Thursday, May 31, 2012

If The Shoe Fits

A lie can travel around the world,
while the truth is still putting on its shoes.
                                 {Mark Twain}

 The wearer knows best where the shoe pinches.
                                 {Irish Proverb}

Give a girl the correct footwear and she can conquer the world.
                               {Bette Midler}

While on our last trip, I did manage to bring a few things for our house.
I absolutely fell in love with these beauties.
Victorian two toned cloth laced ankle boots.
Did I make a good choice?

Spring Blessings

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Did You Say

Post more goodies....

Thought I heard you say that.  ;-)

Here they are.

Red Canted Box
(better pic of that awesome blue sawbuck table)
(sold this beauty last Saturday)

Bee Sting Crock

Candy Display Rack

5 Graduated Measures
Circa 1909 to 1919

This is a matching set
(very rare to have all of these pieces to match)

Hanging Market Scale

We have more if you want to see.
Let me know.

Spring Blessings

Monday, May 28, 2012

Remembering Our Service Men and Women

This Memorial Day
I was reminded of something that had happened
 to my sister and I many years ago.

I was 19 and Teresa was 14. 
Our parents had seen us off at Metro Airport (Detroit)
and we were flying first to see our cousins in D.C.
and after a week we were off on another plane to Albany Georgia
to visit more cousins and our aunt Joyce.
Before our plane landed in Albany though,
we had had to land in Atlanta to take our connector flight.
After circling the Atlanta airport for over and hour
before we landed,
we were told that our connector plane would be late.
Unfortunately we had nothing to entertain us.
We sat by ourselves and after many hours and still no plane,
a young soldier in his fatigues came over to sit with us.
By this time it was 10:00pm.
He was headed to Ft Meyers and was also waiting for his plane.
Although I do not recollect his name anymore,
he made my sister and I feel safe.
We chatted for over an hour 
about our visit to D. C. and all of the monuments.
He was not very talkative, but was very interested
to hear about our week in D.C.
I'm sure he wanted to hear about us so he could forget
that he was going back from a short leave.
Or maybe he felt that if we did all of the talking
that we would not be so afraid.
You see by this time, we were the only three in the airport.
Anyway he made a big impact on our lives,
and I am so very grateful he was there for us;
not only to protect our country,
but to protect two scared young girls at an airport.
This day please take time out to remember all those
who lost their lives to protect our country.
Also take time to remember those of our allies in other countries,
who also lost their lives to protect their own freedoms.
I know that Memorial Day is the unofficial start to Summer,
but this is not the true meaning of our Holiday.

Spring Blessings to all.

Friday, May 25, 2012

More Goodies And Friday Fun Facts

First I want to tell you about this next piece we purchased.
I wanted this piece too, but since Bob let me take home the blue cupboard,
I figured some things should be sold in the store..after all that is why
 we went on the buying trip in the first place. LOL

This is a 5 gallon salt glaze jug.
Now some of you may be thinking,
What the heck are those dark blobs all over this jug?
Since you asked, I will tell you. :-)
These are called turkey droppings.
Many crocks were placed into kilns to be fired at one time.
Some of these crocks were placed underneath other crocks.
In the kiln, the glaze would sometimes drop onto the crocks below,
and thus you would get these drippings that would harden into the crocks.
These drip marks are called turkey droppings.
To collectors of salt glaze crocks,
these are more highly desirable as they are one of a kind crocks.
the one we purchased has a total of 7 turkey droppings all around.
5 that you can see, and two by the handle.
Isn't this an awesome piece?
I should have kept it....maybe I can sneak it out of the store.
What do you think?

Ok, next up Friday Fun Facts and them some more pics.

1. Pinball use to be illegal in the 1930's.
I loved playing pinball in the 70's.

2.  Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
Maybe that's why the men from Mars do not understand us. LOL

3. The reason why people do not wake up when their house
 is on fire is because our sense of smell is turned off during sleep.
Another reason to install smoke detectors.

