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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Old Is New Again

Hi all!
Well my Mother's Day weekend was not the best.
My granddaughters birthday was Saturday.
Happy 12th birthday Mikayla!
The bad news was her other gramma passed 
this past Saturday too.
My daughter did not want to ruin her birthday,
so she told her kids on Sunday night.
The news was devastating to them both.

Then my washer of 25 years died.
Monday I had a flood in both the laundry room
and kitchen.

Dinner with my mom, siblings, 
BIL, SIL & Bob was good though.
Everyone enjoyed their food.

Sunday I did absolutely nothing.
My daughter was out of town and my son brought
lunch over for me.

The other day I asked Bob to move
the white cabinet and in its place
move this brown one.

He moved the white one in our bedroom
where this one was.
At least this one fits better,
and anyone can walk 
 into our back room easily now.

Remember this early rug?
I finally decided where it should go.
So love the muted colors.

I also created this little display

on top of my apothecary cabinet.

This will stay through the Summer....
and maybe longer.

Would still like to find another white cabinet.

However do like this one here now.
It may grow on me.

Did you ever purchase something
with buyers remorse...
and then grew to love it?

Old Is New Again Blessings To All!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Flowers For Mom

It was when I was 14
that my mom  taught me about flowers.
I helped her weed the flower beds each year.
Perused through all of her garden books 
in the Winter months, learning all I could
about all of the varieties of annual and perennial
flowers that would grown here in MIchigan.

I share here my Spring garden.
Thank you mom for teaching me about flowers,
trees and plants.

Flowering pear tree.

Autumn Joy Sedum.

Redbud Tree Blossoms.

Honeysuckle Vine

My bunny is loving the Spring weather.
You know me and bunnies.

A lone yellow tulip.

Purple violets.

Left is my red twig dogwood blooming out.
To the right my hydrangea.

Last but not least, my kiwi vine.
In the Summer these leaves will turn
pink and white. 

We took my mom out for dinner last night.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Now that you all know
 where I get my flower talent from
please share what your mom taught you.

Happy Mother's Day 
to all you moms of children and fur babies.

Flowers For Mom Blessings To All!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

If Doors Could Talk

My first home was an old farmhouse. 

[Now a bedroom door]

I opened and closed many times in my 100 years.

[Now another bedroom door]

However I was left abandoned.

[Now a bathroom door]

What will be my fate?

[Now a linen closet door]

What became of me?

[Now a closet door]

If these 100 year old doors could talk.
What would they say?
Would they say thank you for saving me?
Do they enjoy being used again?

So glad Bob rescued these from
an abandoned farmhouse
which was to be torn town.
You do not find doors like these anymore.
Solid wood doors with character.
Each one was painted this old white.
I LOVE them all!

Do you have old doors in your home?

Well we are under flood warnings here again.
Bob said the other day the water was right
up to the road going through the marsh.
Which is a bit scary because there is water 
on both sides of the road normally.
With the rising water this road may wash out.
It is South of us, 
but one of the few major roads
 to get in and out.

Normally it is a pretty drive,
with all of the wildlife around.
Not now though.
Scary to think it may be under water.

Old Door Blessings To All!

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Start

Of a Spring Bedroom redo.
We finally had a wonderful Spring weekend.
With all of the rain we have had,
our big river water level is high.
Our dock is right at the level of the water.
With more rain coming this week...
it may be under water.
Others South of us were sandbagging
 to save their homes.
The water levels are not expected
 to recede until July.
The smaller river near our stores,
is very high too.
The folks that live where both 
the St Clair River (our big river)
and the Belle River meet are really nervous.
Our stores are on a peninsula
where both rivers meet.
For now we are safe.
Please say a wee prayer for those that are not.

Saturday I took FIL to the grocery store,
smoke shop and phone store, so he could pay his bill.
Since his car accident 3 weeks ago,
both Bob and I have been his taxi.
His car was totalled.
He treated me to breakfast and we had a nice chat.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday I did some
 much needed cleaning.
I moved all of the furniture around
in the living room for our 
Spring/ Summer look.
My bedroom started getting a makeover too!
I decided to open up this cabinet and create this.

I decided on a blue and white theme for
our bedroom.
It will transition perfectly for July 4th as well.
The left door I added a blue coverlet piece
and white linen piece. 

The right door I hung these old long johns.
I actually found these in a barn.
I love the look...old and worn for sure.

I added my pitchers and rye baskets.

This is the start of my blue and white.

Added a few more rye baskets.
[those are tomato pincushions inside the basket]

This is my new one.

Well unfortunately I have to go to work now.
Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Did you do something for yourself this weekend?

The start of Spring Blessings To All!

Friday, May 3, 2019

My New Project

Howdy all!
Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up!
I wanted to share with you my latest project
for our new store.

It starts with this set of pool balls
that we have for sale.

I first painted all of these tiles a green.
Made my own stencil to create these.
I did notice my cue ball was a bit lopsided,
so I had to repaint that one.

This is how the set turned out.

We displayed three on the wall as our display.

I think they turned out pretty good!

I have another project in the works 
for the next few weeks.

The store had a good first day.
Slow the hopefully we will have
a good first weekend.

Off to work I go.

Maybe this weekend I can work on something
for myself.

Will you be working on anything this weekend?

New Project Blessings To All!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

To Err Is Humam

Well it looks like another rainy day
on tap for us here in Michigan.
Driving by the marsh last night 
the water was getting higher.
The coots were enjoying the rain
while the muskrats were foraging for food.
No sign of our egrets and herons
who come back from the South though.
It is nice to hear the frogs too! 
Spring is in the air.

Spring cleaning in our humble abode too.
We purchased this cabinet many years ago.
When I decided to go lighter in my kitchen....
I thought this cabinet would fit the bill.

I parted with my hanging blue cabinet.

Also my blue bucket bench.

This cabinet has been in our laundry room,
for storage of Bob's tools.
He agreed we should move it.
He was a sweetheart and cleaned it out.
He even moved it to where I wanted in.
I measured and it would be a perfect fit.
What is the old saying.
Measure twice....cut once.

I love the white color.
Well in my case I should have
 measured width.

U  G H
Now mind you Bob likes it here.
I think it is too wide.
It will stay here for now.
Have my feelers out for another white cabinet.
Hopefully I can find one soon.

Have you ever blundered on a piece of furniture?

To Err Is Human Blessings To All!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Spring Post Easter Display

Happy weekend to all!
We stayed at the new store last night
until 9:00pm pricing.
Trying to get things finalized for our
May 1st opening.
Will work there tomorrow again.
New computer- check
New Open sign- check
Floor mats for the doors- check
Cash register- check
Credit card machine- nope
Phone- nope
Business hours on door- nope
Inventory entered- nope
(Some of the things we still need to do)

For now one last Easter display.

Another simple one.

I have one little cabinet where I keep
a few Easter goodes in.

No time to get up in the attic...
so glad for this minimal stash.

Well off to the grocery store.
Afterwards to TUG
(The Urban Garage)
The new nickname we gave our new store.

What are your plans for this last weekend
of April?

Can you believe we may get snow tonight?

Post Easter Blessings To All!