Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October CupboardScape



I found these witch images 
doing a Google search.
I printed them on a tan cardstock.

Added some orange/white 
bakers twine to each
for my primitive corn tree.

Added the witch images,

along with some orange and black candies.
I made these years ago.

If you have not realized it by now,
this CupboardScape is all about
Halloween Femme Fatale Sirens.

View of tree.

Vintage Fortune Teller card,
with sage in a medicine bottle.

An OLM prim doll.
I added the hat to make her into a witch.

One of my witches I made this year.

Side view.

Another side.

Night time views.

I so loved putting this 
Halloween CupboardScape together.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Tomorrow night Bob and will do our traditional
Halloween of passing candy out 
to the children in town.
This year we will also be providing the first 200
dressed up kiddies along with candy,
a Halloween ticket which will be good
for $1.00 in free candy.
We have been so blessed.

What will you be doing on Halloween?


2018 Halloween Blessings To All!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

My Halloween Wish

The weekend is here.
A wet cold Autumn day today.
Wind is light, 
however the other morning
we had dangerous fog here by the river.
As soon as I opened the door to go to work....
it was like walking into a dark cave
with no sense of where you were going.
I could not even see our vehicles in the drive
from the porch.
It was a slow cautious drive along the river
for the first 15 minutes of my drive to work.
You could not even see a car coming at you
until it was almost up on you,
It was that bad.
Never seen it that foggy since I have lived here. 

So my Halloween wish finally came true.

I have only been asking for this now
for 3 years.

I shucked 21 ears of field corn.

I marked all of areas
where I needed Bob to drill a hole.
He drilled the ears of corn too.
I put it together with pieces of 1/4 inch dowel,
and gorilla glued to the wood piece.

Each of the last 3 years I have asked Bob
to make me a prim tree.
Finally after weeks of nagging at him,
that I wanted it done this year....

I finally got my wish!
It is prim perfect!
Thank you sweetie for giving me my



Have you ever wanted something so bad...
that you nagged for it?

I am not ashamed to nag about this beauty.
Wait to see what I do with it for my
Halloween CupboardScape!

Hope you enjoy this bewitching
pre Halloween weekend!
Conjure up something you desire!

Halloween Wish Blessings To All!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Autumn Horse Show

How did I get so lucky.
Lucky to have friends like you!

Happy Wednesday to you all!

While the trees are just starting
to turn color,
the animals begin 
to wear their Winter coats.

Especially the horses.

Right now mine are showing off
 their Autumn hides.

Putting on their own show.

Now for those who have been following 
along on my blog journey-
this was my latest horse purchase.
However when I saw the white one below-

I sold the gray one and kept this one.
Even though the other one 
had the straw saddle intact.
This one looks better in my hall. 

Showing off his Autumn look.

I added a light for awhile.

Before pic of the old horse in the hall.

New horse.
Much lighter now.
Ruth purchased my gray one.
Thank you for giving him a great home!

I did get out of my funk....
not in time to create goodes 
for our upcoming shows,
or even the store,
but I am making a few things for me.
These will be a part of my 
2018 Christmas look.
I am getting exciting for the
 N O E L

Are you looking forward to Christmas?

Hope your Wednesday is a magical one.
Off I fly
{to work}

Autumn Horse Show Blessings To All!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Skeletons Got Out

Outside that is.
This year our town did a benefit
for children.
The businesses in town purchased
a straw bale for $15.00
and we were to decorate it how you wanted.   
The monies were to benefit the towns children's
fund to send unfortunate children
 in our county to camp.
A great cause indeed!

We decided to continue our skeleton theme
to the outside of our store.

We took this skeleton fence 
and placed it around our bale.
We added a tombstone and a skeleton.

I painted the pumpkins.
One is the name of our antique store
~Back Porch Antiques~
The other our candy store name
~ The Candy Jar~
Ant the third just a spooky word

Our scary scarecrow sits on our bench.
Bob posted on our Facebook page
for everyone to come sit next 
to him and take a selfie.
We had lots of folks do just that! 

Yesterday my friends all got together.
Te 5 of us went shopping in our small river town.
Had lunch and then came back to my house.
We decided next month to have a sleepover
at of my friends Summer home at the tip
of the Thumb in Michigan.
We are so excited to do this!

At the restaurant there was 
a severe thunderstorm warning.
It was hailing pretty bad.
Very unusual for Michigan.
But then again it was in the high 50's.
So weird for Autumn around here. 

Well off to finish my hooked rug, and work 
on my October CupboardScape.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Did you have unseasonably warm weather
for your Autumn weekend thus far?

Skeletons Escape Blessings To All!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Autumn Bench

Salutations ~Greetings~ Hello
to all my friends!

Yesterday we had our first hard frost.
It was a windy and chilly day.
I expect the same today.
However the weekend is almost here.

We all have a story to tell 
of why we like prims or how 
we like to decorate our homes.

To non prim folks,
I am often asked what Primitives are.
I always respond by saying it is a style.
The same as Victorian, Colonial, 
Mid Century Modern or even Farmhouse.

To me my Primitive style story was an easy one. 

Both sets of grandparents owned farms.
I grew up surrounded by prims.
Unlike decor as I have in my home now,
primitives were a way of life for my grandparents.
Yellowware, grain measures, stoneware,
even cupboards were used daily.

For me when I married in 1981,
my style became the kitchy country.
The country blues and roses were all the rage. 
I am sure many of you remember that style.

It was not until the late 1990's that my heart
called me back to primitives.
 I missed the chippy wood & original painted cabinets.
I missed my grandma's yellowware,
 graniteware and ironstone.
I missed wood, coverlets, quilts, crocks & baskets
that were associated with my grandparents farms.


So for the last 20 years I have been
collecting my childhood back.

I wanted to go back to the simpler times
of being a kid on those farms.
Back then I had no worries.
No listening to the nightly news
telling of violence or murder.
Nothing FARCIAL 
as Jacky said in one of her posts.
(Dicky Bird blog)

~of or resembling a farce~ 

My home is now exactly 
where I want to be in my life.
Even though the world around me 
is spinning out of control,
I can relax in my home and look around
while being reminded of the 
primitive simple life I had as a kid.


You now know my prim style story.
What is your style story?

Autumn Bench Blessings To All!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Cornered For Fall

Happy Monday friends!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
It was a typical Fall weekend her in Michigan.
I have been in a funk lately.
Our show is in a month,
and I have not made one Christmas goodie yet.
Just don't feel like it.
So in between loads of laundry,
and cleaning the house, I just decided to
lay low and just hooked on my rug all weekend.
Saturday I prepared stuffed cabbage in the crock pot,
and my FIL came over for dinner.
We like to have him over as he lives alone,
and since he lives in town, he is close by.

Yesterday I had fun watching a chipmunk 
scampering about our backyard. 
I have not seen one of these in the yard in years.
It brought joy seeing it!
I also watched my favorite Halloween movie.
Hocus Pocus.

Today is the reveal of the final corner
of my back room Autumn theme.

I have always loved this quilted kitty.

Gold Indian Corn on our blue corner cabinet.

Blue and Gold at its finest.

Pumpkin Pine cabinet,
with gold child's chairs.
My grands use to sit in these.

Moved my bucket bench to this side of the room.

Blue and gold flowers inside this crock.

Love my wood piggin.

Our drysink holds our lamp and clock.

The full corner.

So since I moved the bucket bench over here,
the bench had to go somewhere else.

Will show you what I did in another post.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
Off to work I go....

Cornered For Fall Blessings To All!