Sunday, October 15, 2017

Peek A Boo

Happy Sunday To All!
I popped in to make dinner for Bob,
do some laundry for him and grab some more clothes.
Will be off to my mom's again in a bit.

Each night at my mom's, 
I have been working on my rug.
Except one night she was without power.
Was a bit different having to light the candles.
She often loses power where she lives...we do not so much. 

All of the corners are complete now.
More than halfway done.
Am loving the old world colors I chose for this rug.
{remember to bring more blue to finish the flower}

Now the only reason I am here 
at home today is because we now have this.

A queen needs her throne. LOL

This is the shower right now.
The green board is to protect from mold.
Bob is currently working on the niches we have planned
inside the shower and also the granite bench.

Well, I am off to fold clothes,
pack my suitcase, 
get Bob's dinner ready,
and will be off to my mom's once again.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Peek A Boo Blessings To All!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Diablo WInner & Other News

TGIF Everyone.
Before I announce the winner of Diablo,

I wanted to show you what I came home to yesterday.

{where vanity and mirror once was}

We have been waiting for months
 to have our bathroom remodelled.
We had to wait for Bob's cousin who is our contractor.
He decided yesterday was the day to start.
{where tub/ shower once was}

No warning what so ever that this was starting now.
Came home from work as they were taking the old tub out.
{old ugly pink wall tile}

At least they left me a toilet for now.
{old ugly floor tile}

Now the bad part.
We will be without a bathroom for 2 weeks;
not one like we originally thought.
I am working the store tomorrow,
so cuz and Bob can frame out the bathroom.
Sunday will do laundry and then head up to my moms
until the bathroom is completed.
Unfortunately my mom does not have any
computer I will be away for 2 weeks.

Now for some good news.
I had Bob pick out the winner.
First off, I want to thank everyone
for your candy choices.
They all were good and we will be
 using all that were suggested.
We are now also thinking about making up T-shirts
with our name and city.
Thank you Linda for that suggestion!

Oops more bad news.
Since Bob will be working every day with cuz
on the bathroom and I will be at my mom's....
the winner of Diablo will have to wait until
Bob can get to the post office to mail him out.
So sorry about this...but I truly did not know
the bathroom would be started
 when I chose to do my giveaway.

Alright, so the winner of Diablo is


Winnie please send me your info at
and I will get out your package as soon as we are able.

Again to everyone,
a big

T H A N K    Y O U!

Will be offline for awhile,
so I will miss you all.
However when I return....
I will have a new bathroom.
Y I P E E!

Diablo Winner Blessings To All!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Help Wanted

Good evening sweet friends!
Need your help.
Bob and I are beginning a new adventure.
We are in the beginning stage of opening a candy store.
We have thought about this for many months now.
We plan on doing an old fashioned store.
Tin ceilings and wood floor.
Schoolhouse lighting and old fashion candies.

We need your help with the old fashion candy decision.
With that said, 
I will giveaway my latest kitty that will be a part
of next year's shows.

What I ask of you is this.

If you would like a chance to win Diablo,
you must do the following.

1. Be a follower of my blog.
2. Be a US or Canadian Follower
{sorry shipping is too expensive to offer in other countries}
3. Mention that you would like to win Diablo.
4. Tell me what old fashion candy you liked as a child. 

You help me.
I offer a chance to win Diablo.

If you do not want to win Diablo,
commenting with your favorite candy
would still be greatly appreciated.

I will draw from those who want Diablo
either Friday night or Saturday.

Thank you in advance to everyone
 who comments to this post.

Help Wanted Blessings To All!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Bedroom Find N Seek

So very glad you could join me
for a game of
Find ~ N ~ Seek
{Janice's version}

Find the feathers.
{On the bed}

Pretty easy game don't you think?
Now find the tansy.

It is in the pitcher which is next to my closet.
Did you find it?

Now find the 5 pieces of crockery.
{two on the floor, three on the table}
Pretty easy right?

Next do you see the basket?

Did you find it with a bit of bittersweet nearby.

How about the pheasant feathers?

