in late June,
I had one lady customer come in 
and admire all of these toys.
She then commented to me that they were nice,
but no one will buy them.
I sure wish she would come back in to see
in fact folks do buy them....and they love them!
We had to order more and even expanded
the toy line.

Marble Run Game
More magic tricks
Much more....

This company even has a Christmas line.
We plan on ordering more 
for the holiday season.
These make great gifts right now
and stocking stuffers
later on.

Toy Blessings To All!


Monday, August 3, 2020

Crochet Creativity

Good morning sweet friends!
It sure was ducky weather for us these past few days.

So this past week,
I picked up my crochet hook.

When we opened the gift shop I crocheted
these dish cloths in all colors.
When the colors sold, I crocheted more in ivory.

Customers sure do like these,
so I decided to do some more in 
Halloween colors.
(Yellow/orange, Purple and Gray) 

(Candy Corn color, Black and Orange)

A simple design.

All priced and ready to go.
Currently hiding in the back of the drawer
until their debut.
18 days is the countdown.

I also created one more framed art.
This one is the ouija board.

Now I am finishing up my
Halloween crafts....
then onto Christmas.

Crochet Creativity Blessings To All!