Monday, November 20, 2017

The Thrill Of The Hunt

First off,
A HUGE thank you for all of your best wishes
for our 1st annual 
Vintage Marketplace Show.

Everyone who commented to
Roger and I at the door
wanted to say it was a great show,
and they are looking forward to coming back
next year.

After Amy and Bob ran the numbers...
they did make a bit of a profit...
so with that said;
there will be a 2nd annual show.
Instead of taking the money,
they will put it back into the account
and use it towards advertising for next year.
For those who do not know about advertising...
it is a huge expense.

We expected about 500 folks to come through,
but we had 315.
The weather was crappy.
It was pouring rain most of the day.
It finally stopped after the show.
Oh well.

With that said,
I want to show you a few of the items I purchased.

I so love cake crocks.

This one is a salt glaze version with a handle.

As soon as I spotted this adorable early teddy,
it was love at first sight.

I always say to my customer's to purchase
was speaks to them.
This teddy spoke to me right off.
He will soon have a meet and greet with the others.

I also found this flower inlay hat pin.
The bottom is shaped like a fan,
with a green gem.

It now resides with my others.
I am still on the hunt for an early
suffragette one.
{Purple, white and green colors}

I also bought some fun Santa mugs,
but forgot to take them out of the van.
Bob took the van to the store.
So I will show those when I do my display.

Hoping everyone will have a great Monday.
It will be a short week for me.
Have to take my mom to the eye doctor
on Tuesday for her annual check up.
She had a degenerative eye disease,
and they want to make sure it is not progressing.
Then of course  Thanksgiving is on Thursday.
Looking forward to being with family!

Thrill Of The Hunt Blessings To All!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

It's Showtime

Bob and I are off to vend at our
1st Annual
Vintage Marketplace Show.
Bob and our friend Amy are organizing this one.

We have a table of vintage Christmas.

Fun Christmas goodies for those who love vintage.

Although our first love is prims,
Bob and I buy lots of items for our store.

Bob's corner of guy stuff.

We do have a table of prims...
but I only took a picture of half the table.
I forgot the other half. So sorry.

Then we have these three early phones.
One a candlestick.
An early duster made from feathers.
A turkey platter and green transferware platter.

Our customers have been requesting a vintage show,
so Bob decided to start one in our town.
He had 40 dealers, but two cancelled due to emergencies.
We are hoping this show is a success.
Bob and Amy spent lots of money on advertising.
Even paid for a billboard on the local interstate.
Some of the vendors will have handmade jewelry,
more prims and more guy stuff.
Homemade jerky.
Fabric totes using vintage fabric.
Vintage clothing.
Lots of vintage Christmas...
Vintage vintage vintage

Lunch will be served.
Pulled pork, chili and sloppy joes.

I did purchase a few prim items last night
during vendor set up.
Will show them later.
I could have bought much more....
but I stick to my budget with these shows.
I have to. :-(

Well we are off.
My job is to tend the door with Amy's boyfriend Roger.
Wish us luck!

It's Showtime Blessings To All!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

That Darn Elf

Thank You Thank You
For all of your wonderful comments about our new bath.
Bob and I both appreciate it.
I always knew I had the BEST blogging friends!

I thought about starting to decorate for Christmas.
Will create a few things for sale when time permits.
Then this darn elf came out of the bin.

It is his fault I made these.

It's all his fault.
He made me do it.

Just like that elf on the shelf.

He made me do it.
This time of year it is always his fault.
So I created this fun little pillow tuck.
Printed the saying on a tan fabric with tiny hearts and dots.
The background and back of pillow is a red check fabric.

Back of the pillow.
I made 12 of these lil pillow tucks for the show this weekend.
They are approx. 6  1/2 x  3  1/4.
I am selling these for $8.00 at the show.
If anyone is interested in purchasing one 
before Saturday, then please email before than at 
and based on your address will let you know shipping cost.

Well off to work.
It's almost Friday.
Last night decorated two Christmas trees at the store.
It is looking so festive over there now.
Need to take pics and show you.

Darn Cute Elf Blessings To All!
{Pssst...he...the elf...just told me he will be making
appearances in most of my posts from now on}

It is the imp in him I guess. LOL

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bath Peek N Boo

Oh My Goodness
Can you believe Thanksgiving in next week?
We will be spending our turkey day 
with my sister and her family,
 my kids and grands,
 my brother and SIL and my mom.
Good food and good times will be had.

Cold temps for today with rain later.
The deer will be moving more than ever now.
Before I head off to work,
 I would like to share some pics of our new bath.

I saved this antique mirror for years.
Kept it safe in the spare room.
Bob painted it black to match the antique dresser
turned into sink.
The marble top from Home Depot fit perfectly.

This dresser was originally an olive green color.
The black goes well with our tile.
{Tile looks yellow is black and grayish white}.

The stone shower floor and tile in the shower.
Black granite sill.
{Again color a bit yellow}

The bench seat.
We had to order the glass door,
so we put up a shower curtain for now.

