Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Her Magical Charm

Happy Tuesday to each of you!


Magical Chant

She Conjured Up

A Woody Tall Plant.

Her Magical Charm.

Plus Lots Of Hocus Pocus.

In Her Garden Grew.

This Giant Autumn Crocus.

Another OOAK creation 
which I completed on Sunday evening.
Made from fabric, wool and floss,
with 2 layers of quilt batting in between.
All hand stitched...included the fabric frame.
{not sure if I am going to keep this one or sell it}
Am working on a different color version.
Will decide once the next one is completed.

What should I do?
Decisions Decisions.

Well off to work. 
Will start the other version on my lunch.
What do you have planned today?

Magical Charm Blessings To All!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Early Bowls

Good morning sweet friends.
Well my shopping trip was so so.
Not a lot of prims out there anymore.
They are getting harder to find in my neck of the woods.

Plus this weekend was filled with rain and storms.
My mom and I started our trek at 8am with rain.
So we decided to go have breakfast and hope the rain would subside...which it did
 We ended around 2:30, as bad weather came in.
 Hail and hard rain.

Saturday more rain in the morning, 
so again we visited mom's local diner for breakfast.
We normally don't eat breakfast....or should I say a good one.
It was good to sit a spell and just be with mom.
Well after breakfast we headed more North on our trek,
but again it rained hard off and on.
We again arrived back home at mom's around 2:30.
As soon as we got into the house...it began to pour.
I decided to go home and it rained all the way.
Spent the remainder of the day at the store,
and then went to dinner with friends.

Today its chores, and work on goodies for the show.
Not much time left.
Will start a roast in the crock pot in a bit for dinner.

I did manage to find a couple of things.
Will show them off in a different post.
For now I would like to show you these 
awesome 18th century bowls I found in the back
of a friend's trunk.

She had five of these 1700 era beauties.
I bought the five and kept three.

Do you see how wonderful the patina is on this one.
I was drooling when I saw these.

Hand carved out of a tree.
Can you believe it?

The third one is a bit oval.

It is so amazing to actually have some pieces
that are this early in our home.
We have two other 1700 pieces... a windsor chair,
and dough box.

Thank you Amy for allowing me to purchase these from you.
I will cherish them forever.
The other two will be off to the show in Holly.

Well of to finish my witch projects.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Early Bowl Blessings To All!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August CupboardScape

Happy Happy Hump Day!
Tomorrow is my Friday at work.
Leaving a bit early even to go pick up my mom,
take her back to my house for the night.
Then we are headed early Friday morning for our
yearly antique yard sale trail.
Hopefully I will be able to score some goodies
for both our store...and of course for me.

Won't be back til Sunday sometime,
so I wanted to get this post off before I left.

So I have a thing for baskets....
especially splint baskets.

So I grabbed up a few of baskets around the house,
like this gathering basket above,
and did my CupboardScape on them.

Did you know that early splint baskets were made using
ash wood that was stripped from the bark,
which were soaked from the many layers of wood?
{the large white on the right is my latest find}
Early baskets were rectangular.

Early New Hampshire farm baskets
 were made using a wood base.

Early baskets started out with no handles.
They were used to gather grain and food during the harvest.

Basket on the left has a wood base.
One on the right no handles.

Some had wood handles, like the one on the right.

Later on oak was used 
along with ash as both are hard woods.

I also have a fondness for rye baskets,
and hope to find some more.

This tiny cheese basket was a score!

I have a huge one that our kitties use for sleeping.
It has a quilt inside and resides under my table.

I will end my post with this.

 See what's on my hoop now?
This will be another OOAK piece.

I leave you now to continue my progress.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!

Basketcase Blessings To All!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Island Getaway

A big hello to you all!
Monday work and therapy is over.

Today's post is our mini trip to Harsen's Island.
It takes us 5 minutes to get to the ferry.
Where I live there are 14 islands on the US Side.
There are many more on the Canadian side as well.
With all of these islands near us, only one is 
accessible by car ferry. 
The rest you have to have a boat.

Took my mom over to the island for lunch.
Picture taken from my car on the ferry.
It takes about 3 minutes to cross the North channel.

View from the island looking back at the mainland.

If you enlarge the pics... looking in the middle of this pic
is where Dickinson Island ends on the left side 
and the North Channel
meets the South Channel to form the St Clair River,
which is the river I live on.