Tucked inside the wax sealers.
Did you spot them?.

Finally the stone fruit.
{This one's really easy}

This peach is sitting on the bonnet.

Hope you enjoyed my silly game of 
Find N Seek.

More of our Autumn bedroom in more posts.

Yesterday Bob and I went to a festival of 
Whistles on the Water.
They demonstrated different kinds of ship
horns or whistles as they call them.
Boy were they loud.
Being on the river this type of stuff interests us.
Today it is foggy, so I have been hearing the frieghters
blow their horn at each buoy,
It's to let other freighters know they are in the river.

We then went on our usual antique shop haunts,
and I found a few things.
Yippee for me.
Plus it is nice seeing old friends that we don't often get to see.

After that my brother/SIL, sister/BIL, Bob and I took my mom out for her 83rd wonderful birthday.
We invited my mom's sister to come along too.
It was nice because I do not often see my siblings.
{we had lots of catching up to do}

Today I am probably going to make some chili for dinner.
It is a bit chilly this morning.
Then will move my living room furniture for the Winter look.
Then create a Halloween goodie for a giveaway.
Stay tuned. 

What does this day find you doing?

Find N Seek Blessings To All!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hey It's Fall

In the Hall

Well its almost Friday.
Bob and I are headed shortly to the island for 
antique business and then dinner.
As I sit here waiting for him to get home from the store,
thought I would do a quick post of more
Autumn decor.
Hope you enjoy.

Are you busy decorating your own homes for Autumn.
At least the temps feel like Fall now around here.

It's Fall Blessings To All!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Log Cabin Christmas

Yeah I know Janice...
"Why are you rushing the season?"
In my defense I have to be ahead of the game,
because our customers will start bugging Bob
right after Halloween when will my Christmas goodies
be in the store.

At least I have a story to go with this post.

My inspiration came from two things.
My mom and my log cabins in our home.

Grandpa B worked in the assembly line for a factory,
while gramma B was a seamstress.
Back in the mid 1940's
gramma and grandpa moved their family

from the city to the country.
They saved enough up to purchase an 80 acre farm.
When they first arrived to their farm,
there was a well worn run down cabin
that greeted them.
My mom being the eldest in the family
and her sister one year younger hated the cabin.

My mom told me that they lived in that run down cabin
for almost two years whilst the farmhouse was being built.

Gramma and grandpa decided to start a dairy farm.
So the first Spring was spent getting the cabin ready
to be lived in and to put up the barn and chicken coop.
Mom said that they lived with mice and snakes for a bit.

Mom and aunt slept in the loft,
while gramma and grandpa and uncle who was a small child
slept on the first floor as the cabin only had one room.

Now you can imagine cabin living.
Dark at night with only kerosene lamps lit.
Cold in the Winter.
Grammas feather ticks were welcome that Winter.
{my sister and I even snuggled up in the farmhouse with one}

That first Christmas on the farm was far different 
than what they ever had in the city.
You see grandpa still commuted to his factory job.
He lived with my gramma's sister in the city,
and came to the farm on weekends.
He did this for a very long time.
Gramma was in charge of both the animals and the household...
until my mom and sister took over some
of the work when they got a bit older.

That first farm Christmas was a hard one.
Presents were hand made clothes
 made by gramma, and fruit was in their stockings.
Although with 80 acres of land, 
they were able to chop down their own Christmas tree.
No lights though.
Just paper garlands that they made and candycanes.
The ornaments however were hand me downs
from Poland that were passed down from grammas family.
Now for those who are not familiar 
with Polish Christmas ornaments, 
they are quite prized now.
Both Germany and Poland ornaments
 are the most collectible.
My mom still has some.

Sometimes I took for granted what my parents
 provided me, my sister and brother,
but now that I am older, I understand they gave us
everything we needed....most of what was 

     That first Christmas in the cabin
was all about love too.
I am sure gramma lovingly made those clothes
 for her children.
While grandpa sacrificed to provide food at their table.

So as we start to begin thinking about Christmas ourselves,
take the time to remember your own Christmas past,
and how your family provided for you.

