Thursday, August 30, 2018

Meet Cassie

Hello friend & folk! 
Can you believe Labor Day Weekend is just
around the corner?
Really, where did Summer go?
We will be BBQ'ing each day on our new grill.
Our old one went to BBQ heaven.
Bob got a new one at Lowe's end of season sale.
He tried it out last night and grilled us up
some hamburgers.
They were yummy!

This will be the last weekend for creating
for our Holly prim show....
so I will be a busy bee.

You get the idea.

Today I would like to introduce you to
my newest creation.
Please say a big hello to
Cassie Long Legs

She is a misunderstood witch.
One with a teeny witch hat.

Although some folks think she has a big head,
Cassie loves Halloween!
She simply loves dressing up.
With her orange and white stripe stockings,
 boots & orange scarf.
She is reminiscing the 60's fashion craze.

She misses being that wild love child.
She fit right in that era with her 
homemade mushroom brew,
go-go boots, and mini dress.
But most of all loved to
"Twist The Night Away"
especially on Halloween.

Her long legs can be posed like this.

However she enjoys doing the splits the best.

Now personally I was a teen of the 70's,
but heard lots of stories about the 60's.  :-)

What era are you most familiar with?
What are your plans for the last weekend of Summer?

Cassie's Retro Blessings To All!

Monday, August 27, 2018

August CupboardScape

Hello friends!
Well another weekend has come and gone.
I have been so focused on my prim show,
that it just dawned on me that I have not
posted my August CupboardScape.
Shame on me.

As I stated a few posts ago.
I had planned on my new
coverlet piece to be the backdrop 
for this month's CupboardScape.

I fell in love with this sunflower wreath.
Purchased on sale at Joann's
I so love sunflowers.
They are my happy flower.

The daisies and hydrangeas have also held
a special meaning to me as well.
I loved picking wild daisies on the farm.
Whilst hydrangeas were a farmhouse 
favorite of gramma H's.

I made this prim doll eons ago.
The blue tick fabric is old and heavy.

One of my cake crocks.
This is a blue salt glaze one.

One of my new finds on the antique trail.
An awesome blue pantry box,
with a bail handle.

Another find from the trail is this larger
pantry box.
{loving the patina on these old beauties}

Now I just need to find another one the same
size as my cake crock to complete the stack.

I have always loved blue!

Which is why I loved that blue dry sink.
I still do have other blue cabinets 
throughout the house.

Now even though parting was bittersweet,
for that blue dry sink of mine;
it went to a great home.
Sandy, so happy you purchased it!
I know you will love it as much as I did.

Sunflower Blessings To All!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Pre Autumn Thoughts


Thank you everyone for your sweet comments
and suggestions with my red drysink.
I knew it the moment I saw it...
that it was a keeper.

Another week has flown by.
This week I am glad it did.
I was covering for 3 other associates at work.
Not sure why I agreed to do this... but I did.
It's been one of those weeks,
where you wonder if a full moon was out there.
In other was a CRAZY week.
One more day to go.
Wish me luck.

Am so looking forward to when I can retire.
Not for a few more years though. :-(
So on with today's post.

Transferware has been much a part of my life.
Both gramma's used transferware besides ironstone.
Gramma B liked blue, while Gramma H like brown.

When I spotted this plate in our store,
of course it reminded me of gramm B.
I have had it hidden away for a few months.
Not sure how to display it.
Then the light bulb hit me.

I added my stone fruit grape cluster.
It was perfect for my autumn
blue and gold theme.

An inviting autumn display.
Although you may think this is NOT prim...
I have to say that gramma B's farmhouse 
had blue transferware....
She lived the primitive life
without heat or electricity, 
and yet she had pretty dishes for special occasions.
Every day we used enamelware.

Gramma H on the other hand 
used ironstone for her everyday dinnerware.
Yes I ate off of Ironstone plates.
Gram's brown transferware came out 
for special occasions and holidays.  

I thank my gramma's for this inspiration.

I will continue to add more gold and blue
as the urge gets me.

Do you remember the special dinnerware
or every day dinnerware your grandmother used?

Mornings are getting crisp now.
Leaves are actually starting to turn a bit.
The Bluejays are jeering quite loudly.
The sun is rising over the river more in the South now.
Autumn is on the horizon.

Pre Autumn Thoughts Blessings To All!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Parting Is Bittersweet

Hope everyone is enjoying there week thus far.
I can tell Autumn is getting close.
The squirrels are much busier than ever.
The crows are grouping together.
More foreign freighters in the river.
Foggy mornings and the days
 are getting noticeably shorter.

Last week I mentioned I purchased a new cabinet.
This is the one I chose to sell.

It was hard to decide,
however I don't have any more room for another one.
This blue drysink will come to 
the prim show in Holly, MI,
{top lifts and there is a door on the left of the fabric}
 Also this wood scrub box that sits on top
which was purchased from James Cramer
{James Cramer is now part of Simple Life Magazine}
Anyway this piece will also be sold a the same show.
{not the bowls or butter paddle though}
I have to also part with the scrub box....
well because I purchased something else
at the estate sale Bob and I went to last week.
More to come on that piece.
It's time to show you my other piece I found
on the antique trail. 

This is what is replacing the blue drysink.

A new red one. Top lifts on this one too.
It is really old from the 1800's 
but you know what I mean by being new. 

For a week I had it tucked in the corner of our bedroom.

