Friday, September 21, 2018

An Autumn Shelf

TGIF my friends.
Woo Hoo for the weekend!

This year I decided to do 
an Autumn Blue and Gold theme
for our back room.
I just pulled in items throughout
our house to complete this new look.

Above is the shelf Bob made
when we renovated this room;
and this  is how it looked for Spring & Summer.
With my mom living with us,
I never did change anything up.
Did I tell you she is back home now?
I took her home 2 weeks ago,
but not sure if I told you all.
She is doing fine once again.
Thank you all for your well wishes for her.
It was greatly appreciated. 
Anyway, back to my post.

My new Autumn Blue & Gold look.
The following pics are just
close ups of each of the items.

Blue tick fabric,
a blue & gold coverlet piece,
and the book is bound in a gold color.

Blue swirl berry bucket 
in between some yellow fabric pears.

Pitchers of all sizes.

With blue and gold.

Each a bit different.

Same with my collection of mini bowls.

Again in blues and golds.

These bowls are usually tucked away 
in our kitchen cabinet. 

The pitchers are also in the kitchen 
on another shelf Bob made me.

I love how I can change up a room
by just moving things around.

More blues & golds
will be making an appearance
 in upcoming posts.
Stay tuned.

What are your plans for the weekend?
I will be finishing up some goodies
for an upcoming giveaway.
Stay tuned for that.
Then will be transferring my drawing to linen,
and hooking up an Autumn rug.
Oh Bob will be moving furniture
for me so I can finish up
 my blue/ gold theme Autumn room.
Then we have to go shop for a new tv...
our big one died on us this week. :-(

Hope you all have a wonderful Autumn weekend.

An Autumn Shelf Blessings To All!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

September CupboardScape

Good morning all!
With the burst of Summer we have had again,
It sure does not seem like Autumn is arriving.
The only thing outside which tells me Autumn is near
are the acorns hitting my neighbors roof.
While the squirrels are fighting over them.

As I said a few posts ago,
for this month's CupboardScape,
I decided to feature the items that Linda gifted me.

Simply Blessed was one of those gifts...
and I truly do feel blessed.
God gave me the gift to draw and decorate,
and although I did not take my talent 
to make a living as a designer or an artist,
I so love creating for all of you.
It's your wonderful comments that keep me going.

Linda also gifted me with these wooly blue pieces.
Once I take down this CupboardScape,
they will be tucked away with my other wool,
for a future project.
Thank you again Linda.
I love them all!!!

So with this trencher display,
I wanted to show that you can
 mix faux with fabric.
I used faux apples with fabric pears.
Plus since red and blue compliment each other,
the blue wool fits perfectly!

I purchased this handmade jar from Marie (OLM)
many moons ago, and I am still over the moon over it.

This is my only ovoid blue slip crock.
It is especially special 
because I purchased it from a friend
and because it has handles which are not broken.

I usually keep this beauty on a shelf 
in the guest bedroom so as nothing happens to it.
It is that special to me. 

This month it is out and holding
grass and pears.

The blue bonnet in the middle is an antique,
while the two on each end are hand made.

This month I decided to keep things simple.

A bounty of fruit and bonnets.

In other news,
I participated in Amy's swap and had
 so much fun sending out surprise gifts to both
Jessica and Amy.
Please stop by Amy's blog to join in her latest swap.

Bountiful Blessings To All!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

My Love Of Horses

Bob and I are back from our buying trip.
Boy it sure was hot where we were.
Bob found a friend who was talking to him...
well grunting you might say.
It was a cute micro pig and he wanted
 to take it home. 
I reminded him that we have kitties. LOL

Found lots of goodes for the store...
and some for me.
We will save our new found items
for our next show in November
which will be in the town
 where our store is located.

With my grandparents having horses on the farm,
my parents had me on ponies and horses
since I was 3 years old.
I loved horses then...and still do now.
Just in different ways.

Grampa H had a pair of strawberry roan Belgiums.

