Friday, July 21, 2017

Boney Shell

Hello all. Are you glad its Friday?
Well yesterday's root canal did not go as planned.
In fact after two hours patiently sitting in the chair,
my dentist tells me he is referring me to a specialist.

W H A T ? ? ?

You've got to be kidding?

Were the two statements I made to myself.

Yep, he was not able to complete the procedure.
It was too infected and he thought he would
compromise my bone structure.

Today I prepared myself for the worst.
I probably was going to lose my tooth.

The surgeon today was very thorough.
He explained every part of the procedure.
Stopped every now and then to make sure I was ok.
Showed me before and after xrays.
However this time after two hours,
not only did he finish the root canal,
but he saved my tooth.
I came home and slept for a bit,
and if not for the squirrel cheek, I would be fine.
I have to take amoxicillan and ibuprofen and
rinse my mouth twice a day with this medicine,
but will live the tale.

Unlike my dear fellow the skeleton key.
He is my latest creation, and I thought most
fitting to add into my boney tooth tale (post).
You see I lost quite a bit of bone from the infection,
and now it is filled with collagen.

Well friends, off to the store with Bob for a bit
to check up on things and then going out for dinner.

Skeletal Boney Blessings To All!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Garden Glory

To say that I am tired tonight is an understatement.
I am spent, pooped out and drained.
Between work, therapy and this tooth it has become
quite exasperating.

Besides our gorgeous river,
my front garden makes me happy though,
so let me get to my happy place.

Autumn Joy Sedum is telling me that
Autumn is just around the corner.

The butterflies are loving their bush.

Hummingbirds and dragonflies love the honeysuckle.
{Above the petunias on the trellis}

Orioles, Jays, Sparrows and Goldfinch to name a few
are enjoying their bath.

I have also spotted the hummers at this butterfly bush too.

Creeping Thyme is just starting 
to show off it's purple flowers.

Hydrangeas are popping out as well.

As Autumn approaches our Dogwood will once again
lose it's leaves and show off it red twigs.

For now the Geraniums are bursting in red.

While our garden bunnies watch over the real bunnies
as they come in at dusk.
{looks like my birdbath is off kilter a wee bit}

How does your garden grow?
Is it in it's splendor?

Have a triumphant evening my friends.
It's off to the couch for me.

Garden Glory Blessings To All!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hag Witch

The moon has awoken,
with the sleep of the sun.
The light has been broken,
the spell has begun.

{Author Unknown}
Hello my friends!
Hope everyone is enjoying the rest of the weekend.
Am doing my regular chores this morning,
and will spend my afternoon stitching.
I have been perusing my small wool stash,
and decided to work a bit with my wool.
Sneak peek at the end of this post.

Today's post with feature my latest witch.
Simply called 

She is ready for the full moon.

With her primitive broom stick.

Her black check dress is perfect
for night outings.

She loves hiding out amongst the gourds.

Tending to her garden during the day.

But as the evening grows dark,
she looks to the sky for an evening flight.

So if you see her up in the air.
Just remember its her time of night!

Now as promised...this is my stitching for today.

No hoop, just some free hand Autumn goodness,
that will be stitched to this tan flowered fabric I found.
An Autumn pillow which will be sold at my show.

Oh yeah...I also wanted to show you the tile for
our bathroom.

The star pattern will be our floor.
The stone will be the floor in the shower.
Subway tile all over with a black stripe in the middle.

I had every intention of going classic black and white,
however when I saw spoke to me.

The color is more like a gray green,
and has this old world charm.
Perfect for the prim antiques I want to include in this room.

Cousin Jimmy our contractor is coming over tonight
for dinner and then will look over our dimensions...
tile to be ordered this week sometime.
Looking forward to having this completed soon.

Well my friends off to stitch.
Hope you find yourself doing something fun today!
Let me know what's in store for your day.

Hag Blessings To All!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

River Life

Good evening sweet friends!
WOOHOO for Friday.
I know I am getting ahead of myself,
but so glad it will be here.
So my dentist appointment yesterday
was not good news.
I have to have a root canal done next Thursday.
Hopefully all will go well,
because the tooth that needs fixin' is already capped.
Thank you to those who were concerned about me.
I am doing as well as can be.
I am on meds, but my tooth still throbs.

Tonight I would like to show you pictures of our vacation.
Our stay-cation that is.