4.  Founder of Hershey's chocolate, Milton Hershey & Kitty his wife
had tickets to sail the Titanic.
They did not make the trip as Kitty became sick the day Titanic left port.
I for one am glad Kitty was sick that day.

5. Clint Eastwood to a career break from making Westerns
because he was allergic to horses.
I loved watching him on Rawhide as Rowdy. now I am showing my age.

6. A human in space without a space suit can only survive 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
I never want to be the one to try that theory out...
afraid of heights.  :-)

7. In Finland, Norway Puerto Rico and Japan,
the Check Mark is actually used for an incorrect answer.
Geez, I would have made straight A's in my Math Classes 
instead of C's and D's.
I hated Math..but loved Art and History.

Lastly, below are a few more pics of the goodies we bought.

1800 Red Dry Painted Wood Bowl

Apple Basket

Early Wood Well Bucket

There is still more to show for another day.

Spring Blessings to all.
However here in Michigan it has been more like Summer in the mid 80's.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Thrill Of The Hunt

Anyone who really knows me,
knows that I hate malls, grocery stores and the like.
However get me into an antique store or an antique show...
its hard to get me out.

Last week's show was no exception.
Bob and I arrived at the show at 6:00am
and by 6:45am, we already made two trips to the van with goodies.

Then I spotted something that I absolutely fell in love with.
I knew it had to come home with me.
Unfortunately the vendor was no where to be seen.
I asked the vendors on both sides if they knew when this particular vendor
 was going to show up.
One told me 10 minutes and the other by 7:30.
I was like a mad dog and this item was going home with ME.
Bob said lets come back.
I said NO WAY!!
I am staying right here until this guy comes.
You can go and shop, but I am staying put.

Bob went off to shop and like a good guard dog,
I guarded my precious item to the bitter end. LOL
Others came up to look at MY item, and I simply told them it was already sold.
They must have thought I was the vendor...but at the time, I did not care.
I was going to buy this item.
This piece was going home with ME...


I absolutely fell in love with this blue cupboard.

I gave up my pot belly cabinet to add the blue cupboard into my kitchen.
It was worth it to me.

 I added two crocks and an 1800's splint basket to the top.

On our way back home,
we stopped at a little primitive store inside a barn.

This fun store is called
The Old Granary.
Loved shopping inside and came home with some goodies from there too!

One of them was this brown prairie bonnet.
So what do you think?
Was it worth it for me to wait 45 minutes?
I say YES!!

Spring Blessings to all,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Montage- Goodies We Found

Our adventure is over...
We arrived back home on Saturday
sunburned and tired.

Our trip to Springfield Ohio was awesome!
Found lots and lots of goodies for both the store and our home.
Our van was full and we came back home with $14.00 in our pocket...
Well Bob had the money in his pocket, not me. LOL

We had the opportunity to meet Ben from Folk Magazine.

Inside the Folk barn

Bob and I finally got to meet Angie

Angie was selling her wares inside the Folk Barn.
I was lucky enough to purchase one of her folk dolls.
Thank you Angie. It was fun to finally meet you!
Oh yeah...that yellow bucket bench you see, came home with us too...

I took this pic of this cute gal all dressed up in a quilt dress in our store.
The blue in the quilt goes well with my turquoise little crock bowl.
She is sitting on this....

Circa 1820 to 1860 Mammy's Rocking Bench
It seems Bob forgot to put the mop bucket away...
and he took these pics...geez it's hard to get good help these days. LOL

Goodies Added To Bench

Early Cement Black Boy

One Board Early Dry Blue Paint Sawbuck Table
(this pic does not do this piece justice)

Some Goodies Added To Table

One Board Top Red Dry Paint Bucket Bench

Same Bench Filled To The Brim

Bob and I found so many awesome items for our store.
We did not expect to fill the van in one day, but we did!
Because of that, we cancelled our buying trip to Kentucky.

Let me know what you think.

More goodies to come....

