Monday, December 5, 2022

A Merry Mantle

 Happy Monday friends!

Today is my Merry Christmas mantle.

With more of my antique Santa's.

Plus this Santa I created from the 1990's.

The Santa theme goes with my Santa tree
in our living room.

In other news.
Saundra asked if I had another red mitten
from my aunt.
Yes, it is hanging from the handle of the dark cabinet. 

Jacky asked if our home 
had ever been in a magazine.
We were supposed to be featured in one.
Prelim pics were taken.
We were even told which issue it would  be in.
The photographer coming from Toronto
in 2019, was not allowed to cross the border.
This delayed the photo shoot....
then Covid hit.
I have not heard from the magazine since.

Mantle Blessings To All!

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Sweet Christmas Dreams


Tundra would like to welcome you all for a visit
to our Christmas bedroom this year.
Well actually he was telling me this.
"Hey mom I was trying to sleep here and you woke me up".

My antique feather tree has seen better days,
but I still love it.
I sold these grass bundles this year for Fall at the store.
Since I had a few left, I decided to add this
red ribbon to them here and at the store.
They look festive now.

All of the stockings I made.
The two on the end are from antique coverlet pieces.
The middle one was from wool.

This display is on the drysink.

I crocheted the garland many years ago now.
I put it up every year somewhere in the house.

The side table display.

Which is next to the chair this Christmas.

Bob moved the drysink from our back room
here so I could put my desk in back.

The one corner.

This suitcase was my dad's.
I will treasure forever.

 Sorry for the dark pic.

The hanging cabinet this Christmas.

One of the hooked houses I made.

On top of another cabinet.
Another antique feather tree.

Display on the side table by our bed.

My antique Santa and leather reindeer.

These signs I sold at the store last year.

This year I decided to add faux swags on both
sides of my quilt frame headboard.

A few of my quilts.
Bob might divorce me if I purchase any more. LOL
I just love red and blue ones.

Another corner.

On top of my brown cabinet I decided to place
Christmas items underneath my cloches.
Unfortunately it was a dark and dreary day 
when I decided to take these pics.
This is one of my antique Santas.

This is a small Christmas box

Egg carton Santa.

Pantry boxes with a red mitten
 my aunt made for me before she passed on.

This was that Santa underneath one of the cloches.
I pulled ot out for a better pic.

In other news, I went shopping at my
own antique store for my birthday.
I came across this Christmas box.

I love these old boxes. 
They dont make them like they use to.

I also found these 2 cute elves.
My grandkids loved when I hid larger elves
around the house for them to find.
I decided I might start to collect them.
These are smaller than my other ones.

The Mexican restaurant we went to was awesome.
Really authentic and good!
I had one chicken enchilada and a chile relleno.
Bob had a beef burrito, tostada and taco. 
He talked me into a margarita too!
We both had one.
Boy it was good and the food delish!

Dinner ended up being hot boneless wings
for the two of us as the burger restaurant
was packed. It was good for a plan B.

Thank you to those wishing me a happy birthday.
It was a Great one!

Well off to work the gift shop.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Sweet Christmas Dream Blessings To All!

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Getting Festive

 Happy Thursday  friends!
Today I wanted to be festive and show you
more Christmas at our gift shop.
Once again I am warning you there
are many many pics.
Hope you enjoy.

When I set this all up back in mid October,
I never thought that many items would
sell out in  a two week time... but they did.
Unfortunately I am unable to place more orders.
My orders have to be in by the end of January.
It really is a guessing game.
I do subscribe to a gift shop magazine
which tells me the trends and colors of the season,
however I still need to pick out my themes
before ordering as I have several wholesale
companies I deal with.
It can be daunting at times.
I do have my main them in mind at least for 
next year and am hoping my wholesalers 
will have what I am thinking about.
Otherwise back to the drawing board.
The new catalogs dont come out until 
a few weeks, so not much time.
Just a little back story on being a shopkeeper.

In other news,
Starting today I will be posting every other day
until almost Christmas.

Tomorrow Bob has a doctors appt.
I took the day off from work to take him.
Although he is improving,
he still gets tired in the afternoon.
Once we are done with that,
we plan on doing some Christmas shopping
and trying out a new Mexican restaurant.

It is also my birthday, so I decided I am not cooking
at all tomorrow. LOL
We will go to one of our burger joints for dinner.
Look forward to some chili and a hamburger.
I will be 64 years young.

Well off to eat dinner.
I made baked Mostaccioli tonight
with garlic bread.

Then watch some tv and crochet.

Hope everyone enjoys their evening!

Getting Festive Blessings To All!