Thursday, May 17, 2018

Whitening Up

~ It's Thursday ~
YAY...closer to Friday...YAY
Last night Bob and I went to dinner and a movie.
All at the same restaurant.
We wanted to go because the movie
was about haunted locations in our area.
Bob was disappointed because he wanted to see more ghosts.
I loved hearing the stories about the ghosts.
There was one part where they caught a black orb.
We both said the same thing when seeing that.
Black orbs are known to be evil.
It was caught in one of the rooms of the hotel
a few towns to the North of us.
We have eaten dinner there many times...
apparently there are many ghosts inside on all floors.
We NEVER knew.

Friday night the grands are coming over.
Saturday is our grand opening for 
The Candy Jar.
We have a coloring contest of our logo for all ages.
Four beach themed prizes for the winners,
with our mayor judging.
Face painting for kids.
Dollar off pound of candy.
Sales in most of the vendors antique booths.
Oh yeah and sidewalk chalk art to be done by the kids too.
We are looking forward to this.
Our local paper will also be there to write a story.

Sunday we are meeting friends to discuss
our 2nd annual Antique Vintage Marketplace 
show to be held in November.

Before I head off to work,
here is my Spring in the bedroom.
I chose white to be the flower color in here. 

I continued my white theme into the bathroom.

Plus added some pantry boxes.
The bottom wood piece is a wood sieve.

The rest of my week will be a busy one.

Today am leaving work at 2:30 for a co-workers
retirement party.
He worked at the company for 40 years.
That is a very long time.
Now he plans on playing more golf and
he and his wife will spend their Winter's 
in Southern Florida.
I wish him luck in his next adventure.
~ wish it were me retiring ~

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
No time for the weary for me. 

Whitening Up Blessings To All!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Patriotic Hooked Rug

Spring is finally here...but my mind is already
thinking about July 4th.

My drawing for this one.
I had originally thought of doing this one
as a circular chair pad....
but changed my mind.

Drawn onto linen,
this rug will only be 12 x 14

Colorful wooly worms cut
into 1/4 inch strips.
The golds on the left look more like limey green here.
The black looks gray, while the gray at the top right
looks green...what the heck camera???

This is the true color of the golds, black and gray.
I am so loving this little rug.
Also enjoy working on it with the windows open.

~Fast forward a week~

Our family likes to celebrate Mother's Day
on Saturday....and I think lately others are doing the same.
Restaurants were packed.

Bob and I went to breakfast for Mother's Day.
Then we went back to the store to bag up popcorn
my sister made and gave to us Saturday night.

I love her popcorn as it is kernel free...
and did I say addictive.
We were very good and did not eat one piece.

My daughter surprised me with a huge card.
My son gave me a funny card, a yummy candle,
and a bottle of Coca Cola.
Sometimes I just have to have my soda fix. LOL

Then in the afternoon I finished laundry, 
watched some of my taped tv shows,
while hooking more of my latest rug.

I am loving how this one is turning out!
However I would like 
to do a special finish to the edge.
I have an idea in my brain,
but would also love
suggestions from my hooking friends. 

Well Monday is here and it's off to work I go.

Patriotic Hooked Rug Blessings To All!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Creating A Spring Bedroomm

~ before I start this post~
want to wish mom of children and/ or pets a
Happy Mother's Day!
Weekend will be another busy one for me.
Tomorrow is Mikayla's birthday party.
Then of course us kids will be taking my mom out for dinner.

Today was not a Spring day at all.
We once again had sleet and then a cold rain the rest of the day.
Bob put a fire in the fireplace this evening,
just to keep us a bit more warm and cozy.
I so love the smell of different woods burning.

I also an loving what I did to our bedroom for Spring.

What I love about our red and blue bedroom,
is that it looks good for most of the seasons.

This quilt and linsey woolsey blanket
was in our in our closet.
I decided for Spring to add them here.
After all this is a quilt rack.

Summer coverlet back on the bed.
Although I still had our red flannels sheets on.
Once again Ace is in the pictures.
He is after all our investigator. LOL

Although this time Shadow approves too!

However Ace just wants me to leave, 
so he can take his afternoon nap.
Mom are you done now?

Almost Ace.
Just let me show my friends the red/ white quilts.
One more in the drysink, while another linsey wooley
on a smaller rack.

What will your weekend be?
Whatever it may be,
I hope it is a sparkly one, filled with love!

Spring Bedroom Blessings To All!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Yellow Can Be Prim

~ good morning friends ~

The color yellow reminds me of
~ gramma H's yellow Summer frock
~baby fuzzy chicks
~ goldfinches eating the seeds of sunflowers
~drinking lemonade under a warm sunny yellow sun

Can yellow be prim?
Why yes it can!

I continue with my yellow and white theme.
Yellow stone fruit with tiny white flowers.

Nighttime view.

Yes Ace
Even our sofa table is mustard yellow.
I took my gold striped flax bag 

added two pillows inside.

Yellow forsythia with pussy willows.

~sampler looks good once I added flowers to the crock~

A cozy Spring corner.
However no one is allowed to sit in this chair.
It is circa 1700's.

Real beeswax candles.

More yellow memories.

~the color of fresh laid straw
~golden wheat blowing in the breeze

Do you have any yellow memories?

Yellow Prim Blessings To All!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Yellow Spring Inspiration

Good Sunday morn to you!

