Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Came First...

The Bunny or the Egg??? What were you thinking Janice? I did warn you all before...I LOVE BUNNIES!!!
I found the bunny material at a garage sale...put him together, primmed him up and made some prim fabric eggs...added them to a prim basket I found at another antique store in town...and added a little greenery, and just made my own little Easter decoration for my kitchen.

Which brings me to a little funny story that happened on Easter morning about 26 years ago. Both my mom and sister took a candy/ chocolate making class a long time ago... They got really good at it and started making chocolate for craft shows, co-workers and gave to family as presents during the holidays...but most importantly my mom made the chocolate for all of the grand children's Easter Baskets. She did chocolate foiled eggs and bunnies, bunny suckers, and coconut clusters to name a few. I would only add the peeps and jelly beans to my son and daughters baskets.

Well one year on Easter morning...my daughter Michele..she was about 4 years old then...she got up early (like all kids do) to go find her basket...in our house the Easter Bunny hid their baskets...well she found her basket and with basket in hand, immediately woke me up wanting to call her gramma...I asked her why she wanted to call gramma so early in the morning. Well, my little Michele put her Easter Basket down and put her hands on her hips and said" I have to call gramma, because the Easter Bunny stole her candy"!

Well needless to say, my mom stopped making candy for my kids Easter Baskets..and I had to start buying chocolate from the store...sure was not the same though. LOL!

My daughter will be 30 in April this year...time sure does fly by.
Here is my FAT FREE Easter Basket in its new little spot. To the left is an early sap bucket and to the right is a wood cabbage carrier and below are two early dry measures and a wood bucket. An early huge pie peel is propped up against the wall in back and the entire grouping is on an early bucket bench. Even though the bench does not have its original paint, I was drawn to the color. The bench actually came from an old farmhouse in Allen Park Michigan. 

These next few days I might not have much time to post..getting ready for our antique clubs semi annual antique show. I believe we have 42 vendors that have signed up, so it should be a good show! Unfortuantely, our chairperson for the show is very sick and now needs a liver transplant..so please pray for her if you can...so now Bob (hubby) who is our VP for the club has to take over...and tomorrow we have a pre-meeting.

Until next time...


  1. Your bunny turned out great, Janice! We also hid our boys Easter baskets and I've gone so far as hiding them outside and sending them on a clue search to find them! What fun memories!

    Good luck to Bob in organizing the show. I know how much work something like that can be. Be sure to post the shows dates/locations so we don't miss out!

  2. Hiding their Easter baskets outside and giving them clues sounds like fun Terri!!! Memories are fun aren't they!! I believe Bob posted the show dates on our Facebook page, but I will try to post them on the blog too..thanks for letting me know. Take care. Janice


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