Monday, August 24, 2015

Fall Is In The Air

A big hello to all of my blogging friends.

I have been noticing that
the days are getting shorter.
Summer is winding down.
Which is giving me the itch
to start some Fall decorating.

My mom gave me some of her yellow yarrow.
I decided to add to my crock and let it dry.

Makes a pretty little statement at the end of our hall.

Tucked in a homemade lil pumpkin.

Changed out my blue bowl for an orange one
and added some bittersweet.

Corn husk wreath on the hall closet door.

Putka pods in a wood bowl with a tankard on top.

Have you started your Fall decorating yet?

Fall Is In The Air Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

July CupboardScape

Good afternoon sweet blogging friends.
I know I have been a bad bad blogger.
I decided to spend some time with my family,
playing in the river, taking in the scenery of our majestic ships,
and working on Halloween goodies for our store.

I do so apologize for missing my July CupboardScape,
but here it is finally.

The letters for July were M and N.

Mule Muzzle in which I added some bellini apples to it.

A Needlework piece.

The Lords Prayer.

Early Mirror.

Make do Broom and Make do scrub Brush
with a few Milk bottles.

Milk Stool, Milk bottles and Needlework penny rug.

Blue enamelware Milk pail and Make do birch flower vase with cotton inside.
Mashers on the right.

The blue Milk pail again.

Needlework memories pillow.

Another view of the Mashers and a Make do mirror.

That does it for the July CupboardScape.
Hope everyone is enjoying their last days of Summer.

Late Summertime Blessings To All!