For those interested in my Log Cabin Christmas pillow,
it is for sale.
Just email me if you would like one.

This is currently in my hoop now.
I was thinking about snow this past weekend with the
extreme temps we were having here in Michigan.
My way of cooling down. LOL

Log Cabin Christmas Blessings To All!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

September CupboardScape

{as gramma H would say}
Here I've been talking about the end of Summer,
posting Autumn pics,
and it dawned on me that I once again almost
forgot about my CupboardScape.

Although here in Michigan it is nearly 90 degrees,
Let's herald in Fall with this
harvest CupboardScape.

I have always had a love hate relationship with thistles.
I so love the shape of the leaves and that purple flower.
But then you realize when you try to touch them.

I always tried every year to pick these beauties
by hand of course...
and every year it seemed I never learned my lesson.
Each year growing up I managed to prick myself.

It's true with age comes wisdom.
Now I look at the wild ones from a distance
and place the faux ones in my decor.
It sure is safer that way...
plus my hands like me for it too. LOL

Chinese Lanterns are another Autumn favorite of mine.
Mom mom use to say if you made a wish and then
popped the pod your wish would come true.
Now I think it was her way of getting me 
to re-seed her plants. :-)   but it worked.

The colors in our house go very well with the season's colors.

I bring out old faithful each Fall.
A child's quilt perfect for the season.

A simple Autumn display.

My favorite time of the year.

I personally believe that the colors of Autumn speak.

They say ~
"C'mon on in. All Are Welcome!"

With the temperature at an all time high,
I took the grands home early,
now I am holed up inside creating for Christmas.
{Staying cool}
Yesterday we had fun at the beach, 
went for ice cream, 
We had chili dogs and fries for dinner
 {their favorite}
This morning breakfast 
was french toast and breakfast sausage.
Bob and I normally do not eat breakfast,
 so it's a treat when we have breakfast too!

Hope everyone is enjoying their first Autumn weekend!
  An Autumn Welcome Blessings To All!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Holly Goodies

The last weekend of September is upon us.
Although the weather will be more like Summer,
thoughts of making pumpkin bars are on my mind.
Tomorrow the grands will be here....
so we might just spend the day at the beach.

Thank you to all who visited my skeleton post
 and left comments.
I read each and every one to Bob and he was so
appreciative as we spent many months deciding what
and how to decorate our window.
He was grinning ear to ear.

Tonight I wanted to show you the goodies
I brought home from our prim show a few weeks back.

Those who have followed me for a long time
know I love baskets.
I simply could not leave this one
 for someone else to scoop up.

Nice old wood handle and a big gathering basket.
{perfect to leave on the floor}

This red check linsey woolsey blanket will look good
on the guest bed for the holidays. 

Early stockings from Bobbie over at the 
Evening Stitcher blog.
I love these Bobbie!

I purchased this pillow from our host of the show.
Thanks Dawn!

Blue rag ball.

Arnette red/ cream stockings.

Our home is filled with prim furniture...
so when we something we want to keep,
another piece has to be moved out.
Our van was full when we got to the show.
We even purchased an early white cabinet
at a local antique shop
 after setting up for the show on Friday.
When the New York dealer came in on Saturday morning
before the show...
we saw this red cabinet and fell in love.
Problem was we were not sure it would fit into our van.
Bob said let's wait and see if we sell any furniture,
and if its there...then it was meant to be.
Well needless to say, we did NOT sell any furniture.
Not often does Bob want a piece of furniture,
but this one he wanted.

Fortunately, Bob knows how to pack....
and pack he did.
We sold lots of smalls, so that freed up some bins.
Bob packed so good that our van was packed
more after the show than before.
We had stuff between us packed so much,
we could not see each other.
Then Bob placed lots of stuff on me, and buckled me in.
We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies inside. LOL
But this red cabinet came home...
and the blue one above is now for sale in the store.

This one goes better with our reds in the living room.
Love the boot jack legs and the color is so very rich!
I will never doubt again that Bob can pack a van.
He is the 
M A S T E R   P A C K E R

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

Holly Goodie Blessings To All!