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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Getting In The Fall Groove

Autumn is fast approaching,
Monday to be exact.
The leaves are already falling here.
Is this a sign?

Pears are in season
and the Chinese lanterns are blooming.

These pears and lanterns are all faux.
I decorate with faux items 
so as not to harm my kitties.

Yummy wools are also making an appearance.

We moved our tv from this cabinet to the table 
that was usually here in this corner.

I actually like it better here now.

So it probably will stay.

It seems someone else likes it here too!
Sorry Ace.
 I didn't mean to disturb your naptime.
Actually I had no idea he was even there
until I started doing this close up pic
of the Chinese Lanterns on the horse runner.
If looks could kill.....

Do your pets sleep on your furniture?

Before I leave for work,
I want to thank those who purchased my goodies,
and those in the process.
It warms my heart that you love my creations!

Fall Groove Blessings To All!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

For The Love Of Candycorns

Good Sunday Morning to all!
Bob and I spent some more time finishing up
our store Halloween window.
It is looking sweet!

Today I wanted to show you a few things
I made for our show which I have a few left. 
I made a bunch of these hooked candy corns.
I had fun hooking these.

Each one was a different color mixture
of yellow, white and orange.

Each were backed with the same
 orange wool and stuffed.

I have four left for sale.
Each are $25.00 + shipping.
Second tan one on left sold.
Size is 9 inches high
and 6 1/2 inches across at the bottom.

Then I created this candy corn.

Plus this one.

Finally this one.


This finished piece.

Created into a pillow.
Kindly asking $20.00 + shipping
This one is 7 x 5 inches

If interested in any of these,
please email me at

In other news,
I am working on turkeys that I promised.
Will let you know once completed.

Today will be re-arranging furniture
once again with Bob's help.

Since it is a bit chilly here in Michigan this morning,
Beef Vegetable Soup will be our dinner tonight,
Paired with some Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Do you like soups/ chilis in colder weather?

Candycorn Blessings To All!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Perfect Purchases

My post begins with these wonderful
cotton spun ornaments that
I purchased from my friend Marsha.

These will be added to my others for 
my Christmas tree this year.

I also spotted this Santa to add to my collection.

Then I went gaga for this wool.
The grays and red of the Santa
 look so good together.
I was thinking of hooking a bunny.
Hmmm...maybe a hooked Santa is in the future,
with the grays as the background

Then there were these blues and blacks.
Wool is hard to come by here in Michigan...
or at least were I live.
So I pick it up wherever I can find it.

Next the piece de resistance.

My friend Robin
The Parson's Wife
had this in her booth.
So glad I also spotted this red Beauty!
Thank you Robin for giving me a deal on this!

It has some wear....but.....

for 122 years old....
it is in pretty good shape if I say so myself!
It is safe under glass and I even 
love the old frame.

I so believe these were perfect purchases
for me.

Tuesday night a tornado warning
was posted for my mom's town.
I called her up to see if she knew,
and fortunately I woke her up.
She said she did not want to go to her shelter,
but would lay down in the tub of her interior bath.
I thought she should go underground,
but it was her decision. 
I called her back this morning and she was fine.
Thank goodness.

Leaving work yesterday the sky to the South;
the direction I was heading to go home,
was all green.
Lightning everywhere with rain
coming down faster than the sewer drains 
could take it.
Roads were flooded and I had to drive slow.
For half an hour it was like that.
Horrible weather.

Last night Bob and I also started our
store Halloween window.
This year's theme is an indoor funeral home.
Wait til you see what we do!

Do you decorate for Autumn, Fall or both?

Perfect Purchases Blessings To All!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Holly Show Pics

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
Bob and I vended at the Holly, MI.
primitive show.
What a fantastic show it was again!
I will let the pictures tell the story.

A few pics from one of my friends Earlene.

Bobbie's booth.

The following pictures were of our booth.
We did not take much this year.
Prims are getting hard for us to find lately.
Plus Bob's had a bad case of vertigo
 just as we were
loading up for the show.
We still had a good show though!
Sold two pieces of furniture.

I also brought some goodies home with me.
Will show in another post.
One is a real beauty!

Fall Show Pic Blessings To All!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Night Time Carriage Ride

TGIF my friends!
While we were in Marshall, MI for
our 10th wedding anniversary,
we decided to go on a horse drawn carriage ride.
Our driver picked us up from the restaurant
and once the tour was done brought us back
to the inn we stayed at.
The evening was a nice one!
I forgot to take a picture of said horse and driver.
What was I thinking????

It was a 2 1/2 hour ride.
He took us around the old section of town.
This house reminded me of the Addams Family house.

This magnificent home once housed
 the town jail in the basement.
Was told the current owner just replaced the pillars.
Each costing $25,000.00.
The jail cells are still in the basement too.

I do not remember the history of this one.
So sorry.

This one the original owners practiced
black magic and killed their groundskeeper.
They say his ghost still is seen on the grounds
on certain evenings.  

Our first capital building was in Detroit 
when Michigan was admitted to the US.
After one of the wars with the French,
they decided to move the capital more inland.
Marshall, Michigan and Lansing, Michigan
were the two contenders for the spot.
A local congressman who lived in Marshall
had this home built for the future governor,
as he was sure the capital would be moved
to his town.
As luck would have it, the voters chose Lansing,
because the land was more cheaper than Marshall.
So here sits a governor's mansion which was never used.
It is currently just used for tours now.

Our tour took us into the local cemetery
just before dark.
We were told these monuments were those
men who belonged to the Mason's.
{the tall one in the middle}
We saw them everywhere in this cemetery.
Even at home now 
I see these monuments in our local cemetery.

Now this is a sad story.
Sometime in the 1800's a witch was hung in this
cemetery plot.
Before they hung her though,
they built the entire exterior 
of this burial plot out of stone 
to look like wood logs.
They even built a tree trunk
 out of stone in the middle.
A stone chair was also built in the back.
A real tree was in the middle of this plot,
and once they hung the woman,
the townsfolk cut the tree down,
 buried her and placed the stone tree trunk
on top of her grave.
At the time they felt if she was amongst wood,
 she would be able to escape.
So sad.

I thought the carving on this headstone
was amazing, so I took this pic.

Finally we came to this site.
The fireflies were just starting to come out
and it was a bit magical.
Bob asked if this area was for more graves
in the future.
Our tour guide said it was Potter's Field,
and it was full of graves.
Marshall was both a stagecoach stop as
well as a railroad stop.
Sometimes folks passed away on a trip.
If they did not know who they were,
they were buried here in their Potter's Field.

Lots of history in this town
and we loved our visit!

Again so sorry for not taking pics
of our horse, carriage and tour guide.
It was an open carriage.

This was a ghost tour carriage ride.
It was interesting hearing the ghost stories....
and we saw no ghosts.

They do carriage Christmas rides
that visit all of the mansions 
all decked out for Christmas too!

Carriage Ride Blessings To All!