This black granite niche holds our shampoo/ conditioner.

While this one holds our bath gels and loofahs.

Two shower heads.
Bob says the big one is for him,
the little one for me. 
{I use the big one too}
Don't let Bob fool you.

The toilet.
{not sure why that line is in this pic}

Another view.
Antique door leading to our hall.

Still need to hang a few things.
Also need to find a small prim cabinet to go over the toilet.
{Bob may be making one}
Need to accessorize the rest, so more to come. 

I so love having a fresh new clean look!
Bob is the is cousin Jimmy!
Even though it took longer than expected...
it is what we wanted.
We are both very pleased.

Bath Peek N Boo Blessings To All!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Show Stopper

It's a dreary day here in Michigan,
but the temps are COLD!
Staying inside to price goodies for this weekend's show.
Then sewing up a batch of Christmas pillows.

It snowed like a banchee Friday when we left
for the prim show.
Then we encountered this deer 
who decided to run alongside our van for a bit.
He was a bit off the road, but kept running at our pace.
Bob finally slowed down more and he went into the woods.
Thank goodness he did not run into the road
when we first came upon him.

Here are some pics of our booth.

Now for some show stoppers.

This is a 1700 settle bench table.

This early horse.

A wonderful early sampler.

Loved this quilt.

Loved this make do chair and red corner shelf.

Vintage huge santas.

Find your favorite here.

This dealer made awesome waxed goodies...
that smelled amazing!

Bob and I had a great time visiting
 with our fellow vendor friends.

I  purchased another red/ white quilt.
A vintage bottle brush tree for one of my displays.
A prim sieve and some rose hips...again for displays.

Well of to work.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Show Stopper Blessings To All!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday

Well since our house is still a mess,
I have been unable to take any recent pics
of anything.
Since I have no energy to tackle any cleaning after work,
and with shows the next two Saturdays....
that just leaves Sunday in between laundry to clean.
If you saw our house right now...
There are prim goodies 
in both the living room and back room.
Then there are the vintage items for next Saturdays show.
Once they get outta here,
I can begin to take down the Fall decor,
and start the Christmas Season.

In the meantime, here are some pics of the museum
in Port Sanilac, MI.

Mourning dress laid out on the bed.
Check out that high headboard.

Early fabric rocker with a yo yo pillow.
I would like to make one of these one day.

Loved this blue wainscoting and door.

The home was owned by a doctor.
Collection of old medicine bottles.

Their daughter's room.
It is a known fact that if you move items
in this room, they will be put back in place the next day.
She does not like things moved.

Finally this 1950's police car.
I love the simplicity of this car.
This was parked outside the police station
in Savannah GA when we visited a few years ago.

Do you like visiting museums?
Bob and I love going to any that we can find.
We learn so much from our past.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!
Will be back soon with new pics.

Old Picture Blessings To All!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Our Autumn Bedroom

Does everyone feel like I do about this
moving the clocks back???
It sure does take a toll on this ole body of mine.
Not sure whether I am coming or going.

The bottle show was what Bob had expected in sales.
Very different folks from our prim shows...
but we learned things about bottles
 that we never knew before.

Most bottle collectors are divers,
and they sure do have the stories to tell.
A lot of them dive right in the rivertown our store is located.
Back in the day,
Marine City was a shipbuilding community.
Lots of bottles were dumped over the sides of ships.
In fact during prohibition,
one cargo of liquor was tossed overboard,
so as to escape the police.
These divers dig anywhere from 2 to 4 feet in the silt,
to find treasures. 
Most keep what they find...and other sell them.
Very interesting indeed.

Before I was interrupted by the bath reno,
I had taken these pics of our bedroom.
Now I have been slowly taking my Autumn down,
and bringing in the Christmas. 

It usually takes me a month to put everything up.
Since I like to enjoy it,
I usually start right after Halloween.

Currently I have one small tree up and started another one.
I only work on weekends, so that's why it takes me so long. 

I have spreadsheets of what I like to do each season.
Sometimes my plans work...sometimes they get tweaked.

Sometimes they even get scratched off the list.

I enjoy showing different ideas you can do.

Plus with my Sagittarian personality,
I get bored doing the same thing over and over.
Maybe that's the artist in me to. LOL

So while today you are viewing our bedroom,
I am already planning on Christmas.

I also have un-completed prim projects
that were not completed for the show.
These will eventually go into the store,
and I will offer them on my blog.

Not many as with my head swirling with Valentine's now,
I probably will become bored with Christmas.
Its a disease I tell ya.

If you noticed, I even had Bob move the furniture
around for Autumn and Winter.
The bed has been moved from under the windows.

The kids like it.
They decided to either snuggle for warmth...
or were trying to tell me something.
Like leave us alone mom...we are trying to nap.

Hope everyone adjust to the time change.
Have a great evening!

Autumn Bedroom Blessings To All!