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Sunday, November 17, 2019

My Most Precious Items

Oh Happy Happy day my friends.
I will be working our store today,
whilst Bob moves his dad
from an upstairs apartment
to a lower unit.
At 76 he just cannot do those
steep stairs anymore.

Before I go though,
today I want to show off 
my most precious of all items.

Today we live in a throw away society,
but back in the 1700's they built things to last.
I have a few items from the 1700's,
and here they are.

How to tell if you have a piece of 
furniture from the 1700's is by rosehead nails.
These nails are square but raised in the middle.
(see close up of my piece)

This dough box was my second piece
that I was able to purchase
made in the 1700's.
I so love the mouse hole and early red paint.

This early salter carved from one piece of wood.

This is one of three burl bowls I own.
Hand carved. 

A hand carved noggin for drinking ale.

A one piece black fruit compote.

The first piece I ever purchased
was this Windsor chair.
I purchased from a fellow antique dealer,
who has since passed.
Up close you can see the original yellow paint
from the 1700's, then a blue paint from the 1800's.
Finally the black paint from the early 1900's.

It is extremely difficult for me to find any
pieces from the 1700's.
When I usually do, I will pay the price,
as these pieces are so very precious to me.

Can you imagine these items being
around for over 300 years.

Do you think furniture from the present
will last this long?

I for one do not think it will.

Well my friends off to eat some breakfast
and off to the store I go.
Hopefully Bob will relieve me by
mid afternoon so I can come back home
and work on things.

What are your plans today?

Precious Item Blessings To All!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Hooked House Happenings

Well folks we had our first Winter snowstorm.
First major snowstorm to hit us in November.
11 inches fell down on Monday.
So glad I could watch the snow pile up
inside and not have to drive in it that day.
We broke a record.

Yesterday morning the temp was 11 degrees.
We broke yet another record for that.
Winter has not even begun.

It is snowing again this morning.

We are in for a long Winter. :-(

This was the hooked house I started a few weeks ago.
My version of a stately colonial home. 

I decided to leave it on my frame.
I also decided not to finish it,
but rather leave it here on the table 
next to my tree.
The little colonial light gives it a pretty glow.
Although hooked rugs did not make
 an appearance until the 1800's,
I just imagine our foremothers
hooking by candlelight.
The other hooked houses
 are already on my tree.

Finally this is my version of 
a Swedish log cabin of the 1700's.
Yes folks the Swedes 
were also here in Colonial America.
They settled in
 Delaware, Pennsylvania  and New Jersey
They called their settlements
"New Sweden"

With the snow falling,
it reminded me of Christmas
so I decided to turn the lights on
just in our living room.

It is cozy with the fireplace, 
lights and yummy candle lit.

Did this past snowstorm affect you? 

 House Happening Blessings To All!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Meow Monday


The show was a fun one.
I sold lots of product and the ladies
I sat next to were very friendly.
We kept talking to each other all of the time
in between customers.
My mom is in charge of this show.
She makes most of the food too.
Sloppy joes were sold out.
Also sold out was the 
Broccoli Cauliflower Carrot Cheesy soup.
My mom neighbor makes the chili,
and that sold out too!

Yesterday I worked Back Porch
so Bob could go out on a pic.
He found some stained glass lamps,
barrister bookcases and a huge grandfather clock.
We already sold one of the lamps.

Today it is supposed to snow all day.
It is snowing right now.
They are predicting 5-10 inches here.
I am staying put with a warm fire.
Mexican Chicken Chili for dinner tonight.
Am also going to try to finish those turkeys.
So sorry folks, but it seems
I never have the time I think I do.

Today I wanted to show you some kitty pics.

This is who greeted me 
when I got home one night from work.
Now this was late Summer 
when I took these two pics.

Our neighbors kitty named Keegan.
If you know what a creamsicle color is,
he looks like that.
Such a handsome boy!

This one I will claim. LOL
His name is Ace Of Hearts,
because he has a black heart on each side.
Ace for short.

My granddaughter Mikayla named Shadow.
When this wild kitty first came home to us,
he would constantly follow Peepers around.
Thus he was Peepers Shadow as Mikayla called him.  

Here is our dear sweet Peeps.
We lost him in 2017.

I decided to hook a tribute rug of him.

Here is the full rug. It will remain hung 
in our back room.
We still miss you Peeps.

Ace showing off.

The boys laying around...
just before starting a spat.

Can you tell Shadow is a daddy's boy?
When Bob lays on the couch with a blanket,
it is Shadow who snuggles up to him.

Ace is our Investigator.
Anything new that comes in,
he has to jump inside.
Whether it be a cabinet or one of my
Christmas bins...he needs to investigate it.
Do I have your stamp of approval on this one Ace?

