Sunday, June 25, 2017

Little Friend

So great to have you drop by.
I woke up this morning to billowy clouds
dancing in the blue sky.
I may have to take my stitching outside today.

Right now I want to share how I created my little friend.

My sketches....they sometimes get changed a bit.

The leaf ended up being scratched off.
the bow on the dress is now on the right side,
and not a bow.
The nose is a bit different.
No scarf..and I cannot even remember what that 
square was for. LOL

Body pieces drawn on paper... 
whatever I can find at the time.

Hand sewn onto muslin.
Stuffed and coffee stained in orange.

Dress hand sewn and coffee stained.

Ready for her face.

Such a sweet face don't you think?

Taking in the sunshine.

Waiting to be adopted.

At only 13 1/2 inches high.
{which includes the stick}
A cutie for sure.

Have a wonderful Sunday my friends.
Enjoy the day outside if you can.

Little Friend Blessings To All!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Little Nook

I am so excited!
In a few weeks the grands will be here for the week.

We have plans to go to the carnival in town.
July 4th fireworks.
Our annual trip to the island for lunch.
Some beach permitting.
Maybe even roast marshmallows at an evening fire.
It's going to be fun for all!

In the meantime,
still decorating for the 4th.
This time our little nook in the bedroom.

We never had this little nook before,
so am so excited to be able to change up displays
on this little table.

Plus the wall above the table.

Sun bonnets so remind me of Summer.
Gramma H always wore hers in the Summer.

Summer reading was always on the agenda.
I loved reading and as a teen my parents
paid for a subscription to Scholastic Books.
I was able to pick out 4 books per month.
At the time, I loved reading Mysteries and anything
about animals. 

Loving my little Summer display.

A tiny nook with a big statement
showing its Patriotic Pride.

Bob did an awesome job creating it.

Was so glad this table fit perfectly here.
I don't even hit it when I open my side of the closet.

Do you have a little corner of your house that you love?

Little Nook Blessings To All!

Monday, June 19, 2017

From Little Acorns

Mighty Oaks Do Grow.
{American Proverb}

Good morning sweet friends.
Hope your week is going good for you all!

In between July 4th decorating,
I have started making goodies
for our upcoming Autumn shows and for the store.

Sometimes looking to nature is the best inspiration.

Our little community that we live in is called
Oak Grove.
We have many huge oak trees.
One day as I was looking at these massive trees,
I decided to draw up a pattern for these 
adorable little acorns.

Acorns are greenish white before they turn brown.
My acorn bundles have 2 different shades of brown,
2 shades of green and one white..for a total of 7.

Does nature inspire you?
Off to work and then make more 
of these little future oak trees at lunch. :-)

From Little Acorns Blessings To All!

Friday, June 16, 2017


To the 

Happy weekend to all of my blogging friends.
Do you have any plans?
I plan on staying home this weekend.
Just doing normal weekend chores,
and a bit of creating.

Just staying indoors because the temps
around here are going to be close to 90
with humidity near 100%.
Winnie and Mildred, 
I will feel like I am down South. :-)

Neither here nor there.
Just a few pics of the living room/ hall
decked out in all its Summer Glory.

Did you the saying neither here no there
was first recorded in the 16th century.

It was said in respect to God.

It came from the sermons of J Calvin
in 1583.

Hither and Yon
came about in the 17th century.

Who knew it would morph into 
Here and there.

I find it interesting how sayings came into being.

The word hither was first used in the 8th century.

Did you know the word Fabulous came from the Latin word
Fabulosas in the 15th century.

Have a FABULOSAS weekend my friends!

Say YES Blessings To All!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Second Americana Tree Reveal

Good morning everyone.
It's a cloudy one here.
I took the day off today for
therapy and dr appts.
I am currently back to 80% with my shoulder.
Later have to have a dentist appt.
Have to take care of a cavity .

So whilst I have some time to kill,
I will work on some Fall goodies...
but first will show you the second tree.

I wanted to make some firecrackers.
With Bob's assistance, he cut a wood dowel for me
into 3 1/4 inch lengths.
I then cut fabric to wrap around the dowel,
and glued to the dowel using Eileen's Tacky Glue.
Bob also drilled a tiny hole at one end, 
which I then glued a piece of twine for the fuse.

The fireworks fit perfectly
 into these antique silver candle holders.

Being it is June, I also made these red juicy strawberries.

My latest teddy sitting watch playing with his yo yo.
Another scrpit crock in back.

One of my dollies made from a 
Cat Nap Primitives pattern.
She proudly sits on top watching the parade....
the parade of folks coming in and out of the house.
Plus the kitties running around.

Bottom half.

Upper half.


Lower Back.
{Looking into the hall and kitchen}

Did you notice I also added some more
vintage silver ornaments?

I hope you all have a fabulous day today!

Tuesday Tree Blessings To All!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Early Rug Statement

Happy Saturday everyone!
It will be a Summery one here in our neck of the woods.
Temps reaching the high 80's.
Thunderstorms rolled in last evening 
as Bob and I were coming home from a nice 
Italian dinner out.
Lasagna and Ravioli was what we chose.
Salad and Foccacia bread as well.
It is a quaint small town restaurant that we love.

I finally had the chance to place this early rug up.

Early rugs were made out of necessity.
Cut from strips of old clothes that were no longer fit to wear.

Flower motifs and animals were all the rage back then.

I loved how the maker of this one chose to add 
an additional diamond motif in black wool all around.

There was also a homespun patch on the back.

There is some damage, but to me that just adds
to the character of it.

I can only imagine how many boots or feet touched
{walked} on this beauty.
Was it placed at a the foot of a bed?
Or at the entrance to a door? 

I thought of placing it inside the doorway of our bedroom.

But then I remembered I have kitties in our home.
They love to race around the house at times.
I would have to re-arrange the rug each day,
if I left it on the floor. LOL

I chose instead to hang it on the wall.

It goes well with the colors in our bedroom.

Our Americana bedroom.

Which got me to thinking.
I need to add some Americana in here soon.
Stay tuned.
My mind is whirling with ideas.
Sometimes that's a scary thing...for Bob anyway.
See he is the one who has to put up with my constant
re-arranging of things. ;-)

Do any of you have this problem?
Well they say if you stand still, you die.
So I chose to move forward....

Rug Statement Blessings To All!