The South Channel,
also know as the Shipping Channel by some,
is where the freighters come through via Lake St Clair
towards the St Clair River and vice versa.

This channel is much smaller than our big river.
Even smaller than the North Channel.

Can you see the difference in width? 
{picture taken from our dock}

You can even own your own island around here.
{like this one}

This picture was taken looking at Dickinson Island.
If a house is vacant for a year, you can squat it since there
are no property taxes on this island.
However no one lives here in the winter as there are only 
houses on this island.
Rumor has it that our DNR planted rattlesnakes on the 
uninhabited part of the island to deter folks from 
building any more houses.
I myself have only been to this island once,
 so am not sure this story is real...
just a rumor by most of the folks around here.
The one time I was there I did not encounter any snakes.
{thank the lord}

My mom loved going to the island.
I usually take my grands...but they missed out this year.

Do you have a local getaway where you live?

Island Getaway Blessings To All!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cheshire Cat

Can you believe it is August already?
Around here I can tell it is.
The crows and Bluejays are talking more.
The days are getting shorter.
More foreign freighters in the river.
{freighters from other countries besides Canada and the US}

Bob's birthday was yesterday. 
We went to dinner with friends.
Fun was had by all!

This morning my son stopped by for cake
before heading off to work our store today.
He fills in when we need him to on weekends.
Thank you Matt.
However when he came in this morning,
I was in the laundry room.
His first comment to me was
"Hey mom, when are gonna get rid of the 4th of July?"
Yes I kept my trees up all month long.

I told him today after I had my chores done,
it would be coming down 
and the Fall stuff would be coming out.
He laughed and said when something happens to you guys;
**meaning Bob and I** 
Michele is going to have to deal with this.
**Michele being my daughter**
**Stuff being our antiques**

I laughed and told him this was his inheritance.
He shook his head and laughed back.
I hate to see what's in the attic he says.
{there are times I hate to see what's in our attic too}

My kids have lived with my disease all their life.
I have changed up for the seasons since they were born.
They are use to my quirks, but still cannot believe
I take the time to do this year round.

So in between loads of laundry, cleaning and vacuuming...
I will take my trees down, and everything else
that says red, white and blue.
{until next year}

Out will come my orange, yellow, and brown.
Like my latest Cheshire Cat wooly mat.
I will be smiling at what I can create for this
Autumn and Halloween season and how to display it.

May your weekend find you doing what you like to do!

Cheshire Cat Blessings To All!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Family Fun

Good evening friends.
Tonight I share photos of our family reunion.

My mom on the right (82)
Mom's sister and brothers.
My aunt Louise left ( 80)
Uncle Gene sitting (78)
Uncle Leonard standing (68)

Our hostess cousin Shelley.

Mom and aunt Louise playing corn roll.
They one the first round,
while Bob and I lost.

Cousin Michelle with her husband Ed and daughter Brandy.
She was named after the song Brandy by the 
Looking Glass.

Cousin Monica is the youngest of my cousins.
She is 33, while I am the oldest at 58.
She is the same ge as my son.

Cousin Shelley lives along the same river we do.
Most of my family loved watching the freighters go by.
A bunch of us even waved at one to get the captain
to salute us...which he did.

A beautiful fun sparkling day spent along the river.

Do you have family reunions with your family.
If so, how do you celebrate?

Another question.
I use to use Pic Monkey for my photo editor,
and now they want to charge a fee.
Are there any free ones out there that you use?

Family Fun Blessings To All!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Smiling Jack

Good morning friends.
Happy Tuesday...even though this is a Monday for me.
Back to work today.
My weekend was a busy one.
More on that in a later post(s)
I have lots to share.

For now I would like to share a latest creation.

A wooly pumpkin guy.

Smiling Jack.

Ready to perk up someone's 
Halloween decor.

Made entirely from wool,
with the center of his eyes and mouth made
from embroidery floss.
7 inches by 13 inches.
Backside made from the same brown wool as the center.
The background of the pennies is
an off white with a shade of brown lines running through.
Kindly asking $38 with free shipping.
US residents only.
If interested, please email me at

Hope your Tuesday goes better than my Monday. LOL
Therapy after work tonight.
At least my tooth is better now.

Smiling Jack Blessings To All!