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Monday, July 15, 2019

Best Part Of Any Parade

After I posted my parade post,
I thought to myself....
Janice you forgot to add something
to you parade display.

Well of course that would be the


So here is parade post part two.

Although I do not eat much candy anymore,
I decided to bring in some of my favorites
for this post.

Red Licorice

These flag ones I made to look like wrapped candy.
Many years ago.

Same with these candy sticks.
Just used blue and white striped fabric.
Took a straw, laid it on some quilt batting.
Cut the batting to fit around the straw.
Then added a few more inches more 
of the blue and white fabric. 
Rolled the batting & fabric around the straw.
Hot glued the long strip, then hot glued each end.

The bubblegum is just wood balls that I painted
in Patriotic colors.

These are real candy sticks.
I placed them in this fun basket
that Winnie gifted me.
Looks great together don't it!

Now did you know that the throwing of candy
in a parade originated in the 1870's in a
Mardi Gras parade.
The king of the parade threw treats into the crowd.

Unfortunately there are many parents out there
being concerned that their young children
are being hit with the candy.
I don't know about you all,
but when I was little,
my parents would NOT let me go 
into the street until the candy was on the ground.
Then we ran and grabbed it...
and waited for the next float to go by.

I did the same with my own children.
This way they would not get hit.
I think there are some parents out there
that forget how fun it was and lots of towns
are banning the candy 
from being thrown from floats.
I think this is so unfair.

How do you feel about this latest ban?
Did you like grabbing the candy in a parade?

Parade Candy Blessing To All!

Friday, July 12, 2019

Love A Good Parade

A few weeks ago I had watched the classic movie
Meet Me At St Louis with Judy Garland.
The movie was set in the early 1900's
with the entire family going to the world's fair
which was hosted in St Louis, MO.
Since I have seen this movie quite a bit,
I was more interested this time 
in the clothing and the setting.
In this case much to my glee,
found me saying out loud....
"I have that" many times over. 

So afterwards I gathered up my goodies 
I have all around the house and decided
to do one last 4th of July display.
This one featuring early 1900's parade garb.
Yes parades were a major gathering place
in those days and were a grand time!

Ladies would wear their finest dresses which
included wearing their Summer boots.
They would also be found carrying 
a Summer parasol and even a fan if it was too hot.

Gentleman of that day would definitely
 be wearing their Summer straw hats and holding
a cane. Also most likely they would have a pipe
in their mouth with their favorite tobacco.

All of the parade goers would be waving 
parade flags similar in size to mine,
but the current flag then only had 45 stars.

Uncle Sam originated in the war of 1812,
so he would have made an appearance.
My Uncle Sam is from the 1930's
and is a chalkware piece that would
have been a prize at a carnival.
Trumpets and tin noisemakers 
would be in those early parades.

Fabric red white and blue banners
would be seen everywhere.
Although the ribbons I have incorporated
into my display would not have been seen then.

The Chinese invented fireworks 
in the 6th century.
Sparklers were invented in 1893,
however were not introduced to America
until the early 1900's with the creation
and availability of aluminum powder in the U.S.
These would have been in our 1900 parade.

What a fun time it must have been
to have your entire town participate
in some shape or form to honor our
country's birth.

Here in our town we still have both
a Memorial Day and July 4th parade.

I have also attended some unusual parades.

A Tractor parade.
Big, small, red and green ones.

A horse parade where the horses
would have pretty bows in their mane,
 lights on their saddles and the riders decked out. 

Classic car parades.
Vintage and classic cars driving up and down
a dedicated route.

Boat parades, where each boat 
would be decorated in a different theme.
All lit up at night, they would go up and down the river.
Some even would have music playing
as part of their theme.

Have you ever attended a parade or
an unusual parade like I have?

Love A Good Parade Blessings To All!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Patriotic Basket Display

Happy, Cheerful and Quite Pleased.
It did not rain Saturday night for the fireworks.
It was actually a very cool evening in the 60's.
Yesterday no rain.
Today no rain.
Can it continue?
Let's hope so.

This is the patriotic basket display I created.

Remember my hooked rug?
I added it to this very patriotic feed sack
with red and blue stripes.

A wax sealer with red pepper berries and white tallow ones.

Another one.
For those not familiar with wax sealers,
they have a lip inside so that when you added your 
preserves, you would then add the wax up to the lip.
It was the early way of canning.

Lots of RED


Did you all have a nice weekend?
Yesterday after helping Bob add 
our new signs up for The Urban Garage,
you would have found me happily hooking.

Whilst Shadow was doing his favorite past time
next to me.


Patriotic Basket Display Blessings To All!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

It's A Star Celebration

Hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th celebrations.
Bob and I did not do anything.
He worked the store and I cleaned house.
I did bbq some chicken for dinner 
and we had grilled 
zucchini packets with veggie pizza crescents.
I also made a jello poke cake for dessert.

It also rained....
so the first 5 days of the month it has rained.
It is raining again, so day 6 of rain.
Hoping it stops soon.
There are houses now nearby
 that are surrounded by water.
 The sandbags did not help those poor folks.

I worked the store yesterday so Bob could have
 a much needed day off.
After he closes the store today,
we are off to my mom's.
Will take her out for dinner, 
then head over to my cousins to watch the fireworks.
My son Matt will stay at home and tend to our kitties.
Thanks Matt!

Remember this dollie I made?
I created her to add to my tree.

My 4th of July dollie tree.

This one is sitting at the top and the star of the show.
Get it STAR of the show. (tree topper)

This one sits next to the tree.

I purchased this cutie from Raggedy Angie.
I still love her Angie.
Wish you were still blogging.
I miss you.

These two love horses.

The tree sits on this star box.
Great for July 4th.

Just a simple Christmas in July handmade tree.

Added a blue and red quilt.

Perfect for a Star celebration don't you think?

How did you celebrate your 4th?

Star Celebration Blessings To All!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Grand Old Flag

Can it be July 3rd already?
Well hopefully it will be a dry one for us
as we have had rain on the 1st and 2nd now.

As promised all of my July posts this year
will be of our July 4th decor.

Hope you enjoy.

With July 4th tomorrow.

Today is a tribute

To our Grand Old Flag!
Long may she wave,
Happy Birthday to the USA.

Be safe everyone and enjoy our day!

I hope all of my Canadian friends
 enjoyed their day too.
Canada celebrated their 152nd birthday.
July 1st.

Grand Old Flag Blessings To All!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Close Ups Part II

June is one day away from being July.
Me, I am happy to see it go.
It was the rainiest one here
 in our neck of the woods.
Just hoping July will not be the same.
Speaking of July,
the next posts after this one will all
feature my July 4th decor for 2019.
Since I really did not decorate last July,
I went all out this year....

Today however,
more close ups of our blue and white
Summer bedroom.

After I made the bed with the last post,
I realized I forgot to add this wedding ring quilt
I had purchased.

This is our headboard.
A quilt rack with a blanket and coverlet.

Our bed dust ruffle is a blue/ white ticked one.

This is where you will find Ace every day. 

The first time this quilt is on the bed.

Do you like the new quilt Ace?

Seems so as he did not blink an eye
when I was taking these pics.

Today you will find me working on
a new witch pillow.
I started working on her yesterday.

What will you be doing today?

Ace Approved Blessings To All!