Sunday, July 15, 2018

For The Love Of Wood

Happy Sunday my dear friends.
Oh the mugginess has returned once again.
We were hoping for some much needed rain
yesterday, but alas it went just South of us.
Why is it that we complain when it is cold,
and then we complain when it is hot. LOL
Guess its the human in me.

Today I wanted to show you a few of
my favorite wood pieces.
It was hard to pick, therefore
these are just random. 

Hope you enjoy!

Flax Winder

Early Wall Apothecary

Breadboards and Wood Paddle
on top of my stove.

Pie Peels and Wood Box
on my kitchen counter.

Wood Rack with Hooks
{Plus part of my wood white cabinet}

What are your favorite wood pieces?

For The Love Of Wood Blessings To All!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fresh Crisp Window

Good morning everyone!
Mid Week is finding the mugginess coming back.
The air will be back on once again.

Gramma H always loved her white linen.
I have been thinking more about her linens lately.
Wondering where they went after she passed.
Wishing I could have them right now.
Maybe that's why lately I have been drawn
 more to linen than ever before.

I decided to add linen for my bath curtain.
Could not find any white curtain rings,
so I purchased some silver ones.
Then I spray painted them white to match the rod.

Waited until the linen fabric on the bolt at Joann's
was at 50% then purchased this linen.
The ribbon lace was also on sale.

I did machine sew the edges of the linen
 so as not to fray,
however the lace was hand sewn.
Lace sewn just on the bottom.

A somewhat finished look.

Yes I did say somewhat as I plan 
on adding another layer to this.
I thought this was a bit too simple...
but I did not have enough time to 
finish in one day.

Day Two.
I was perusing the photos 
of my grandparents wedding poses.
Back in the early 1900's,
and lace was all the rage.
Both Gramma H and Gramma B's veils
were long and frilly lace.
They were beautiful!
So once again I went to Joann's. 

 I purchased 3/4 of a yard of this lace. 

Once again I sewed the ribbon lace onto the lace,
This overlay of lace reminded me
of my Gramma's wedding veils.

Imagine the end of a veil in this shape.

It was Gramma H's love of French linen
and both my Gramma's wedding veils
 that inspired this window treatment.

My mom loved it and the story behind it!

Speaking of mom,
she is getting stronger each day.
She starts out-patient therapy next week.
We walk 10 minutes a day.
She walks with her cane each morning...
and hopefully soon se can lose the walker.

Fresh Crisp Window Blessings To All!

Monday, July 9, 2018

July CupbpardScape

Happy Monday to all of you my sweet friends!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
The white flag of truce
came in the form of the drop in temperature
over the weekend.
It was a relief that the battle of the heat 
was somewhat least for now.
It's unfortunate return is due back today. 

For this month's CupboardScape
I had to really put my thinking cap on,
since not getting into the attic for my 
July 4th decor.

I had this paper which I was going to use
for one of my July 4th trees...
which did not happen this year.

I made these patriotic paper flowers.

With white hydrangeas and the flowers of the wreath,

Added some other red in the form
of my baking tins,

Blue in the Loyl Coffee can, and blue slip crocks.

The end resulting in a most
spontaneous off the cuff display
I have ever created.

Improv Blessings To All!

Friday, July 6, 2018

How I Celebrated July 4th

Good morning sweet friends!
While many of you were having fun 
celebrating our Nation's 242nd birthday,
I was spending a quiet day at home with my mom.
Bob was working at the store,
so I did some laundry, started the ribs in the slow cooker,
made potato salad and devilled eggs for later.
Also made a cherry cheesecake for dessert.
Just before Bob came home,
I put the ribs on the grill and some chicken
for my mom...she does not like any pork products.
Not even bacon...can you believe that?
We enjoyed our July 4th dinner at home
with my dear FIL, mom and Bob!

So while I was waiting for Bob's arrival,
I decided to create one July 4th item.
Something I had wanted to do for awhile now.

Using some linen, 
blue tick fabric and this red stripe fabric.

While drinking iced tea and watching
Hallmark movies.
{mom loves this channel}
She does not get it at her house.

Did you notice my star tea strainer.
I have had this for many years now.

Since I work full time,
I don't often get the chance to sit and sew often...
and sit and sew I did that day.

This was a Pinterest inspired idea.
Just a simple flag pillow.

Just a little bit of July 4th decor.
Finished on our nation's birthday.

I will keep this pillow out for awhile.

How did you celebrate our Nation's birthday?
Post July 4th Blessings To All!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 4th Revisited

For the

Today I just wanted to 
revisit July 4th past.
Hope you enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed July 4th past.
Enjoy the holiday my friends,
and most of all stay safe.

July Fourth Blessings To All!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Red And Juicy

Red Strawberries.
I have always associated the month of June
as the season of the strawberry.
Although this is the last day of the month,
I wanted to feature one of my 
favorite fruits.

I grow my own along with rhubarb,
and always enjoy making a strawberry rhubarb pie.
{homemade fabric strawberries I made}

Fresh Red and Juicy ones! 

Gramma H also had strawberries on the farm.
I enjoyed picking them with her...
but the birds always managed to get a few. 
{I stitched this strawberry pillow a few years ago}

My mom also had a strawberry patch...
still does, and this year my aunt had to to put the 
mesh over the patch to save from the birds 
since my mom's accident.
My mom always makes strawberry jam.
Love it!
{prim doll I created wearing a strawberry necklace}

Finally this Strawberry sign.
We have had this double sided sign hanging in 
our store since we opened.
Almost daily someone has wanted to purchase it.
Only for Bob to say if 
"If I sell this I won't have a home to go back to."

Well I decided to have Bob 
bring it home the other day.
Once Bob hangs it...I will show it again.

Getting ready for my brother to bring my mom
here today.
The in home nurse will also pay a visit.
Then my brother and SIL
will join Bob and I and son Matt for a BBQ later.

For those affected with this recent heat wave,
please stay safe inside and stay hydrated.

Red & Juicy Blessings To All!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Display

Hello friends.
Wanted to share with you
an easy peasy display.
Happy Hump Day!
Where is the week going?

I had these half pint milk bottles
collecting dust....
so I thought what can I do
 to put them to good use.

After cleaning them 
I placed them on my kitchen window sill.

Added water and placed some faux flowers inside each.

The water is to make you think the flowers are real
Did it work? :-)

My view out this window changes
all of the time.

Sometimes there are deer along the fence line,
turkeys, bunnies, squirrels...and the neighbors cat.
Birds galore.
At night the fireflies fill the trees out back.

Now I have something else to look at this Summer.
My pretty faux milk bottle flowers.

{now if I could only get Bob to clean up 
his mess on the right side of our yard}

In other news, my mom will be coming to stay
with Bob and I for awhile starting Saturday.
She will have in house therapy 3 times per week.
Once she is comfortable she will go home.
For now she will have a place to stay and heal.

Summer Display Blessings To All!