Friday, May 29, 2020

It Was A CATastrophe

Good morning friends.
today is Friday.
We opened our antique store back up yesterday.
Sales were good.
Customers thanked us for re-opening.
Some were afraid we would never re-open.
Both Saturday and Sunday,
you will find me at our gift shop.
Bob needs to paint our garage.

Just look at them.
Our kitties look so sweet sleeping
don't they.

Well the other night,
it was a CATastrophe.
Bob had just gone to bed.
I was watching tv.
Our kitties decided to fight for some reason.
Fight they did right on my table above.
I have no idea how they did it,
but my heavy metal trunk,
the basket of drieds
and my precious crock
all came crashing down on the floor.
Bob ran out of the bedroom
thinking something happened to me.

Something did happen.
My crock cracked.
The kitties both scattered
after it happened and hid.
They knew I was mad.
Bob thinks it is another cat that keeps
hanging out on our porch at night.

Here is my precious 2 gallon cobalt blue
wreath crock.
Cracked in three places.
The only thing holding it together
is the handle on the one side.
I cannot even pick it up by the handles
or it will definitely fall apart.

I did put the display back together
in the same way as displayed
in my other picture above.

My kitties were little devils that night.
This has NEVER happened before.
Let's hope it does not happen again.

Have you had a pet wreck something
precious you own?

What are yourplans for the weekend?

 Non CATastrophe Blessings To All!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Bunny Beginnings

Happy Tuesday my friends!
Hope each of you enjoyed the long weekend.

Each morning I worked on my
flower gardens,
Weeding and planting.
Still not finished,
but its a start.

I worked our gift shop both Friday and Saturday.
Sunday I finished my bunny rug.

I took some stained muslin and hooked
in the ditch for the eye.
Looking at the wild bunnies in our yard,
their eyes are white all around.


I bound it in the same brown wool
I used for my hit and miss squares.

It measures 16" high
by 11"inches across.
I  needed it to be this size to fit here
next to my kitchen cabinet.

Any bigger and it would have been lost 
behind the cabinet.

I drew this design many months ago,
and finally it is completed.

It is now in its forever place.

Since finishing this on Sunday,
Monday left me to work on Halloween.
Oh the creative juices have been 
flowing with many designs drawn out
for this spooky season.

Will continue to show you what
I have been up to as I finish items.

What did you do over the long 
Holiday weekend?

Bunny Beginning Blessings To All!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Remembering My Uncles

Happy Saturday my friends.
They offered triple time  
for us to work this weekend.
I need the time off, so decided not to.
I actually took yesterday off,
so Bob could redo 
our raised vegetable garden beds.
I worked our gift shop.
It was nice to see 
so many come out to support us,

Unfortunately it rained in the afternoon,
so he was not able to finish.
I am off to work the store again,
so he can finish.
We need to plant the veggies we bought.

Today my post is to remember
my two great uncles who both 
were killed in World War II.
They were my gramma B's
only two brothers.

Because they both died,
my grammas surname of Osiwala
is now a dead name in our family.

Gramma B's brothers were both older than her.
She was the first of the 5 girls
to be born after them.

I sure wish I could have got to know them.
My gramma NEVER spoke of them to me.
I know it was hard on her to lose them both.

This Memorial Day,
please remember our fallen soldiers,
whomever they may be.
They sacrificed their lives,
so we can be free.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Rabbit Rug Reveal

..Friday night,
Saturday morning and Sunday
I worked on my rug.

It is finished...
well at least the hooking part is.

Mary from Hill Top Post
correctly guessed that the animal
I chose was a bunny.

I started his body with two
color choices.
Ended up with the one on the left.

To me the heart was way too big.
I ended up making it smaller.

Not sure if I like the off white
all around the eye.

I wanted a blue background
for this piece.

Did not like the ears either.

So I changed the left one up.
Also removed some of the eye.
Still not sure I like it.
I may end up adding some
different white and hook in the ditch.

Almost done in this pic.
Notice the heart is smaller.

My rows do not look that even.
I think it was where I had it taking
these pics.

Just have to bind and hang.
Will show again the final reveal of that.
Hopefully can do that this weekend.
I am taking Friday off, so it will be
a long weekend for me.

Would love to start my next rug project,
but have to go back to Halloween.
Need lots of inventory for our store.
In fact started a new witch.
Wait til you see her!