Best buddies....most of the time.

In other news,
I won Danice's Blog Anniversary giveaway.

Lots of goodies arrived for me to enjoy!
I love everything Danice!
 Bob lit the candle right away.
I did have to stop him as I wanted to take a pic.

Please visit Danice's blog at
She creates very amazing quilts.

Well off to work on turkeys.
No work today for so glad 
I do not have to drive in the snow today.

Let us all remember our Veterans today too.
They sacrificed all for us to be free.

Meow Monday Blessings To All!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Red Anjou

Red Bartlett
If you have never heard of these fruit names,
I am talking about red juicy pears.

These are the fabrics I chose from my stash
to create the pears for my
Partridge In A Pear Tree
Christmas Tree.

I created a pattern and hand sewed
my pears during my lunch hours at work.


A finished one.
Well almost finished.
It did have a real stick for the stem.
Plus a green wool leaf.

I had fun making these!

Also had fun adding them to my tree!

Soon I will show you the entire tree.

In other news.
Our home will not be on 
the Christmas tour this year.
Apparently another house that was chosen
for the tour had to back out,
and since that house was close to ours,
the ladies of the Historical Society
chose 2 more houses North of town. 
We are South of town.

I won't lie,
I was very disappointed when Bob told me.
However, we will be hosting a few
parties here, so all that I have done
was not done for nothing.
Plus if any of my blog friends want to 
see our house,
send me an email, and I will give
a personal tour.

I am 85% done decorating,
and need to be finished by Dec 7th,
which is our first party.

I had chosen not to light anything
until I am finished....
 for almost 2 months now,
nothing has been lit.
However last night I made Bob  
put one of the timers on with garland and lights
on the one doorway through to the kitchen.
Now I am itching to turn all of the lights on.
I will wait a few more weeks though.

With the snow we got yesterday morning,
it seems like Winter is here already
even though the calender still says Autumn.

Taking a half day off work today.
Heading to my mom's after Bob and I do lunch.
Looking forward to this craft show...
since I have not done it for many years now.

Red Pear Blessings To All!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

November CupboardScape

Hello friends!
November is here now.
Temps are getting much colder.
Changed the clocks...which I am not fond of.
Where my mom lives is getting snow today.
Just an hour North of us.

This month's CupboardScape
is a mish mash 
of all that reminds me
of my gramma B's farm this time of year.

Nuts, pumpkins, and corn.

Wild turkeys in the fields.

The wild grasses turning colors.

I so love the colors this time of year.

The turkeys are very smart.
They are fast and can actually fly.

They roost up in the trees.

Ben Franklin actually wanted the turkey
to be our National Bird,
as he thought this bird to be more courageous
than the eagle.

I do know that if they are in the road,
they expect you to wait for them.

In other news,
I almost have the four turkeys done.
They are painted, and I just need to finish
 them up and they will be ready for sale.

Am hoping to finish on Sunday as 
Saturday I will be doing a show in
my mom's town.

I know Winnie loves November,
with the temps cooler in Florida.
Does anyone else love this month?
Is anyone ready for the snow where you live?

Turkey Blessings To All!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Our Zombie Bartender

Happy weekend my friends.
Well November is here and we already
had snow on Halloween evening.
Bob and I were enjoying dinner at our
local restaurant after passing out candy,
and when it started to snow, the piano player
played a set of Christmas tunes.

Yesterday one of the radio stations
started playing Christmas tunes.

Everyone forgets about the turkey it seems.

Today I will be working the Urban Garage
whilst Bob sells his wares at his show in town
that he organizes.

Before I go, I wanted to show you these
awesome pics of our hostesses home
that we went to for that Halloween party.
This creepy piece was by her kitchen doorway.
It was used on the set of a local cable show
called the Grimms.
They were a husband and wife team
who talked and showed horror movies.

Posters were on every wall.
The only space not having a poster,
was where the tv was hanging.

This was our zombie bartender.

The drinks were on this showcase which
was filled with carnival memorabilia.
Notice the duck pond game in the background.
It is the real McCoy.

The fortune telling game.
It really gives out cards.

This neon palm reader sign.

Another carnival game with the red stripe fabric.

More of the framed posters,
from floor to ceiling.

A magician's table.
Our host is a real magician
who is in the Michigan Hall of Fame of Magicians.

I did not get a good picture of the books
on their fireplace,
but these are all over 100 years old
and deal with seances.

Look at those red velvet theatre seats.
Plus another neon sign and poster 
on the stair landing. 

Thank you Ron and Tracy
for a wonderful time!
Your house is 
and these pictures do not do it justice.

Zombie Blessings To All!