Yesterday we celebrated 
Cinco De Mayo
Chicken Burritos
Mini Cheese Nacho Bites
Fruit Tacos for dessert
 Frozen Marguarita's.

I no longer watch the
Kentucky Derby or any other of the
Triple Crown races once I found out
what happens to horses that don't win big,
or too old to race.
They go to auction....
There is a farm about 10 minutes from our house.
The owners go to these auctions,
buy horses and bring them back here.
Once they have enough,
they put them into cattle trucks
and send them to Canada to be slaughtered.
I know because I've seen the horses
loaded into the truck and there also
is a local lady who started a rescue here as well.
She goes to the same auctions and tries
her best to buy some of the horses to live
out their lives on her farm.
Closer to Mexico, they are shipped there.
It is a terrible sport where no one knows the
ugliness that goes beyond the actual races itself.
These horses did not ask for this...
yet most meet the same fate.
Over 130,000 horses a year are slaughtered.
Even the ASPCA wants this to stop.
It will only stop, if 
We stop supporting horse racing.
I no longer do.

Enough of my soap box.

Today I would like to show you
another fast flower arrangement. 

THis one was inspired by my yellowware bowls.

I am using my tool caddy...
but any wood box or metal milk container will do.

I am also using my ginger beer bottles.
Beer was bottled in these crocks 
before glass bottles were invented.

Placed all of my ginger bottles inside.
There are 8 of them.

Then I added white and yellow pansies.
One of the first flowers of Spring here.

I then decided to add my rag rug underneath.
It is mainly white with some gold in it too.

On top of our pumpkin pine cabinet.
Pine trees have this orange color to them
when a tree that was over 100 years old was milled.
You won't see this anymore, 
because they don't let trees get this old. 

In front of the cabinet remain to yellow childrens chairs.
The left was grandson Mickey's
and the right was granddaughter Mikayla's.
Yes they use to sit in these chairs.
I still have kept them 
even though they are now 15 and 11.

Well off to make breakfast for Bob.
Then work on my latest rug...
and in the afternoon go work the store with Bob.

What did you do this weekend?

Spring Sunday Blessings To All!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Peepers Rug Tribute

Hope everyone is having a great week!
Here in Michigan we finally have Spring.
It is nice to have the windows open
listening to the frogs and crickets.
A beautiful sound!

Today I reveal the finished rug.
My tribute to our Peepers kitty.

Peepers was a sweet kitty.
He was born in our home on 
and was the runt of the litter.
I had adopted a female cat from my neighbor,
and found out after I took her in that she
 was going to have kittens.
I wanted another kitty for Tanner to have a friend.
Did not know she was pregnant when I 
decided to adopt her.
She hated Tanner. They never got along.
I thought it was because she was pregnant.
Nope, she hated him even after having
the kittens.
Tanner liked 2 of the 4 kittens.
I could not choose which of the two to keep,
so I kept Riley and Peepers.
Sable the female cat and the other 2 kittens,
found good homes.

Unfortunately Riley did not live that long.
It still haunts me to this day that the
emergency vet may have 
misdiagnosed him on purpose.
After I put him to sleep,
 I found out they went bankrupt.
I was devastated because now I wonder
even to this day
 if they just told me nothing could be done
just to get more money out of me.

Tanner still had Peepers.
Instead of the 3 Musketeers,
it was now the Dynamic Duo.
Until we rescued Ace....
Then the fun began again.
Until Tanner left us.
Then we rescued Shadow.
He was a wild kitten my co-worker found.
We love our cats.
Would love to have another dog,
but we are not home enough,
so it would not be fair to the dog...
thus we have kitties.

Up close of the wool I used.

The flower.

When you hear a bell ring...
and angel gets their wings.

I decided to add the bell because my lil
Peepers is now and angel alongside his
buddy Tanner.

I chose the diamonds as he was
the diamond in our lives.

A wonderful tribute to our kitty Peepers,
who like Tanner and Riley 
will always be remembered
in our hearts.

Until we meet again.

A Peepers Tribute To All!

Monday, April 30, 2018


~Well done is better than well said~
[Benjamin Franklin]

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Mine was spent freshening up 
our humble abode for Spring.
More to come on what I did later on.

Today I reveal a new sampler I finished.

My love of Samplers came as a teen
when gramma B took me to the five and dime...
A five & dime was like the dollar store today.
Any hoot, gramma B bought me a cross stitch kit
of a sampler which was stamped in blue ink.
It took me most of the Summer to stitch that piece,
but it began my love of them.

This early sampler I have hanging in our living room.
It was a birthday present from Bob one year.
I know it is early because of the fabric,
but unfortunately the year was damaged...
so I do not know the year it was made.

I purchased this one at an auction
many moons ago.
I still love it even though it is only 70 years old!

This one I made for myself in the 1980's.
Since I love bunnies..
this is still a favorite of mine as well.

A new one I just finished.
I purchased the pattern from
Notforgotten Farm
last year... and finally finished it.

Framed in a farmhouse look frame.

Hung it up in our back room.

Later I will reveal my Spring flowers
that I added in my crock underneath.
This is why I hung it higher up...
as I like to add flowers for the seasons.

I am also finished with my Peepers rug,
and will show off later on.
Drawing out a new one for the Fourth of July.
Also working on my Soldier fellow.
After all I do like to start my
July 4th decor in May.
Yes I am weird as my family says!

Do you like to decorate for the Seasons?
I get it from my mom.
She does it too!
Just on a smaller scale than I do.

Sampler Blessings To All!