Thanks to all who did try and guess.
Do appreciate your comments.

Rabbit Rug Reveal Blessings To All!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Dresser Dreams

Happy Saturday my sweet friends!
I can say that since this will be
weekend #2 that I am NOT working.
In a few hours I will drive up to my mom's
and then head to the cemetery for my
aunt's burial. 
Finally closure for my cousin's.

Before I head out I wanted to show you
my second wall of the bedroom change-up.

I moved the dresser to this wall.
Added some covelets on top.
The wood hand is a display form for ladies gloves.
Behind that is a form display for hats.

The left side.

A crock filled with feathers and white pepper berries.
The apothecary jar is filled with greens and lye soap.
A tin container finishes this display. 

Over the dresser is this cubby shelf
with hand forged handles on the cubbies.
A kite string winder on top and a pewter dish.
Hanging are a yarn winder, 
tobacco strand and a ladies fan.

The first black dollie I made 
which is my angel with wings.

The entire top with wall shelf.

I so love this dresser.

Placed now on the wall near my desk.

Now you may have noticed the gaping space
between the wall shelf and desk.
It is really noticeable to me now.
I am working on drawing another design
for a bigger hooked rug.....
now just need the time to hook it.

We had some thunderstorms rollin the other day.
Last year we must have had a bolt
of lightning hit really close to our home,
because ever since then,
our Ace kitty hides during storms now.

This is where I found him the other day.
At least it was a cozy hideout! 

Well hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
I have to finish a pillow for Winnie,
then finish my current rug.
Did not pull one loop this week.
Then will work on more Halloween goodies.
Hopefully there will be enough time
for all of this on Sunday.

What will the weekend find you doing?

Dresser Dream Blessings To All!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

May CupboardScape

Hello my friends.
It was nice having last weekend off finally.
Am still working overtime,
but having the weekend off was so needed.
Will take this weekend off too.
Will be attending the burial of my aunt.
She passed in February, however they
were not able to bury her due to the ground
being frozen.
I will be taking my mom as it was her
younger sister who passed.
Since it is outside we are allowed to attend.

Sunday I will work on more
Halloween goodies...

Today my CupboardScape was inspired
by both my gramma's.
Each Spring they would do their
 cleaning outside.

Gramma H would grab her bucket
and wash the many windows 
she had on her farmhouse.
With all of the windows in her 
2 story farmhouse, 
including 2 enclosed porches, 
there were 24 windows.
that is a lot of window washing.

Both gramma's used rug beaters
to clean their rugs.
Gramma B put hers on the cement well cover,
while gramma H hung hers from the clothesline.
(this rug beater is called a bat wing one)
(the rug was one of my gramma B's)

This rug beater is a heart one.
The wood piece is a wood mangle,
which would be used to scrub your clothes.

This is a pillow beater.
It would be used to beat your feather pillows.
Gramma B did this to hers.

Of course scrubbers and soap 
would be including in Spring cleaning.

This CupboardScape was a tribute
to my gramma's.
They had a most tedious job 
of Spring cleaning.

Storms slated for today's weather.
Better than snow we had last week.

Have a marvelous day my friends.

Spring Cleaning Blessings To All!

Monday, May 11, 2020

A Hooking Progression

Hello friends.
Hope this post finds you all well.
After I finished working on my crow pillow,
I thought it was time 
to pull out my hook, linen and worms.

I had this pattern drawn out 
on paper for months now.
When I first drew it on linen.
I screwed up with my boxes.
So I re-drew my lines and placed an 
"X" where I wanted to hook my 
hit and miss.

Day 1 progression.
I did not have enough black,
therefore my outlines are a dark brown.
Now this probably does not look like a lot done.
Well I only am able to work on my lunch hour.
that is after I actually eat.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6
This was Sunday afternoon 
the Sunday before
 Mother's Day.
They released us from work at noon,
so after I ate lunch,
I actually worked a few hours on this
while watching some tv.
If you can see, some of my rows
are a bit wonky.
I hand cut all of my strips,
so they are not all even.
A very primitive look indeed.
I dont really have a color plan for this
hit or miss part of the rug.
I just grab a worm and use it.

If you notice, the middle is also blank.
Well I do have a plan for that.
Just want to wait and draw that
until I am completed with the border.
I will give you a clue though.
It will be that of my favorite animal.
Do you know what that will be?

Hooking Progression Blessings To All!