Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Can You Say E X C I T E D

I am tickled pink with joy on our new cabinet.
So glad Bob spotted this and wanted to take it home.
Also a bit sad that I am giving up one...
but alas I do not have the room anymore.

Hopefully the next person who purchases
our old cabinet will enjoy it just as much as we did.
(Barb if you are reading this, I know Bob
promised you first dibs on it...
you won't regret it if you purchase it.)

Just a recap.
This was the old one.

This is the new one.
Blue dry paint.
It looks gray in these pics, but it is blue.
Just not a bright blue like our old one.

It is somewhat similar to the dry paint cabinets
we have in our kitchen.

The trencher on top and the hornbeam on the right...
back of the bowl are new items I purchased.

I filled the trencher with fabric eggs for Spring.

Love this hornbeam.
A hornbeam is a part of a tree that would have been
hollowed out to be used as a vessel.

I am also excited that we now
 have a purchase agreement
for our store.
W O O H O O.
As of April 1st, we will officially own the building.

In other exciting news,

Hop little rabbit.
Hop little rabbit.
Don't you stop.
Hop little rabbit.
One two three.
Hop little rabbit.
HOP to ME!
                            {author unknown}

I am going to give away this sweet rabbit...
er should I say HARE.

I decided to intentionally not broadcast this giveaway.

This giveaway is for my loyal blogging friends.
The ones who actually read my blog posts.

For those of you who would like to win this hare.
Just comment on this post that you would like to have him.

I will announce the winner on Friday or Saturday.
The post will be about my rug progress....
and at the end I will reveal the winner.
Once again, just for my loyal friends.
My sincere appreciation to you all!

Well off to add more white to my Spring!!!

Exciting Blessings To All!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Horsing Around

We welcomed Spring this weekend with
almost 70 degree weather on Friday,
then a cold bitter rain all day Saturday.
I think the rain deterred folks from coming to the show.
Bob and I did ok, but the numbers were down.

I forgot to bring my camera, so sorry. :-(
I did purchase a few things which are still in the van,
We ended up purchasing a dry paint cabinet.
Cannot wait to show it to you all.
It is also still packed in the van.
Bob is going to unload today,
and bring it back home.

Our cargo van was so packed coming home,
that we could barely see each other as we even
had to pack things between us.
We even sold a cabinet and horse, 
but I think because the new cabinet was wider,
it made getting all of our totes harder to get in.
It reminded us of the time we went pickin in our
little Ford Ranger. 
We were like the Beverly Hillbillies with furniture
 packed on top of furniture.
Then it started to rain, so we had to put the tarps on.
Every now and then, Bob had to stop and re-arrange the tarps as the rain and wind would move them around.

We laughed as we reminisced about that trip on the way 
back home last night.
So glad we decided to sell the truck and get a cargo van.

This morning I decided to start digging 
out my Spring decor and felt like horsing around a bit.
Get it? 

Getting my horses ready for Spring.

Decided this year to brighten up my Spring
with more white.

Although I love the darker colors.

 Spring is better to lighten up.

Will bring back out the darker colors in the Fall again.

Well enough horsing around for me.
I have to get to cleaning out my jam cabinet
so Bob can bring in the new one when he gets here.

It is currently filled with fabric.
(Bob's painting stuff on top)
Maybe it was meant to be as I recently
took everything I had off of the top.

Some may wonder why I would get rid
 of a nice piece like this.
Well wait til you see the new one.
Bob spotted it first and wanted it.
So when he asked if it could come home,
I said yes immediately and decided to give this beauty up.
The nice thing about owning an antique store.
In other news, we have an appt. this week
with our attorney, to finally purchase our store building.
We decided to take this next step
 and are really excited about it.

What are your plans for today?
We better rein in my ramblings....
and Giddy up and Go.

Horsing Around Blessings To All!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

What I Adopted and Wool News

Greetings All!
Well I think today was my Monday.
Work was busy and then I drive all the way home,
and realize I left my purse in my desk.
I hope the rest of the evening will be uneventful.
Keeping my fingers crossed.

I did manage to adopt (purchase)
a few things from the show last weekend.

Like this orange stone fruit piece.

Wonderful old basket...
more on this at a later post.

Plus this raw wool.
I have always wanted to hang some of this.
Now just have to decide to really hang it.
I hung it in the bedroom for now so as the kitties
would not start chewing on it...one never knows with them.  

Finally these child's shoes.
I fell in love with the color as soon as I saw them.
A girl cannot have enough shoes I say. :-)

Now for my wool news.
I decided a few weeks back that I had to hook this rug.
I found this picture of an antique rug on Pinterest
and immediately fell in love with it.
Don't you love Pinterest?
I bought my wool at the show.
One of the wool vendors were these
 wonderful couple from Missouri
They had gorgeous wool!

Well I drew it out my rug to look like the antique one.
{ a few mistakes in my drawing }
Will correct once I start though. 

Chose my wool colors.
{trying to duplicate the antique one}
Note to myself: Get rid of the gold and make 
center flowers a white. 

My blues.


Blue Flowers.
{again gold has to go bye bye}

Hand cutting my worms and placing them in my
buttocks basket.
I love the sun shining through.

Well, just waiting for Bob to get home from the store,
then we are going out to eat.
I had planned on doing Zatarain's Jambalaya,
but when I pulled out the box, it was Spanish Rice.
My bad day just keeps going.
I don't think I am going to work on my rug tonight.
I may screw that up too!
Will show pics of my progress as I work on it.
For now this will be my last post for the week.
Have to get ready for our Breckenridge, MI
prim show this weekend.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Adoption Goodie Blessings To All!


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Prim Show Goodness

What an amazing show we had!
Even though it snowed the night before,
and the morning of the show,
our die heart customers came out in full force.
Bob and I did good, and I was able to purchase a few things.
Also visited many friends and enjoyed catching up.
Every time we do this show, 
we meet more wonderful vendors.
I will let the pics tell this story as I try and catch up
on my blog reading.
Hope you enjoy and let me know if something
tickles your fancy.

Did you see something that you liked?
I know I did!
Well off to catch up on blog reading.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Bob and I have another prim show this weekend.

Prim Show Goodness Blessings To All!