Spring Blessings,

Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Montage- Shades of the Season

This month's colors are brown and wood.
A true prim lover has to has some sort of wood in their decor.
Mine is no exception.

Antique Printer Letterpress

Circa 1930's Man's Straw Hat complete with a Brown Silk Band.

Apple Butter Paddle

Wood Staley's Pure Food Starch
(this is used for pancake mix and popcorn)

Bail Handled Pantry Box
(great place to hide my chocolate)
psst..don't tell Bob. LOL

Late 1800's Brown/ Cream Checked Ladies Jacket
Early Iridescent Brown and Stoneware Pitcher

Early Flour Measure with Butter Paddle in Front

My Newest Wood Box
This is a real big one and has a hinged lid.
(not sure what I am going to put in this box yet)
Ding Ding
A Light Bulb just came on...
It may be big enough to put my Christmas china in...
Guess I will will have to see if it does.

That completes another Montage.

PS. Bob and I will be leaving Thursday
for our annual trip to Springfield, OH.
That means another Friday without fun facts.
I apologize ahead of time...sorry :-(

After spending time in Ohio,
we will be heading into Kentucky.
We will not be back home until Sunday or Monday....
Depends on if we fill up the van,
and how far our money goes. LOL

I don't have to be back to work until after Labor Day,
so once we get home,
we will re-stock the store
then spend time in our yard...
weeding and planting.
Let me retract that statement...I will be weeding and planting...not Bob.

Will try to take pics of our journey.

Spring Blessings to All

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mom's Day

Whether you nurtured a child
or lovingly cared for your favorite pet.

Sending out all the mother's out there
this bouquet of roses.
You deserve it!

As this stitched picture says ~
What Is Home Without Mother.

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!
Blessings to all

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gramma YOU Are A Bad Blogger

But Mikayla it was your birthday yesterday.

Gramma did not have enough time to post
Friday Fun Facts.

Because it was your

We all took a short trip to Harsen's Island for dinner.
This is one of many islands near us
but the only one that is accessible to cars.

The car ferry is about a five minute ride from the mainland.
We are in the middle of the North Channel.

Looking back at the mainland (as we call it here)

I took this picture from the island overlooking the North Channel.
Looking above the car mirror on the right is Russell Island.
The residents use golf carts to get around. 
On the left is the mainland.
At the North end of Russell Island is where the North Channel
meets the Shipping Channel.
Not sure if you can see the river in between the mainland & island.
Walpole Island wraps behind Russell Island.
Looking at the far left above my mirror is a glimpse of Walpole in the distance.

This is the view of the Shipping Channel at the restaurant we were at last night.
Across the channel is Walpole Island.
This is the same island that is across from our house on the river.
(very big island)
The Canadian residents of this island are from the First Indian Nation.

The grand kids were able to see a freighter

And a tug pushing a barge.

We had a nice evening outside on the island.
Mikayla wanted pizza for her birthday and a Shirley Temple kiddie drink.
Michael had the same thing.
Bob and I shared a pitcher of beer with pizza.
Michele (daughter) had a few Long Island Ice Teas with her pizza.
(we were her designated driver...those drinks can kill ya) LOL 

Blessings from the island

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mini Sampler Progress

Before I started stitching,
I wanted to age my linen.
Pam from
gave a wonderful tutorial on aging fabric.
Check out her blog if you would like to learn how.

I decided to age mine using walnut ink.
What do you think?
I am using 32 ct linen.

Threads are stitched 1 over 2,
which means I am using one strand of floss
and skipping a hole.
(I made a bowl full of strawberries like this above)
Will share in another post...

As you can see this will be a strawberry sampler.
The pattern is from Betty

As you can see from Betty's wonderful pillow
that I changed up the color a little bit.
I am still using the red and green,
however I decided to add two shades of purple
into the mix.
There is a method to my madness...
Will show you why I choose these colors later on.

What do you think of my work in progress?

Strawberry Blessings to all!