You see where we live,
folks actually do come here for vacation.

We spent the afternoon and early evening right on our dock.
Taking in all of God's glory.
{little white circle in the sky is the moon coming up}

Bob doing what he loves best on our river.

The sky was so beautiful that evening.

With the moonshine glistening on the water.

The next morning we decided to go do it again.
Coast Guard cutter sailed by.

Then this lake freighter.

Right in front of the dock.

See you next time.

Bob's catch of the day.
A big ole bass...he released it back.

I so love our big blue river.
The color is different every day.
My drive to work and back along our St Clair River
consists of almost the entire length.

Every day I see different birds or animals, or both.

Tuesday many murders of crows.
Reminded me that Autumn is just around the corner.

Wednesday two families of swans.
One family where the babies all just got their white feathers.
The other family where one baby was gray and the other
one was just turning white.

Today another family of swans in a different part of the river.
Also a bevy of doves, a gaggle of Canadian Geese 
and one Seagull.

Our stay-cation plans changed when
 the grands did not come.
Even though we were disappointed, we made the best of it.

Do you have a sweet stay-cation spot where you live?
Where do you like to vacation?

River Life Blessings To All!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kitty Tales

Good evening sweet friends.
It's been a long few days for me getting back 
into the swing of things at work.
Now I have this throbbing tooth...
which I made an emergency appt in the morning.

For those of you that have kitties,
you will relate to my stories.

If you have two or more, 
they would snuggle together.
{right Ashes}

Then in an instant they are fighting.
{right Cinder}

They look innocent only to find that they chewed
on your plastic ziplock bags or embroidery floss.
{right Ace}

They will meow and beg for food just like a dog.
{right Shadow}

They will sleep most of the day and race
around the house at night.

A sign that they are comfortable in their surroundings
is when they lay on their back and show off their belly.
{right Ace}

Another sign is when they lay on the floor and make 
you go around them.
{right Shadow}

Sometimes they stare at you like you are the crazy one.
{right Peepers}

Then there were times that they climbed in bed
like they owned it and would give you the sad eyes.
Like c'mon mom we can share the bed.
{like my Tanner use to do}
Still miss you Tanner Fat boy.
I know you are trying to weasel your way
 into someone's bed up in heaven.

I finished up my Cinder kitties,
and they will be off to the show along with Ashes.

For those who are cat guardians know what what
I am talking about.
For those who do not have cats, 
they do have different personalities.

Do have any kitty tales you would like to share?

Off to lay down and try not to think about my tooth.

Kitty Tale Blessings To All!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Quaint Antique Shoppe

Good evening sweet friends.
Hope you all had a wonderful fun-filled weekend.
Last night we ended my vacation with a 
surprise visit by my son.
Bob started a bonfire and we made smores
and drank a few beers. 

As promised tonight's post will feature
our friend Greg's quaint antique shoppe.

Greg always happily greets you as you come in.

His counter area looks just like a general store.

This is his wall directly across from the counter.

Walking down the hall you come into a little room
filled with pottery and glass.

After you walk out of the room and continue 
your journey into the prim room.
These cubbies hold all kind of treasures.

More prims.

Then he has this little cubby room,
filled with jars full of stuff for sale.

You then step out of the prim room 
into this lil alcove of books and glass in the window.
So pretty in person.

Walking through the alcove, you step into a library.
The entire room from walls to ceiling is covered in old doors.

Greg built all of his settings himself.

I so love this room and it is so inviting.

walking up the stairs from the library room,
and to the left is this.
{Glass blocks filled with lights lead the way}

The vintage kitchen.

Ever changing.

So much fun!

Although not a big store,
 you will have a good time if you visit. 
Greg is very personable and treats everyone special.
He celebrated his 14 year anniversary...
and we hope he has many many more!

So if you ever stop in the small town of 
Sandusky, Michigan
please pay a visit to Greg's shoppe
Sandusky Antiques.
Greg is a dear friend and fellow antique buff.

As a bit of history.
Back in 1885 Wildman Mills, a lumberman in the town,
named the village of Sandusky after his hometown
of Sandusky, Ohio; which his father had named.
Sandusky Michigan is in the center of Sanilac County.
My mom lives in this county directly 15 minutes 
East of Sandusky.

I hope you enjoyed the picture tour.
Time for a bit of television and then back to work
in the morning. Vacation over. :-(

Quaint Antique Blessings To All!