Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September CupboardScape

Whew, I made it.
Last day of the month, but I made it.
Good evening sweet blogging friends.
First I want to thank you all for your well wishes for my daughter.
The surgery went well, 
however her heart rate and blood pressure both remain high.
 She is still dehydrated from surgery
and cannot eat anything without it coming back up.
She will need to go back to the doctor tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well.
I cannot believe there are only 86 days until Christmas.

For my September CupboardScape,
the letters are "Q" and "R". 
For those that know me,
I have quite a few quilts, so that part was easy.

Another simple display.

Consisting of a Rag Rug.

Rug Beaters.

Plus a few Quilts.

I actually have quite a few, but could not bring them all out.
The others are being kept safe in a blanket chest...
and there is a cupboard on the blanket chest
that I could not lift up.
It is part of our upcoming bedroom redo.
However these quilts were in the hall closet.
I do bring them out when the weather gets chilly.
Yes we do use these!

Do any of you use your quilts in chilly weather?

September Cupboardscape Blessings To All!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kitty Pocket

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
My daughter has her surgery in the morning.
We have to be at the hospital by 5:30am,
so I have yo go to bed real early.
Please say a wee prayer for her
as she is having major neck surgery
to fix soe vertabrae that were messed up 
from a work accident.
I know prayer is a powerful word.
Thank you!

Hope everyone is doing well this first full day of Autum.

I was in the penny mood and got carried away
making pennies and made this.
What does one do after making 
a wool penny pocket?

Stitched these pennies on some brown print fabric.

My Ace kitty likes to jump into things all of the time.

He must have been talking to this fella. 

Kitty Pocket Blessings To All!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Good evening sweet blogging friends.
Our buying trip was a successful one.
We were so tired when we got back that the van is still loaded.
We were able to find more architectural wood
for the door frames and closets for our upcoming
bedroom redo.
Yes, we still have another room to do.
Since we only have a 2 bedroom home,
and our son is still living here.....
well we are waiting until he moves out.

Now that I went off on a tangent...
let me get back to what we bought.
Sorry, no pics yet.

I picked up a black pantry box to add to my stack,
and another shoe form...seem to be addicted to these lately.

Seems like I was picking everything else white...
so for our upcoming primitive Christmas show
in Breckenridge, MI, 
our theme will be
"White Christmas"

Once we unload the van, I will take a few sneak peeks.

Back to Halloween.  

My latest witch with her potion bottle around her neck.

Sporting this Autumn mum on her hat.
These went into the store a few weeks back.
A few are still left.

Wichty Witch Blessings To All!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In The Penny Mood

Good evening sweet blogging friends!

Was in the penny mood this day.

My favorite colors of Autumn.

I decided to create these wool penny mats
to go with our new candles we brought into our store.
We use to sell candles and then our wholesale company 
stopped making them.
We just found another one that we simply adore,
so once again we are selling candles.

A few scents Monkey Bombs (bananas and melons)
Pumpkin Pie and Harvest for autumn.
Fresh Cut Grass to name a few.

Do you like?

Bob and I are off on a buying trip 
in the morning for the entire weekend.
Cannot wait!
Doctor gave me the ok to go as long as I don't overdo
on walking.
Hope to find some wonderful goodies for our store, shows and 
of course for our home.

Penny For Your Thoughts Blessings To All!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Skinny Dipping Turnip Loving Kittens

Hello Blogging Friends.
The temps have been rising a bit again
after some chilly weather last week.
One day I decided to take my needlework outside 
with me and enjoy the river.

These three little kittens really enjoyed basking in the sun.

After skinny dipping in the river,
they decided to get dressed again.
Its a good thing the Border Patrol did not catch them. LOL

It was lunch time, so they decided they would like some turnips.
Turnips and greens were their absolute favorite.

However only one was ripe and they had to wait for me
to pick (er make) the other ones from my fabric garden.

They were so happy once they each got their own.

These three little kittens were hungry no more.

Turnip Green Blessings To All!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Queen Of The Great Lakes

Hello Blogging friends.
Hope your day is going good for you all!
First off I would like to thank you all for your well wishes.
Today was the first day I was able to put my foot into a regular shoe,
instead of having to wear that heavy boot the doctor gave me.
Knock on wood nothing else happens.
My re-check is next Monday. 

I wanted to share with you my river view.

One day whilst I was sitting out on our dock,
before my toe mishap,
I had the good fortune of having the largest lake freighter go by.

Here she comes.
The largest of our lake freighters coming in at 1013 feet long.

Look how massive this lady is compared to this 
pleasure boat that passed her.

The mighty Paul R Tregurtha.
All ships are talked about in the female pronoun.

Once a week she passes us by on her way to the 
Monroe, MI Edison power plant
to deliver coal.

Every year they hold a raffle near us,
for a 7 day cruise on this mighty ship.
One of my co-workers won the other year,
and loved her trip...especially going through the Soo Locks.
You can read more about this freighter and others by visiting
and clicking on Photo Galleries on the left side and then
 clicking on the Fleet Photo Gallery.

Saying good bye until next time.
Back on her way up to Duluth, MN
to load more coal for the trip back.

Tregurtha Blessings To All!

Monday, September 7, 2015

August CupboardScape

Good morning sweet blogging friends.
Sorry I am once again late on my CupboardScape.
I broke my toe and am trying to recuperate.
Trying that is....
I came into the store today to learn our new machine
and add this post...
and well, now I fell on the outside steps
and hurt my ankle and hip.
I am such a dufuss.
At least now my toe don't hurt as much cause now 
my ankle hurts more.

On to last months CupboardScape.
August was the month for letters O and P.

A simple display.

Took this pic on an angle to show more of this 
apple Paddle.

Ovoid jugs.

Pantry Boxes.
These were used to hold salt, sugar and flour back in the day.

My favorite Oil Lamp, another Ovoid jug.
An orange Pomander that I made 3 years ago sits in front.

Although this does not have anything to do with this month's letters,
I wanted to show you all my latest find.
An early corn dryer. I need to find some field corn now to fill it up.
It will hold 3 dozen ears.

Well that does it for last month's CupboardScape.
Off to learn this machine and go home and elevate my ankle now.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday weekend!

Labor Day Blessings To All!