Friday, January 23, 2015

Snow Buddy

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
It's been a rough two weeks attending funerals
of friends and neighbors.
I have to attend another memorial tomorrow.
I pray this ends now.

Snow is arriving on Sunday,
so I plan on staying in that day.

I would like you all to meet my snow buddy.

I sewed one eye and the left one attached with a rusty pin.
Also gave him a funky prim nose of batting and orange fabric.

This year I wanted to incorporate some love and snow together.
He is holding his valentine heart to give to his sweetie.
Made of grungy painted muslin with a black wool stovepipe hat.
Blue check grungy scarf and rusty bells for buttons

Which is made of a red with black stripes wool.

This lil guy is for sale.
$24 and free shipping to US and Canada only.
If interested, you may email me at
I have only a few left.

Love And Snow Blessings To All!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Woolie Pennies

Good afernoon sweet blogging friends.
Today's weather outside is a rain snow mix...
so I am staying inside and finally taking down
my Christmas.
It has been so cold here that I did not want to venture
up into the attic.

I have been keeping busy making woolie pennies.

Which I stitched onto aged chenille.

Which I made into a heart pillow.

I made 4 of these ~ three to sell and one to keep for myself.
Bob took all of my goodies to the store this morning.
So now I am drawing doodles for Spring and Bunnies...
which are my all time favorite.

Instead of keeping my pillow on the couch,
I decided to put up my santa and replace with my snowman
and heart pillow.

I do so like the pine needles next to the off white and reds.
Plus it gives me another month to enjoy
the white lights and silver of my tree.

Are you getting ready for Valentines?

Woolie Pillow Blessings To All!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One Of My Christmas Presents

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
First, I want to thank everyone for your sweet comments.
I am so glad you all liked my first CupboardScape of the year.
I am already planning on what I will do for the letters
C and D and cannot wait for February to arrive.

Below is one of my presents I received this past holiday.

A wrought iron basket holder.
The top has a pineapple.

I do not have many baskets....
so guess what I will be on the hunt for. :-)

For now I placed it here...but when we redo
this room...who knows?

Did you receive any prims or antiques for Christmas?

Basket Holding Blessings To All!

Monday, January 12, 2015

January CupboardScape

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
Sitting by a toasty fire in our fireplace
while it is snowing ooutside.
We had 4 inches this morning and expecting
another 1 to 3 overnight.
By the way it is snowing..probably the 3 more will come down.

Its a new year for my CupboardScapes

This picture may look similar to last years ones,
however I have a little twist to it this time.
Can you guess my twist?
OK, I will let you look at the pic above again.
See if you can figure out my twist.
No its not the colors of blues browns and whites...
although at first glance it could be.
Take a closer look...
Did you get it?

Ok, for those who did not...
this year I decided to do the alphabet in prims.
For each month I will do 2 letters.
Since this is the first month...
the letters A and B are featured.

Berry bucket and britches.

Bonnets and a pair of Boots.

Abe, Boxes and Buttons.

Close up of the boxes.

Buttons again, Bobbins and an Apron underneath.

Blue Bucket and Blocks.

Close up of the Blocks.

Baby Shoes.

I snuck in a Bunny. 

Another Bucket.

Breadboard, Bowls and an Apple.

So how did I do?
It was not easy finding something that started with 
the letter I cheated a bit. LOL
Next month C and D.
Stay tuned.

First Of Many Blessings To All!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Holly Love

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
Who wants to join 
Earlene (Primitive Passion Decorating)
in Florida? I do
Well that's where my blogging friend is right now.
She left our sweet state of Michigan at the right time.
It is 5 degrees and snowing here now.
Our poor furnace has been running way too much.
Which means we will probably have a way big gas bill. UGH
We decided to close off our back room and hibernate
in out front room tonight and lit a fire in the fireplace.

Lately I have been creating snowmen and items
for St Valentines.
Which got me to thinking...
why not add a bit of both Winter and Valentine's together,
So I creating a bit of love and Holly.

Dyed my linen and stitched the word love using one strand of floss.

The holly berries and leaves are wool that I stitched to the linen.

Now I must decide how to finish this.

I grunged up some holly fabric.
What do you think?
A Pillow or a wall hanging?

I wanted to show you how I made my berries...
so using gold wool, here goes.
I cut a strip like the one above.

Then I cut the strip into measuring,
so they are not all perfect.
After all prim is not perfect.

Then I round off the edges into circles.
Really easy peasy.
Hopefully you were able to see my pics easy.
I have a problem taking close ups with my camera.
Crafty creator I am..photographer I am not.

Holly Love Blessings To All!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ole Man Winter

Good evening sweet blogging buddies.
Ole Man Winter sure has paid us a visit.
Morning temp driving into work was 4 degrees.
The heat wave going home was 10 degrees.
Brrr is all I can say.

At least it is warm and toasty in our humble abode...
and this frosty fellow is loving the heat.

Don't you just love his big ole fat nose.

Now you are probably wondering why I am showing you this sweater.

This Winter sweater was one of my favorites.
Since it was wore out in the sleeves...
well I decided I had to use it somehow.

Can you tell yet what I did with it?

A bit was used for his Winter hat.

To keep him warm on these chilly days...
he is sporting a hand me down.

With some red berries and mini pinecones for a boutonniere.

I sure think he will warm things up a bit.
What do you think?

On another note...
do you all want me to continue with my
monthly CupBoard scapes....just checking.
let me know. Thanks.

Ole Man Winter Blessings To All!

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Look Back

Good evening sweet blogging friends.
I wanted to show you a few more trees before Christmas,
but the flu bug hit us before I could.

This was one of our living room ones.
All done up in snowman related items...
made by me.
(Except for the bulbs)

The other one was just done in white lights
with a bird in the tree at the bottom.

A white and red poinsettia by the door.

This was a shot of our hallway.

I will keep up the holiday decor until next weekend.
Currently have been creating new items
for Valentines Day.
Stay tuned.
If you ever see something you would like to purchase,
that I create for shows or our store
I can work with you.

January Blessings To All!