Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Haunting

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
No I did not fall off the face of the Earth..even though I feel Like I have.
No I was not ill, or anything like that...
although some would say I am sick on the head. LOL

Just so busy creating goodies for our store for Christmas.
That and taking care of the grands and mom...
just no time to post.

Isn't he just adorable!
I bought this huge pumpkin man at the Holly show.


Trick Or Treating Blessings To All!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Last Show Pics

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
I found these pics in my draft posts.
I cannot believe I forgot to post these from our last
Harvest at the Mill show in Holly.
It was an awesome show,
and we sold most of the items displayed here.

Everything on our wallpaper table sold.

This churn was given to General store owners to be used as a display.
It is circa 1881 and stenciled on the top, bottom and sides.
Bob and I found one that sold on Etsy for $750.
We kept the print out and sold this beauty for $500 at the show.

Everything shown here except the windsor child chair sold.
The treen piece in front was circa 1881. It was given to a bride 
as a wedding gift. When we purchased this,
 we found the documentation inside
 and a written letter which was dated June 1881.
We kept this inside and the new owner now has it.

Everything on this side of our table sold except for the prim winder.

Ironically most of the antiques we took sold...
my crafts not so much.
Bob and I believe this is because there were so many vendors
selling crafts and we were one of the few vendors 
to sell prim antiques.

More antiques that sold.
Our customers are just awesome!

More eye candy.

I should have kept this keg.

This was my friends booth.
She stenciled Halloween items on slate (foreground)
chairs and tables. I think she sold out too!
These were awesome!

Well friends, chef Howie brought pizza,
from Hungry Howies and I am going to eat now.

Showtime Blessings To All!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bedroom Autumn Revamp

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
I have been a very bad blogger.

Update on our accident.
After many attempts to get the lady to make an appt. to file
a police report, I ended up contacting my moms insurance company
and explained what was happening.
I provided them with the lady's info and they had an adjuster
come out to our house and they will be mailing a check to my mom.
At least her car will get fixed now. Thank goodness.

Sorry for being a bad blogger.
Every table I own has some kind of Christmas project going on it.
Literally every table...I swear....including our dining table. LOL
Thankfully Bob and my mom are understanding and we eat with our
plates in our lap.
I was not kidding about this. LOL
Santas, snowmen, penguins and snowy owls.
Then there are my kitties and candy.
Soon will show pics of my new creations.

For now, here are just a few bedroom pics of Autumn in the bedroom.
My mom loves to decorate,
so I wanted to make sure I had my decorating completed before 
she came to stay with us.

I decided to do a few things in the bedroom
she would be staying in too.

This darling little sewing machine was my gramma B's.
She was a seamstress.

Poppies, daisies and leaves.

The colors in my tiny coverlet are perfect for this time of year.

I hope everyone in the path of tonight's storms stay safe.
You all will be in my prayers.

Mid October Blessings To All!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Straw Saffron Maize and Goldenrod

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
Hope you were able to see that gorgeous awesome eclipse.

Before I get to my favorite color of the season which if
you have not guessed is yellow....
I would like to invite you all to hop on over to
Carla's blog at the
Carla is having an Autumn giveaway for her most awesome cards.
So  hurry and stop on over and leave her a comment
 as her giveaway ends on Friday.

Now back to my post.
Wanted to show you some of my favorite yellows.

Do you have a favorite Autumn color?

Harvest Goldenrod Blessings To All!

Monday, October 6, 2014

October CupboardScape

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
I want to thank everyone for the well wishes for my mom's
latest eye surgery.
Surgery went ok, however we were rear ended on the way.

I was driving my mom's new car...
she wanted me to drive since it has been in our driveway
for almost a month now.
Geez...who would have thought that we would be in an accident.
I was stopped at a red light andhappened to be looking
 in the rear view mirror.

I saw the car coming at me and braked harder than usual...
as I thought I would be pushed into the car in front of me.
Being left handed, I also braced my left hand really hard on the wheel.
Harder than my right hand.
My arm was sore for a few days.
Mom was alright, but they did delay her surgery
for an hour so her blood pressure would lower.

Well, since I had to get my mom to her appt,
I opted not to wait for a police report.
My mom was crying and I knew her blood pressure was rising.
I took down all of the ladies info.
Well the next day when I tried to file a police report,
it seems in the county I was hit,
both parties must show up to file the report.

You probably have guessed, that the lady won't go.
She tried to say I would get a ticket for leaving the scene.
Then she offered to send my mom a check for the damages.
Then she stated she was going on vacation...
and that her and her husband have not been on vacation for 11 years.

I am going to try one more time to get her to cooperate...
but if she does not,
then I will turn over her information to my mom's insurance
company and they can contact her.

Since my arm was a bit sore,
I have been bad at blogging.
So sorry.

I am back now!

Autumn Delight is the inspiration for
my October CupboardScape.

A child's quilt is used as the back drop this time.

Hydrangeas tucked into a basket
next to a 2 gallon butter churn crock.
Underneath my shoo fly screen is some wonderful
smelling pumpkin faux muffins.
I wish we had smell~a~vision in blogland.
They smell so yummy!

I chose this whiskey jug...
but I think some hard cider should be in it. 

Lastly this piggin bucket.
Piggin pails and buckets have the handle on the side.

Although mine is flat,
some were carved into a spoon to be used for grain.
You cannot really tell in this pic, but mine has knife marks...
which tells me this was once used 
as a small breadboard or cutting board of some kind.

October CupboardScape Blessings To All!