You are probably thinking.....
why don't you just keep it here?

I have another drysink just to the left of this one.
Don't think I need two in one room.
Colorwise it does look good in here...
But it got lost I think. It's hard to explain.
Bob said to keep it in here...but it did not feel right.
Bob thought I was not feeling right. LOL

I think it looks much better in our living room...
which is mostly red.

This beauty is meant to be a statement piece,
not hidden away in a bedroom. 

I also love the drawer in this one.

See I think it looks much better between our chairs.

Who knows, I might end up putting it 
back in the bedroom and placing the brown one
back in the living room.
What do you think?
Painted drysinks are not that easy to find.
Am I making a mistake by selling my other drysink?
I have another brown drysink in our back room.
So it's not like I am giving up much...
but then again....

Parting Is Bittersweet Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Lil Bella Pumpkin Pie

Thank you all for visiting with me today!
I appreciate each and every one of you.
I always say I have friends all over the world.

Today after I do my grocery shopping,
my day will be spent re-arranging the
living room a bit to fit in my newest piece
of furniture. I have decided which piece will be sold.

Then I will be working on another item
which I drew out to come to life.

Last Sunday I finished up
Lil Bella 

Isn't she a sweet pumpkin pie.

Made from onasburg, fabric
and a bit of wool.

I made just three for the show.

The countdown begins.
Holly, Michigan
September 8th.
This is a great primitive show.
Hope to see you there.

Well of to the store.
Bob is waiting for his blueberry bagel. ;-)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What's This

Good morning all!
Do you know what this is?

If you thought this was a
 tic ~ tac ~ toe

This is the rare item I purchased
on the antique yard trail.

Now most of you have heard of the nursery rhyme

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on her tuffet.
Eating her curds and whey.

However do you know what curds and whey are?
Curds and whey are when milk starts to curdle.
Adding vinegar to milk speeds up the process.
Why would you want to do this Janice?

Once you have you curds and whey,
you can make 

This object is a cheese ladder.

~ Back Side ~

Now you might ask.
What the heck is a cheese ladder.
This much used beauty was used to make cheese.

You start with a bowl.

Add the cheese ladder on top.
The next step would be to add cheesecloth
on top of the cheese ladder.
Then you would add the curds or whey.
The cheesecloth was there so that the
curds or whey would drain into the bowl.

Once the curds or whey were drained,
the final step would be to lay the cheese ladder
up as such, place the drained curds or whey
over the ladder to dry (age) the cheese.
Can you believe this was how cheese 
was made in earlier times?

Most cheese ladders look like mini ladders,
so this was a treat to find one the shape of this,
and with this patina.

Now although I will never make cheese with this,
I am sure the grands will want to play


Have you heard of cheese ladders?

Today is a vacation day from work.
Bob and I are headed off shortly to a few estate sales.
Then we are picking up the grands and my mom,
and headed to the island 
for our annual lunch outing.

Cheese ladder Blessings To All!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

My Reward(s)

After some storms came in overnight,
we still have some humid weather.
I will be staying in today.
Not because of the humidity,
but I threw my knee out last night.
Never did this feel such an idiot.
Why you ask?
Because I did it getting up from using the toilet.
What an idiot I am. LOL
I walked it off last night, but this morning
making the did it again.
What gives?

There are times throughout the year
where I reward myself.
Which in English means
 I purchase things for myself.  :-)
Bob never minds.
He is the best!
Last month was one of those times. 

I have a wish list,
and the purchase of these antique blocks
checks one off my list.

I plan on using these for Christmas this year.
Wait until you see what I do.

There was also a bunny block!
WOOHOO for me.

I also purchased another bonnet.
This one in blue.

Then there was this coverlet piece.
It will be featured in my next CupboardScape.

I love the designs on this old beauty!

This past weekend was the antique trail
for our neck of the woods.
It starts in the town just South of us,
and ends around the Thumb of Michigan.
It is 3 day event with
200 miles for the treasure hunter.
My mom and I have done it for the last 10 years.
We were fortunate to do it once again.
I only drive two of the three days each year.

Friday ~Day 1
 We started our antique hunt promptly
at 9:00 am which the event starts each day.
We ended up at my mom's house at 4:15 pm.
The event ends daily at 5:00 pm.
Normally just driving to my mom's from
my house takes 1  1/2 hours.
I found some small Christmas goodies for myself.
Not much to resell for the store.
Chocolate cookies from the Amish.
Also bought some veggies from them.
Both mom and I met many friends along the way.
Also had 2 doe and a fawn run out in front of us.
So glad they were far enough ahead...
that neither I nor the camper going the other way
hit them.

Saturday ~ Day 2
Mom and I went to breakfast at the local diner.
Then we went to the Post Office 
to pick up her mail...then we were off.
This is where I scored big time.
An awesome cabinet for the house,
more prims for the house.
Items for the store too!
We ended our journey at Port Hope.
98 1/2 miles.
I never do the last 100 miles as it is more
farmland than sales.
Drove back to my mom's.
Grabbed our stuff and went back to my house.
Pulled into the driveway around 3:00 pm.

I am over the moon at the goodies I was
able to purchase for both home and store.
Some will also be going to the prim show
at Holly, MI.

Look forward to showing you what I purchased.
One item is very rare.

Not looking forward to removing a cabinet
from our house...
but in order to put the new one must leave.
It's a good one though....

Reward Blessings To All!