Grampa B had a white stallion named Lightning.
That horse was mean and would go after
 anyone in his pasture.
I would have to run and get on Star's back
as fast as I could. 
Once on her back, Lightning left me alone.

I mostly rode Star bareback,
with no saddle or bridle.
Grandpa B would always yell at me
 to get off if he saw me on her...
but once he was outta sight, I would get right back on.

With my love of horses,
I had to purchase this one once I saw it.
It is now 1 of 3 that I own...and much cheaper
to own than a real one. :-)

It was well loved for sure.

The leather saddle is rough, 
however you can see the straw that filled it. 

Night time view.

My new one in the background.
My Christmas wish is to order a new loveseat,
since this one is so stained, 
I now cover it with this crocheted blanket.
Santa, I promise I have been good this year. :-)

I think my new horse fits right in.

My nephew and wife in Charlotte, NC
 left and went to Cleveland,
While my other nephew and wife
from Hickory, NC are hunkering down.
I hope they will be safe.
Please say a wee prayer for those who have been
affected by this monster storm.

My Love Of Horses Blessings To All!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Holly Goodness

Well the days are getting shorter for sure.
It is dark in the morning now when I wake up.
The chill is in the air each morning,
where I have to wear a light jacket.
The squirrels are busy gathering their nuts.

Although the show was not that good,
there was so much eye candy
at the Holly Prim show.
Wish I had a bigger house.
I will let the pictures say it all.

It was so much fun seeing Marie again.
For those of you who may not know her,
she is the famous OLM
Olde Lady Morgan.
Marie is on the left, I to the left.
I was both very tired & sweaty.

She was once again
 honored to be on the cover of
 Prims Magazine.

Congratulations Marie!

The following pics were from our booth.

This is a sugar chest.
In earlier times sugar was such a commodity,
that folks were known to lock it.
I love this one with the drawer too.

That pheasant kept looking at me all weekend,
that I am kind of glad no one bought it.
I am going to use it in one of my Autumn displays.

If I had any more walls....
this would have stayed home too.
Bob can we add onto the house?

I did not have a big enough table 
to put all of my goodies out.

Although the show was not as good 
as others in the past,
it was still fun seeing old friends again!
I also did purchase two new goodies,
and lots of wool.
I have the bug to hook again.

Please say a wee prayer for those folks
that are in the path of the hurricane.
I cannot even fathom the intensity of it all.
We here in Michigan once were hit with 
the tail end of a Nor'Easter and those winds
were something I must say...
so am glad hurricanes don't come up here. 
My 2 nephews live in North Carolina,
so I am on the phone each day with my sister,
to see what their plans are.
They live more North, but one
is afraid of the creek rising and flooding.

It's off to work for me. 
Hope you all have a great day!

Holly Goodness Blessings To All!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Autumn Woolies

Happy Sunday my friends! 
We are back from the show.
It was not as good as those in the past.
Crowd and sales were down...
but Bob and I still had fun with friends.
Plus I did score on a few finds....
which in my opinion is always a good thing. LOL
(Not to Bob though) 

With the days getting shorter,
I have warm wools on my mind.
I even brought out our wool blanket
for the couch.

So I decided to whip up some of these.

Great Autumn colors.

Warm white, harvest orange and brown.

A quilt pattern in the round.

Well hello Ace.
Is naptime over?
If I leave this cabinet open just a tad,
Ace feels this is the place to hang out and sleep.

Back to my post.
I decided to make a few of these candle mats,
because our candles will be coming back 
into the store soon as we found a new distributor.
Cannot wait!

A second color completed.

Blue outer band.
Browns and orange.

We will be selling the smaller size candles.
however these mats with be good 
for the larger candles too!

The our band on each mat is the color 
on the backside. 
If you want to use all year round,
just turn it over.

Blue, brown look.

Warm white look.

Smells like my cinnamon rolls are ready
to come out of the oven.

Afterwards will be starting some more Autumn
in our home.
Then working on my snow lady.

What's on tap for your Sunday?

Autumn Wooly Blessings To All!